LinuxGameCast Weekly EP195 – No DOOM 4 U

Warhammer comes to Linux! GLXOSD receives an update, the 1080 gets benched, and we WINE about DOOM. Then SpeedRunners faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail!


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

MASSIVE Steam beta update

  • I actually don’t think we have enough time in this segment to cover the scope of all of these changes
    • Seriously though.  I’ve never run into this, but it’s good that they fixed it
  • I like the idea from the first comment.
    • ^
  • This means Steam should now work on Evolve OS.
  • Since the first thing they did when they decided to bring Steam to the distro was disable the Runtime.
  • Still, good luck running some of the older games.

Aaaaaand it’s gone

  • The two I knew of were there.
  • There’s been a whole lot more games sacked from Steam than I realized.


  • *checks profile for CS:GO* Yup!
  • I toldja!  I TOLDJA!
    • Hey man, his pops might call the internet police.
  • Fun aside, he isn’t actually VAC banned… or his dad called VALVe.


  • The alpha worked fine /w WINE but someone at Bethesda must have gotten word.
    • Probably the same one that nuked the DX9 and OpenGL renderers from the windows version of ESO.
  • Been seeing a whole lot of “Linux Only™” users playing DOOM 4 today.
    • Hey man, people love their DOOM

Tentacles are expensive you know (From Empty)

  • Still very tempted to give doublefine the benefit of the doubt.   Mainly because I have no interest in playing this game.
    • Don’t let that stop you from sending us keys Tim.   We’ll totally throw chairs at it.
  • Didn’t we know this?
    • They did say it would come later.
  • The problem here is, they’re doing Mac before Linux.
    • Yeah, but you know they will deliver a Linux port.
  • Dear Double Fine, hear me out:
    • The Linux community is your last shred of good will. After the Broken Age kickstarter money you squandered, after Spacebase DS9, you don’t really have a lot of good will left. Hell, the gaming community at large is about ready to nail you to whatever T-shaped bit of wood they find.
    • Except for delivering your Linux ports at the same time as the other platforms, or at the very least, the same time as MacOS.
    • Don’t shit from on high on your Linux customers, we’re a fickle bunch!
    • Seriously, out of all the companies that promise Linux support DF actually delivers.

Linux support? What Linux support?

  • “VR is totally not a gimmick, you guys! And since Linux doesn’t have VR, we’re not going to bother with it!”
  • More people run Linux vs. owning a fk mothering Vive.


  • Looks like a 40K based Golden Axe
  • “it seems you get 2 deaths, and then have to pay to respawn or start the level over”
    • Yip, $14.99 with micro transaction.
      • It’s like an arcade, but worse!
  • Honestly, I like that GW is making all their new games available on linux, I’d just like some good ones
  • *eagerly awaits DOW III*
  • The consensus around the internet is that Games Workshop hands out the 40K/Warhammer licenses to just about anyone.
  • And some developers use it to push shovelware.

CloneFox 64

  • Yup, this is StarFox alright
  • Not necessarily a bad thing.   We don’t have a lot of this sort of game under linux.
  • Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find my Battlestar Galactica OST
  • There is no server browser so you know it’s Unity.

Free 2D MMO-Platformer/RPG

  • This was a Mac game, written in Emscripten, which was ported to Linux and Windows by the Iccculus.
  • It’s surprisingly not terrible.
  • It’s a simple little game /w an “online” element that consists of having others running about at the same time.
  • It’s 100% mechanics focused, free to play and the microtransactions are basically unnecessary.
  • Try it!
    • I did, it’s rubbish.
      • Free rubish!
  • You lost me at MMO



  • Oh, that’s almost twice as fast as the 970 assuming these are legit benches.
  • “Please do not base purchasing decisions on these early leaks and please wait for official reviews where data will be more reliable and cover a wider range of games and benchmarks.”
    • OC3D Dropping truth bombs
  • But Pedro, this card has a fatal flaw that makes it entirely unacceptable…
    • I am curious to see what will be the “Fuck you and fuck your money” that NVidia will drop this time around.
  • I’m saving up for a Zen but might pick up a 1070 next year… or a 1080 if Zen turns out to be rubbish. NVIDIA, call me!


  • Oh yes, because I really need to hook up four cards that are theoretically more powerful than the Titan X to drive my single 1080P display at 60Hz
    • Hey man, you need four 1080s to display 4K.
    • That’s why the PS4.5 has the equivalent of eleventy 1080s.
  • I mean, I understand why people would get upset regarding such an arbitrary limitation, but practically there doesn’t seem to be any real benefit
  • Also, over here in Soviet Linuxland, SLI is a wee useless anyways
    • Unless you play a lot of Doom 3 and Serious Sam 3.
  • Then again

Got worms

  • They say they’re targeting the Worms Armageddon feel with this one.
  • With added vehicles, buildings and probably more stuff to come.
  • Price is still tbd


  • Everyone’s favourite ASCII graphics reality simulator is back with a new version
  • Stopped mother from getting both her and spouse’s miscarriage thought
    • Damn.   My plans have been foiled!

MineCraft: EVE Edition

  • Now use your laser to mine the astrio… Alt+F4
  • Yeah, it’s a weird amalgam of EVE and Minecraft.   It could work.   The demo makes w/the linux, so check it out if this is your bag
  • If you’re trying to run it on Fedora:
    • Go to the Avorion/bin folder, delete
    • Install SDL2_image.x86_64 from the repos
    • Now you should be able to play.


