LinuxGameCast Weekly EP192 – Trump Syndrome

Nekro implodes! Steam accepts magic internet money, Rust gains a chromosome, and NVIDIA releases a driver. Then Stephen’s Sausage Roll faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail!


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Hate Mail

Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


  • “Whar Coinye!” He screams to the heavens
  • Pretty much what I suspected.   They still have regional pricing, and they just convert it to bitcoin
    • I want to know how they plan on dealing with the fluctuation.
      • That’s a valid point I didn’t consider.   It may also result in people attempting to game it to get games on the cheap
    • Then we get to the topic of refunds \:D/
  • Makes sense.   Valve is a company who wants to take people’s money.   Provide people with every avenue to give their money to you.
  • Someone on that Twitter thread brought up the fact that, Bitcoin is to be supported before the Aussie Dollar. Thus keeping aussies paying a premium.
    • Seriously.

“My partner ran with the money” (thanks to Orn for bringing this up)

  • The plot thickens…
    • And silence….
  • Remember when I called BS on Klegrans “family troubles” post? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  • Dude is already invoking the Streisand
  • This is the original.
    • “Games take literally millions of dollars to make” -Klegran
    • Triple A, yes.
  • “The proof of this is that we updated the game for years, adding to it, posting, making videos. I streamed for 8 hours every day showing my work” -Klegran
    • Nekro was last updated on Jun 11 of last year, Brad.
    • Then again, you were working on Subnautica
    • Sooo I can kinda see why drkSeed wanted to slap 1.0 on it and get something out the door.
    • You even said it was basically baked.
  • “The last 5 months of 2015 however it became glaringly obvious what was happening. Scott was taking 100% of the revenue still but he stopped working on the game” -drkSeed
    • I don’t know about the money situation but yeah, dude quit working on the game.
  • All I see is YET ANOTHER Kickstarter game which instead of delivering a an actual game, just delivers bullshit on both sides and internet soap operas.
  • There’s definitely an audience to be had for those, no doubt, but I like video games. People gave you money to make a video game. Stop pointing fingers and make the goddamn video game.
  • At the end of the day, Brad; you come off exactly as described by your partner who wants to release the game.
    • A bitchy, whiney, devel control freak.
  • It’s a bit sad.   Nekro was a cool and fun little indie game that would have been a nice addition to the linux catalogue
  • Instead, we get horseshit.
  • BAM
  • Also, he has now gone and deleted the General Discussions forum on Steam.

Open Sauce StoneHenge

  • Feral has given up on FGLRX, and so should everyone else.
    • Actually, this would have a nice side effect.   The game devs can identify performance issues in the OS driver and propose fixes directly.
    • This could be an interesting way to improve performance on r600/radeonsi/amdgpu
  • I do like the extra memory required for AMD cards though
    • Recommended: NVIDIA
  • “Tomb Raider for Linux will be out very soon”
    • I really really wish we could get set dates for releases.
  • They releases a correction on Tuesday regarding the 5770. Apparently you need an R7 260X at the very least.
    • The 260X is a rebrand of the 7790 with more VRAM, so yeah.

Hyper updates

  • They seem to be going a little update crazy.
  • However, they did fix the healing bit.
  • I’m a little worry because if you bend to complaints it can become a different game.
  • There are only two things I really want them to fix, the inability to rebind controller mappings and the 30FPS locked engine.


  • Simple idea and stupid fun.
  • They do the screen cheat thing of supporting different configurations of couch and online multiplayer
    • Towerfall really needs something like this.   Lots of couch co-op games on steam do.
  • Shield controller worked out of the box. Looking forward to the chairs on this one.
  • Xbox button prompts on my Ps4 controller.   Good times

Pricing error?

  • Sausages are expensive you know!
  • Ryan Cheese Grilledon  has a point:
  • Oh, from the English country Tune dev, rather liked that game.
  • Well, they made with the keys.   I suppose we’ll be throwing chairs at it at some point
  • Dear Unity developers: Don’t want to figure out SDL2 and how to integrate it into Unity?
  • Do like Stephen Lavelle did and use Rewired:!/content/21676
  • That’ll make sure even my Saturn controller will work with your Unity game under Linux.


  • Supposedly this game does ice fishing very well
    • So, no raptors?
  • I wonder if there’s log cabin building DLC.
  • I hear there’s a bear.




  • First non-beta driver with Vulkan support.
  • It’s basically a roundup of all the latest betas (except the latest Vulkan branch)

radeonsi openGL 4.3

  • Probably just in time for Tomb raider.   Sorry R600 users.

XKCD 927

  • They’ve literally gone out of their way to recreate SDL2 instead of just integrating it properly.
  • Why? Because raisins…
  • Also, my money’s still on it being worse than SDL.
  • I’ll just mention that UE4 is using SDL2.   Be like them.   Be smart
    • Not a peep in the comments about SDL2 either.   Mayhaps we should sick shatrealm on them?
    • That would be fucking hilarious wholly irresponsible.

Ludum Dare 35

  • Entries were closed on the 18th and the Play and Rate phase will last for the next 3 weeks.
  • The theme was “shapeshift” and judging by some of the entries, people took some liberties with the figurative meaning(s) of the word.
  • Very small percentage of them have linux support, which is a wee disappointing considering the cross platform tools typically used in this sort of contest.

