LinuxGameCast Weekly EP199 – Rainbow Barf

Agent 47 takes out a Linux contract! Bots invade Steam, MSI reveals four GTX 1070 models, and WINE gets a taskbar. Then F1 2015 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail!


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Dev Dayz

  • Topics include: Steam Business and Marketing
    • Aka an hour of an auditorium in pure silence
  • I have a suggestion for a talk:  “What the actual fuck happened with steam machines”
    • That’s easy: Nothing happened!
  • I wonder if Captain Mayopants has a talk this year
    • He did bring it up on Twitter, but I don’t think he specified if he would be giving a talk or just attending.

Release Candidate

  • If you’re in the beta, this is probably the last patch you’ll get before they merge this current beta branch to Stable.
  • One of the things they’re not mentioning, which this RC introduced, was the fact that now on Linux clients, instead of just showing you Linux games on the storefront, it shows all games.
    • MEH! I sort by release date.
  • And if you scroll all the way down and click on the “Show All New Releases” button it selects Windows and MacOS but leaves Linux unchecked, on the OS filter.
    • What the fucking fuck, VALVe?
    • I had started to question your commitment to Linux thanks to the lack of Broadcast and VR. This is like slapping people across the face!


  • And Reddit is already on the case.
    • I’ve got a raging clue.   Do you Venn?
  • This is for a game called Zombie Rush, which looks like one of those shitty overpriced CD games you got from the software section of your scholastic books catalogue in grade school.   No wonder they needed reviewbots
    • Many of whom seem to be named after Unova Pokemon.   Make of that what you will
  • Still, Valve isn’t going to be introducing any better moderation tools.   People in the know don’t rely on the steam reviews and go elsewhere, and something like that is ultimately bad for Steam’s Bottom line.  
  • The plot thickens.
  • Finally someone was paying attention and decided to expose this.
  • Now, and only now because that’s how VALVe works, they’re doing something about it.

Agent 69

  • Since Feral and Squeenix became BFFs… yeah, not exactly shocked.
    • Now all Feral has to do is get their shit together when it comes to performance
    • They usually go back and sort the performance e.g. XCOM/XCOM2/Tomb
  • Looks like that tomb raider experiment may have been a success after all
    • Or this is just phase 2.   COME ON DEUS EX!
  • Don’t care about Hitman, but YES! MOAR Square Enix games!

Sweet and salty

  • They don’t seem to want to send us keys, on accounts of having ignored my emails.
    • They could be busy.
  • I wanted to help test the Linux beta, but I’m not going to pay to play an unfinished port.
    • Maybe they don’t need additional testers?
  • If I have to buy it, it’s only going to be after the port is done.
  • And if I find bugs, which anyone who pays attention to my G+ feed knows I will, I’mma have 0 sympathy.
    • So you are saying you wouldn’t do that if they gave you a copy? Noted.
  • Not that my sympathy gets you much, outside of me reporting the bugs to you directly before posting a screenshot to the social medias.
  • At the end of the day the story should be “Game company looking for testers” not “Waaa! They no give me keys”
    • That’s fair.
  • That sounded considerably more butthurt than I had intended.
  • But yeah, if you have Salt & Sanctuary already and would like to help test, follow Ethan’s instructions for doing so.
  • If you don’t already own the game, wait.
  • As much as I trust Ethan will do a fine job, I still believe we shouldn’t be paying for the privilege of beta testing a game.


  • Big kudos to the Stellar Jockeys for sending us some keys.
  • The isometric view is a little weird for a mech game
  • O_0 @ the controls.
    • Weird isometric tank controls for days
  • Isometric view, tank controls and mouse aiming is a bit… weird!
  • Why can’t I lock the controls relatively to where the mouse is aiming at all times?

Besiege V0.30

  • They’ve implemented a skin pack system.   So you can construct a catapult made out of the faces of City Councilmen who crossed you.
    • And then blow up their city with it.
    • You misspelled cocks.
  • Steam is now able to push rockets
    • The US Military isn’t going to be too happy with that one
  • There are also two new sandbox levels.    For you to level.   Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *dies*


Needs lights

  • It has plenty of lights.
    • Strobe lights, external… FOUR OF THEM.
  • Including a full RGB MSI logo at the top and fan accent pieces which light up in red.
  • And before everyone starts screaming about NVIDIA price-gouging remember this.
    • It’s faster than a Titan X.
  • I’m still always astounded how much money people will spend on cool looking cooling.  Be ugly as shit and do your job!  That’s my motto


  • Oh, look! Taskbar!
    • So is this an extra taskbar on top of the one provided by my DM?
      • No, it’ll only show if you set a virtual desktop in WINE.
      • Ah, so only visible in last resort mode.

