LinuxGameCast Weekly EP146 – Backrumpsy

Steam introduces refunds! Desura goes bankrupt, G-SYNC comes to your lap-organ, and XCOM 2 makes with the Linux. Then Blockstorm faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro Sandy


  • Better start throwing a little QA at those shovelware Linux ports.
    • I really don’t feel this will solve the problem with quality from developers. Look ARK: SE which advertised Linux and Mac support before release. Then after releasing to EA only then did they realize in a “CRAP! someone could sue us.” situation that they needed to take down the support logos. Money back is no excuse for a lack of accountability.
  • 2hr/14-day seems more than fair-sauce.
  • Again, someone check the weather in Hell right quick…
    • I think it’s literally frozen over, this time!
  • Now remember kids, this is not a try before you buy program.
  • If you abuse this they will block yo arse, and when you actually need it you will be faced with a Steamy pile of NOPE!
  • So is Valve finally listening to their customer base regarding the shit-creep that’s occurring on the steam stores?
    • Probably not…
      • Oh hells no! This is because they are adding new currencies and need to play the EU consumer protection game.
  • I like the whole price-match bit for games that go on sale the day after you buy it.
  • And for devels worried about lost sales
  • Now if we want to go the conspiracy route, what if this is a way to “encourage” developers to not release DRM-free versions of their games?
  • Ultimately, this is a good thing that should have been in place a long time ago.


Steam bundles

  • More like Steam movie/game packages ..for now.
  • Back in the day I would have worried about how this would affect the Humble.
  • Today, not so much.
    • I would still doubt it would be a threat to Humble Bundle as is more embedded and established in the PC (Personal Computer) market than what Valve is trying to accomplish.
      • Thanks for clarifying.  I thought you were talking about pickled cabbage
        • Pickled cabbage, I WISH! That is why I’m here right, to state the obvie?
    • Was, Brad. Now they are nothing more than another online game store.
  • I’m honestly surprised they took this long.  Hell, even Desura had their own bundle bits before they stopped paying their Devs
  • Interesting thought, Valve might be looking to pivot into a more general digital delivery service and this could be laying the groundwork.    Hell, they’re already offering software over steam, so its not that far  a stretch


Hey Listen!

  • Can we get a wired version?
  • Community profiles for games are neat / worrisome
  • Anyone else notice the last game in the trailer? CONFIRMED!!!
    • I already Pre-Oderedededed
  • I’ll be getting one or two of these, but I have yet to see how much MORE money they will charge me for shipping.
  • In Canadia, you gotta pre-order from EB.   There’s one right next to my house, so I’ll just walk to it and buy one when it comes out
    • That must be nice the only EB Games is 171 kms away and it is up hill both ways. Thank you Internets.


FK Linux

  • The latest Linux build is busted and will be “for a week, maybe two”
  • We are unable to play against the 0 players online until the new version.
  • You need to understand that it’s because the lack of marketing.
    • Absolutely agree, I had been watching this for a while now at IndieDB and they seemed to had made very minimal effort on advertising the whole project.
  • Not because it’s a generic FPS built on UE4. It’s all about marketing! Once they do that people will flock in droves to buy something that will go F2P.
    • “We expect to complete the game within 6 to 12 months following its release date.”
    • I am getting a feeling because of lack of advertising that this will remain in EA for a more extended period.
  • Well, that’s what they believe and I hope they are correct. [sic]
  • Now in what I like to call “reality”, good luck with your search for fellow combatants. I ended up having to buy a multi-pack so we could record a game.
  • Considering they basically clicked “Export” on the version we played, they should just keep producing linux builds like that and take bug reports.   It’s basically what 80% of unity devs do, but UE4 actually produces workable binaries
    • all comes back to proper multiplatform support. Some of these self-entitled Dev just want money with minimal work involved
  • Not really going to help much, considering nobody is gonna be playing their game


Massive Chalice exits EA

  • So far the mood is XCOM on a budget.
    • Xcom with breeding
      • I like breeding, that is how I got 3 kids.
  • Kind of reminds me of the old AD&D birthright setting actually


Don’t Starve Together til you can’t get enough

  • Yeah I have just seen it ins mys liesbarries, I will have to give it a try sometime soon.
    • I never played alot of Don’t Starve but maybe some multi-player is what the doctor would order.