Stick /w what you know

  • And this time it’s a 3D platformer!
  • All this really means is that we know it’ll be in development.  And that’s it.  A statement of intent

Stand in the place

  • “surface is made of tempered glass (which can support up to 220 pounds)”
    • That’s 99 Kilos for the rest of the world.
      • Should be enough for 2 or 3 of those 4K monitors.
      • I can maths my way through the glass with a slip and trip.
        • Me too.   Delicious nutritious glass shards.
  • I would probably not use it as a standing desk, but I want one of those desks where you can build your PC into.
    • I just don’t want to spend more on the desk itself than the actual innards of my PC.
  • I see one fatal design flaw with this set up:
    • Upgrading your PC means you have to clear all the shit off your desk.   With a regular tower, I pull it out (giggity) from under my desk, do my work and stick it back in (gah-giggity)


  • Type disparaging remarks about people’s mothers faster than ever before!
  • Rainbows, bitches!

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Stephen’s Sausage Roll
Devel: Increpare (aka Stephen Lavelle)
Engine: Unity
Price: €27.99/US$29.99/CDN$32.99
(from the creator of English Country Tune) A simple 3d puzzle game.

FCC Mandated US Disclosure: Dev sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • Holds a steady 60 @ 1080 and 2160 a.k.a. UHD.
  • Even manages to revert back to 1080 after switching to 2160 and back, good jerb!
  • When using the keyboard it does not disable the rumble on the Xclone controlla in the menu.
  • This led to a solid 15sec of WHERE THE FK is that noise coming from and why does it only happen when I hit enter!?11!?
  • Fortunately I was able to put 2 and 13 together.
  • That said, it disables rumble in-game so I’m calling this a bug, not a feature.



  • Played most of it on the Steambox.
  • Absolutely no complaints, the framerate didn’t really dip to any degree I could notice.
    • Which is especially relevant since the SteamBox has an Athlon X4 860K and GTX 750Ti.
    • Nowadays, that’s the bare minimum of what you’d call a gaming machine.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Well it’s not hipster-pixel, it’s Minecraft-pixel.
  • Bassically the same thing as hipster-pixel, but with more 3D.
  • This can make figuring out the “path” in the overworld a bit challenging but but compared to the game it’s easy sauce.
  • Sound effects and background music exist but grow hella repetitive with a quickness.
  • I would say put on some Slayer but unless you want to go Postal stick with Enya.


  • Mmm…low res sausage


  • Well… There’s really not much else I can say here, is there?
  • It’s programmer art paired with elevator music. It’s functional, completely inoffensive but also nothing to write home about.
  • As far as aesthetics go, it’s functional but it’s completely unremarkable.




  • It rumbles.
  • X Clone controlla worked OOTB and that’s probably the best way to play this critter.
  • And that’s a good thing since you want to be as far away from expensive objects as possible.
  • P-man will talk about it in detail but this was developed on a MB.


  • Movement takes some getting used to, but it does make sense.


  • Like I mentioned the Steam segment, this game doesn’t use the default Unity input handler.
  • It uses Rewired, which is a $45 asset that will take care of input for just about every single platform ever!
  • I don’t know exactly how it’s doing it, since it’s not open sauce, but it does it very competently.
  • And the Chairquisition is nothing if not a meritocracy.




  • Ah, the Dark Souls of puzzle games.
  • Yes, my brain said “ouch”
  • Releasing a game with only word of mouth marketing and a $30 price tag is a bold strategy, Cotton.
  • Granted the price (along with the vague ass-description) got people talking about the game (case in point)
  • Hell, if this was $9.99 we probably would have passed it off as another puzzle game.
  • Unfortunately that’s exactly what Stephen’s Sausage Roll is, another puzzle game.
  • At least that’s why my initial 80min of gameplay has lead me to believe.
  • Not to say it isn’t a brilliant puzzle game (because it is) that gives you an immense sense of accomplishment for each sausage collected.
  • Hell, for all I know Stephen’s Sausage Roll could go full-metal Frog Fractions at some point but I don’t think I’ll ever find out.
  • And that’s the problem.


  • I’m just fucking awful at this type of puzzle.
  • Roommate got involved and that devolved into the opening scene from 2001
  • The rules are simple, but goddamn there is a shit ton of depth
  • I solved 6


  • This is the kind of game you sit down on the couch with to exercise nothing but your neurons.
  • Careful, though. You might tie a knot in your grey matter.
  • This is the epitome of a game that focus on Mechanics.
  • And I keep bringing up Mechanics and Story on the Fun section, so I might as well explain
  • The way I see it, at their core, games can be divided into Aesthetics, sound and graphics. Narrative, which is divided between the story the devs built in to the game and the narrative your character plays through due to your actions as a player. And finally you have mechanics, which is how you interact with the game.
  • Like I’ve mentioned before, Mechanics rule supreme in my opinion.
  • In fact, if a game has its narrative and aesthetics developed AROUND the Mechanics it’s bound to be a game I’ll enjoy very much. Half-Life 2, Dark Souls, Silent Hill 2, etc.
  • Stephen’s Sausage Roll is almost utopian as a videogame.
  • The aesthetics are simple, programmer art and elevator music. It’s about as non-aesthetic as you can get.
  • The only Narrative to be had is the one you, the player, create for yourself. Why is this character so obsessed with making sure all these sausages are evenly cooked?
  • The only thing this game has any complexity to is in how the mechanics allow you to progress through the game.
  • You may make the argument that without even a semblance of a story, you don’t have motivation to keep progressing through the game.
    • To you I say: Minecraft.
  • And seeing as I like mechanics over everything else in games, 3 chairs.
  • Doesn’t get 4 because it tends to burn me out along with the sausages you’re pushing and rolling in-game.



Hate Mail:

Thank EMPTY FOR Bradley


  • Because cheap!
  • People are saying you get literally twice the performance from WINE-Nine with the Gallium drivers than with eON.
    • Colour me shocked.



  • The only thing you need for sound, if you didn’t compile it from sauce, is SDL_mixer.

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