LinuxGameCast Weekly EP167 – Bradist

Alien Isolation is HERE! VALVe brews another beta, Supertuxkart picks up speed, and the Batmobile is having some engine trouble. Then Xenomorph X121 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Brew me, baby

  • New drivers, new kernel, new firmware bits, compositor fixes and a MySQL update.
  • LinuxGamecast!   Bringing you the play by play of the latest apt-get update for SteamOS

Because Aliens

  • Oh look, another AAA game for the Linux.  
  • Feral pushed back the release last minute but I’m kinda glad they did.
  • That said, this is Ferals Borderlands 2.
  • And don’t even start /w the “b-b-but AMD graphic are not supported Waaaa!11!” or  “b-b-but AMD drivers are open source Waaa!11!” bullshite.
    • First off, AMD needs to learn how to OpenGL 4.3 bro.
      • Catalyst sort of supports it.   Much in the same way that a broken leg will technically support your weight
      • Intel Video cards can EABOD
    • That shite is still a problem /w their Windows drivers.
    • Secondly, how many closed source games do you play again? Right.
  • Proof that the old mantra of “A delayed game is eventually good, a broken game remains as such forever” holds true
  • Speaking of delays

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na de-lay

  • We’re looking at five months, minimum.
  • The latest Windows re-release recommends 10GB of RAM to prevent paging.  
    • The Steam page says 6GB – 8GB now.
    • What does that mean? Fuck and all.
  • The second I got this email, I thought to myself “damn, that game must be busted as all hell to warrant this sort of delay”.
  • To be fair, Alien Isolation runs flawlessly, so I’m not that upset about feral taking their sweet time to get it right

Look at my patch

  • GG Ass-Pyre
  • Gerbil buttons 3 and 4 now make /w the working.
    • Unless I’m misremembering, that was my one gripe with the controls on those games.
  • Disrepair and Self-Loathing will no longer get into an infinite teleporting loop.
    • Good!
  • The waypoint for the mission “Find Pickle” will now display correctly.
    • I really hope they fixed it to be a pickle

OS: 3.x

  • Another student of the Most Uninspired Video Game Titles school.
  • Until Yooka-Laylee comes out, we won’t have too many 3D platformers kicking around.    Papo and Yo is the only one that comes to mind at the moment.   Tiny and Big was the other one
  • Basically a game where you run around and murder faeries.   That’s racist.

Needs Zombies

  • Is the Uncanny Valley Protagonist getting an electric lobotomy at the start of each course really necessary?
    • You misspelled unintentionally hilarious.
    • Well, how else are they supposed to get their nipples sufficiently stiff
  • It looks like they stole the Bioshock infinite font
  • Though I gotta say, if you’re going the Legend of Koizumi route with the harmless game saving the world, at least go all the way with it!   Super Saiyan Hitler Put-Put Challenge!

Get Shuggy

  • Good old glibc 2.15+ OS.
  • Holy sweet mother of FK!
  • What moon universe did the physics come from?
  • Apparently the one where friction only sort of kind of works

The Definition of Jumping the Gun

  • The Linux build is still in an experimental branch and they already have a SteamOS icon on the store page.
    • Wishful thinking or deceptive could also be used to describe such a move
    • But it’s early access bruh!   Criticism Immunity card played!
  • To be fair, this is exactly what early access is for.  Pushing your unfinished garbage on the open market so people can pay to be  alpha testers.


Under over

  • *installs gimp-help-common*
  • The 14.12 Omega Linux Driver made the R9 290 usable…ish?
  • That said “Special Edition” usually equals “Short BUS” 
    • And if you gotta take it to a shit store and sell it, or put it in a shit museum.   I don't care what you do.
    • “Put it all in a backpack, just so it’s together. If you gotta take it somewhere, just take it. Take your shit somewhere else, AMD!”
  • Since there is pretty much no disparity between the GeForce and Catlayst drivers currently,
  • Keep in mind, this announcement seems to be for the windows Catalyst drivers.   I wonder what kind of crippled ass version we’ll get for Linux.
    • I wonder if it’ll support a kernel newer than what debian is shipping.

