LinuxGameCast Weekly EP170 – Op-In-ATE!

Raven’s Cry is back! Mad Max drops SteamOS support, NVIDIA embraces X, and Freeciv turns 20. Then Adventures Of Shuggy faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Kinda don’t blame them

  • Also, nobody is going to be paying 1.7K for a console.   Be real folks
  • Also having the shittiest possible launch for your platform is gonna piss of your hardware partners.   This is a prime example of how Valve’s Laissez Faire approach is ill suited to a lot of their endeavours.
  • Smart company is smart.
  • I do have to wonder, did these OEMs not do research on VALVe’s history?
  • Remember when Steam itself launched? Everybody hated that crap.
  • It wasn’t until like 2008 that it became widely accepted and used.
  • I say it’ll take the Steam Machines another 5 years, at least, before both VALVe get off their ass and do something about them and until people start to see their value.

Grey Man

  • Green Man Gaming was always seen a the least sketchy discount key site.
  • You could hear the screeching as their pretense of “legal confidentiality” was brought to a screeching halt… along with most of their traffic and sales.

Damage control

  • They went from
    • “Over the past year, we have been repeatedly asked to supply sensitive information regarding contracts between us and publishers, which for legal reason we simply cannot share, nor should we be expected to,”
  • To
    • “We know you want great games at great prices. In response to your feedback, rolling out from today on the Green Man Gaming store you’ll see our pages now have two new pieces of information: 1) When you can expect the delivery of a key 2) The source of that key.”
  • Can we merge these two? Since PCGamer has updated their article?
    • This has full quotes.
  • Of course they change their policy once they realize people will stop buying shit from them.
  • I ultimately don’t know how this will blow over for these folks.  If they stay true to their claim, they might just get some business back.

U Mad?

  • SteamOS was removed from press releases eight months ago.
    • I’ve confirmed this.
  • On top of that, Avalanche Studios went radio silent on any inquiries regarding the Linux port.
  • Something something Warner Brothers, something something Gauntlet.
  • I keep hearing people bitching about Warner Brothers.
  • I don’t think the fact we’re not getting a port on some of their games is more the fault of the developers themselves, than the publisher.
  • As awful a publisher as Warner is, they’re not the ones doing the ports.
  • They might not be doing a damn thing to incentivize the devs to do them, but they’re not the ones directly at fault.
  • In fact, since Bastion was released for Linux, we’ve gotten a bunch of the games they published.
  • Dying Light, Shadow of Mordor, supposedly Feral is still doing Batman…
    • Those are all shitty ports, aren’t they?! Huh…
    • I would not use Dying Light or Shadow of Mordor as examples of fantastic ports, Brad.
      • SOM is questionable.  I’d say it’s more of an adequate port.
      • I didn’t say anything about fantastic, I only commented on their quality right there at the end.
      • Fact of the matter is, crappy or not the ports exist. Several Warner Brothers games have been ported to Linux.
  • Ultimately, I think there’s a lesson to be learned here about being skeptical regarding promises of linux ports.   The same rules apply, never pre-order and so on, but take all of this news with a grain of salt.   Cautiously optimistic is the phrase here
    • Especially with the botched launch of SteamOS, expect more developers to try and find a way to weasel out of their promises to support linux versions.

Change the name

  • They added the update but used it as an excuse to kill the old store page.. along /w the reviews.
  • Both videos for the game contain nothing but singing, no gameplay.
  • Begun the thread locking has.
  • The Streisand effect is in full force here fol ks. Remember, you can’t cover shit up on the internet. The internet never forgets
  • The best thing these guys could have done is admit that they fucked up and beg for forgiveness. And slash the price on the game by ¾.   But they didn’t brad.   So now they get shat on.
  • Also, there’s no Linux system requirements on the store page.
    • Same as the original game. They said they would add the reqs tomorrow.

Semi Turn Based Space Combat Game DLC Collection

  • You may remember this game, we threw chairs at it once.
  • It wasn’t very well received with us, still the dev did offer to send us keys for the new bit of DLC.
  • This expansion is focused on filling in all sorts of small pieces of the game that could use a bit of extra content
    • Why are you charging for that portion then?


NVidia 352.63

  • Update for the long lived branch to support a bunch of new stuff.
  • Major among those is support for XOrg 1.18
  • Everyone who, like me and Jordan, were waiting on this to update to Fedora 23, now you can.
  • A new beta driver was released this week as well, but it doesn’t have xorg 1.18 support.   I find that a wee odd that it gets into the LTS driver before it makes it to the beta.
  • Hell,  they just added it to their legacy driver!


  • Took’em a couple of days but it’s out now.
  • Fixed a bunch of regressions with the previous beta
  • Also brought the short-lived branch up to Xorg 1.18.
  • WHAR Shadowplay?!11!
  • There it is


  • So when can we expect AMD to start shipping GPUs not attached to a PCB
    • (That’s a Boltzmann brain reference, by the way.   SCIENCE JOKES!)
  • AMD is trying a dual pronged attack, with their HCC compiler and CUDA support via cross compilation
  • Here’s the thing Brad: on HPC machines, which are almost universally running some form of unix, AMD support is garbage.   Until they can find a way to sort that mess, they’re not gonna be making any headway.


