LinuxGameCast Weekly EP150 – Training Bullets

VALVe sells out! TF2 gets Mettle, developers HATE Desura, and SimCity in my browser? Then LEGO® Minifigures Online faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

Steam News :

Seven controllers and a Steam box.

  • I’m in no rush to get my mitts on a steam controller.   I can wait until november
  • I’m curious if Valve has any hidden triple-A players up their sleeves for the product launch
  • There have already been a few windows based steamboxen on the market.   Let’s try to put the kibosh on that
    • And the ones like the Alpha where they tried to have a controller interface on Windows have all failed miserably.


Team Fortre$$ 2: Gun Mettle

  • People gonna get pissed.
  • I dunno.  When has TF2 been anything but an ATM for Valve.   This should come as a surprise to no one.
  • Does TF2 have matchmaking yet?
  • They’re selling actual DLC now, instead of just hats.
  • The rewards for the contracts are weapons with “unique” skins.
    • Similar to the way CSGO does skins with Factory, Field tested and battle scarred


Unity 5 build of Distance is available for testing!

  • I hope it is neat sauce.
  • I’m gonna wait till it hits the main build.



  • Gone are the microtransactions and you always get parts for the minifigs from dungeons.
  • Stick around for the Chairs to see if it’s worth the admission price.


Trolls Evolved

  • I’m not dropping $29.99 on another unfinished sandbox survival game.
  • Someone call Chris Pratt! We need help taming those velociraptors.
    • Because the game runs even more like ass on Linux than it does on Windows.
  • Not gonna lie, this tickles me, if only because I’m a  fan of cadillacs and dinosaurs
  • But that early access warning label of stay the fuck away…


UPDATE 63015: Crashes Fixed, Analogs Tweaked

  • Tried it and all I notices was, still not fun.
  • Welcome to version 61807329753^(e-1)
  • I like how the Mac and Linux patch notes are copypastas.   Smooth


Steel Cards

  • You went full-metal 64-bit, good.
  • You fixed several long standing bugs, also good.
  • You did EXACTLY what is outlined here, bad.
  • This reads like a very sensible coat of polish that should have been applied 4 years ago.
  • Didn’t this game come with the second or third humble bundle?  If so, why did this take so long?


Gone Home: You’re single

  • This seems like one of these overly ambitious arty games that is going to fall flat on it’s face
  • The trailer doesn’t really tell you much
  • Still, check out the reasonable early access price on Brad
  • The reviews seem to indicate that it’s done half competently.   Perhaps a busted ass early access look is in order


Monster Truck Destruction

  • “10.10 Ubuntu or equivalent”
    • Test that, did you?
  • Sent them an email asking for keys.
  • People seem to be saying it’s another not very good mobile port.
  • And it’s free on Android:
  • It was also supposed to have been released past Friday afternoon. Now it’s July 10th.
  • Was a bit disappointed to find out it wasn’t about this:
    • That's DOCTOR Princess Monster Truck to you!
  • Still, you have to wonder what these companies that release their free android games on steam are really trying to accomplish.   How profitable could this actually be?


Minecraft 10

  • …so it begins
  • Can we all start panicking before we know how this will affect FK and or ALL?
  • Now if Windows10 Edition =’s C plus Dirext X we might have a problem.
  • Legacy Stupid is hard to get rid of.


The New-Man

  • As I said in Shatrealm static, I was stupefied when he not only answered my e-mail but also came back with 5 keys!
  • But! How stupid do you have to be to go on twitter with a strawman argument like what he just presented.
  • How are Linux users numbers going to compete with Mac, if the Linux version has been busted for almost half a year for most people?
    • This might have just been an opinion piece.   The reason the linux version is busted is because he thinks they’re second class citizens.
  • I’m not even bothered by what he said.
  • It’s that he tried to cover his tracks.
  • Did he seriously pull a Liam and deleted his tweet?
    • Yes he did, Brad! Yes he did!
    • I wonder if we could squeeze some more rust keys out of him now


Unity explained

  • UE4 drank your milkshake.
  • UE4 goes all hella free / Unity goes free ..ish
  • UE4 hits a milestone goal for the Linux editor / Unity is totally at work on one.
  • “We’re really interested in hearing how you will use the Linux Editor”
    • To make games?
    • Shite, son. Can it make cheeseburgers or something?
      • I was promised it would make a mean cup of coffee!
  • So we get a half explanation why Linux Game dev’s screams of rage went unheard.
  • Valve should really put out a developer spin of SteamOS.  Would solve the whole “only targeting ubuntu issue”



  • I started reading through the Torque Script docs, and noped
  • Linux games using the Torque Engine: Think Tanks, Gear Up, SPAZ, Penny Arcade Adventures, Frozen Synapse and Marble Blast.
  • Looks like a whole mess of GL fixes.
  • And like Unity, you need to make a Linux editor.



  • Just a heads up since their webzone still allows you to purchase games.
  • Seriously, the fact that Desura is still allowing people to buy games is despicable.   However, given their publicity , they could probablys start strapping nuns to cars and driving them through orphanages and nobody would bat an eye.
    • Incidentally, you can do just that in the new hatred DLC.
  • How about you ask for proof of purchase from people and give them a Steam key for free instead of just shrugging it off?
    • I’m not defending Desura/Juju, I’m just saying they’re shitting all over their players, too.


