LinuxGameCast Weekly EP166 – Symmetrical Vibration Glitch

Steam adds 12 new currencies! Unreal Tournament gets 2 SPOOKY 4 U, Descent: Underground enters Early Access, and Divinity: Original Sin insults our intelligence. Then Sword Coast Legends faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Steam News:

Colour Key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Get scammed on the CS:go

  • It’s a good way to prevent someone from yoinking all your gifts.

Wet stinky

  • At this rate Space Australia will end up paying /w Galactic Credits.
  • Too bad the Taka isn’t ge ing included.  Orn’ll just have to settle with rupees.
  • But he can just cut down grass  and smash pots to get them, so it’s all good


No Sh*t

  • The comments on this article are all “ZOMG WHY LINUX USE WINDOWS 10 BRAH”
    • I fail to see how the comments regarding corporate adoption relate to a game console, but maybe that’s just me.
      • It’s because people are morons Pedro.
  • The reviewer seems to be having some issues with the areolas
  • Still, the one valid complaint is that the games people want to play aren’t there.   Yes, there is a library of over 1000 games.   Most of them suck though
  • But don’t worry.  EON will be done “porting” the witcher 3 soon.   Then he can play his game.
  • I like the bit where he says the Steam Machine proper is not worth it and people should just get the Alpha, when every other outlet that reviewed the Alpha panned it on all the technical aspects.
  • Reading through that whole article, the only two words that came to my mind were “cognitive dissonance”.
  • Did you just bitch about the Trine 3 beta not working correctly?
  • No, wait. You used it as a FK mothering example “Some games that should work with it still don’t”
    • I quit reading right there. You FKN hack.
    • Yeah, that and the argument about windows games not working I can’t wrap my head around.
    • When these people got the XBox One, did they expect all their Windows games to work there too?
      • I mean, it is an x86_64 processor, running some manner of windows, right?
      • I kinda blame VALVe for this.
      • If you call something a Steam Machine it’s Linux only.
      • Companies like Alienware add hella confusion.
        • Man.  That comparison chart really doesn’t paint the Steam Machine in that positive a light as a gaming device.
      • A LOT of people do not view the Steam Machine as a console, they think it’s a Windows PC for the living room.
        • That’s it right there.   When people hear PC, the think windows.  Most of them don’t have the cognitive capacity to realize that maybe the operating system on the SM is not what they think it is.

Good luck with that

  • I wonder if this is gonna be another case of reality pump CRYING WOLF
    • Ahahahahaha
      • hahahahahaha
        • *dies*
  • You released a busted game, abandoned it… but we’re all cool now?
  • Yeah, good luck /w that.
  • Hey, it’s possible that it’ll work and run well.    Possible….
  • “it’ll be a free update for folks who own Raven’s Cry and add Linux support
    • You know nothing John Snow Alice O’Connor
    • Lazy blogger is lazy.
    • It’s been available on the Linux for some time.
  • Still waiting on that Two Worlds II Linux version.

Link leak

  • For those of you tinkery types who want to Futz with their link
  • Running real boy Linux, would have lost that bet.
  • I fear the instruction might anger and confuse Windows users.
    • That’s fine.  They shouldn’t be doing this anyways. Kool Kids Klub only

We promise

  • “Mac and Linux will be right on their tail, arriving at the beginning of December”
  • The Linux port was due 16 months ago but we gotta get the XBOX/PS4 ports out first!
  • Fuck these people!
  • ...Yeah, I still got nothing.   DAMN YOU JLAW!
    • And that’s that

Bird Culture

  • $o the fine folks who backed the project at the $80 level for Alpha acce$$ were able to play a full thirteen day$ before you $lapped it on Early Acce$$ for the general public.
    • …for $29.99
  • I hope the game is fantastic but that’s a move of dick.
  • You probably have enough digits in your hands to count the studios/devel teams who did crowdfunding, developed and released a videogame without dick moves and/or underhanded tactics.
  • Moral of the story, stop paying for promises!
  • This kind of shit happens because there is no reason for it not to.
  • Valve won’t do anything about it because they’re making money
  • Joe consumer won’t do anything about it because they can get the game for the launch price and not have to take any risk on kickstarter.   The kickstarter backers already spent their money, so they have no recourse
  • By the way, Brick Simulator is now available on Desura for about tree-fiddy.   Sorry Brickstarter backers, at least we’re not getting paid either!


