LinuxGameCast Weekly EP164 – Hinkoherant

VALVe trolls the Internet! NVIDIA gets stacked, TWITCH goes native, and Virtual Programming strikes again. Then Skullgirls faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

Steam News:

 Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


  • I like how everyone is flipping the hell out over this.
  • More than likely a team at VAVLe “leaked” this after placing bets on how many hours it would take before a gaming outlet reported on it.
  • In bird culture, this is called “a dick move”
  • Okay, according to the SteamDB guys that’s one of the Help files for Valve’s Hammer map editor.
    • Which is the map editor for DotA2, obviously.
  • And VALVe has once again flipped everyone the bird and people are going apeshit for all the wrong reasons.
  • The second I saw that post, I made a run to the store for some popcorn.
  • Dota 2 uses the source 2 engine…which theoretically powers half life three…meaning that there are probably some recycled filenames in there somewhere



  • It’s going to take more than just Kotaku to spur Valve into action.
  • VALVe is like your interweb provider.
  • When it works everything is hella cricket but FSM help you when/if you have issues.
  • I’m one of the few people who actually had a positive customer service experience from valve
  • Still, this has been one of the most resounding and repeated complaints about the steam service.   Right now we’re stuck with them, but someone else could come along.



  • He was the lead designer of Brütal Legend, and the project leader of Iron Brigade, Brazen, and Massive Chalice.
  • VALVe time makes Double Fine time seem brisk.
  • I bet you it sucks in kickstarter money and spits out Elijah Wood
  • I don’t understand why someone who makes games would join VALVe
    • Begun...The Flame Wars have.



  • Seems logical. You’re appealing to the console market, sell them where people buy consoles.
  • It’s funny to consider that these games sell a platform that renders them obsolete though
  • Lots of games physical copies just ship a steam installer anyways.
  • I’m kinda shocked that they will sell consoles that do not require physical disks.
    • They do sell Steam Wallet Coupons though.
  • Wet-stinky aside, think about it.
  • A LOT of people have the bandwidth to play online multiplayer yet lack the resources to DL 50GJ
    • (Pedro gloats about his DL speed)
    • Which raises an interesting issue. Are we going to start seeing physical copies for steam games?   Without an internet connection, steam machines are pretty useless.
    • I couldn’t find a Steam Machine /w an optical drive aside from the ORIGIN PC OMEGA.  
      • Flash drives are pretty cheap these days.  I dunno, just positing the question.
      • Regardless, SteamOS is not designed for installing games via external media.
      • I guess they could hack something up with “product activation” but it will be a cold day in Tartarus before publishers allow distribution on RW media.
      • Even if it was limited to data files.
  • Welp… Seems as though Portugal isn’t getting Steam hardware on physical stores any time soon.
  • Which is a pain in the dick, since I’m waiting on the controller to be available locally so that I don’t have to pay the €15 shipping.


They want us to keep on Trine

  • Well, they have at least a few months before we get to it.   Clock is ticking guys!
  • Did they patch in the rest of the game?
  • This one is a mixed bag.
  • One one hand-organ I’m glad they didn’t keep the game in perma-greenlight.
  • OTOHO it could have used some more time in the oven.
  • That, and they should have been upfront about it not being complete.
  • Their “It was planned to be episodic” apology video of BULLSHITE was FK mothering insulting.
  • Especially the lady in the yellow pants. Girlfriend, it’s 2015 mmkay.
  • Everyone seems to hate the 3rd dimension in this game.
  • I’m genuinely curious to see if it’s that bad.
  • I’m kind of reminded of the transition from 2d to 3d sonic.    A lot of the game mechanics don’t necessarily translate all that well.
  • Also, removed skill system is a strike against it.   It was cool playing through the game and unlocking new ways to deal with problems


I loved me some NwN

  • This game aims to be its spiritual successor with DM mode and level editor.
  • Kudos on Digital Extremes for reminding me I had signed up for the Beta a while back.
  • I’ve asked for the two extra keys, but they say those will go out when the Review build is online and ready to go.
    • Oh joy of all joys. My excitement is palpable.
  • I’ve been looking forward to this since I heard it was coming to linux
  • I’m curious if it’ll have anywhere near the same level of fan created content that NWN had. It was the best part of that game
  • This game has everything it needs to succeed. It’s directed by the guy who directed Dragon Age: Origins and the soundtrack was composed by Inon Zur, also from DAO and Fallout 3.
    • That’s like two games I genuinely enjoy and it’s targeting the same people that played the original Neverwinter Nights.


Suck it, MAC

  • It “works” but not exactly playable.
  • “…when we released the game on Android via the Amazon Appstore…”
    • It’s like saying it’s wheelchair accessible but first you have to climb the stairs to lower the ramp.
  • Gotta love that windows only game they plugged at the end too


You wanna go to prison?