Goodby saves

  • Still waiting on your linux support brad
  • Also, too little too late.   There are at least three terreria clones on linux right now.
    • One of them made by the exact same people!


3D.CITY – Open Source HTML5/JS Sim City Clone

  • Got a 69% rate of approval. I called it a win and walked away.
  • Got a blank arse-loading screen.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: LEGO Minifigures Online
Devel: FunCom
Engine: Dreamworld Engine
Price: 29.99 – 32.99 CAD

Wazzat: Play online with thousands of players from all over the world, or just team up with your closest friends; LEGO Minifigures Online features full-cross platform play, allowing gamers on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android to play together in the same, persistent online world.

Makes with the working


  • Launches without sound on the Humbuntu
  • Yes, in 2015.
  • Spite crashes! I I’ve had a few, and they are the FK you sort.
  • You know, not reproducible.


  • Needed to replace it’s with my
  • Randomly Crashes


  • Crashy lil’ fucker, innit?
  • What’s that? You’d like to have sound when you click Play on Steam?
    • Aha! Fuck you.
    • Steam Runtime? I can tell you for a fact, from the exchange of e-mails about the sound issue, FunCom doesn’t know what the Steam runtime is!


Shiny / Sounds


  • It looks a bit alright with everything on YOLO eye-bleed 9000.
  • The levels are well done and full of colours. So much so you will begg FSM to strike you with colour blindness.
  • I was saying during our players (available to our Patreons right now) that they must have went around the office and picked devels at random to voice this.
  • At the end of the day I can’t really shite on it.
  • Oh, I want to, but the whole A/V bit really gels.


  • Graphically, the game looks about as good as you could make a lego game
  • The voice acting though?   Ugh.   Minus 1 chair


  • Looks alright but then again you’d have to fuck it up real good to make Lego look bad.
  • The music is fitting with the general theme and atmosphere of the area you’re in
  • The voice acting on many of the characters makes me want to shove a screwdriver into my ear canal.
    • The narrator is alright, though.




  • Xclone controlla worked OOTB and this is important.
  • You see, the controlla has auto-aim/movement.
  • Little Timmy will never know you you’re holding down A while watching LGC.
  • It loses a chair because you often have to use the gerbil to get unstuck from the terrain.



  • NVidia controller actually worked out of the box with this one.
    • It still has several problems with the touch bits and advanced functions, but that’s not the game’s fault.
  • If it weren’t for the fact that your character keeps getting stuck on terrain like condoms inside your mom, I’d give it 4 chairs.




  • Man, I was going to kidnap a kid for testing but decided against it because kids, ick.
  • MMO: A multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously.
  • That’s all you will get, Brad. No groups, guilds, etc.
  • You do get a buddy list that does FK and all to help track down your friends.
  • It took some 15min and that was only due to us being around the same points.
  • Remember Funcom tried to launch this game late last year as pay-to-win on Windows and it was met with a resounding meh.
  • This is the same game minus the micro-transactions relaunched at $29.99.
  • That should tell you something.
  • The largest problem with this game is the difficulty.
  • 90% of the bosses (or mini) hit like a light breeze and you can just stand there until they nope.
  • Then you run into others that have turbo hit-points and will damn near curb-stomp your arse.
  • You do collect bits used to unlock new players but ZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzz
  • There’s also an upgrade path but it’s beyond linear.
  • The real kicker is knowing they will shut down the servers in a year or so.


  • Okay, clearly this is a children’s game.    This can’t be too challenging because 5 year old kids need to be able to consistently win.
  • Still, this is a product that doesn’t scale with your audience.
  • The combat is one dimensional, and while the FF13 style party mechanic sort of varys things up, it’s nowhere near enough


  • This is literally Diablo III with a lego make-over.
  • Maybe slightly toned down on the difficulty.
    • Even that I can’t say for sure nowadays, since I haven’t played it since the beta.
  • The combat, the upgrade progression, the linearity of the quests, the way the quests instances are marked (that orange glow coming from the doors), and even the way that the multiplayer bits work.
  • I can recognize a competent game regardless of whether or not I enjoy playing it.
  • I’m probably not going to keep playing this game and I can tell you, if you have kids and you want a game you can play with them (and don’t mind shelling out $30 for each copy) this is that game.
    • Super PG, solid and easy to understand mechanics and a lot of content right from the get go.
  • There is one downside to it, besides the terribad voice acting on some of the NPCs.
  • In order to unlock more minifigures, either you grind the instanced dungeons or you’ll have to buy $5 blind bags to get the physical minifigs themselves and redeem the code in the game so you can play as them.
  • That is going to have your kids harassing you to get them more blind bags.



Hate Mail:

Roccat Tools 0.3.5

  • It fixed the last few issues I had with setting mouse buttons as keyboard keys.
  • Also made it so that if you hold one of those buttons it’ll behave like you’re holding down that very same key on the keyboard, instead of sending just a single key press like it used to.
  • Which after trying some games that misbehaved with it, I came to a realization.
    • Some games like Shadow Warrior, expect each key press to NOT be instantaneous.
    • They assume people will hold down the button for longer than it takes the OS to register it.
    • Where I come from, that’s called input lag and I want to retroactively go back and ding it another chair for that.

How to

  • Nice bong.

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