LinuxGameCast Weekly EP144 – De$ura

Desura address unpaid game developers! Unvanquished fixes 688, NVIDIA updates some drivers, and Carmageddon: Reincarnation is out of Early Access. Then Dex faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

WHAR Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL)?

  • See kids, this is what happens when you try to limit people’s ability to buy games from other regions.
    • You’ll get a pretty grim reminder of all the regions you don’t currently support!
  • It came almost a month after the whole thing about not buying games out of your currency area.
    • Valve time!

Leadwerks, that might not be a good idea

  • Yes, this would allow you to bypass Steam Greenlight
  • Is there some hole of loop that allows for such shenanigans?
    • Earlier Access?
      • Turns out Leadwerks Game Launcher was Greenlit by the community.
  • What I want to know is, are there enough leadwerks based games to warrant this.
  • Please, someone tell me that a noteworthy leadwerks game exists.   Anyone.
    • …Anyone?
      • “Right now we have 13”
        • And they all look like crap

Fast Border

Victor Vran

  • This is a trixy one.
  • The game looks polished and baked but it’s still in heavy development.
  • I’ve had two scenario bits just NOPE due to me being in places I should have not been able to access.
  • WHAR legendary drops?!!11!
  • and sweet mother of FK let me save in the middle of a dungeon.
  • I’ve not played 12hrs but I have left it paused in the background because I didn’t want to lose progress.
    • Torchlight got that right.   Saving upon exit so you can pick up where you left off
  • It’s like a poor man’s torchlight or bloodborne
  • It’s not a bad little game either
  • Barring the big bold “Placeholder” in the loading screens, I’d say it’s already a much more competent Early Access game, than many of the finished ones currently out.

Alright, it’s out. Now pin these motherfkrs down on a release date

  • Not that I have any hope they will.
  • I just want to see how long they can drag out delivering the port.
  • They said the Linux version would come after the windows release, so… tomorrow?
  • Don’t be this guy
    • “Please guys, don’t forget that we contributed to Kickstarter too…”
  • Be this guy
    • Little boy you're going to HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL
  • WOW They are already pulling the “we’re a small indie team so you can’t judge the quality of our game” card.
  • Sad when a couple of fresh-faced college grads delivered a better game, cross-platform, on time (alpha) (beta), with a fraction of the budget. 160K vs 625K + $3.5M in additional funding.
  • Don’t insult real “small” indie studios you FKN hacks.
  • I’m not a betting man but I would wager the private backer (backers?) said something along the lines of “ship this shite so we can recoup some of our investment”

Meow …bitches

  • Now you too can knock shit over, take a dump on the floor whilst staring at people and not get arrested
  • “…Mac, Linux and OUYA.” – Uh?


  • So the goal here is to be another saurbrauten/openarena?
  • If there’s one thing Linux needs it’s another unfinished FPS
  • The weapon reloading sounds were nicked from Counter Strike Source.
    • More specifically the AK47.

Crypt of the MegaDancer

  • I’ve somehow managed to put 19min into this game.
  • I don’t think this texture pack will add to it.
  • Its an interesting mod to say the least.   I hate rhythm games though, so I have no desire to play this fucker, megaman or no


Nvidia Beta

  • Added a VR swap interval configuration option.
  • Added better G-Sync support, to bring it more in-line with the Windows behaviour
  • Fixing WINE bugs!
    • When will AMD realize…
  • I also like the last one: “Updated the NVIDIA GPU driver to avoid using video memory already in use by vesafb.”
    • To me that means: “We’re still running damage control on the 970.”

Desura No Longer Paying Developers?

  • It took a thread on r/IndieGaming blowing up before they went into damage control mode.
  • Mike Murderbeck said the following (he might be mental but never accused of lying)
  • “It took me like 4 months to get paid from new Desura, I sent multiple emails to every addy I could find and only when I publicly shamed them on twitter did I get any response, and even then it took several more weeks to receive my past due payments.”
  • “Here we are at least 7 or 8 months into the new owner’s reign and this is the first real public statement they’ve made. Almost a year of devs not being paid, and all we get is “we’re TRYING to pay people, we promise!”.”
  • This HAS been going on for at least five months
  • You’ve had time to integrate your payment system with Asgard technology.
  • Yeah, this is a steaming pile of poor management.
  • It will be hard, nigh impossible, for BadJuJu to recover from this kind of negative publicity, as it means their one source of desura revenue is going to start going elsewhere
    • At best, I can see a few neophyte devs still kicking around, but nobody is going to buy their games.
  • I would be more somewhat sympathetic if this was a new issue but it’s been going on for a long time.
  • If I had to chance a guess I would say this whole thing is directly related to the company’s finances.
  • I pray to FSM that it’s not the case since there are low-rent lawyers searching the internets for situations like this.
  • Remember kids (at least in the States) a Court Clerk can enter a default judgment without a judge’s signature in breach of contract cases.
    • Cuz if they don’t, they better have payed every single dev come this time next week.
      • Does Desura/BadJuJu have a “Do not participate in a Class Action Lawsuit against us” line in their D/EU-LA?


