LinuxGameCast Weekly 219 – A Family Show

Black Mesa comes to Linux! VALVe cracks down on griefing, OnePlay buys Desura, and Pedro gets drunk. Then Nekro faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Fast toaster

  • Anyone want to take the VALVe Time under/over on when this makes it to the Linux?
  • I dunno Man. They said last week, which could mean another 400 years
  • In short, what all this means is Valve wants to use a vendor neutral approach to massaging video output to 90FPS as opposed to one that works only on a specific set of hardware, like occulus
  • Valve and occulus seem to be going in different directions, with Valve promoting a powerful PC for the best VR experience possible, while occulus is trying to find the bare minimum spec

Good grief

  • Steam trying to solve a problem by automating it… poorly? *feigns shock*
  • Good! The last two times I went into CS:GO I was consistently killed by wallhackers.
  • Though, if people are just getting banned based on reports rather than watching the match replay then shit’s fucked.


  • If you don’t already have Mad Max, it’s 50% off now.
  • Good deal on the Metros as well.
  • Plus you can get the scream movies on steam for cheaps!

Penguin Mesa

  • I never played HL1 to to completion.
  • Does it still end 4 levels earlier than the original one?
    • Apparently they’re still working on the Xen levels
  • Fucking finally. Took their asses long enough
  • So, what happens first… This exits Early Access or VALE releases HL3?

Fatal controls

  • I might give the game a look now that the controls are working.

Sky Break

  • Still a better love story than No CIS Gendered Males Sky.
  • Can it live up to the promise? Or will it flounder!
  • Most of the complaints seem to be about the unfinished nature and limited gameplay of the game

Sophie on Steam

  • Bang is a pretty fun party game. Pick it up and help out one of the more talented indie devs out there
  • There is a Linux version but Sophie was ranting on Twitter about how an update borked her system, so she was giving out keys to people who helped her test.
  • Those issues are why there isn’t a SteamOS icon in the store page.



  • New AMDGPU pro driver for anyone who cares. No changelog though. Hopefully it adds some older hardware supahahahahahahahaha.
    • The very first link has the release notes.
    • Company of Heroes 2 occasionally hangs.
      • Don’t worry though. Still performs great on the 1090T
  • It’ll probably weasel it’s way into your Distro of choice package management spoon


  • With this being said, EVGA understands that lower temperatures are preferred by reviewers and customers.
    • Not me. I have a water cooling solution that uses my ball sweat
      • You need to patent that shite, son.
  • In lieu of class action money, EVGA is offering payment in paddleballs thermal pads
  • Most AIB vendors bin their cards at 75ºC, going up another 10ºC, while very uncommon, shouldn’t be enough to blow a VRM like the one in the picture.

1070 Memory

  • Moral of the story, don’t buy NVidia’s XX70 series going forward.
  • Do you really need to overclock a 1070 at this point?
    • Not on Linux.
    • Anything above a 970 and the bottleneck is almost always on the processor.
      • Delicious delicious hyperthreading


  • We are still in a research state at this point. Bottom line, we need to prove to ourselves and our partners that a Linux version can perform to our standards.” -Blair
    • Why are you kissing up to the Linux base all of a sudde…. aaaand there’s the MAC port.
    • I guess it’s working, someone on linux_gaming set a gofundme campaign to send Aspyr cookies:
      • They would not allow me to create pcp4ass-pyre, sadly.
  • It could be fun to do a big ass Civ game with shatrealm. Although I guess we could just do it with CIV5


  • This brand is so toxic that attempting to revive it is utterly pointless.
  • Especially now that itch has taken over the unity ghetto
  • Windows only and I don’t see them ever supporting Linux.
  • Even if they do support Linux, I can’t help but echo Jordan and say that it may be way too late now.
    • I hope you weren’t expecting OnePlay to pay those devs left in the cold.
      • Considering that’d just be hemorrhaging money they don’t have, it sounds like a fantastic idea
        • @LewieP doesn’t seem to understand the concept of financial burden though
  • I had a look around trying to find a value just so I’d have an idea how quickly they’d go bankrupt but they seem to have kept that under wraps.
  • For everything elks, theirs Lutris!

L33t hax

  • With the pro coming out, these are just going to become cheapo linux boxen.
  • If only AMD gave a shit and supported that Jaguar APU with the AMDGPU-PRO driver, maybe people could get some nice performance out of it too.
  • Or wait until 2022 when Mesa finally catches up in performance.


  • Still waiting on my Linux port, Brad.
  • I too got the new game for free and I too am wondering what the hell happened to the Linux port.