  • I genuinely thought this game would never come out of early access.
  • I was wrong.


No floppy purple dildos for us

  • What’s it like playing a game that was “ported” by the lowest bidder.
  • Guess who’s not buying these…
    • Oooh!   Oooh!   Is it me?   Because I already own them?
      • By now, you should know I’m far too self-centered to be talking of you.
  • That said I think I have at least The Third.
  • Deep Silver, I used to be willing to stick my neck out for you. The moment you hire these people to “port” your games, I’m done with that.
  • Deep Silver is officially on the Grey list. Don’t buy anything they put out for Linux unless you’re very clear what kind of port it is.
  • Supposedly Saints Row 4 and the one after that are not being ported by VP
  • Still Deep Silver, I am very disappoint
  • \:D/ Double system/Video memory requirements!
    • Oh yeah, I feel bad for those poor suckers who bought an AMD based steam box



  • “four HBM2 stacks which will feature up to 15.5 GB VRAM”
    • Yes please!
    • I totally want to run 6 4K monitors off a single card!
  • Still always catches me off guard when I’m reminded that cray is still in business
  • Lots speculation in the article though.  The only thing for sure is that we’ll see it next year
  • I’m curious to know what AMD’s response wiBWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • There’ll finally be a reason to have a PCIe 3.0 connector, assuming any of the consumer grade cards ever get above 16GB/s



  • Nice all-in-one player for Desktop Twitch.
  • Wish they had a PPA because FK and ALL if I’m installing the getdeb repo.  
  • Source build wants me to upgrade the GTK. Not happening.
    • Good thing Fedora’s a gnome distro.   Yoinked
  • More reason to ditch flash is nothing to shake a stick at
  • I watch the TWITCH /w the tablets.
  • For some reason it wouldn’t build on my end with a Meson error.
    • Project() does not take keyword arguments.
      • I googled, couldn’t find the why. Didn’t care enough to fix it.
        • One too many arguments in the project command in build.meson.   remove the last one and it works
        • But it doesn’t like whatever version of gstreamer I have installed
        • Hmm, that worked but then it said I needed GTK+ 3.16
        • Edited the file to accept 3.14
        • Still wouldn’t build.
        • Had to muck about with some files in /usr/lib/pkgconfig to get it to recognize the correct gstreamer
        • Now I’m on Unknown method “project_version” in object.
          • Replace the value of fallback in src/build.meson with a random string and it completes
        • And now it’s trying to build a 64 bit binary with 32 bit libraries.   Fuck this shitty build system
          • Wait, no, missing dev packages
          • AND IT WORKS…sorta.   Looks like it’s not liking something with the nvidia drivers


I’m rattled, son

  • That, that is the voice of an unplanned recording from someone who was genuinely shaken calling off his troops.
  • We can sort of get away with this cuz our audience is smaller than his and there’s even less people who listen to our and frequent the Steam forums.
  • Hell! Most of shatrealm can barely be assed to join us for the live show, let alone take time out of their day to go and harass shitty developers.


Lab Zero… that name sounds so familiar

  • I might be smoking crazy sauce but there was text on that page saying something along the lines of “Lin/Mac prototype coming in the next few days” and that shite is gone, Brad.
  • That said the Linux prototype is in testing
  • I can imagine the conversation at Lab 0 “Shite send L.G.C. a copy so they will STFU”
  • “If we raise our goal of $1,500,000 or more, 505 Games will provide the remaining $2,000,000 we need to complete the game.”
  • I wonder if their Z-engine is based on the original Z-engine.
  • Indivisible will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam Windows / Mac / Linux.
    • We’ve seen this from them before.   Somebody grab a screenshot before it up and disappears!
  • They had the balls to mention the SKullgirls campaign, WOW.
  • Well, the guys sent us a copy of the damn thing.   It runs\
  • I sort of get what they’re trying to accomplish with the gameplay, but they do a really shit job explaining how to use it.  



  • P-man made a video
  • Support for ARM64 on Android, NVidia Shield console, screen rotation on PC and works better on the BSDs.
  • They’ve released a hotfix (1.1.1) that fixes some of the crashiness with the homebrew store and Persona 3 Portable on Android 64bit.
    • I have P3P and on the PC it wasn’t crashy, at least on my end.



