LinuxGameCast Weekly EP198 – Dope Show

Valve sells 500,000 things! Dead Island learns how to Linux, AMD releases the 480, and Payday ditches microtransactions. Then Melody’s Escape faces the CHAIRQUISITION!


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Colour key: Venn Pedro Mike

Controllas everywhere

  • That number is only that low because VALVe has been ignoring the physical retailers basically everywhere outside North America.
    • You misspelled saving money by not having to deal /w a distribution network.
  • Woah, offer a quality product that does something well and fills a niche… and people will buy it? GTFO
  • There are stores outside the USA?!?

Boxen nowhere

  • I was wondering how they calculated the number of boxen shipped #clevergirl
  • 100% on VALVe for not throwing their weight behind this.
  • Good luck getting manufactures to take another chance on Steam Boxen.
  • We already knew the Steambox was dead in the water the minute we saw the prices
  • It was practically stillborn.
  • I like how condescendingly they bring up the reason why Valve started SteamOS and the Steam Machines, but seem to forget about the Universal Windows Platform and UW Apps.
  • Also, and this isn’t me defending Valve, stop blaming the platform for shitty ports!
    • I don’t remember any of these websites blaming Microsoft for the shitty Dark Souls port in 2011. Why would Valve be responsible for shitty ports for SteamOS when they’ve gone completely hands-off on the Steam store itself?
    • They don’t give a fuck. All they care about is having an out when Microsoft pushes the UWP like they tried to push Games for Windows Live.

Definitive(ly) Dead Island

  • If you already have Dead Island you can get the Definitive Edition for that for like €3, I’m assuming the same goes for Riptide.
  • I forked the €3 for it.
  • The initial load is still Single-Threadsville but the moment you go into the game proper it hums on all cores. Averaging 50-70% on all 8, on my end.
  • To the point where the 970 claimed 100% GPU utilization and ~70% Video Memory usage.
  • I guess they finally took some of the criticism on board and decided to address it.
  • It’s a strange world we live in when I was happy to see the 970 being the bottleneck, for once!
  • Multiplayer isn’t working.
  • It boots you the moment you join someone else. Thanks to Lockdonnen for bringing that to my attention.
    • On his end it was even worse because, after he was booted, his game would freeze.
  • Pedro’s stream earlier piqued my interest… but not $20 worth
  • Hmmmm, wasn’t the GOTY edition in a Humble Bundle? It was.
  • Definitely worth $3
  • UHD: 25-30 ferps, 1080p: 60 solid
  • Interest renewed!

WTF is going on 2

  • I remember playing the first one.
  • Still no clue what the hell is happening.
  • It’s pretty… boring.
  • Such… Flashing… Lights… if you have any sort of epilepsy, stay away!
  • You can use your own music… and even to beat detection live on Linux ONLY (for now)
  • Pass while still in EA

Don’t cross the steams

  • 22 titles, meh.
  • “We’re still relevant, you guys! Even if we have to give away a ton of games to do it.”
  • Linux client? What Linux client?
  • And without the non-existent Linux client I’m having a hard time finding a use case.
  • I had a whole 9 games which could be added to my GOG account, from a Steam account with 657 games 460 of which are for Linux.
  • It added 10 games for me… that I already owned, probably from a Humble Bundle or something
  • “For A Limited Time Only”… on a per-game basis.
  • AKA come back and check often!

Godot sell some dope, man

  • Everyone’s favorite open-source engine used for a “real” game, for real money.
  • This brings the total to 3! (Steam Quest and Steno Arcade)
  • It didn’t have fancy graphics, but the version on my TI-85 was better.
  • Sooooooo Drug Wars?
    • Not even particularly good Dope Wars, but the get a pass for the Godot/price combo

RKD as in Arcadey

  • Reminds me of Temple Run
  • Look like a shite Android port *googles* ding ding ding!
  • Remember kids, “partial controller support” means “I don’t know how to Unity, bro”

Racist Sea

  • “Blacksea Odyssey, a violent top-down rogue-lite space shoot ‘em up RPG”
    • One more and you get a bite-sized snickers!

Passmark CPU 1000

  • What pre-made Unity asset pack did this some from?

Strange days a-comin’

  • Feral has announced they’re going to be releasing the game on Mac AppStore soon.
  • Judging by the fully laid out Linux depots on Steam, looks like the penguin may get a port too.
  • I just hope Feral gets in touch with Techland and asks them how they did the Linux port of Dead Island definitive edition. I want to see more of those!

Painkiller Warrior Redux



  • Available for Ubuntu 16.04
    • You know SteamOS is playing with fire when even Ubuntu gets it later.
  • How this differs from the SteamOS integration is in the GPUs it supports.
    • SteamOS has support for the Bonaires, this one supports the Tongas and Fijis.
  • Oh look, limitations!

Not that 480

  • I’m going to assume it’s a rebrand of the 390/390X with a lower TDP.
  • That’s not the kind of hardware AMD needs right now.
    • B-b-b-but price/performance  
  • Yes, the price is low but you will still have deal with AMD’s drivers on Linux.
    • Nobody running Linux buys AMD video cards, willingly.  
      • I’m only preemptively answering all of the RX 480 threads which will inevitably pop up on social medias and subreddits.
  • And AMD has nothing to go up against the 1080 in terms of performance.
  • “AMD is going after the mainstream market” =’s
    • O_0 we didn’t think Pascal was going to be that fast.
    • Quick! Rebrand something and buy us some time!  


