LinuxGameCast Weekly EP174 – Sriracha Novella

Street Fighter 5 is headed to SteamOS! SMACH Z nopes, VALVe gets sued, and AMD sees red. All this, plus your hate mail!

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Hate Mail

Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steamy Control

  • Pretty much does what it says on the tin.  Plug in your steam controller, enter big picture mode and set a name for your controller
  • All in all it’s a good idea, especially with couch co-op being a thing with the steamboxen
  • However I’m curious how input handling works when you have two of those fuckers plugged in.

Le sued

  • I’m surprised VALVe disallows digital resale $ince they could charge a $mall fee and make all the monies.
  • Oh WAIT! That’s because you are buying a license to play the game.
  • A lot of people really do fail to understand this.   This is one of the main perils of digital distribution
  • Everything else those cheese eating surrender monkeys want is legit.
  • The claiming ownership of user content bit is straight out of Ubuntu’s playbook.   That’s pretty fucking sketchy.  
  • I’m pretty sure the steam wallet thing is par for the course with XBLA bucks. Correct me if I’m wrong on that

You what now?

  • Sort of Called it. I will say, for arcade cabinets, linux sure makes a lot of sense
  • Think this has more to do /w Unreal Engine 4 vs. arcade cabinets.
  • For sure.  I was just mentioning a fringe benefit of this
  • Part of me is all \:D/ /w a healthy dose of ಠ_ಠ for a $59.99 title that ships /w $29.99 day one DLC.
  • That caught me off guard!
  • Of course we’re going to have to repurchase super street fighter 5 turbo ex-machina cocksmasher 3d deluxe edition with knuckles every year now
  • Difficulty: Working in 3-5 Mortal Kombat references… each.

Not only did they nerf the new gun they introduced…

  • They’ve gone back and de-nerfed everything!
  • But perhaps worse than that, the game now segfaults under 10 minutes of actual playtime.

Zombiecraft 13

  • Hovers around 30/50 and looks slightly better?
  • Object pop-in is beyond jarring.
  • Crashed twice on my end with an “out of memory exception”
  • Can you say Memory Leak?


  • Dev sent us keys
  • So world of Goo with triangles
  • Unity screen of nope so don’t bother plugging in a controlla.

Hipster Wizard

  • Doesn’t even need a graphics adapter.
  • the weeb is strong with this one
  • Also looks like they ripped some assets from IWBTG
  • Honestly, it’s just another hipster pixel platformer on linux.   It’s harmless though, and priced to sell


  • So it’s a ‘Cosplay Maker’ /w ‘5 female romance options’
  • The character sprites look familiar. They seem to be using the same templates as every shitty android developer does when making the “artwork” for their Play store pages.
  • The game title is very misleading.
  • Honey, I picked up a little dress up game for you.


Crimson Edition 15.12

  • “Linux kernel 2.6 or above (up to 3.19)” and “Distributions supported: Ubuntu 15.10
  • Something something 15.10 something something 4.2 kernel.

AMD is talkin’ some good shit

  • But that’s the same shit they’ve been saying for years.
  • I’m pretty sure those are the same slides they used at XDC earlier this year
  • Actually, the slides are from AMD’s RTG Sonoma Summit last week.
  • The slides are, but it’s the whole schpiel about open-saucing all the things that’s relevant here.
  • Their graphics drivers under Linux are still atrocious in both support and performance.
  • DirectX 12, a competing low level API, that will have much wider reach than Mantle or Vulkan
  • lolwut
  • Senor Shrout, are you telling me that a locked down, platform specific API will have much wider reach than an open standard based one that runs on everything?
  • I’ll wait for AMD’s GPU driver to actually show up in the kernel upstream before putting any stock in what they say.
  • Aaaaand i’m pretty sure that NVIDIA is already sending the first cheques for developers to not implement this.
  • ^ I’m kinda half-joking
  • That said, we’re a bunch of NVIDIA loving fanbois and you can’t trust us!  