Golden Make

  • Protip: It won’t build against Python 3.5.
  • Builds on fedora 24 (need openldap-devel and 32 bit buildchain)
  • I don’t get how to start it though. I get and Threw it in the sourcemods folder and nada
    • I think it’s server only.

Open Sims

  • They’re all monogame now, which is good, I suppose.
  • Their in game speakers can play music now.
  • Dance Pwaty
  • The installer is Windows only but it’s C# and Monogame so someone might take a crack at it.
  • You need the game data from the original Sims Online to play


  • The latest commit in the Cmake folder
  • It builds, but it doesn’t start for me..

CHAIR – Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Nekro
Devel: darkForge Games
Engine: Unity
Price: N/A (Can’t buy it anymore, Steam store page is gone)

Wazzat: Summon demons and spawn unholy weapons of war as a gleefully evil Necromancer with an insatiable blood lust for the innocent and corrupted alike in this darkly humorous, old skool blend of action RPG and strategy genres.

Disclosure: For the sake of disclosure, the devs sent us keys.

Makes with the working


  • Holds a solid 60 @ 1080.




Shiny / Sounds


  • When this first hit EA it was one of the best looking games on the Linux.


  • For what it is, it still looks pretty decent
  • The graphics look good for a game of it’s era
  • The Narration is boring and skippable
  • The soundtrack is alright though. Had no desire to mute it


  • The floating question mark tutorials and the flashing “Danger” indicators are very clearly placeholders.
  • As are the sprites used for the Power, Blood and Sin pickups.
  • When you finish a level, the game gives you a little slow motion action shot of the last kill and if for some reason that kill dropped a Sin or Power you’re left looking at a very jarring contrast between final and unfinished assets.
  • The music is pretty good and there’s even a definite tone of silliness to the voice acting, which would be very effective if this wasn’t a game which will never be finished.




  • The controls do what they say on the tin but FFS they need tightening up.
  • Not a fan of swinging through enemies.
  • Oh, you hit them but FK all if you can tell.


  • I like when you get a prompt for something and then upon hitting the keys, it won’t do it
  • Eating corpses only works when you feel like it
  • Beyond that, the need to precision click on shit in massive clusterfucky melees makes it not fun
  • Also, the UI could better place enemy health meters. Thus giving me an inkling of data I can use to manage my doods


  • More than once I tried to raise a zombie or skeleton from a body on the ground and, even though I had the blood, the game outright refused to do what I told it to.
  • Hitting enemies in this game has even less feedback than in Dawn of War 2, and that’s a full blown RTS.
  • And it’s very hard to hit enemies dead on.
  • I was playing with the melee Nekro and even though I was very clearly in range for that big ass, forearm-mounted blood blade, most swings didn’t hit.
  • And the explodey tendril things you can shoot often hit close but never exactly where you want them to.




  • It’s a dead game, Jim.
  • More importantly it’s hella unfinished.
  • Originally Nekro had a multiplayer mode but that was noped because reasons.


  • There’s definitely some potential here. Shame it’ll never get finished
  • The standout issue is really the control
  • However I don’t like how much unit micromanagement there is. DOW2 got it right by just having them recharge periodically
  • Juggling eating, raising and not getting killed to death means that the sizeable force you worked up becomes very very sparse later on.
  • Though, once you get the hang of it, it isn’t too bad. The missions just devolve into “pick off the enemy where you can and hope by the time you get swarmed you have and can maintain the numbers advantage


  • I’d like to take some time for a little introspection.
  • When Nekro first came out in Early Access, I looked at it, played it and was utterly amazed at how much content there was and how good the aesthetics were.
  • Especially when compared to other Early Access titles at the time.
  • The lack of feedback in combat, the really horrible looking floating question marks, the really bad Power, Sin, and Blood sprites were something I was prepared to forgive.
  • “It’s still being developed. So that’ll probably get fixed!” – Or so we thought.
  • Late last year, news came that there was only 1 guy left working on the game, the other one had locked the first out of the Steam Developer bits for the game and supposedly ran off with the money.
  • The slap fight went on for a few months still and in April 2016 the Steam page for the game was removed.
  • Hindsight being 20/20, I shouldn’t have ever used this game as an example on how to do Early Access right.
  • So, with that out of the way and since you can no longer buy it, is the game worth the time for those who already have it?
  • If you’re okay with the thought that it will never ever get any better, the bugs won’t be fixed and the unfinished assets will remain unfinished, maybe.
  • For everyone else who didn’t get it, don’t worry. You’re not missing anything.



Hate Mail:

Extra heavy on the Hate this week so if we didn’t get to yours this week sit tight.

Way Lands

  • X is pretty fast. Bloated, but fast
  • We’re probably going to see a performance dip at first, but it’ll probably improve over time




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