LinuxGameCast Weekly 281: Linux Fashion Show

SteamOS beta receives a massive update! Humble picks a Bundle, OpenTESArena resurrects The Elder Scrolls and Catbot runs out of lives. All this plus your hate mail.

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Steam News:
Ban hammer

  • Good ol’ kneejerk reactions. Keeps the internet interesting
  • The short version is cheaters are super salty their shit is getting caught in TF2 and they were hoping to drum up public pressure on Valve to relax their anti-cheat
  • And lets be real, anti-cheat software does some questionable things, but I really do think it’s a net good. If you want t have a thriving multiplayer community, you gotta cut that toxic shit out ASAP so that new people will actually want to play your game
  • Unless you’re a dota like. Then you need your shitty community
  • Something like this kinda needed to happen.
  • Now the average gamer knows cheaters are straight-up scumm.
  • I’ve seen it happen time and time again in /r/Steam where some FKR moans and bitches (gets lucky and the thread gets a shite load of upbaots) about being unfailey banned for no reason.
  • Then someone from VALVe shows up and tells them they are full of it and their response is always along the lines of “well, it was worth a try, right?”
  • The whole thing sounded too dumb to believe when I first heard about this, and indeed it was.
  • Try to cheat VAC, get banned.

Show me the`

  • Well, at least a quarter of the top games have linux versions
  • There’s at least one linux game in the top sellers of every month, which is nice, but we need more titles. Big ones
    • Shit son, I would be happy with a little cup-o-head at this point.
  • Unfortunately that brings up another thing.
  • It seems the more popular a game is the less likely it is to get a Linux port after the fact.
    • Feral (and to a lesser extent Ass-Pyre) being the exceptions.
  • For PUBG runs on UE4 which supports Linux, nut nope
  • …and CDProjektRed grinds it in our faces by still not porting Witcher 3

Steam HW survey finally has Vulkan systems section

  • Basically a neat little lead in to the next story

RIP 750

  • Still a good little card for basic gaming.
  • That seems legit. People tend to cycle their mid-range video card every couple of years, so the generation handoff seems to support that behaviour
  • Also apparently usage for many cards dropped
  • I just stepped from my 780ti to a 1060 – same performance, half the power

Chicken dinner

  • That is a big old honking list of games that should be on the Linux.
  • That said we got Rocket Cars, Stardew, G-MOD, CS, but not Tomb Raider *glares @ Feral*
  • It’s good to see RL on these lists


  • Guess at least one person @ VALVe remembers they support Linux.
  • Bump to 387.22 NVIDIA
  • 17.2.4 MESA
  • Kernel 4.14.3


  • Bunch of little enhancements to several levels.

State of mind

  • The game has an interesting Max-Headroomy aesthetic
  • Aside from some environment interaction dialogue, not much in the way of indicating how the game will play
  • Coming spoon


  • Seizure warning all the things
  • Seems like this is an adventure game in the vein of your Amenisas and your SOMAs
  • Maybe slowjam piano music isn’t the best way to sell your game…
  • Graphics look really nice, except the people
  • The uncanny valley strikes again



  • Finally you can rest in peace knowing that your 24 display xinerama setup can now work OOTB
  • No word on the workaround for that performance issue,
  • 1070TI support came a bit late IMO
    • I think it “worked” but didn’t have official support.
  • Now what I want to know is if the damn thing will built against 4.15 kernels OOTB
  • They’re polishing up their EGL support, so we’re switching to Wayland when?


  • Two variants of Spectre could theoretically be used to infect you.
  • NVIDIA is already pushing out Linux drivers to sort it.
  • Even for OLD arse-hardware.
  • …and their drivers are still a swiss cheese of security vulnerabilities

3.5 Linux games

  • Couple of good one in there.
  • You should totally help us out through our Humble affiliate link too
  • $6 for Aragame is worth it.
  • Shenzen I/O looks like fun
  • By the guy who did TIS-100

A new bench

  • Remember back in the day when things came with build instructions.
    • It is using Unity, probably not so happy on providing the sauce.
  • 10348 on Vulkan Extreme, 10067 on OpenGL Extreme.
  • Nopes, and nopes hard on the dual GPU system of business.
  • I smell a BENCHOFF!!