Kung 4.0

  • I…I really don’t think this justifies counting it as a major release guys…
  • But there are new loading screens.   Holy shite!
  • I was excited when this first launched (months ago) but they have made little progress in the fun department.
    • I am just glad that there is progress to the final release and they are getting ready to leave Early Access.
      • I would however love to see them set up some Online gameplay.
      • Maybe even see some Kung Fury and Kung Fuher.


Enjoy good physics cars. Berserker!

  • “Offline mode coming soon” and “Single-player”
  • $14.99 for a free Android game is a hard sale.
  • Alot of the game gives a very strong Borderlands style look to it.
  • I was trying to find an e-mail address to get in touch with them, all I found was that their website is offline, their Play Store page is also gone and I couldn’t check the itunes store.
  • Their facebook page, twitter and google+ profiles combined have less than 20 follows.
  • PEGI rating 6, still requires an age gate on Steam
    • That’s probably because the game is SO HARDCORE
  • Processor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 or equivalent
    • The game apparently requires me to cram a video card into a CPU socket to get optimum performance
  • It looks like it got delisted from the play store, so I guess they’re trying to squeeze some money out of it on PC.
  • Gotta dig the “BUY” banners on some of the screenshots.   Subtle


Nope slugs

  • $1.49 mobile game.
  • Requires the elusive Ubuntu 12
  • And a really crappy looking metal slug clone


They bleed GLibC

  • Ah, the ever elusive CPU 1.73Gz or Faster
    • I think I saw one once in the woods when I was a child. But it then ran off behind a rainbow.
  • Seems like it’s hard for the sake of being hard. #hard
    • Yup, It’s another ultrahard speedrun-bait game.   Played it a few years ago at a Convention back when it first came out
  • If I see saw blades in your game I will immediately nope.
  • I am not digging this game from what I have seen, but I will atleast try it.


Pump Action (powered by Leadwerks)


AMD drivers

  • System Requirements
  • Before attempting to install the AMD Catalyst™ Proprietary Linux Graphics Driver, the following software must be installed:
  • Xorg/Xserver 7.4 and above (up to 1.16)
  • Linux kernel 2.6 or above (up to 3.17)
    • What’s that I smell? Ah, yes! It’s the smell of NOPE!
    • Oh hai AMD, you might remember that several popular distributions are already on Kernel 4.0
    • You might also remember that Nvidia and Intel’s drivers work on newer kernels so GET YER SHIT TOGETHER!
    • Definitely need to step up their game in a major way when it comes down to proprietary drivers.
  • “Before attempting to install”
    • Better sacrifice a sheep to Lord Glycon.
      • Don’t be led astray by other women
        • I was going to say I need to juggle 4 cats naked standing on one foot, on the stump of a 400 year old redwood tree facing south with a north eastern cross wind. Then and only then can I install. Not that I have done that before…*Cough*


Bad Juju’s going the way of the Dodo (backrumpsy)

  • Remains to be seen whether or not devs will get paid what they’re owed now.
  • Don’t want to lose ALL of your past purchases on Desura?
    • Hope you’ve got some free HDD space to download them all.
    • To be fair, I don’t think that’ll ultimately be a lot of games.
  • I said last week they were about to nope.
  • Hope the devels can get some monies.
    • This’ll probably end up in court.
  • This will also nope the Indie Royale
  • They filed for Chapter 7 – which basically means that the company is dead and everything is being sold off.
  • What really grinds my gears is how they noped their employees
    • Fucking with people’s money is pretty bad.
    • Fucking with your employees is you setting yourself up for some serious scorched earth policies.
    • Geez man. Fuck you Bad Juju.


480P YOLO!

