LinuxGameCast Weekly EP151 – Reliably Reliable

Alien: Isolation on my Linux? Ted Backman leaves VALVe, AMD nopes Mantle, and we contemplate how much time we’ve spent playing games. Then Coffin Dodgers faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Will it blend?

  • Doop doop can’t hear you over the sound of waiting until November
  • Every time I read about this thing I keep thinking “Well, that’s nice.   I’ll need to see how it works”


Do you even hours bro?

  • 1714 hours for me.
    • Though, to be honest, that’s just cuz my Fallout 3, APB Reloaded, Neverwinter and Oblivion were not played entirely through Steam.
    • It’d be at least 3 times that with those games included.


VALVe Time

  • First comment:
    • his work on Half-Life 3 is done, thats why he left. Half-Life 3 confirmed.
  • The man literally created the Half-Life world


Stupid shite devels do/say

  • “We will release Road Redemption on PC (Windows/Mac/Linux), August of next year” -Kickstarter 2014
  • “We saved Linux for last because we figured that Linux users are, by far, the most technically savvy computer users on the planet, and they would probably have a way of playing the Windows version until the Linux version was ready.“ -Steam Jun 2015
    • Ah, the classic Funcom manoeuvre:  Don’t worry about the linux port, run it on wine!
    • I love backhanded compliments as much as the next guy but that doesn’t even make sense.
      • It’s exactly because we’re more savvy that we know that WINE is not going provide as good performance as a decent native port would.
  • No Brad, you saved the Linux for last because it’s Unity 4 and you know gamepad support is busted.
  • Now, If I was a betting man; I would wager you are hoping Unity 5 will fix this for you.


Dungeon Hero

  • That looks like a shittier version of Legend of Grimrock
    • Seriously, the typing tutor game looks better than that
  • What do you mean a Dx11 capable GPU on Linux?
    • Are you saying the Linux version is a Crossover wrap?
  • It’s pretty sad though, because with Grimrock 2 never coming to linux this is the best we can get.
  • The reviews seem to all complain that the game is loaded with microtransactions.


Hello my baby hello my honey

  • Hey, we already have a few SEGA ports. Could happen.
  • Feral is probably doing that one.   They have their hands full these days.    Why not show ass-pyre some love?
  • Hey, the more AAA games, the better



  • This trailer is way more intense than it has any right to be
  • I like the “get shit done” poster in the background though.
  • Really though, it’s $10 for how to blender.   Is it worth it?   I’ll let you decide.
    • There are people who will pay €20 for a Prima Guide telling them how to play a game.


Final coffins

  • This is the first time I’ve seen a company say ”yeah we’re just using EA for a quick, final beta” and keep their word.
  • That, or the realized nobody was playing it even after the Dell giveaway.
  • Only requires 4MB of RAM.
    • What’s a 2.2 dual core?


Does it mine bitcoins?

  • So they’re charging you 5 bucks to join their chess website.
    • Can be accessed from any web browser, even cell phone or tablet.
  • Considering there are literally billions of chess games and communities out there, I really don’t see the point.


Chaos – v0.28 Update

  • Made by the designer of the original 90’s-fuck-you-hard XCom.
  • And it looks like XCom: Enemy Unknown and Massive Chalice had a baby.
    • Remains to be seen which were the traits it inherited from both of those.
      • The Ripoff-ee is now ripping off the ripoff-er.   The circle is now complete.
  • Now with Co-Op mode for certain battles.
  • Mechanical tweaks
  • And an in-game inventory reset due to an equipment system change.
  • We might need to run this one through the busted ass early access wringer.



  • That’s a whole lot of meh.
  • No 4.0 Kernel Support.
  • They fixed the system hang on Dying light though. Now it hums along at a steady 2FPS
  • They’ve introduced support for the new R7/9 3XX cards.
  • Larabel said this version was looking good so, I think it’s safe to say that it is exactly as terrible as previous ones.


Mantle NOPE

  • Makes sense.   Vulkan is essentially Mantle++ so it makes no sense to publically maintain both.