Humble Staff Picks

  • The only thing really worth while to pick this up for is Hand of Fate, and even then…
    • My thought-organ exactly.
  • I’m honestly a bit sad that Viscera Cleanup detail hasn’t been ported to linux, considering it’s literally just Shadow Warrior with a mop
  • Kinda curious to see what other “Staff Picks” they’ll introduce later.
  • But these are staff picks from the Humble folks and chances are there’s going to be quite a few games you already own or don’t much care.
    • Business as usual, then.


  • Not much is included in this update
  • They’ve added some new models and rebalanced the game to put some emphasis on siege engines
  • The new animations look nice.


  • And with that, we have the first three Elder scrolls games covered for engine reimplementation projects
    • We just need Daggerfall in Unity and OpenMW in OSG to be finished.
  • WHAR OPENSKYRIM…he screams to the heavens
    • Still think OpenOblivion would be time better spent, right now. Mostly because getting Fallout 3 and New Vegas working from there would be easier.
      • Don’t care.   WHAR  OPENSKYRIM.
  • I like insane people!

Zed (via empty)

  • Awwww shit son.   They actually have a linux demo
    • And it’s UE4.
      • And it’s a tar.gz!
        • Correct permissions, bitches!
  • Let’s play Find The Binary!
    • Is it…Is it in the folder called binaries?
  • They did call it a vertical slice.
  • That’s marketing schpiel for “Really tiny bit of gameplay which doesn’t tell you a whole lot”
  • Still, better than nothing.
  • It looks like…Something.   What exactly?   We’ll need to wait until the game gets released on early accesss


Cross it

  • We covered this during LWDW but some of you might have missed it.
  • Neat.   Requires all of the IRC relay bots!


  • That’s just, wow.
  • Uhhh…no ya don’t brad.
  • A 41 second long Fuck you! for those idiots like me and Venn who backed the kickstarter solely because of the Linux stretch goal.
    • This is why we were one of the first (if not the) to go scorched earf policy on Linux stretch goals.
  • This was the game which taught me why you never give money to Linux “Stretch Goals”.
  • It’s also the only one of the three games I “kickstarted” to simply not have delivered anything on Linux.
    • Well, that’s not entirely true, they did deliver contempt! In spades!
    • Case in point, this video.
  • You guys smell a bit pickled.   Is it because OF THE SALT?

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: F1 2015
Devel: Codemasters/Feral
Engine: EGO Engine 3.0
Price: 60 Flubargs

Wazzat:Race like a champion in F1™ 2015 A stunning new game engine and all-new ‘broadcast presentation’ puts you in the heart of the action.                   

Mandatory disclosure:  They sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • 46 High / 48 Low @1080.
  • 30+ ish @ 2160.
  • In-game averages 50/60 with some dips into the low 30’s.
  • Uses all 8-cores of the 8150 @ 45% +.
  • 37% avg GPU utilization.  
  • Note: Not running the minimum (or recommended) OS.
  • Note 2: Switching from 1080 full to 1280 windowed does something funky.
    • It just slams into the top left corner without a border and for WTH ever reason disables NVENC.
    • Works properly after a restart.


  • It struggles to keep at 30 at UHD with everything on 11
  • Averages At 69 (giggity) FPS at 1080


  • According to the benchmark I get an average of 48 FerPS on Low, Medium, High, and Ultra. That benchmark is completely unreliable!
  • Looking at htop, It seems to peg 1 or 2 cores at around 50%.
  • All the other 6 hover around 20%.
  • Looking at the Nvidia-settings panel, the GPU utilization is actually hitting 100% at some points during races.
  • If those 100% GPU utilization spikes are to be taken at face value, it would seem this game is more GPU-bound rather than CPU-bound.
  • Whatever the case, it’s very unoptimized.
  • I have the recommended video card and the performance is pretty bad.
  • I’m not sure with whom the blame lies on this one.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Even on low this critter looks a bit of alright.
  • On high it will have you wiping rainbow barf off your monitor-organ.
  • When i’m laying rubber in the wet I can smell the rain.
    • Also, the game looks nice when it’s raining.
  • Engine sounds are nice at 11 and the racket made during downshifts is satisfying.