But we want you to buy our new game

  • Boo Urns David S. Mao!   Now people know your name!
  • At the end of the day you can bypass security checks for games /w a defunct AUTH server.
  • You cannot revive a game that required a central server.
    • This is the big one.    So many MMOs have gone to the toilet, and a lot of them developed some pretty rabid fanbases.   COH and SWG come to mind
    • Part of why Ragnarok Online is still successful is that it lets people host their own servers.
  • Still not allowed to jailbreak a video game consoles.
    • You can jailbreak tablets though.   And with several “consoles” (ouya,shield), being nothing more than glorified screenless android tablets, this may seem some revising in the next 5 year review.
  • It’s a start but it’s still nowhere near the scope the EFF was going for.
  • And thanks to bullshit US laws, the EFF has to fight in court to maintain this crippled version in 3 years.

Bad Wolf

  • Vampire: The Masquerade for Linux confirmed !111!!
    • That was my best Phoronix headline impression.
    • That’d be amazing, actually!
      • it’s paradox though, so every clan will be its own $10 DLC
    • D-did you use hitherto in a sentence? #fedora
      • It’s an article on Vampire.   Seems appropriate per se.
  • It would make sense that after POE, Paradox would want some more RPG properties.   VTM and VTR still have a fairly loyal following in tabletop circles.   
  • Shadowrun returns, and to a much lesser extent Sword Coast Legends shows that there is a market for games based on tabletop properties.
  • Here is the real question though.   Will Paradox be as aggressive with protecting the IP as CCP, what with squashing that fan remake

SuperTuxKart 0.9.1 is released

  • “We are working towards a release first with LAN-only support, followed by WAN support later”
    • You say this every six months, Brad.
    • Still love the game but until this business gets online I’m not hella interested.
    • These guys get summer of code funding every year.   Seems like a good place to direct those funds.   Or maybe nobody is volunteering to do the net code
  • Seems surprising that it took this long to allow scriptable tracks, but why not just use Lua instead of angelscript?

Linux? who said anything about Linux?

  • Three years later and they have yet to deliver the physical rewards.
  • Stainless and Larian can both go and get chuffed with a bag of rusty nails.

Tap out

  • Still a better love story than Kings of Kung Fu
  • Your game freaked out when it saw my ds4.   

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Alien Insulation
Devel: Creative Assembly / Feral Interactive
Engine: In-House Engine With No Publicly Available Name (it felt good to get out of the rain)
Price: €/$ 49.99 / CDN$ 54.99

Wazzat: Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger.

Mandatory US Disclosure: Feral gave us keys.

Makes with the working


  • Oh sizzle-snap! Somebody learned how to AMD!
  • I was hella worried when it launched @ 720P /w YOLOSWAG disabled.
  • Near 19sec of unskippable intro bullshite.
  • Yeah, show all the business the first time but let me skip it from then on.
  • My PC boots in 8 FFS.
  • I can’t technically ding you a chair for this… but I really wanna.


  • Those unskippable logos alright.
  • Maintains 60+ FPS at 4K.   An impressive feat, but now all of Feral’s games are going to be held to that standard.   Good luck brits


  • I’ll echo both Jordan and Venn on letting people skip the intro screens.
  • But not giving people agency to do that, is right along the lines of everything else in this game.
  • I’ll explain that later.


Shiny / Sounds



  • The developers took a page out of the Amnesia book of sound design.   This is a good thing
  • The voice acting is well done
  • Pre-rendered cutscenes look great, but everyone looks like they’re sweating buckets
  • In game is what you’d expect from a AAA title from last year
  • The station seems really huge.   It’s kind of neat how you can see the superstructure outside the windows.,


  • This is a very good looking game.
  • I feel like they nailed the look on the Xenomorph, like H.R. Giger did on the first movie.
  • Everything about it, from the floppy tail to the second mouth is as janky as it was then.
  • But it works, it’s that in-human jankyness that makes it unnerving.
  • It’s a similar effect to that of the Straight-Jackets in Silent Hill 2.
  • I did see Amanda clipping halfway into a locked door in one of the cutscenes but since it only happened once, I’mma let that slide.
  • The background music and sound effects were subtle where they should be, and all over your ear-pussies at just the right time.
  • The people behind Outlast would benefit from keeping a notepad on hand while playing this game.