HairWorks 1.1

  • Dropping framerates down to 2 FPS since 2014
  • Hey Nvidia, you want an awesome hairworks demo?  Animate some shit going super saiyan.    That one’s a freebie.
  • Whatever did happen with AMDs TressFX?
    • That’s adorable


Prepare for ze clones

  • I remember trying Shadowgun on my old TF300 tablet.
  • It wasn’t very good and playing a multiplayer third person shooter with a touch-screen didn’t help.
  • Oh crap it’s free.
  • I’m almost willing to bet if you go on greenlight and look, you’ll find a clone already waiting on votes.


Unvanquished Alpha 41 released

  • They’ve finally converted the elements (twice) and added the COnvert HUD element ”,,and to use it”.
  • They’re laying the groundwork for a LUA interface as well.   Should be good.



  • Looks like a fun little speed racist built on UE4
  • WHAR Linux demo?
  • So it’s literally rollcage for the 21st century.
  • It looks great but without a demo, I won’t be giving them any money until the final product is out.


Rose & Time remastered

  • Unity 5
  • New Models
  • New Textures
  • New music
  • Improved gamepad support
  • All of the models, textures and engine migration were done In two weeks.
  • It’s kind of neat how she broke down the process of upgrading the game.   What happened to those updates Ass-pyre?


Outer Wilds

  • Snarky translation of the blurb before playing the game:
    • Outer Wilds is an exploration game: We couldn’t be assed with proper game mechanics.
    • about curiosity, roasting marshmallows, and unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos: Where you run around and do fuck and all.
    • Explore an alien world of campfire tunes and celestial wonders that evolve over time.: Proteus, motherfucker. Google it!
    • Investigate tales of quantum phenomena: The plot in this game is so fucking thin you’ll need an electron microscope to see what the fuck is going on.
    • check your oxygen levels: We put in some random fucking hindrance like a dissimulated stamina bar so you can’t just fuck around as you please, only the way we want you to!
  • And it’s in Alpha. so it’s only going to be even more limited.
  • That said, it’s free.
  • Oh, I get it! It’s Hiro Nakamura’s company that’s making the game.
  • Oh, not giving me an option to rebind controls and making me play with WASD. I’ve seen better games lose chairs over this.
  • I’m almost willing to bet this is going to go for some sort of crowd-funding campaign if hasn’t already.
  • My recommendation? Don’t give these people money until the final product is out.
  • “Made in Unity”….
  • Played the demo for about 5 minutes.   The thing runs well enough, except I can’t see where the fuck anything is half the time because the lighting is god awful
  • Controls are a bit busted too.   It thinks right is up on the xbox d-pad

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • It’s always refreshing to see a Unity game that really does not look like …well, a Unity game.
  • I really dig the colourful lighthearted art style considering you are racing against Death for your life-organ.
  • The tracks are hella detailed with all kinds of shite going on in the background, almost to the point of distraction.
  • The background music is a bit of alright but the cart “engine?” sounds never change even after massive upgrades
  • Like most racing titles it’s best to just throw on some Slayer and have at.


  • It looks alright.   Nothing mind blowing.
  • I like the cartoony art style well enough
  • The music is just kind of there.   I’m  not paying attention to it while racing.


  • I didn’t hate the music.
  • Didn’t hate the art-style either.
  • But they’re nothing to write home about.
  • Also, the frame-rate is limited to 60 even with vsync off.




  • I have a simple test for racing games when it comes to controls.
  • Do I gansta lean while racing?
  • I did.


  • The controls are responsive and tight.


  • It’s a Kart racer built on the Unity engine.
  • The fact that the physics are as cohesive as they are and the controls actually, reliably work is in itself worthy of praise.




  • Single player is fun but incredibly short.
  • Seriously, you can skull-FK this game in under two hours in single player.
  • There is an alternate racing mode but it makes no sense.
  • The fun comes from online multiplayer, but it’s kinda empty right now. .


  • It’s a decently fun kart racing game
  • Sure linux probably doesn’t need another one, but a well done game deserves to be recognized
  • Hopefully future updates will fix the cheating-ass CPU


  • This is one of those games I hate, not for the game itself but because It’s neither terrible nor mind-blowing.
  • It’s mediocre.
  • The CPU cheats like a motherfucker, it’s functional, you can lose friends easily over multiplayer but it’s just another kart game.
  • Instead of Mario and co. or Tux and co. you’re racing old people and the grim reaper.



Hate Mail:






  • There is no need for someone to run a JVM on Desktop in 2015.

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