  • Looks like they’re adding a bunch of new features to see what people like and what people don’t
  • It’s a nice thing for an open source game to do. Leverage your player base to determine what they want
  • Simplified locational damage. No more head, torso, or leg damage zones. There are just two: front and back, with attacks from the rear dealing more damage. Much easier for new players and dretches.
    • But…butt….headshot!
    • Okay, FPS-scrubs can actually play the game like that sort of…
    • But how about you split that off into “casual” and “hardcore” modes, having the latter retain the more complex locational damage?
    • Having cvar toggles is great, but most people are just going to load the defaults and away they go.
  • Another neat feature is that they’re releasing this through server pushable updates. Makes things go a little smoother for folks



  • Under their download page
  • Apparently there are some programming errors in here.   Shit don’t compile


It’s still alive

  • Uses esdf instead of wasd?   Why?  WHY!?!?!
  • Fun game from the old days of Linux gaming.
  • I remember playing 0.1.0 back in 2010.
  • It was one of the games I used for testing the fglrx and mesa packages in Fuduntu.
  • Then s3tc became available through Mesa and I could use literally any game I wanted

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Skullgirls
Devel: Lab Zero Games
Engine: Z Engine
Price: €14.99/$14.99/CDN$16.99

Wazzat: Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2-D fighting game that puts players in control of fierce warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Featuring all-new game systems which test the skills of veteran fighting game fans while also making the genre enjoyable and accessible to newcomers.

MANDATORY US DISCLOSURE: They sent us keys.   We were all part of the linux beta

Makes with the working


  •  Holds a steady 60 @ 1080 and 2160
  • It decided my LogiCrap Perversion Pro no longer exists.




Shiny / Sounds


  • Visually there is nothing to complain about.
  • Really digging the hand drawn art style and how fluid the animations are.
  • The 3-D backgrounds are a little gimmicky but they are easily disabled.  


  • The art style is pretty cool, and some of the character designs are pretty interesting
  • The music fits the art style as well.
  • As venn said, the animations are smooth, and the art style means that this sort of game ages better.


  • Sprite-tearing! Sprite-tearing everywhere.
    • Case in point:
    • It’s caused by some compositors, with varying degrees.
    • It’s especially prominent in KDE and Cinnamon.
    • Neither XFCE with both XFWM4 and compton or Enlightenment 19 show this kind of tearing.
  • The music in the fights themselves sounds repetitious as balls!
  • Pair that with the frustration of constantly losing to Filia when playing Fukua’s story campaign… yeah, music got itself noped.





  • Xclone controlla is rubbish /w this game.
  • Had to break out the old LogiCrap Perversion Pro
  • No complaints.


  • SDL2.  It just fucking works


  • This game made me realise just how fucking mushy and generally horrible the DPad of the NVidia SHIELD controller is when compared to say the DualShock 2.




  • I grew up with SFII, MK, MKII etc.
  • Yes, combos were present in those games but I kinda noped when meters became a thing.
  • Give me a lifebar, a few specials and let’s have at.
  • Yes, it was a simpler time (Pepperidge Farm Remembers)
  • It was about outthinking your opponent not memorizing the button mashing required to execute an Infinite Combo.
  • and don’t get me started on the 1/2/3 tag team character BS.
  • Now, I know what you’re thinking. Venn, you’re old, unskilled, and completely incapable of playing a modern competitive fighting game …and you’d be right.
  • Unfortunately, that’s my point.
  • If you are of my vintage looking to recapture a time before fighters sported sparkly cowboy boots and lacquered hairdos, you’d do well to skip Skullgirls.
  • Oh, and what’s up with not labeling the buttons in the tutorial?


  • I don’t mind tag team all that much.   Played a bunch of tekken Tag back in my day
  • Still, I’m not that big a fan of games that are based around infinite combos.   You get really get stuck in the fuckbox
  • It’s competently done, and it works well on linux.
  • If this is your dice, give it a shot.   It won’t change your mind about 2d fighters like this


  • Much like Venn, I’m not a big fan of the tag-team business.
  • When I play Arcade mode I always do so with 1 single character.
    • I suppose it’s good that I’m relatively competent at the game and I can beat a 3 character team with just my 1.
  • I say competent, but that’s against the AI.
  • I played a few matches online and had my ass promptly handed to me by people who had mastered the infinite combo.
  • I don’t hate the game, but I’ll be damned if I ever play online against random people anymore.



Hate Mail:


  • This was episode 160 /w Frenchie so I guess it’s directed at him.


Trine Again

  • Yes!  Lrn2rd


Freedom Planted Review

  • Ah yes, that pixelated mess of a Sonic clone with shite controls.
  • I’m always amazed how people never argue our criticism.
  • …I’m sorry.   Was there a point buried in there somewhere?
  • What?! I know I shouldn’t be talking about incoherence, especially this late in the show where I’m probably more drunk than any sane human being should.
    • But, dude… What?
      • I have to go shave my wooly hair!

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