LinuxGameCast Weekly EP149 – Le WINE

Dota 2 Reborn is LIVE! SteamOS goes mobile, American Truck Sim Blends, and DX11 comes to WINE. Then MadOut faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

Steam News :

Colour Key: Venn Jordan Mathieu


  • On the second boot of the installation process, AMD systems will display an “Oh No! Something has gone wrong” screen. Leave it alone and installation will continue normally.
    * Desktop mode on AMD systems does not work, you will just get an “Oh No! Something has gone wrong” screen.

    • Bwahahahaha!
  • If the upgrade also affects the steam runtime, it could break some games that were built for the Ubuntu 12.04 runtime (shitty glibc / libstdc++ backward compatibility)


Deal with it, cupcake

  • The root of all scams is this, GREED.
  • If someone is offering you an amazeballs deal that’s too good to true …it is.
  • You can hear the soap being rubbed in between GabeN’s hands as he washes them of any responsibility from here on in, regarding scams.


Steam Boy

  • Smach is just a terrible name for a product.   Geez.   Someone deserves a smach upside the head
  • I wonder if it’ll compete with the sega gamegear for worst battery life
    • My  Turbo Expres would like a word.
  • AMD embedded G-Series SoC “Steppe Eagle” with Jaguar-based CPU and GCN-based Radeon graphics
    • This inspires so much confidence, I think I’m gonna poop
    • It’s totally running steamos you guys!   Right?    Guys?
    • “GCN-based Radeon graphics” means fuck and all under Linux.
    • The whole Jaguar based CPU would be interesting, if they managed to squeeze a console APU onto a handheld.
      • 8-core x86 PC in an elongated PSP form-factor? Yes, please!
      • It’s probably gonna be a laptop APU at best.   Otherwise it’d need to be the size of a football field to contain all the AA batteries required to power it
  • The only interesting bit is the integrated areolas.
  • “Over 1,000 games would be playable at launch, including […] BioShock Infinite” yeah, right


Hell, ice

  • 2.0? Guess we will never get another major version upgrade.
  • So really they just brought it inline with the current steam aesthetic and fixed some battery draining issue.
  • Material design FTW!
  • At least they’re updating it. It’s been the same pointless, battery draining crap since release.


DOTA2 Beta (Source 2)

  • Hope you like fullscreen windowed mode.
    • Sure beats legacy fullscreen where you couldn’t alt-tab or change the sound volume
  • It runs at a steady 60FERPS @ 4K 3850×2160 with everything on 11.
  • ^ Disable V-Sync to benchmark your FPS
  • Runs at 180FPS @ 1080p on the GTX 970
  • Game mechanics tutorial grayed out


Portal Stories: Mel

  • It’s BORING
  • Haven’t they heard about this thing called “testing”?
  • I might write a Lutris installer to fix the launch problem but it will probably get patched anyway.
  • A good challenge for those who have finished the 2 portal games
  • Geez, there is a lot of loading screens in this fucking game


Na na na na na na na na RE-FUNDS

  • For once I’m GLAD we’re getting something late.
    • Yup, nothing like having Winbros slog through the first batch of release issues
  • I like how they upped the System REQs at the last minute.
    • They also removed the Harley Quinn pre-order bonus for people who got the game with a 970 or a 980 a few hours before launch.
      • Damn.   Now how am I supposed to pretend to be a sexy clown lady voiced by Tara Strong?
  • I’m curious if feral will lock it at 30 FPS for Linux as well.  I really hope not.
    • So there is hope that feral fixes rocksteady’s shit
  • Shite like this is why people think PC versions are intentionally crippled.
  • You can still buy the game as a gift if you already own the game
  • Good to know we’ll get a better game on day one than Windows users
  • Feel bad for Feral having to work with a shitty codebase until the game gets patched


Early Kungfu no more

  • Oh boy. You think this game is baked?
  • What are we on now?  Version 189616581381.3-alpha?
  • I’d rather play Ultra Street Fighter IV on Wine


Where’s May Gone

  • Coming soon, the Ultimate Kickstarter for the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny
    • ….Who am I kidding, I’d buy the fuck out of that game.


