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Your intrepid heroes play with blocks, flush toilets, and invert crosses. Lucius II faces the CHAIRQUISITION!

Game: DeLucius II
Devel: Shiver Games
Engine: Unity
Price: 19.99/21.99 (66% off until December 1st)

Wazzat: The story of Lucius II continues where the original left off: Lucius emerges as the lone survivor of the burning wreckage his parents once called home, unscathed from the ruthless slaughter he had unleashed.


CHAIRCHAIR-Not sure if want



Makes with the working


  • This critter struggles to hit 50 FERPS @1080
  • Forget about playing @ 4K.
  • I’m only getting between 19-20 on the old 8150 /w a 980
  • I’m guessing people /w Skylake Intel CPUs do not have such issues.


  • 24 FPS at 4K
  • 37FPS at 1080.   On an i76700k.   With a 980.
  • I dinnae understand


  • It works, I guess.
  • I had to put the graphics up to “Mental” otherwise I’d get texture flickering all over the place.
  • The FerPS go anywhere from 30 to 80 in the first three levels.
  • It’s so bad it also messes with the game physics.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Mmmm 15FERP cutscenes.
  • It has the standard Unity slider bar of graphical asshattery.
  • Anything below “High” will look full-metal N64.
  • Please sir, could I bother you for a cup of antialiasing?
  • Yes, this is coming from captain I’m okay /w  jaggies.
  • Cocking about.
  • Oh look, a Doctor WHO episode.
  • I don’t want to call this game fugly, but even on high it looks a bit meh.
  • Meh without the ability to rub some Vaseline on the lens-organ.
  • Sounds are intermittent and annoying.
  • Listening to a defib charge on loop is not my idea of a good time.
  • Fortunately that is broken up when the game (randomly) decides to play background “music”
  • Mix that /w the sup par noises made by the people you kill to death and you end up with..


  • So many glitches.   This game has problems with trying to shadow
  • The people models look like they belong in an early 360 game.   The small objects, not so much.
  • The voice acting is alright.
  • The opening cinematic people have muppet heads
  • The sound design isn’t all that great.  Random annoying comments, laughs and shitty radio.


  • Unholy graphical glitches, batman!
  • When the graphics aren’t flickering and tearing all over the place, it’s a good looking game.
  • It’s very clear the voice actors were all in different rooms and using different Mics when they were recording their lines.
  • The very first dude that mumbles stuff when you walk into his room, I couldn’t make out a damn thing of what he was saying until I muted everything else.
  • The paper cutout cutscenes were great, until they attempted to do lipsync.




  • First time I had to use the Xclone and the keyboard to get unstuck.
  • Disable controlla support (in the menu) or you will have a bad time playing /w the keyboard/gerbil.
  • Unfortunately sorting the controls allows you to use them.
  • Apparently the devil’s son is made of teflon… and parkinson’s.
  • You can forget about doing anything that requires precision.
  • That, and “press E to drag” might as well say “press E to imprint”


  • Ran into the keyboard and mouse bug Venn mentioned
  • I can’t get it to go away.  Keyboard and mouse are entirely busted.
  • Mouse in the menu is perfectly fine.   In game it goes all Michael J Fox.  Unplugged all the controllers, reborted the machine and still with the shakey shakes.
  • Switch the right touchpad mode to joystick mouse and set throw to right trigger to make this fucker playable on the steam controller
  • Default bindings are completely fucked on the steam controller, but at least you can remap keys.


  • I didn’t run into the issue Venn and Jordan did.
  • Nor did I have to disable the SHIELD from the menu.
  • What I did have to wrestle with, were the camera controls.
  • The camera gets caught in strange parts of the scenery and the wandering NPCs which, more often than not, results in some serious jerkiness and is generally horrible.




  • You MUST power through the useless/busted tutorial since their is a semi-functional game hiding behind it.
  • You heal by flushing the toilets.
  • Save states are luck of the FK mothering draw.
  • My last save reanimated the NPCs and I had already used all the items to nope them.
  • I genuinely believe they put the NPCs on rails but it flipped out so they called it A.I.
  • “Create your truly own unique traps by using a complex combination system and various tools.” hahahahahahahahahahahah. Yeah, no. Not /w the busted ass-control system.
  • More often than not you will end up shock fishing. That’s holding out a charged defib paddle and doing something else until a NPC runs into it.
  • That said, you can tell they wanted to pull off something neat.
  • Just look at the attention to detail / graphical fidelity in the first room. Take a long hard look.. because that’s the only time you’ll see it in this game.
  • I’ve made it to town (halfway point) and the game cannot hit 30 FERPS and suffers from Doctor WHO blocks.
  • This is full-metal Bird Culture since I’m now 6hrs in and the game is effectively unplayable.
  • Now, this is the point where I normally find something to compliment…
  • I fully understand the devels are actively attempting to sort this busted pile of nope but until they overhaul the graphics, fix the physics, sort the controls, improve the performance, hammer out the graphical glitches, and make saving reliable you might do better to play in traffic than buy this game.


  • Seriously.  Toilets
  • The AI is hella busted in this
  • I ran into a game breaking bug in the hospital level.   A set of keys didn’t spawn, so I couldn’t progress.   At which point I would have to restart the game
  • And the tutorial.
  • Yeah fuck that noise.
  • I get what a game like this is trying to do.   It’s a neat concept, but the execution is very flawed
  • the game is almost busted to the point of unplayability.   Effort just doesn’t cut it in the chairquisition


  • I hate these kinds of games.
  • Not the genre, not the premise.
  • I just hate games that are mediocre.
  • You can rail on it for its technical shortcomings; Poor optimization, shitty voice acting and camera controls.
  • But the game itself is competent enough to work, but nothing spectacular to be worthy of praise in any way.
  • I didn’t like this game but I didn’t exactly hate it.
  • What I hate is that I can’t effectively criticize it without sounding like I’m just picking at the nits.


Final – CHAIR


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