Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday: Penguin Spice

Skype gets some competition, Librem 5 secures funding, Mozilla makes it rain, and building a Pi powered rover. All this plus your feedback.


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro

Mozilla opens their cheque book

  • “Oh noes! Mozilla is funding Nazis!” – Bryan Lunduke 2017
    • I’m 73% positive that Duke boy went on that tear t spark controversy and gain views.
      • Of course he did. And when he thought it wasn’t enough, he went to G+ and tried to spark even more by asking people to point out how wrong he was.
      • All he succeeded to do was get me to unfollow him. Kudos Bryan!
  • Webpack, RiseUp, Phaser, mod_md, and Ushahidi.


Skype finally gets some competition

  • We finally have another closed-source proprietary video / chat client for Linux \:D/
  • That said, this will definitely drink Skypes milkshake.
  • Still need to try it.
  • Picture in picture



  • “We need the open source community to develop software for us”
  • AMD tried that, they eventually had to hire some developers to work on it.
  • No one is going to develop stuff for your hardware, not matter how good it is, if you’re trying to pawn off the development of the 2nd layer of software on unpaid labour.
  • Again, AMD was already an established brand and their GPUs had a sizeable market share.
  • No one could be arsed to unphuck their drivers and open sauce development was few and far between.
  • What do you think open sauce developers will do with your barely used platform when you’re clearly pawning off development on them with little to no incentive?
  • “It’s been easy for critics to dismiss RISC-V because it’s only been in embedded systems thus far,” Jack Kang , VP of Product and Business Development at SiFive, told Design News . “But now we’ve taken RISC-V commercially beyond embedded into Linux processing applications.”
  • “What will be the killer app for RISC-V”
  • Last year, Nvidia, for example, announced that that next generation of its Falcon microcontrollers for its GPUs will be built using RISC-V
  • Nvidia cited configurable cache as well as the need to increase performance of Falcon for emerging use cases such as automotive and security as being behind its decision to embrace the architecture.
    • That killer app is another embedded product, isn’t it?


90% 100%

  • I want to believe.
  • Can’t build a phone for 1.5.
  • That’s just the $$$ they needed to get a VC firm interested?
  • Ubuntu had a $32,000,000 goal for their Edge mobile for a reason.
  • $599 is not crazy for an unlocked device.
  • It will have a hardware kill switch.


That shell looks familiar

  • Starting at $699.
  • For $1,049.00 I can configure a Centurion Ultra that even I would use.
  • That does look very similar to the… N131BU Clevo.




Rad(V) Compliance

  • 10 year Red Hat software engineer Dave Airlie has announced that RadV landed its first fully Vulkan compliant product on the Khronos conformance stats.
  • RadV, for a completely new driver, managed to get Vulkan up and running in almost no time.



  • If what you want is a compositor to help your window manager not tear like crazy, use compton.
  • If you want a full on window manager which does compositing, use KWin or XFWM4 (4.13+).
  • Short story long, Ubuntu killed it.
  • Well, not really but according to mgraesslin taking development in-house hurt the project.
  • However, someone in the comments pointed out they only did that after the lead stopped development?
  • What really killed Compiz was trying to turn a tech demo into a functioning Window Manager.  

Slice of Pi

Can I go home now?

  • XKCD 695



  • Things like this are massive.
  • Software and devices for the visually impaired are wicked-expensive.





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