Noah Wolfenstein: The Ark


Can we stop with the Minecraft graphics?

  • After forcing myself to sit and read through the store page, this sounds like a game I’d at least give a fair shot to.
  • I won’t, though. Wanna know why?
    • You made it look like Minecraft, Brad!
  • At this point in time the Minecraft voxel graphics are damaging your game more than helping it, I feel.
  • Minecraft MOD …the game


DirectX 11   

  • I wonder if DX11 support is going to remain a paid feature.   It’ll probably trickle down to stock wine eventually, but I wouldn’t be surprised if for the first bit it will be crossover only
  • I do have a copy of The Crew I never got play. I wonder if this will happen before Ubisoft kills the game servers.
  • Remember kids.   We love Wine.  It’s awesome and so are the people behind it.   What it isn’t is a way to get your app on linux without any effort required.
  • I like me some WINE and sweet mother of FK did I have the misfortune of reading the Linux_gaming thread.
  • Wine dev said on twitter the patches will land in Wine
  • Install any game for any platform on Linux
  • We ship Open Source games and old linux games, emulators, multiple wine versions
  • Download Steam data


Breaking: Old news is new?

  • Choo-chooo! The old new hype train strikes again.
  • Oh wow, two whole links on that page that aren’t internal to phoronix.   A new record?
  • To be fair, the commit on the nouveau project and the message on the freedesktop ML are from this week



  • “Development in progress, timelines long or uncertain”
    • Don’t hold your breath-organ.
  • It’s Ok Unity.   If people want to develop games on linux, they’ll just go to your competitors and give them money
  • I want an option to sort by engine on the Steam.


It’s all YOUR fault!

  • There’s plenty of counter-examples of similar games selling. You know, good ones.
    • GOTY 2013 YOLO
  • Sunset recommending 16GJ of RAM speaks volume-organs.
  • “Oh, we looked at what made other games commercially successful…”
    • And yet you still wound up with a slow-paced, “artsy”, barely interactive, expensive and unoptimized piece of software that most people would have had trouble calling a “game”.
    • It’s like you went out of your way to pick the parts that made Dear Esther and Gone Home boring as balls and mashed them together.
    • I’m genuinely surprised you managed to sell as many copies as you did and had such a low refund ratio.
  • In closing, FK these ass-banjos
  • It means
    • Someone’s a bit insecure.
    • Always good to go the Murderbeck route


Yea, SkullGirls that Linux port

  • It’s more like what Larian is doing with Divinity.
    • Oh yeah, we’ll get to your linux port after we finish our next game
    • Still waiting on Dragon Commander Brad
  • Looks like they’re crowdfunding this one.    Don’t give these guys money until they make with the port for Project Cars 1.   End of story.
  • Crowdfunding should be forbidden for people who have already had another crowdfunding campaign, but have yet to deliver on everything they promised.


Make your Lorry!

  • Won’t let you murder your own hooker even though you could in theory model him/her out, but you can design the truck.
  • Blender-based 3D modeling.
  • This is just a good move all around for them.   The more accessible they make content creation for their platform, the more people will use it and buy their game and scads of DLC
  • *searches for 3D models of Clarkson*


EXTREME!11! (From Frenchie)

  • I was met with the Unity popup screen of NOPE! So we know the controller (if it works at all) would be incorrectly mapped. It was.
  • It looks alright, but I’m not backing the project until they give the Linux export a bit of love.
  • Unity devs Y U NO READ THIS :
  • Even the illegal Mario tech demo has (had) in-game rebindable controls
  • Heavily touch based, no key to restart the race
  • Some potential but needs some work
  • The controls are a wee whack too.   Kept getting flipped on my back and they don’t really give you a way to properly re-orient yourself
  • Like Venn Said, certainly not bad looking for a unity game


