LinuxGameCast Weekly EP141 – Low Orbit Ban Cannon

Black Mesa spools up the speculation drive! Minecraft for psychos receives an update, paid mods get noped, and the Dolphin emulator carries on. Then Sky Force Anniversary faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Steam News :

Colour Key: Venn Jordan Pedro

And it’s gone

  • Well, that was quick.
  • Sad how /r/pcmasterrace came running back to lord GabeN
  • Not surprised since it’s become a full-metal circlejerk
  • Well, at least they’re paying attention to their audience.
  • They’re bound to try something like this again in the future.   Hopefully they’ll consider user and modder feedback before they go ahead with it.
  • I listened to TotalBiscuit talk about this with the owner of the Nexus sites and the guy who created SMIM from Skyrim.
    • Apparently Valve contacted some mod authors, but none of the most popular ones.
    • Most of the people who make mods for the Workshop got the news the exact same day as everyone else.


Hammer time

  • Game ban all of my critics!
  • I kind of see this as a double edged sword.   Yes, if you have disruptive players in your community, you want to get rid of them with extreme prejudice, but Valve just going ahead and doing it based off the request of the developer seems like  could be abused
    • This will be abused. We’re talking about the same game developers who will takedown a video on YouTube with a copyright strike, if the person talking is less than agreeable with their view of the game.
  • We should point out this only applies to multiplayer games.


Please use our thing

  • That’s one way of ensuring people will use your standard.
    • Plus, you know, they’re shipping the dev kits out
  • It also puts another ball on Facebook’s court, since they haven’t released a damned thing!


Besiege V0.08

  • Drills, bitches!
  • Everytime I fire up this game my brain goes into overdrive thinking of all the possibilities and solutions to the level.
    • It has all the makings of an awesome game. So I’m going to wait until it’s out of Early Access and give it a proper go, then.



  • It’s a game that was created in 2009 and ported to the commodore 64 before it was ported to linux.   That is all
    • Priced to sell though, despite the fact that you can play the game for free…so…yeah…
  • It was a part of several Humble Bundles now, including the Android ones.
    • So chances are, you already have it.


Procedurally generated maps

  • It “works” but janky as hell.
  • Two of the tracks I generated were built in such a way that I flew right the FK off them.


Dat name

  • You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find a prostitute who’s willing to do a boston lockdown.   That shit ain’t cheap
  • Multiplayer shadowrun returns seems cool.   I could see the pacing of the game being somewhat of an issue
  • Online co-op does seem like a huge selling point!
  • That said, I still haven’t finished the dragonfall campaign.


Red Orchestra Verdun leaves early access

  • Trench Warfare Simulator
  • I’m still disappointed you don’t have the option to pee on cloth to use it as a makeshift gas mask to stave off german mustard gas attacks
  • Those screenshots keep on screaming Unity and that makes me wonder what the game will perform like.
    • Might have to send them an e-mail at some point, now that it’s out of early access.


Ze Swartz

  • EA is about to launch the new Battlefront and they thought “this is the time to get our asses sued to oblivion!”
    • Congratulations, you’re probably going to succeed.
  • It would be nice if they didn’t, having a proper battlefront type game for Linux does sound kind of awesome.
    • How about a new battlefront type game period.   The new one is just going to be ground battles
  • Oh man, If this became a real thing, I would be so happy.  Always fun to fly directly into your enemy team’s ship and blow it the fuck up from the inside


Porting Half Life to the OpenPandora Xash3d

  • Fork of the SDLash project.
  • I guess having Dr. Ashens doing a video where he drools all over the Pandora, is a good way to keep a handheld console going.
  • That said, why Half-Life? Why a First-person game?
    • It’s literally the worst genre to play on a handheld, trust me I play more than I care to admit on my PSP. It’s not a good experience.
    • It’s an interesting experiment on porting half life to other architectures
    • This is why I really like these engine-re implementations.   Opens up the game to a whole new variety of platforms


VP Ops: The Line

  • Fucking 2K
    • I swear to gaaahd.  I did naaaht hith her.   I did naaaaaaht.
  • Well, I was looking forward to playing that game. Not anymore
    • ^ People said it was a mediocre shooter but had a proper story.