  • I like how they still say “…DirectX 12 and Mantle support.”
    • Someone needs to let them know it’s called Vulkan now, because Mantle is dead.
      • Not on windows it ain’t…or so they’d have you believe
  • So, processor-wise, this is still the Athlon 860k (slightly overclocked from stock) and an R7 250 (with a lower clock)?
  • Still, if the price on this article is accurate, $140 for that hardware isn’t terrible.
    • Except you won’t be able to get OpenGL 4 on Mesa ( and you’ll be dealing with FGLRX.
    • So you’re still better off with that same Athlon 860k and a GTX 750, which will only run you for an extra $40.
  • “A10-7870K is targeting gamers with sub-1080p”
    • Just keep that etched in your brain-organ.
    • This is not what you want for a low-rent Steam boxen.
  • I dunno, I still think APUs are a good deal if you’re going for an absolute bottom price steamboxen, especially if you’re targeting sub-$400.
  • I hate myself for saying this, but hopefully Vulkan will help APUs jump ahead, at least in the budget market.   Only if someone other than AMD is handling the mesa implementation though.


Called it

  • As if a dozen monitor manufactures screamed out at once
  • “Oh, this is BULL SH*T!”
  • Their excuse is that, with laptop monitors, there isn’t as much variability in the way of screens.
    • Or at least, in gaming laptops, most OEMs tend go for the same 2-3 models.
      • The same 1366×768 models
        • Most gaming laptops nowadays have 1080p screens.
        • They just differ whether Asus, MSI, etc. want TN for low latency or IPS for better color.
    • This will be running on anything with a NVIDIA card a month after release.
    • We already know you can do the whole thing in software.


Going native

  • Fails to build OTTB and I forgot the moon-trick I used last time.
  • Alright, it was a MONO issue but that should be sorted.
  • Fix: find Engine/Source/Programs/AutomationTool -name “*Automation.csproj” -exec sed -i “s/ToolsVersion=\”11.0\”/ToolsVersion=\”4.0\”/g” “{}” \;
  • “Until we make a Linux launcher available, it won’t be in Binary.”
    • That is some Madhi level sentencing right there
  • It would certainly help game development under linux if there was a top-tier creation kit that worked out of the box with minimal fuss


Turn-based awesome that Venn hates 2

  • Tux is right there at the bottom, at the end of the trailer, along with with everyone else and it makes me so giddy.
  • Knowing that 2K is also doing the port through Feral and not VP helps, considerably.
    • Certainly lends some credence to Venn’s theory that VP is only handling older games
      • Then explain Bioshock Infinite and Spec-Ops? Those are fairly new games
    • Though it could just as well be because feral already did most of the work for the first game
  • Coming November this year.
    • I am really enjoying that 2K and WB games are already reaching out to companies like Feral and Aspyr, to bring their great game libraries to SteamOS / Linux.
    • I hope they take out the fact in stupid hard mode when you are point blank with a shotgun with a 99% hit chance you still miss. F#%^&*$# U!!!!!


It’s not Neverwinter Nights all over again, except it is

  • Simultaneous release, giggity!
  • Hey man, I’m excited. Nothing wrong with an up to date rehash of NWN
  • I’m also glad WOTC has reconsidered their exclusionary Linux policy with their D&D licenses
  • I don’t know what the hell a Sword Coast Legends™ is …gonna keep it that way.
    • Too bad!
  • From the creative minds behind Dragon Age Origins, ie the same people that made Bioware’s Neverwinter Nights before EA got their mits on them.
  • Maybe, now that Atari no longer hold the D&D rights for electronic entertainment and this lot isn’t playing by EA’s rules, we can get a proper follow up to the Sword Coast games.
    • (Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights.)

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Blockstorm


Devel: GhostShark

Engine: Unity

Price: US$/€ 6.99 – CDN$ 7.79

Wazzat: Blockstorm is a First Person Shooter set in a world made of destructible blocks. All maps and characters included in the game are made with the same tools that are available to the public. You can build everything in Blockstorm, and you can destroy it.