Summer NVIDIA, get your shit together

  • I first tinkered /w nvenc in 2014 but it was slightly less than useless.
  • This post reminded me of it and after an hour of doing it the Venn way (same as the wrong way, only faster) I broke down and looked up the install guide.
  • This “guide” from last month falls apart while trying to apply the ffmpeg_NVIDIA_gpu_acceleration.patch to the current git.
  • AND it tells people to do a system wide install of ffmpeg? Are you FK mothering high?
  • Granted, I took a kid’s-glove approach to installing this (using the PPA drivers) since it’s on our production boxen and yes, I know it’s available in the AUR ARCH!11!
  • Ubuntu and Fedora repos also exist.
  • GG Aaron from NVIDIA is trying to help out.  
  • That said, this should be a fk mothering checkbox in the NVIDIA control panel.
  • Frenchie deservers a bite sized Snickers for getting it to work.

Called it

  • “Everybody expect to see SMACH Z working in an encapsulated prototype and it’s something that we can’t offer just now”
  • Awww, did that screen hooked up to a video source not fool people?
  • “We think we‘d need to give more info about the final SoC and we can’t do it now. We’re going to discuss the matter with AMD.”
  • You want to deliver OpenGL games, on Linux, with AMD hardware.
  • I can see the discussion.
  • SMACH Z: We need you to improve your Linux drivers.
  • AMD: We, have Linux drivers?
  • Much to the shock of no one
  • I mean, no actual prototype, an unfitting software stack and a dubious target market,  Why would you expect anything but failure?
  • This may have been a good thing.
  • I honestly don’t think that campaign would have succeeded.
  • The 500 people-organs that backed this should be rounded up and put down.
  • We don’t need them reproducing.
  • Also, when doing gaming console kickstarters never forget the Ouya.


Open Age

  • Incoming cease and desist from Microsoft in 3…2…1…
  • By the way, you can totally purchase Age of empires on Xbox live as of this C&D

Flippy vote

  • Guys behind Race the Sun are letting people download and play their prototypes.
  • Linux builds are available, makes sense since they’re all Unity games.
  • They’re doing this to let the community choose which of their prototypes will be turned into a full game.
  • The first round of votes will go on for a month, give or take.

Wesnoth 1.13.2

  • This is the last release to be using SDL < 2.  This is a good thing, sort of.
  • Should have switched much sooner IMO
  • Brand new water animations, better error reporting tools, and fixes for windows users who will never play this game ever because steam


Max K

Hate Mail:


  • So, your argument is that we should judge games based on their potential instead of what they actually do?
  • That’s like saying you should consider burning your arms off with a blowtorch not because it will hurt like hell, but because of the relief you feel when your nervous system finally shuts down.
  • A more appropriate analogy would be that he’s making the argument that you shouldn’t judge a dog turd for the shit that it is, but for the $20 bill that might be hidden underneath it
  • I say it’s more appropriate because these kinds of people seem to have shit for brains.


  • Power management on Linux isn’t currently close to power management on windows. I had to do some HAX to get it close.
  • Throw AMD GPUs into the mix with their drivers and…I dunno
  • My netbook has a 61whr battery, with a single core 1.2GHz processor and a 1024×600 screen.
  • I’ve said my piece about 1366×768, but what the fuck is even with that resolution
  • It idles in and around 6W. In theory it would be able to idle for 10h, real use I get less than 4.
  • I doubt even with the new sauce, a 1080p displayed quad core apu will be able to last for 5 hours on a 40whr battery. Not even idling.
  • Guess who has a X86_64 tablet /w integrated graphics running a seven inch 1080p 720P 800P IPS display? (I got to give that little fkr props. That screen looks tits for being 800P)
  • That little FKR will nope its 7,000 mAh battery in 5 hrs while sleeping.
  • And that’s with optimized drivers from intel and the crazy on-firmware governor

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