LinuxGameCast Weekly EP145 – Ranch

Dying Light is finally playable! AMD wants your opinion, Kung Fury gets a day one release, and it’s time to declare Martial Law. Then Spellcrafter faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

Colour Key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

improved OpenGL performance

  • I’m getting a bit tired of a 10GB DL every time the two yahoos in charge of the Linux port claim a performance upgrade.
  • On MAX settings it sometimes hits 60FERPS but if you look around it will SLAM back to 45.


Early Gonads no longer

  • Well, they fixed the spite crash when attempting to play the tutorial.
  • It’s a MOBA, and it uses a pretty familiar (read: uninspired) formula
  • It’s priced to sell, but for just as much I’d recommend Robocraft
    • Assuming you’re not one of those boring people that just likes to play Defense of the Ancients over and over.


Love at first Cyclops

  • Someone finally made a video game about Pedro’s Futurama fanfic!
  • A visual novel where the protagonist falls in love with a cyclopean girl wearing a beat up japanese school uniform.
    • You know, from the moment second life introduced airships as a playable race, I don’t even think a cyclops is that far fetched!


Crash ..into me

  • SuperTuxKart with slightly more realistic looking cars and screaming Unity at the tops of its lungs.
  • Really does not seem worth the $5 price tag
  • So unit-astic


Audio Smurf 2

  • The fuck is up with that price?
  • The first game was pretty much free for everyone who bought the Orange Box.
    • And it was like $5 for everyone else.
  • Also, will this have the exact problem as the first did, with people changing the ID3 tags on the songs to fake scores?
  • I liked the first one well enough.   I used a bunch of obscure songs, and every so often I get an email saying one person has beat my “high  score”
  • It’ll eventually go on sale, as all steam games do, and you’ll be able to score this for 3-5 bucks


Ghost Town MegaPack v.1 ..the game

  • T’was but a matter of time before the Unity-based, zombie survival, first person shooter with crafting elements epidemic made its way to Linux.
  • “Right now, it’s the framework of a single and multi-player survival game”
    • By “framework” do you mean THIS?
    • Because this
    • Ooh!  Shinny,
    • Looks like this
    • Such Stock.
    • Well, in all fairness you moved the buildings around and threw in some stock Unity trees.
      • And they both look a lot like Fallout 3. That green tint is rather unmistakeable.
  • This guy really likes to tell us what we’re doing by giving him money
  • I was a bit disappointed that this had nothing to do with the Cynthia Rothrock/David Carradine movie
  • Otherwise it’s another unfinished unity survial game on steam.   Woo


Cave painting simulator

  • That’s certainly one way to justify sub par graphics in 2015.
  • It’s certainly an interesting aesthetic for  a side scrolling procedural death labyrinth
  • The color scheme makes the gameplay footage look confusing as fuck though.   I get it’s supposed to look like a cave painting, but it doesn’t help your game when you can’t see what the fuck is going on!


Kung Fury

  • It’s 1-Finger Death Punch with Kung Fury!
  • Mash left and right until all the things are dead!


But we will ignore you

  • “But we will block you on Twitter”
    • There, FTFY.
  • It’s the twitter of equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and screaming  “LALALALALALALALALALA I AM NOT LISTENINGALALALALA”
  • Do these people not read user reviews of their products?   It’s like they’re not expecting negative feedback



  • The timing of this (A special FB event is slated for June 11) tells me two thing-organs
    • They have this guy dead-to-rights
    • They want some hu$h and go away money from The Facebook.
  • This is a publicity stunt, no question!
    • I dunno.   It’s not quite a patent trolling attempt, but I suppose we’ll leave it to the courts, or facebook’s lawyers to decide


That’s why we never received a Linux port

  • Not saying they will but definitely a TIL
  • It’s Double Fine. Budget/time management issues aside, they’ve been good to the Linuxes.
  • I think it may come.
    • Possibly for some humble bundle in the future.   That’s their usual MO anyways


To drive

  • This is something of an interesting read on the process of relicensing
  • The issue Dolphin is having is they can’t track down everyone who’s contributed code to verify that they are okay with having that code relicensed, although it has been suggested that 95% is sufficient


Or Swerve

  • You get extra points by running people over.
  • It’s pygame, so you just download and run
    • Not having to build it is nice for once.
  • The controls aren’t that great, but otherwise it’s just a meh 8 bit racer
  • It needs work.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Spellcrafter
Devel: Jujubee S.A.
Engine: Unity
Price: $/€ 9.99

Wazzat: Spellcrafter is an RPG game with deep tactical turn-based combat and a unique spell casting system.

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • The animation rigging is BAD …even for a mobile game.


  • Holy unity game batman
  • It’s a complete unoptimized mess as well
  • So many underruns


  • The character models look like they’re straight out of a much better 2002, game.
  • The sounds got immediately noped the moment that royalty free music started blaring through my speakers.
  • Can’t give it 1 chair because it is, technically, functional.
    • The sounds sound and graphics graph. But it gets the bare minimum I can muster.




  • So I was trying to move the camera while in a “battle” and apparently that’s a no no.
  • It did have the added bonus soda of camera locking my gerbil so I was unable to cast a spell.
  • Now let’s talk about the negatives of “porting” your mobile app to PC.
  • See, on mobile you want the buttons at the edge of the screen-organ and that makes sense.
  • Dragging a FKN cursor across 4K of mind-melting pixels does not.


  • On the overworld, the camera sort of has a mind of it’s own
  • Not the biggest fan of flailing my mouse around, ‘specially on ze 4k
  • Otherwise it’s just clicking.


  • Oh look, someone else who brought their failing android game to PC and didn’t even bother to rework the controls/UI.
  • If you, as a developer, don’t put an effort in; I, as an asshole, will shit all over your game!






  • This reminds me of the first MTG video game I played
    • I hated that too
  • This game is terrible.
  • I spent all of the first level spending all my cash stocking up on crossbowmen, only to have them reset to two when I moved to the next level.  That’s some bullshit there
  • The gameplay is alright,


  • The game looks like Dungeon Siege on the PSP and plays like Final Fantasy tactics on a tablet.
    • Unfortunately for them, I’m trying to play it on a PC.
  • To say the controls, unresponsive as they are, and the camera, floaty as fuck as it is, kill whatever immersion the game ever hoped to have, is the understatement of the century.
  • Fuck this game, fuck these “developers”, fuck. this. shit.


Final –CHAIR

Hate Mail:




  • “Java is one of the best programming languages in existence today.”
    • That’s debatable.
    • It is one of, if not the, most widely used programming language in existence today. Yes.
    • Windows is also one of, if not the, most widely used PC OS in existence today.
    • Would you say Windows is one of the best operating systems?
  • Speaking of Windows. When you’re dealing with Java on windows, that is, more often than not, the way most malware gets into your system.
    • The only time it isn’t Java, it’s Flash.
    • Now, imagine you’re building a wrapper in order to run windows applications on Linux. Would you want one of the world’s most exploitable programming languages to do so?
  • Java, especially in the case of PlayOnLinux, is a massive security liability.
    • That’s why ~I~ hate it!

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