  • “Fix #688” FINALLY!
    • Yeah, their commit-bot isn’t very good.  Also, their developers are lazy with commit messages
    • And bring me back a latte...
  • The release is mostly fixes, as the article title implies
  • They did fix a bug involving the open source radeon drivers.   So that’s a thing.

Play on W(h)ine

  • Down at the very bottom there’s a comment by the admin that says:
    • “For the security, it only matters if we are intending to use the browser extension, thing we are not going to do. So we do not need the sandbox feature for the moment.”
    • So you’re saying the PlayOnLinux client will no longer work as it used to?
      • Because I specifically remember that PoL would allow people to download stuff like DLL’s, fonts, etc..
      • If you’re not going to sandbox your internet facing java application to avoid exploits, you’re not just making PoL slower by doing this, you’re turning it into a freaking liability!
        • He’s talking about the browser plugin.    If you use a Java HTTP client, this ceases to become an issue
  • At least they’re promising to support openJDK, which comes pre-installed with most distributions anyways
  • Most of this thread  is bitching about people’s preferred programming languages
  • “apparently there are some people that do not want to play the game and decided to flood the poll”
    • So everyone voted against it but like I said last week …you’re doing it anyway.

Re Twitch

  • You can finally go back and watch past broadcasts on your aDevice
  • This is just a heads up for people who miss the live show and want to watch it on mobile.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Dex
Devel: Dreadlocks Ltd.
Engine: Unity
Price: $/€ 19.99

Wazzat: Dex is a 2D, side-scrolling, open-world cyberpunk RPG with a focus on exploration and non-linear gameplay.

Makes with the working


  • 24 FEPRS video intro.
    • Only if you leave VSync on.
      • If I have to worry about VSync on a 2D game something went teh wrong.




Shiny / Sounds


  • Looks like a HD remake of (insert Genesis game here)
  • Overall art style is cohesive
  • Animations are hella stiff
  • Full voice acting is nice but the writing is pretty terrible.


  • The walk cycle makes it look like the protagonist really needs to take a crap
  • The faux-genesis style art is very fakey
  • Dialogue sucks, but the actors are passable


  • I have to agree with Venn on the writing
    • It’s like someone googled for techno jargon and tried to fit as much into the plot as possible.
  • But that’s the only thing I can actually complain about.




  • Gamepad controls are incorrectly mapped and impossible to change.
  • I’m not playing a platform game /w the keyboard.
  • LIES! I tried it with the keyboard ..that’s more busted than the controlla


  • Block button doesn’t work on two separate xbox controllers
  • Need to switch to keyboard in order to “hack”/schmup


  • There’s a slight delay between a key press and the actions. It’s not that big a delay, but I missed more than couple of jumps and had enemies escape from a stun-lock because the game simply refused to register a random button press.
  • Even though I can reassign  the keyboard controls, having input delay is pretty bad!




  • I hack a firewall by clicking on it …right.
  • How big is your hit-box? (giggity)
  • I was at the bottom of the stairs and fkr was at the top ..dude still hit me.
  • This brings me to the “save system” that is based on map regions.
  • I got noped after 20min in a “region” and it restarted, so I noped.
  • This came out of EA a few weeks back and they are still patching game-breaking bugs.


  • This only got two chairs because it had some potential.
  • The controls are slapdash and that really makes the game that much worse
  • Gameplay amounts to saying yes to all the missions and running around until you come across one
  • And it’s been said before, the dialogue is crap.
  • But at least you can buy condoms.  Stay safe kids


  • You know, as an RPG you’re riding on both narrative and mechanics.
  • The mechanics are taking a big hit because of the controls and their general unresponsiveness.
  • The narrative, while usually divided between plot and player-driven in other games, in this one it relies solely on the NPC dialog dump.
    • And the dialog dump as we’ve established, is cringe-worthy.


Final –CHAIR

Hate Mail:



Paying for Unity Linux “ports”


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