Makes with the working


  • 60 FERPS 4K
  • It does the “I forgot the resolution” thing.
  • It can not handle LAG! Don’t even think about joining a server /w a 200 ping.




  • It ran much better after shutting down Steam overlay.
  • It did run it 1080 got my 48~52 ferps with the overlay on.


Shiny / Sounds


  • It looks like a Minecraft FPS done in Unity.
  • I’m not saying it’s beauty-sauce, but at no point did they attempted to oversell what it is.


  • This game is fuuuuuuuuugly
  • I mean, it looks like an uglier minecraft
  • Sound doesn’t seem to want to work


  • It’s probably a good thing the music doesn’t play in-game. Or bad, because it would make me go postal.
  • They’ve made the voxels on characters and guns smaller, but not small enough to… say… fit 1 to 8 million of them in a 20-something inch display.
    • But, I suppose, at that point they’d just have to call them pixels


  • Nothing really stands out in terms of looks in this MFPS.
  • The maps sound effects based on where you are from the source was awesome.
  • I am happy this was not Unity re-pack-resources in the game.




  • Works like a standard WASD shooter minus Sift =’s walk.
  • While P-man will bitch about the sniper rifle I find it a good thing.
  • If it didn’t, the weapon would be hella overpowered.


  • The controls are pretty floaty
  • The building in this is pretty lame


  • Can’t really give it 1 because the controls do work and you can rebind them
  • I will give it the lowest possible score I can, though, because these are some floaty-as-fuck controls
  • Go ahead and attempt to aim that sniper rifle while scoped-in, I dare you!
  • I’m used to tight FPS controls, namely Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
    • Where your character stops moving the moment you stop touching the controls.
  • In Blockstorm, if you move the mouse to the side there’ll still be a bit of movement after you’ve stopped. If you stop moving because you’re about to slip out of the map, chances are your character will still skid past the ledge and you will die.


  • I pulled out the old Drito5000 controller (A.K.A Logitech F710) ran fine with no problems, as well bonus point for remapping.
  • Unlike major league Pedro I enjoyed the controls and how quick weapon changes are with the scroll wheel.
  • Shift = sneak*Buzzer*? Shift = Run *DING!* Crtl= Sneak




  • Most of the DM maps are hella big even with ⅚ players.
  • Building defenses in CTF is fun.
  • That said, a 5min prep time for CTF would be nice and while you’re at it throw in a locked class system.


  • I hate playing FPSes with randos.
  • The minecraft aspect of it is fairly useless
  • Plus it’s an eyesore


  • Sparse maps, nigh-on zero feedback as to whether or not you’re hitting the person you’re aiming for, floaty controls and not very good graphics.
  • It’s not breaking the bank at 6.99 but still…


  • Maps are big and do take away from blowing each other off…… AWAY!
  • CTF SOOOOO much fun with this minecrafty build defenses or dig to the flag.
  • The need to a gameplay mode like zombies or tag mode.



Hate Mail:


  • Curiously, Snake in the Staglands is what I call my dick in those situations I found myself in the company of the LGBT crowd.
    • That’s racist
  • I launched the demo and it started in a postage sized window that I was unable to resize or read the text.
  • It really feels like I’m actually playing a crpg from 1996!   Complete with shitty FMV



  • When you first contacted us I kinda forgot about out it since you lot think yourselves above the rules P-man just read.
  • Then in one of my fits of ‘oh what the hell’ we reminded them to provide a demo.
  • You never provided one, Brad.
  • Now the irritating, nay, insulting bit off all this is you sent another “please talks abouts our game” email today.
  • Alright! Ladies and gents I give you Voxelnauts!
  • It’s run by a team that lacks basic reading comprehension and AND will continue spamming after you explain the requirements …that they couldn’t be arsed to read.





  • I would love to be proved wrong on my assertion.
  • Though to be fair, using SDL2 for a fighting game makes a ridiculous amount of sense, as you want to accommodate all types of controllers from xbox to fight sticks

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