  • It definitely makes with the pretty.   You can’t complain about that in a codemasters racing game
  • You figure with all the licenses Codemasters gets for these cars and drivers it comes with the requirement of “make it look good or die”
  • It sounds like the stereotypical f1 whine that I’ve heard in TV and movies.


  • Oh, look! A Codemasters game where I can actually mute those goddamn annoying announcer.
    • Bonus chair!
  • Music? Well, you have music in the menu and it’s elevator music grade at best. But in a game which is very clearly aiming for the Sim sub-genre of Racing games, that’s fine.
  • Where the sounds really shine is in car engine noise, as in you can actually judge how fast you’re going and what gear you’re in when trying to slow down to turn.
  • Tire-noise is really subtle but the moment your tires start degrading you can also very clearly hear the difference, if you’re paying attention.
  • The weather effects were really well done and, boring as F1 cars are to look at, they were really well modeled and look pretty good from all camera angles.




  • I really want a wheel /w flappy paddle shifters.  
  • Unfortunately wheels lead to pedals, and pedals lead to proper shifters and proper shifters lead to life-sized Antonio Banderas blow-up dolls (With Realistic Genitalia!)
  • It’s serviceable with the Xclone but only just.
  • Cody Cooper asked if this was a wheel game and after a few additional hours I can double down on YIP!
  • Protip: Don’t even think about cutting off all the assists when using a controlla.
    • It’s not even infuriating impossible, it’s LOL impossible.


  • Works reasonably well with the areola controlla and the PS4
  • I’d give it 4, but I got xbox prompts on my PS4 Controller
  • This game really does scream the need for a proper racing setup.
  • Funnily enough, I didn’t even consider disabling the controller assists.   Upon learning about them, I enabled more of them


  • Feral has the controls down, it seems.
  • Both the Logitech F310 and the Mistress worked great.
  • It’s great to play with the areolas because, thanks to the haptic feedback, you can actually get a really good feel just how far you’re turning the wheels.
  • Go SDL2! Go Feral!
  • But, this is very much a wheel and pedals type game.
  • Especially if you want to turn off the assists and have ever tried regulating throttle speed with the crappy trigger slider on your typical XBox style controllers.



V-CHAIRCHAIRAsteoid? Asterisk? Clara?

  • When I first read about the A.I. straight-up running you off the track for fk-all reason I thought it BS.
  • It’s not.
    • If you’re watching the produced version, you can actually see the AI doing that to me at one point.
  • And if you have the A.I. riding your 6 near the finish line you best block or they will hit their non existent turbo at the last second.


  • I don’t like Formula 1 Racing
  • Ultimately, that’s what this section comes down to
  • Sure, as I continued playing, my time got better in time trials and I figured out how to actually steer the damn cars, but I wasn’t having fun
  • Is it competently done, sure.   But that’s the best you’re getting out of me


  • Of the racing genre, Formula 1 games have always been those I never really got into.
  • I’m not sure why.
  • It could be because the way formula 1 cars behave in the real world is often not accurately portrayed in videogames.
  • It could be because the idea of racing “street” cars is more appealing to me than cars designed specifically for racing.
    • I did play a bunch of Need for Speed World in WINE before EA nuked the servers.
  • Although, I do like rally games and those aren’t exactly street legal cars, either.
  • With F1 2015, specifically, I don’t like how the AI will PIT you out of 1st place if they so much as touch you.
  • I don’t like playing Sim type games with a controller.
  • And I don’t like the lack of performance on display.
  • I’m definitely not the target audience for this game, that’s for damn sure.



Hate Mail:


  • You know with two clicks you can disable Steam chat and make your profile private, right?
  • Then Steam becomes a glorious game organize-and-update-o-tron.  
  • Granted, it will still remind you how much time you nerfed on each game.
  • And with a third click you can set yourself to offline on the Steam Friends thing whenever you start the client.
  • That’ll nope the chat, as well as notifications your friends get (or you get from your friends) when starting a game.
  • Fact of the matter is, if a game integrates the Steam Overlay properly, it will allow for a much easier multiplayer session setup.
  • I just like the little ferps counter in the corner.   It’s handy


  • I didn’t say Nexusmods was shady.
  • I made the implication quite a few websites where you can usually find mods for games, are often shady.
  • In fact, if I’m not misremembering, Jordan even interjected to bring up the fact that Nexusmods is like THE third-party site to use for Mods.
  • They just need a Linux client for their Mod Manager, because that piece of junk .NET thing doesn’t even work properly in WINE.

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