  • Now that there are some alternatives to Youtube, big channels are threatening to leave if the flood of false DMCA notifications does not stop.
  • About time Google grew a pair (balls/tits whatever you’re into), even if was just the result of blackmail from the people making them money.
  • It’s nice that google is trying to do something about it, but I feel the scope is too limited here.   They’re only sticking up for a small portion of these videos, and it doesn’t seem like contentID is going anywhere either.
  • Don’t confuse this /w GG youtube, kids.
  • This is the least they can do to keep those making them hella wet-stinky from going elsewhere.
  • The real solution is to fix it at the legislative level.   Shame that won’t happen though, what with the undesired outcome being bought and paid for.
  • U.S. only BTW.

New Unity Engine Editor for Linux build

  • Unity continues to support their linux build with a couple of minor fixex and an update to the unity version

Old, feels it

  • Bet they never expected Civilization actual to make /w the Linux.
  • Civ 2 and the other games that inspired it are still not on the linux, so if you have an itch for those games, Wine or this


  • It’s been a year since we last talked about this one and it seems to have been similarly long since their last bit news as well.
  • They’ve updated the code to C++11, fixed battle animation scripts, implemented the “I can’t be arsed with combat” button, and some other community fixes.

Alpha goodness

  • Asteroids roguelite at the bottom of the sea with RPG elements?
  • That demo is hella busted.
    • Yeah, I had to click outside the window whenever I wanted to change direction.
    • That’s a bad thing to have happen when you’re trying to raise money for your promise of a game.
    • Unity screen of nope doesn’t do it any favours.   Goddamn those half functioning controls

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Adventures Of Shuggy
Devel: Smudged Cat Games Ltd.
Engine: FNA
Price: €3.99/$4.00/CDN$5.49

Wazzat: Shuggy has just inherited a castle full of goblins, ghouls, zombies, and robots. Help him clear out over 100 rooms to make his new home liveable again!

Mandatory US Disclosure: The dev sent us keys.

Makes with the working


  • Runs at a locked 60 on the 980,


  • No issues on the 980, 750 or 7660D



Shiny / Sounds


  • It’s trying to be a cutesy little platformer and for the most part it manages.
  • Considering this was a XBLA game from 2011… it holds up.
  • The soundtrack is forgettable and that Super Mario jump sound on a budget gets a little annoying.


  • Nothing mind blowing in either department.   Both are about what you’d expect for an indie title released on XBLA


  • The sounds were there alright, they got muted in less than 10 minutes.
  • Both background music and sound effects.
  • The art-style is certainly… there.
  • But it doesn’t really speak to me.




  • It rumbles!
  • There are only two reasons you would cause Shuggy to auto-accelerate
    • 1. You can’t physics bro
    • 2. You wanted to create a rage-platformer and get some of that sweet sweet Youtube coverage.
  • I’m guessing it’s the latter and for that you loose one chair.
  • Yeah, the controls are wrong and gooey on purpose.


  • Sweet mother of moon physics!
  • Why level select right trigger?
  • Controls are sanely mapped at least.   And they work.
  • Much better with a ps4 controller than a steam controller


  • No rebindable controls
  • And it is a platformer with the floatiest physics I’ve seen to this day.
  • Remember Slinki? That game’s physics were more along the lines of a platformer than Shuggy’s.
  • But floaty physics I can sort of deal with, it’s the unresponsiveness that kills it for me.
  • More than once in the very short time I played this game, I would press the jump button while moving and that stupid land based vampire bat simply would not jump.
  • The only thing that saves it from getting 1 chair is the fact that it worked ootb with the Logitech F310 on the Steam Box. But that is only because of Flibit’s work on FNA, I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for that controllers wouldn’t even work under Linux.




  • I really wanted to shite on this game but during the forced playtime (for the recording) it grew on me.
  • The puzzles have a little bit of everything.
    • Standard platforming, room rotation, ropes, shadow mechanic, switches, etc.
  • Granted, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.
  • That said, it triggered a “oh FK this level!” response more than once.
  • Better yet, it caused me to come back and sort it.
  • You’re doing something right if you manage that.
  • Priced to sell with the benefit of being something you can pick up and put down whenever.


  • The controls on this game really don’t do it any favours
  • The difficulty curve is fine and all, but you’ll get killed to death because of some physics bullshit.   Apparently friction is optional in this universe.   That’s causing some friction with me.
  • Fuck the upside down levels.   Ow.


  • 100 levels they say the game has.
  • I got real tired of this game after the first 2.
  • I still played through 20 of them.
  • But the fact that the way you pick a level is to do the same shitty ass platforming as in the levels themselves and that you have to select a level by pushing the Right Trigger, well… let’s just say this game did nothing to ingratiate itself to me.



Hate Mail:


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