Actual Lego in my Linux? (From Freejack)

  • It’s a start!
  • DLC comes in the form of minifigures which you have to buy in real-life and input the codes in-game.
  • Incidentally, you can bulk order all the lego bricks you want,but you can’t bulk order minifigs.   I need them.   For reasons…
  • Speaking for Lego, Linux 4.2 will be available on the Lego Mindstorm CPU
    • BAM!   SG1 Reference!
    • Soon
  • Feral! Port the Lego games to Linux too!

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: MadOut
Devel: Nuligine
Engine: Nuligine Game Engine
Price: 14.99 – 16.99CAD
Wazzat: Destroy opponents, improve your car and weapons. Feel the dynamics of the chase and fighting battles. Enjoy good physics cars.

Pedro says: I copy pasted that straight from the store page.

Makes with the working



  • Starts up in a microscopic little window you have to expand.   It’s a wee annoying
  • Also, why do you have always-online DRM for this crap!   – 1 chair


  • One crash after finishing the tutorial race, but ran ok after.
  • echo “MadOut” >> .hidden


Shiny / Sounds


  • What is wrong with your face menu?


  • Dear lord that menu is hideous
  • It looks alright
  • Soundtrack is forgettable wubwubwub


  • Good 3D artist, shitty 2D artist
  • Quality of music varies from okay to mildly annoying




  • Who needs controls on the menu? FK that noise!
  • Outside of that severe misapplication of judgement, everything worked.


  • Default bindings are sane


  • Controls actually correctly mapped out of the box? Nicely done.
  • Very playable, I usually suck a lot more at racing games.




  • You will not win.
  • You can come in second all day long.
  • This game was built from the ground up to allow that.
  • Fir$t place seems reserved for those who spent a little wet stinky.
  • “MadOut Ice Storm” actually has in-app purchases, and that’s a problem.
  • This version shares some of the DNA e.g. BUY button on the car image in the Steam Store.
  • What happens when you remove the pay-to-win mechanic from your game?
  • GRINDING, Brad. That’s what you FKN get.


  • This game is just a big ball of meh
  • It’s also clearly a pay to win game.  I agree with strider, 100 races to get a new car is way too fucking much


  • Couldn’t finish a race in first place, even on easy (ok, I did, but I was lucky)
  • Would be much better if it was more balanced
  • You need to finish ~100 races to buy a new car? Ok, I’m out



M – Your saves are pulled from the internet, would love someone to hack together some kind of proxy to give me big loads of money!

Hate Mail:

Elder on WINE

  • Everyone I’ve seen who can’t get past the Loading screen either fixes it by using the script already included in PoL (which I mention in the video) or by reinstalling their OS, because when they started describing their problems I noticed there were more issues than the just the game not launching.
  • There were also a few people on G+ who simply didn’t have the patience to let it download.
    • I reiterate, 32GB download!
  • The only other option I’ve considered, is that it’s SELinux/AppArmor getting in the way because of the certificate.
    • You may want to set SELinux to permissive or disable AppArmor temporarily and see if the Launcher will get past the Loading screen.





  • WHAR online multiplayer!?11?
  • Unfair AI seems to be a trend in these Mario Kart-like games



  • Pirating Linux games is… not easy, I’ll give you that.
  • But pirating Windows games on Linux, that’s piss easy!
    • Chances are, if you pirate a <2008 Windows game and try to run it on WINE, it will work!
  • It’s 2012 ALL OVER AGAIN *builds log cabin*
  • I’m not kidding, I lost count of how many PMs that asked “How can I install my special version of SkyRim”
  • Ease of piracy was one piece of misinformation that kept devs from considering linux support.   Let’s not take a step back on that one.
  • What do you mean no piracy? There’s even a copy of Raven’s Cry on the newsgroups
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