  • Spanks my 980 in Unigine Heaven by 30.
  • This will be my next upgrade.
  • 7.5GB here I come!
  • 1080 ti OR NOPE to go with my i7 6950X

Lightsaber editor (preview)

Voluntary doom

  • Open sauce recreation of the Doom 64 game, based on the original Doom engine sauce.
  • The new version came a bit late, because the maintainer is also working on Turok2EX.
  • It may have been late but it certainly isn’t lacking.

Drunken DOOM

  • They don’t claim it “works” but it’s a start.
  • This game WILL run on the Linuxes because DOOM
  • Give it another release or two
  • I’m full on “Fuck Bethesda“, right now!
  • This is interesting but I’d rather have some way of toggling whether or not Windows applications see Data Execution Prevention as enabled or disabled on the Staging tab.
    • That would actually, probably let me play some APB Reloaded again.


More speed

  • Unfortunately NFSIISE not available for purchase on GOG or Steam
  • It is on Amazon… for $50. Good thing I have that copy on my shelf.
  • Damn thing won’t build.
    • Hardcoded library paths… sigh
  • Suggestion: CMAKE
  • It built fine on my end, I just didn’t have a copy of the game and the local video store didn’t have any copies I could rent.

Evolving Dolphins

  • Bounding Box OpenGL support like a MOFO.
  • Why DX12?
  • For a project of this magnitude, why are you pouring time and resources into DX12 which would be much better served for Vulkan?
  • Because nobody can do Vulkan yet…
  • They’ll get there

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game:Melody’s Escape
Devel: Icetesy SPRL
Engine: FNA
Price: € 8.99 / US$ 9.99 / CDN$ 10.99

Wazzat: Run, jump and slide to the rhythm of your own music library! In Melody’s Escape, advanced audio detection algorithms transcribe the energy that you feel when listening to music into a synchronized gameplay experience, with a captivating and dynamic obstacle course.

Mandatory Disclosure:  They sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • Protip: Don’t play while rendering a LGC review.
  • Alright, it hard-noped my box again.
  • Aaaaaand a third time.
  • Yeah, 3 hard-nopes in 32 minutes.




Shiny / Sounds


  • The silhouette style works for what it is.
  • Hell, one might even say it’s a bit of alright.
  • Music is what you make it.


  • Steam Workshop saves this one
  • Play as Batman, Goku, or a ninja… if that’s your thing
  • Built-in tracks are exactly the type of techno I don’t like
  • Beat detection doesn’t work very well with guitars
  • It did Major Lazer, Sam & Dave, and Ice Cube well
  • Them Crooked Vultures and Metallica… not so much
  • It was neat how the camera zoomed out when the music got faster
  • 2 chairs if not for the custom bits making things better


  • I do like the simplicity in the graphics, it makes all of the relevant stuff clearer.
  • What doesn’t make it clearer is, the moment the song you’re playing through gets a bit louder and your character starts going a bit faster, everything is blurry!
  • Maybe that’s me and my astigmatism but fact of the matter is, if I spend more than 30 minutes at a time looking at this game, I get a nasty headache!
  • Sounds-wise, yeah it has 7 songs built in and doesn’t seem to be able to find the soundtracks you have installed, from other Steam games.
    • Which means, the only way you can play it on a Steam Box is by manually transferring music files to it. That’s not going to happen, not in 2016.
  • I know that it’s possible for games to automatically find the locally stored music by hooking into the Steam Music API because Audiosurf, the first one, does it!




  • The A button worked when it felt like it.
  • Force feedback did not work /w my Thrust Turbo racing triangle.


  • At first I though you had to do the arrows with the stick, and the blobs with the buttons
  • Force feedback NON-STOP when things got hectic
  • Really, it’s a four button game, with two different icons for each button
  • Confused the bejeezus out of me, and I’m usually decent at rhythm games
  • It missed presses sometimes, or the timing was weird, or something.


  • The timing is weird!
  • There’s quite a few people complaining that the button presses aren’t always in sync with the rhythm of the song you’re playing through.
  • And the human brain likes patterns, so if the pattern set by the rhythm of the song is not in sync with the button presses.
  • You’re either missing the buttons or you’re not immersed, because you have to physically take yourself out of the experience in order to hit the prompts correctly.
  • It’s a literal drop-in FNA port. All the controller support is there.
  • Unfortunately, the way the game’s algorithm interprets a track is a crap shoot!
    • Hell, if you clear the settings and cache files for the game after playing through a song, you’ll have a different level for that exact same song!
  • So yeah, if you’re trying to predict what coming based on whether the song is coming to the chorus, forget about it!




  • Rebooting my box every 10min simulator didn’t live up to my expectations.  
  • Why pay $9.99 for the experience when I can download Windows 10 for free?


  • Playing felt like a chore, had a hard time putting in an hour
  • The two different button prompts (option and mandatory) confused and angered me
  • Built-in tracks and graphics hold little appeal


  • There’s a reason other rhythm games, Audiosurf, Guitar Hero, etc., have the button prompts coming at you from the “front”.
  • Because when you put them off to the side and you have to change the speed of any given level based on how loud the song is, having the prompts coming from the side is a crapshoot!
  • In Melody’s Escape, said crapshoot is compounded by the blurriness which I can’t seem to be able to turn off.
  • The game also doesn’t pick up on the audio files automatically, which means you’ll have to search for them, and you’re always going to have to navigate to those folders by hand because it forgets whenever you close it.
  • Really, the only positive thing I can say about Melody’s Escape is that it has Steam Workshop integration for mods.
  • But, when the only things you can mod are the character (for there is only one), the color scheme, and nothing else, let’s just say that’s not going to save it.



Hate Mail:




  • Wouldn’t know, never purchased an Intel desktop CPU.
  • Only because I’m a REAL AMD fanboi

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