  • Another Unity game makes its transition to the 5th.
  • “Symmetrical Vibration Glitch” would make a proper band name.
  • Finally I’ll be able to play it with my xbox controller!


RadeonSI now supports ARB_texture_view (OpenGL 4.3)

  • Howsabout we get GL_ARB_tessellation_shader nice and working on R600 first, eh guys?
    • Again, that’s assuming them’s AMD devs can get tessellation working without the graphics card shitting all over itself.
      • Oh look at you optimistic motherfuckers. AMD needs to learn how to OpenGL first.


  • So that’s what Intel’s been doing instead of supporting OpenGL 4.X in mesa.
    • Honestly, I’d rather them focus their efforts on a solid Vulkan implementation
  • It’s not really meant  for gaming, as they mention this is primarily for scientific application, though I suppose it could be used for it.  That the type of data this is supposed to help crunch is different from data generated by games, so you’d probably actually get reduced performance.
  • It’s also meant for systems with lots of CPUs and no GPUs hence the software rendering.
    • I totally agree, but there is no way to predict what fuckery will come of this.

Speaking of Vulkan

  • That whole prepackaged SDK is a good idea. Especially for developers looking for an easy way to implement Vulkan, without having to go through all the OpenGL BS.
  • I wonder what actually happened to glassy mesa?   Were all those changes upstreamed?
  • According to their Github, the last commit was over a year ago.   Maybe they just shifted gears to handle an internal VUlkan implementation?


  • Would be nice if those Summit Ridge FX processors, besides supporting DDR4 and multithreading, had performance to rival Intel’s offerings.
  • If AMD released a processor that could rival the 5960X at half the price, that’d be a fuckin’ win!
    • We’re not competing on price
  • AMD has been talking a big game, but has failed to live up to it. A lot of people, including me, are still salty as hell over bulldozer.
  • I wonder what Cyrix is up to these days…
    • You misspelled VIA.

Pyra Blaze

  • Whatever happened to the Smach Zero?
  • If you’re watching this LIVE and consider yourself pants-on-head retarded you have about two hours left to preorder.

Spooky ghosts

  • Halloween aesthetics and some further tweaks.
  • You also get some specific unlocks which will only be available during the Spoopy event.

Wyrmsun v1.4.0

  • Everyone’s favourite game from 2014 that looks like dune!
  • The Earth map has completely remade, so that it is now 16 times (!) larger.
    • The increase in gravity results in super strong units able to use the kaioken!
  • …And their engine doesn’t compile.   GCC just shits it’s pants and LLVM indicates it doesn’t like the version of Lua I’m using.  Oh well

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Sword Coast Legends
Devel: n-Space
Engine: Unity
Price: 39.99 of your local currency

Wazzat: Set in the lush and vibrant world of the Forgotten Realms, Sword Coast Legends offers an all-new way to enjoy the time-tested magic of playing Dungeons & Dragons as a shared storytelling experience.

Mandatory US disclosure: They sent us keys.

Makes with the working


  • I’m getting 45/50’ish with everything on YOLO @ 1080P.
  • That drops to a solid 25/30 @ 2160
  • Expect 12/14 FERPS when outside Kuskan sometimes, sometimes not.
  • It’s a uni-thread!
  • Well, at least over here in AMD land.
  • It PEGS one core but maybe things will be different for Team Blue.


  • It’s an SDL port, so for the most part shit just works
  • Performance is a bit ass though.   On max it only runs in and around 60ferps@1080, considerably worse at 4k.


  • If I push the resolution above 1280×800 the ocean in the background of the main menu will become black.
  • If I put the Shadow Quality on high, the clouds in the sky on that same background will flicker like crazy.
  • At 1080p, the game goes from 40 to 70 FerPS on the exact same scene with nothing happening on screen.


Shiny / Sounds


  • This is what it looks like /w anti-aliasing enabled.
  • Shadows are atrocious and don’t get me started on the cookie cutter trees that populate the outdoor environments.
  • Hell, even the character models come off as low-rent.
  • The voice acting while competent comes across as disconnected.