Trench run

  • The hipsterest of hipster pixel clones of Metal Slug.
    • Why?!
  • The current version only features a skirmish mode where you kill people and then “socialize with them during the truce phase”.
  • The full version will have a campaign, which I’m sure it will just make it even more obvious of a Metal Slug Clone.
  • And the demo segfaults.   It’s a vote of confidence for the final product!
    • Apparently it can’t handle newer versions of libpng


Black Mesa official countdown timer

  • So the timer ends on the same day Gordan started BMRF
  • Working theory is BM is coming to Steam
  • One thing’s for sure, this lot operates on VALVe time.



  • A whole bunch of new CPU optimizations
  • Some users managed to find a few hacks to get some specific games running at 60 FerPS
    • Of course, these hacks will likely break other games. The devs are currently looking at a way to implement them properly without disrupting other titles.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Sky Force Anniversary
Devel: Infinite Dreams
Engine: Unity
Price: $/€ 9.99

Wazzat: The legendary shoot-’em-up is here to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in super-destructive style. Harnessing the intensity of classic arcade games combined with modern visuals, Sky Force Anniversary offers a true to its core, stunning scrolling shooter experience with an incredible new social gameplay element.

Makes with the working


  • It FKS up detecting my resolution.
  • I switch from 3840 to 1080 often for recording and its too busy chomping that glue-stick to give a FK.




Shiny / Sounds


  • Hell, it looks good at 3840×2160.
  • They actually took the time to add proper resolution options.
  • I’m pointing this out since it was originally created for mobile.
  • It nails the visual “feel” of the long long ago.
  • While that may be the most Hipster thing I’ve ever said’s fact-sauce.
  • I don’t hate the sounds.
  • In fact, they really help with that Hipster “feel” BS I was just on about.
  • That said, I would not have minded something a touch more metal.


  • Like Venn said, looks pretty good at ze 4k


  • Soundtrack got noped two seconds in.
  • Graphics are alright. Nothing to write home about, but they’re alright.




  • Worked OOTB /w the Xclone controlla.
  • This is very important since I would flat out refuse to play the game with a keyboard/gerbil comco.
  • Unable to rebind the controls? Minus two chairs.
  • And that’s just a damn shame because you have to use some right proper contortion to fire ze laser without triggering the shield. .


  • the stock controls on the xbox controller seem to be fine
  • Haven’t gotten to the point where I can afford a shield, so I’m not sure about that part


  • The fuck is up with that floaty ass mouse movement?
  • Baby’s first Sh’m’up!
    • It even fires automatically, lest you actually find some challenge in the game.
    • Apparently it only fires automatically if you use the mouse/keyboard.
  • The NVidia controller worked after the usual xinput spiel.
  • In 2015 and some developers think it’s still okay to not allow players to rebind controls.




  • It reminds me of a slower paced Strikers 1945 Plus.
  • Note: I found some long-plays of 45 Plus and a chunk of the comments were “you sped up the video” / “UNpossible! Nobody can move like that”
  • …my generation could.
  • I’m not a fan of collecting X amount of medals to progress (that was part of the iOS/Android port to extract $$$) since it artificially inflates game time.
  • At the end of the day they did an okay job converting a “pay to prevent grinding” game into something playable without microtransaction.
  • It loses a chair for no online multiplayer and one for dat price.
  • Pick this up when it goes 50% off.


  • I fucking hate shmups
  • However, this one isn’t so bad
  • It at least rewards you for improving by giving you the option to upgrade your ship


  • I don’t hate sh’m’ups.
  • In fact, I liked Jamestown a lot!
  • I also happen to like the Touhou series.
  • The only thing this game has going for it is the Portuguese translation.
    • Yeah, that’s how far I had to dig to find something positive to say about it.



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