LinuxGameCast Weekly EP31 — Spring Dysentery Of DOOM

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. NVIDIA cripples firmware, Humble Bundle goes weekly and Fez is might be heading to Linux. Then we give three new games the chair.




Steam News




Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

  • Unforgiving at best.

  • Reminds me of the days when a game’s sole purpose was to KILL you.

  • The firing controls are completely mental. Might play better on a touch screen.

  • The Walking Dysentery


Valve is supporting Oculus Rift with ‘TF2’

  • YAY headaches!



Early Access games on Steam

  • Crowdfunding au Valve

  • Between Kickstarter, Desura alpha funding, and Indiegogo.. is this needed?

  • I personally like the idea of getting the fans involved with the development process.

    • Maybe its just the optimist, But I hope methods like this will result to better games


Gear Up Update to reflect Early Access

  • Want to customize your tank? Bribe the powers that be!

  • First update in over a month and it’s for buying crap, not fixing the control issues.

  • But I don’t have any money Mister Bato!


Counter-Strike: Source for Linux Gets Improved Performance and Controller Support

  • Who plays a FPS with a FKN controller. Really? REALLY?!

  • Console scheme… The Big Picture! You’re not seeing the Big Picture.

  • FPS + Controller = yuck


NVIDIA cripples firmware on their Video Cards

  • Didn’t this story surface a few years back? I guess there’s evidence now.

  • This was done by a Linux user so he could use three monitors with his 690.

  • Do NOT expect a performance gain.

  • Surface mount resistors are a PITA.

  • This is not new news for Nvidia.  The performance increase between a 680 and a 670 are minimal, even with a close to $100 price difference.


Humble every week

  • You mean poorer every week?

    • You mean more games I already friggin own every week?

    • Wee!   More shit I ain’t gonna buy!

  • Hey, Steam keys.


Kerbal Space Program released for Linux

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored and angry at the same time.

  • Graphics are nothing spectacular and the game still chokes if you so much as relocate the camera too fast.

  • This is one of those games where you need to read the instructions. Had fk all idea what I was supposed to do.

  • Sim City for rockets.

    • Simcity never really appealed to me.  Pass


Fez heading to Linux

  • During GDC’12 a Japanese game dev asked the Indie panel what they thought about modern Japanese games, to which Phil Fish immediately replies: “Your games just suck.”

    • I don’t agree with his opinion, but the dude has BALLS. Even though everyone hated him and called him a racist for a while after that, he stuck to his words. Respekt!

  • Mac and Linux to “eventually” follow? What the floody buck!?

  • Watch Indie Game the movie (it was part of a Humble Bundle and exists on Netflix) and tell me this guy is not a bit off.


Crowdsourcing campaign for Ostrich Island

  • o.O

  • $10 if you promise to fix the ridiculous walking animation.

  • Sane goal of 3K.

  • Its…unique.  I’ll give it that

Games :


  • Requires Love 0.8.0 or higher
  • In order to play in Fuduntu you need to compile löve, which needs: SDL*devel; lua-devel; openal-soft-devel; DevIL-devel; physfs-devel; libmodplug-devel; and mpg123-devel. And then make spits out errors. fan… frickin’… tastic…

    • Note to self, try to find a fedora rpm first.

    • Way to not separate the package dependency names by spaces, making it easier to paste into a terminal :P

  • Its mario with a portal gun.   Pretty cool


Makes with the working?

V –

  • Required an updated version of Love. Needed to install a PPA

J –


P –



V –

  • They nailed the look and feel of the original Mario.

J –

  • What Venn said.   It set out to look like mario; mission accomplished.

P –

  • Random visual artifacts probably stemming from FGLRX


Fun / Controls

V –

  • It controlled like the original Mario but the Portal bits were wonky at times.

J –

  • Not the biggest fan of platforming with WASD.  Too used to using my thumb

P –

  • If I had cared, I’d probably go off on a rant about how having the character of a precision platformer control like its shoes are made of wet soap wasn’t a good idea. But I didn’t really enjoy the game so… meh.




Starshock Public Demo

  • So… WASD only. I’m not going to be nice to this one.

  • It should come with a launcher. Running “java -jar StarshockReleaseDemo.jar” from the terminal would completely throw off your average ARCH user.


Makes with the working?

V –

  • It ran OOTB but lack of a launcher will confuse new Linux users.

J –

  • Awww, poor babies!    Can’t using a command line to launch a game.  Lemme change your diaper for you and give you a burp.

P –



V –

  • I grew up during the time of pixel FPS. Sick of it.

J –

P –


Fun / Controls

V –

  • Only later did I discover you could buy weapons. I know it’s an alpha but that should be made clear. Controls were fine but the enemies could use better textures so they don’t go all predator with the background.

J –

  • I mean, it’s alright.  Nothing spectacular, but nothing horrible either.

P –

  • If I can’t use the directional arrows to move in an FPS, it’s inherently flawed.




Doom, The Roguelike Released

  • Needs SDL_mixer to be compiled with MP3 support, which it wasn’t on Fuduntu;

    • Note to devs:  There are these things called Copyright Laws which kind of makes it a wee illegal (depending on where you live) to include MP3 support with your linux.  Some distros don’t care *coughcanonicalcough* but there are others who do.  Pls to keep in mind

      • yum localinstall –nogpgcheck

        • Required packages aren’t in the repo/aren’t compiled with necessary support

        • ./configure make make install or cmake . if you’re evil.

          • Interesing note, if you read most makefiles (read: well written), it has make as requirement for make install, so often just running make install is sufficient

          • What about GNUstep?

          • Buy a MAC*

            • *We at linux gamecast do not endorse Apple products or reccommend the purchase of said products.   For a user friendly operating system that fits all of your ease of use/gaming/multimedia/general purpose needs, please visit

            • *Until they give us monies.

              • Or Free MacBook Pro’s!

        • The fact remains that if most people can’t get it to work in about 5 minutes, regardless of distribution, you’re gonna see a drop in audience.  Just business sense.  Attempt to cast a wide net with your deps if you are releasing a generic linux package

  • Needs smpeg_libs;


Makes with the working?

V –

  • Runs OOTB

J –


P –



V –

  • It’s impressive for what is is. Some of the sprites could use work.

J –

P –


Fun / Controls

V –

  • Roguelikes are completely not my cup-o-chainsaw. Movement was laggy.

J –

  • Hours in class playing nethack and rogue on my laptop have left me kind of drained when it comes to roguelikes

  • Bitchin music though

  • Its Rogue, but with doom, what’s not to like

P –

  • Very, very hard to STOP playing it.





Monster Minis No More

  • Legitimate reasons or just sore losers? YOU BE THE JUDGE!


H2FLOW – A Water Physics Puzzler!

  • Dear lord does it control like garbage!

  • So it’s not just me!?’

    • Apparently not

    • ^THIS!

  • From the readme:

    • *NOTE* We did not have a chance to test this version.  We hope it works.  Otherwise, sorry for the bandwidth!




Special thanks to Ryan V for the one time donation.


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