  • They really need to fix the whole “say the things” after every command
  • There isn’t that big a graphical improvement over, say  TOEE, BGEE or POE
  • I don’t get any of the graphical glitches that these two clowns get, but it still doesn’t look fantastic


  • Giant weapons obscuring the screen.
  • Blown out, or simply missing, colors whenever I could see anything.
  • If you watched me attempting to play the game on Thursday, you saw exactly what I mean.
    • If you didn’t, I suppose you can always watch the VoDs after this.
  • It spawns 2 output sound streams. An ALSA one for the intro movies (underruns up the wazoo) and an SDL one for the rest of the game.
  • They’ve managed to fuck this up so much, it simply doesn’t work.




  • Everything was logically laid out.
  • I don’t know what people were expecting.


  • Micromanaging your dudes is super annoying, but if you leave tactics on, they will just stand in place and do their jam.  Not good for archers or spellcasters who need range.
  • Considering this is the crux of the game, you don’t get any points for that.
  • I have no idea how you’d use a controller for this though.   Console optimized my butt


  • Tried playing Dungeon Crawl with Venn and Jordan on Thursday night and whenever we entered one of those randomly generated dungeons, I simply couldn’t move.
  • They bound the Highlight Interactible stuff button to Alt, suffice it to say that’s bad practice on the Linuxes. Especially when you can’t rebind it at all.




  • Point-and-click Victor Vran with inferior graphics at twice the price?
  • What’s not to love!
  • Seriously, who knew a mediocre action-RPG could capture the very essence of D&D.
  • I didn’t know what the hell a D&D was before I played SCL and after two hours I can proudly say I still, FKN, don’t.
  • What I do know is people were expecting the ability to constructs areas, design blueprints, and create scripts in DM mode.
  • Ya know, like that game from 2003.
  • You gave them a random dungeon generator that you can throw shite in.
  • Who is this game for?
  • The D&D crowd (those not in denial) seem to dislike it and CRPG/ARPG fans like myself find it hella lacking.
  • Speaking of denial.


  • It’s not a bad little RPG by any stretch.  I didn’t hate playing it
  • Although, I was a bit perturbed that it wasn’t a straight up port of the 5e Ruleset, as most people who were reviewing this game on steam were
  • It doesn’t quite capture the feel of the TTRPG, but at the same time a lot of the mechanics were streamlined to make it a bit more engaging as a computer game
  • 5e Requires a lot of DM intervention, and when you take that away, you need to include additional support to compensate for it ie cooldowns instead of resting.
  • It does bother me that death during combat has  little consequence though.  Get up, try again.   All the enemies you killed before you died are still dead, everyone else is back at full HP
  • If you want something that feels more like a tabletop game or baldur’s gate, Pillars of Eternity is the game for you
  • Honestly, I’d rather just play Labyrinth Lord.   That’s a fun free game.


  • It’s fundamentally broken! … at least for me.
  • I’m not alone in this either, if you look at the Bug Report forums on their website and even on the Steam forums, there are several other Linux people who are suffering from the exact same problems.
  • I would like to comment on the D&D-ness of this game, or lack thereof, but I can’t.
  • I couldn’t play the game.
  • I spent all the time I could’ve been playing this game, playing the original Neverwinter Nights instead.


Final –CHAIR

Hate Mail:


  • I don’t think the reason we don’t like it has anything to do with the theme nor its social or political implications.
  • I personally don’t like it because it’s a sim game.
  • It attempts to be more along the lines of Theme Hospital instead of SimCity but it’s that kind of genre that I honestly couldn’t care less about.
  • Some of the elements are interesting and all, but it really doesn’t appeal to me as a game.  I guarantee I’d pick it up, play it for 15 minutes, go “huh” and never think about it again


  • Thanks for the solid input.
  • Thing is, this is the condensed version of a 6 hour long livestream.
  • We’re an audio podcast and that’s where 99% of our traffic comes from.
  • This is a video dump for the few people who want to see our face-organs.
  • That said, your points are hella valid if we were trying to attract a particular demographic.


  • If they do I will be FK mothering shocked.
  • I’m not saying it’s a bad looking game but 1.5mil is a little steep.
  • With an additional 2mil in backing (if funded) this comes across as  “market research” vs fund our game.
  • Then you need and think about who backs projects on Kick/Indie.
  • I’m guessing (totally pulling these numbers out of my arse-organ) that 90+ percent are PC gamers.
  • PC gamers that are sick and FUCKING tired of paying for console ports that have a nasty habit of being first priority.
  • Seriously, we’ve seen several examples of wrecked shite (Batman) backported from console builds.
  • I wish the lot at Lab0 nothing but the best but that’s my $3.50

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