  • Updates include
    • Better compatibility with host applications.
    • Efficient text rendering
    • Powerful customisation system based on Lua which allows you to customise almost everything about how the OSD is rendered and what information gets displayed
  • It doesn’t build on Fedora 23.
  • The makefile spits an error when building the GLEW bits.


  • Pointless, but neat.
  • Whar NESflix?
    • Don’t give them ideas.

Sky Wizard

  • The video title should read “FKN moron who also happens to be a Christian Pastor Says”
  • Really, does this ass-banjo think guys are the only ones who play games?
  • That retarded spirit isn’t going to nag me for leaving a dish in the sink overnight.
  • Well ladies, I’m single and possessed by a demon that won’t stop until you’re satisfied. Have at.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: SpeedRunners
Devel: DoubleDutch Games
Engine: Chameleon  (Custom)
Price: 16.99 CAD

Wazzat: Cut-throat multiplayer running game that pits 4 players against each other, locally and/or online. Run, jump, swing around, and use devious weapons and pick-ups to knock opponents off-screen! One of the most competitive games you’ll ever play.                   

Mandatory Capitalist  Pig Disclosure: They made with the keys

Makes with the working


  • Holds well above 60+ FERPS at 1080 and 2160.
  • Rumble will flip the hell out but you can nope it.
  • It can be hella fussy about changing resolutions in windowed mode.




Shiny / Sounds


  • Every time you hear someone say stylized take a shot… stylized.
  • Seriously, I really dig an art style that is best described as retro minus the hipster pixels.
  • Clean detailed backgrounds and unique characters each with their own animations.
  • The background noise has a Kill Bill vibe to it and the sound effects get the job done.
  • I would normally give something like this three Chairs but alas, I can’t.
  • Why?
  • Because you put Walter White in a chicken suit.


  • The comic booky characters are great looking in the game.   But the comics you get for beating chapters are fucking terrible looking.  What is up with that?
  • The music is certainly there, but I find myself paying less attention to it when I’m trying to not fall offscreen and time my rope shots perfectly
  • The tempo is good though and it gives a sense of urgency.   Fits


  • Everything is heavily stylized.
  • But some backgrounds on some of the levels have exactly the same color as some of the characters.
  • I lose track of my character, every now and again in some levels. Especially when the camera zooms out because someone is getting left behind.
  • The music is pretty good.
  • It’s not going to blow your mind, but the high-tempo beat really does help with giving you a certain need for speed, as it were.




  • Everything works OOTB /w the Xclone
  • Tight controls are tight


  • This game requires tight controls and delivers.





  • Run, jump, swing, slide, yell, throw controllers, and develop a crippling fear of people whose last name begins with the letter W!
  • Or as we call it here at L.G.C. “prom night”
  • I decided to learn the rope-organs playing the story mode.
  • Where you face off against four bosses, each with four zones mixed with four difficulty levels… of pain.
  • Sweet, sweet, addictive pain.
  • Seriously, I spent two days on-and-off working my way up to level HARD and only managed three (possibly four) rage nopes.
  • Even then, I came back for more.
  • Then I rang up the lads and we put in a few hours of competitive name calling a.k.a. multiplayer.
  • It was a FSM damned blast since we all started from naught, and over the past few weeks we’ve went from bumbling about to bumbling about slightly less.
  • Using this new found confidence I decided to have a go at a ranked match… and things went a bit south.
  • Why? Because matchmaking sucks floppy donkey balls.
  • My first match was with a lad who immediately noticed the rank imbalance and promised to take it super easy.
  • I was thinking “pfft!” but yeah, she (or he) ended up waiting on me… several times.
  • My second attempt at ranked was met with three other high-level players who outran me in 45sec or less.
  • Yeah, floppy donkey balls.
  • But if you have some mates (IRL or online) and want a proper party game give Speed Runners a look.


  • This suffers from the same problem that Towerfall, Payday 2 and  Action Henk have
  • Once you play multiplayer, single player is just completely boring
  • This game works when you have friends that you can compete and shit talk with
  • Ranked multiplayer might be a killer feature when you want to try to trim milliseconds off your run, but it doesn’t do it for me
  • Still, the fact that it supports any combination of local and remote players makes this perfect if your friends are all fake internet people
  • The level design is top notch and the powerups add just enough chaos to make things interesting
  • Combine that with tight controls, and you get a rollicking party game that is sure to end in one person chasing another IRL


  • It has a token single player campaign just so you can unlock the basic skins and maps.
  • But that’s not where the meat of the game is.
  • This is a party game.
  • There’s no way around that.
  • It shines when in a social context and the fact you can mix couch multiplayer with online multiplayer just makes it even better.
  • Mechanically speaking, it’s a 2D platformer where the aim is to go faster than your opponents.
  • It’s everything a multiplayer Sonic game should have been and never was.
    • I still have nightmares about Sonic Racer on the Saturn.
  • The narrative here is completely unnecessary, but it is still very much there.
  • The aesthetics fit the game perfectly. They’re very simple, but then again so is the game.
  • And simple is often good. The less time you spend on superfluous bullshit, the more time you spend on what it is exactly that compels people to play your game.
  • Still, I can’t give it 4 chairs.
  • To no fault of the game. I’m just not a sociable person.



Hate Mail:



  • Where does it say it was a stretch goal?
    • It doesn’t, but I think the devel was pointing out that the Kickstarter failed so it’s not binding.

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