  • Crouch and run do not make /w the working when using the Xclone controlla.
  • I wanna blame the controlla but mash all the damn buttons the game Shadow of Hordor works peachy.
  • Ended up using the keyboard/gerbil and all was good.
  • Oh, you will peek around corners exactly once. Jordan will elaborate.


  • Apparently Amanda Ripley and Derek Zoolander are related, because after a certain degree, I can’t turn left.
  • Some of the the controls, IE Peeking from around corners, remind me of using Emacs.   Though I bet I could actually get this game running in emacs
  • Crouching and running work on the DS4.  I tried playing this with the controller for about 20 minutes.    Even with the console optimized interface I couldn’t do it.   You can’t freaking aim like that
  • Button prompts are all for the 360, but it does the SDL deal of mapping every controller’s buttons to the equivalent xbox ones


  • Something about the mouse movement feels… off!
  • It seems the horizontal and vertical speeds are different. That’s usually how it would work if you were a console peasant trying to play an FPS on your 5 year old laptop.




  • I have weapons, using them will more often than not get me killed to death… but I have them.
  • Penumbra: Overture got this right. We had a semi-useless pickaxe but IT WAS THERE!
  • This was the one thing about SOMA that killed the immersion.
  • This FKN time-vampire.
  • Yeah, let me give a quick test an…. two hours later.
  • I really dig how the game is all “oh, BTW, here’s the Alien. Mind it, but you have other shite to tend to”
  • Did I mention that Mr. Alien Pants will just show the FK up.
  • Lets just say that keep shite exciting.
  • I knew I was swimming in immersion-sauce when I quietly whispered “fetch motherfu*ker” while lobbing a flare to distract Mr. Alien Pants.
  • Aaaaaaand I just hit the hide from the annoying robots section.  
  • These are the old school flip the hell out murdery ones so I was expecting… more?
  • Then we have space gun.
  • and random glitch-sauce


  • Aside from the fact that this space station is running some form of emacs as it’s control system, it gets the atmosphere down
  • Good on you game for saving the alien for creepy bits.   Though it does kind of fuck with you when the alien leaves
  • Sometimes it’ll just nope out of the area, but other times it’ll hang around for a bit
  • The game really likes to hammer in the point that you’re basically fucked.   It’s good times.   Plus, you know, I don’t hate the protagonist like I did with Outlast.
  • I like the wrenchymajigger, but you know what works really well?   Pointed sticks.


  • This is a very obtuse game.
  • Right off the bat, it removes agency away from you the player by not letting you jump.
  • Then, it pits you against armed human NPCs and even if you kill them, you can’t take their guns!
  • I killed that second group of unlimited revolver ammo people with just the Maintenance Jack, and even though the gun was right there – I could move it by walking near it – I couldn’t pick it up.
  • Why? Because you’re only supposed to get the Revolver at a predetermined place for arbitrary reason #47.
  • Obtuse!
  • That said, the game captures the retro-futuristic aesthetic and atmosphere of the first and 3rd movies.
  • The big windows that let you see outside are a constant reminder that you’re in outer space.
  • And that leads me to the second biggest complaint I have with this game.
  • You never get the feeling you’re really alone.
  • The other people are dicks, but they’re still there.
  • I feel like the game’s atmosphere suffers because of it.
  • That said, I did like what I played of it very much.
  • I wanted to play more, but time didn’t allow it this week.



Hate Mail:


  • You’re not the first one to mention this.
  • I might post one soon. Hopefully with video, too.



  • Look here, Brad! Since you’re new to this particular kind of train-wreck we’re going to let this one slide.
  • But let this be the first and last time you question Brad, Brad!
  • Wanna see how many times I can say Brad in a show, Brad?
  • You you just did.
  • Bother ain't no country I ever heard of!
  • “He then asks Brett if he knows why they call a quarter pounder a royal with cheese in France. Brett answers “because of the metric system” to which Jules replies”Look at the brain on Brad” not Brett.”
  • And lo, the transformation is complete.  For when one questions the Brad, one becomes the Brad. Brad is love. Brad is life.

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