Do not tango with the type of people who run Linux on their Playstations

  • Glad to see a final release. A year for cracking a brand new console isn’t too bad
  • Curious if you can get some decent HW accelerated openGL or Vulkan with the mesa driver. Would definitely make the PS4 a pretty slick little desktop box
    • Considering it is an AMD gpu and the nightmare that is amdgpu… I’m not holding my breath.
  • Booting may require multiple attempts due to memory randomization.


  • Grab it now before nintendo ASMR’s it
  • Contains 80 completely new, fan-made levels across 8 worlds.
  • 1 to 4 players
  • DL server located in Mordor.
  • Heads up, it does require you to patch a ROM, so you’ll need to find a way to procure one
  • Does include an automagic script to patch that business.

OpenArena Lives

  • Not quite as unecessary as Daggerfall Unity, and not quite as insane as OpenMW
  • Still needs the original assets, which are available for free from the elder scrolls site
  • SDL2, C++11 goodness
  • Don’t know what the hell a “The Elder Scrolls: Arena” is and plan on keeping it that way.
  • There is a reason Morrowind was the breakout hit
  • They hadn’t found the forumla yet


  • Apparently the nvidia vulkan implementation doesn’t properly parse values using scientific notation.
    • This is the kind of shit I love about these emulator projects. THey do all sorts of weird crap with graphics APIs that really put the drivers through their paces
  • Demon Souls is playable in 4k now, Uncharted apparently works @ 10K
  • Inexplicably, the first two Nier games run better in linux
  • Fixed an annoying bug that had been happening with NVIDIA Linux proprietary drivers/ that made a lot of games display broken graphics when running on the Vulkan render.
  • Not only do these FKRs have a Linux build they legit support it.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Broforce
Webzone: Broforce
Devel: Free Lives
Engine: Unity
Price: $14.99

Wazzat: When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce – an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization

Makes with the working


  • Had to manually set windowed mode via launch options.
  • It likes to randomly hang when Steam overlay is enabled.
  • Steam controlla flipped out more than once.
  • Online multiplayer is a FSM damned nightmare.
  • Hell, even my hosted game somehow managed to suffer lag.


  • See thursdays stream for online woes causing le chair to be dinged
  • Windowed mode worked in the menu for me


  • Opened in a window and detected my controller


Shiny / Sounds


  • Hipster-pixel goodness.
  • Nothing to really poop on since it’s very well done.
  • Character blindness is legit.
  • Didn’t really notice if it had a soundtrack.


  • Character blindness is a real problem with this game, especially in multiplayer
  • That said, all of the character designs are fun little pastiches of known IP


  • Only 300mb legit hipster pixel
  • Not as clean as Metal Slug, but more variety




  • “”Works”” with the Steam controlla for the most part.
  • Has a tendency to flip the hell out in the overworld map.
  • When it’s not being an arse everything is logically laid out and plays well enough.


  • No real issues with controls
  • Mind you, if you’re using a DS4 paired as a steam controller, you need to keep steam overlay on


  • X360 worked flawlessly




  • Eh, multiplayer is a bit of alright but spending 20min figuring out how to get everyone connected sucks a LOT of the fun out of it.
  • I think this is better suited for local coop.
  • Did I have a good time? Eh, didn’t hate it but really does nothing new.
  • I like the parody characters and it has a good sense of humour all around.


  • I had fun playing it
  • The couch co-op experience is pretty solid, and despite the online mode being very buggy
  • When network multiplayer works, it is pretty fun
  • Even single player isn’t all that bad.
  • It’s a megaman style shooter with destructable environments and fun characters. All and all a pretty fun time


  • I’ll play this for hours
  • Forced char switches are annoying
  • Explosions blood and gore, what’s not to like?



Hate Mail:



  • No prototype and they want to use electron.
  • Yeh, no.
  • Discord beat you to it.

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