LinuxGameCast Weekly EP216 – Dip Silver

Mad Max gets a release date! CS:GO charges for graffiti, Humble goes to War, and Twitch enables uploads. Then Pavilion faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Opponents beware

  • The state’s Gambling Commission is extremely upset about not getting their cut.
  • That’s just it. The state’s gambling commission. Affecting Washington, and no one else.
    • VALVe HQ’s home base so they might spur them into doing something.


  • Monetized, limited-use graffiti.
  • That’s pretty low, VALVe. Even for you.
  • And because it’s valve, we can’t even get official nudie sprays.

Steamy Rules

  • Don’t overcharge Steam customers.
    • *cough* OVERGROWTH*cough*\
  • Seriously though, we’ve seen a ton of early access titles that spit in the face of these rules.
  • Valve don’t care though, because they’re still making money.
  • And more games, regardless of quality mean more money for VALVe.


  • Ok, let’s go down their list of suggestions:
    • Arkane – Currently in Bethesda’s/Zenimax’s pocket. No.
    • CDPR – Do you want HL:Whatever to be an eON “port”?
    • Deep Silver – What did I just ask?
    • Warhorse – The people who said, during their kickstarter, their game would come to Linux and Mac and then flat out said it probably wouldn’t and are offering crowdfunding refunds on it?
    • id – You mean Bethesda’s new moneymaker?
    • Gearbox – Ah yes, because Randy “Colonial Marines” Pitchford is the kind of person you want behind that… uhuh!
  • These are all fucking terrible suggestions!
  • Deep Silver and cross your finger-organs.
  • The entire premise of this article is kind of dumb
  • What could be interesting is if valve provided the half life license to a few companies to produce some interesting games to fill the void
    • Sort of like what Croteam did with serious sam in the late aughts

Because Wang

  • “$3 million prize pool…” Damned be the FSM for making me hate MOBAs!
  • It’s funny because wang means penis
  • What would be nice is if all the gaming stations were running SteamOS. But why would you want to promote your OS valve?
    • At least make them play with areola controllas.
    • Seriously, I would watch that.

Rocket Update

  • “AquaDome” Arena is apparently all the rage with kids these days.
  • Two bugfixes and a bajillion cosmetics / DLC.
  • Still crashes randomly.

Maddest Max

  • Okay.
  • It means we can expect shit performance on AMD CPUs upon initial release with maybe a patch later down the line to improve it.
  • Still, Feral have been pretty consistent with the Linuxes and the questionable performance in their ports, so I’m willing to be gentle this time.
  • Also because from what I’ve seen so far, Mad Max is set to be the Skyrim level sandbox game for Linux in the foreseeable future.
    • And I’ve been aching for some of that!
  • I’m a little disappointed by this.
  • If this were an in house port, it would likely be an engine port, meaning that we’re a hop, skip and jump away from Just Cause on linux
    • They might have tried an in-house port and (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
      • Also possible they handed the initial work to feral to complete it.
  • This is likely a one and done.
  • FFS people learn how to make with the communication!
  • Despite what you think, going radio silent causes people to forget about shite.
  • That, and this title has been on sale for single digits more than once so don’t expect much in the way of $$$ unless you -75% this mother.

Deader Island

  • Remember the old Techland/Deep Silver slapfight over who had to support the game?
  • Now we know who won!
  • If this sorts multiplayer it’s on like dankykang.
    • NERP
    • It did work for Venn and I on a fluke though. Could not reproduce


  • Cheap as free
  • Full of 800×600 Goodness
  • What is wrong with your face framerate?
  • That’s not something you should be showing in your trailer!
  • Got killed to death twice and noped.

Domo Aragami

  • This looks *rubs eye-organs* good?
  • Very purdy cell shaded graphics
  • But how does it compare to a similar game: Shadwen
    • Multiplayer, it has that going for it.


War Bundle

  • I wonder if they fixed the performance issues. If not this is a pass. If so? Meh.
  • Pay $10 to wonder how something that looks sooo fugly manages to perform so badly.

Downloads and Uploads

  • Being able to download the stream videos is BOSS.
  • Uploading is full-metal shots fired @ the Tubes but Twitch need to expand categories.


  • Going by mfoxdogg’s words, Godot was probably a good choice!
  • Basically a high level rundown of the software that you’d require.
  • I feel this would be a better article if it actually linked to some good tutorials or learning resources for these tools. Otherwise this amounts to giving a baby a chainsaw and expecting a bear sculpture to materialize


  • Wobbly polygons was my old stage name.
  • Software fix to a hardware limitation of the original ps1 that was maintained in most emulators

Nox Imperii 0.5.0

  • Had to install libzip-devel to compile the little guy.
  • Anyone figure out the controls?
    • PC asteroid style. AD – Turn, W – Accelerate

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Pavilion
Devel: Visiontrick Media

Wazzat: Pavilion, a fourth-person puzzling adventure, throws you directly into its mysterious world without any text tutorials or beginning explanations. A puzzle game portrayed through exploration and audio-visual imagery.

Mandatory Disclosure: They sent us keys

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • Ever enable “show cursor/touch” on the Androids?
  • Because that’s what will distract you from the beautifully drawn levels.
  • It shouldn’t but it’s just so damn out of place with the rest of the aesthetic.
  • The levels/puzzles are wicked beautiful and hella intricate.
  • It has sounds but like Mr. Modo I hate the bells so they were noped with a quickness.


  • Very pretty hand drawn sprites and backgrounds
  • The one sore spot is the crappy photoshop-effect-esque cursor you use to ding bells


  • For all my spiels about mechanics, narrative and aesthetics it’s good to see a game which can focus on just the aesthetics and still be functional. I’ll expand on that a bit more later.
  • Pavilion’s focus is very clearly on the aesthetics.
  • The backdrops, sprites and even the dullard you’re attempting to help navigate the world are very well drawn.
  • The background music is subtle but very effective in creating a sort of quasi-theological setting with a healthy dose of atmosphere.
  • It’s a game which focuses on the “Show, don’t tell” school of game design and I love that.
  • The moment you leave the Main Menu and get in game proper, there’s no more text on screen!




  • Move, RANG, push/pull, RANG.
  • Controlla or directional keys + space.
  • You even made this fkr require a controlla on the NVIDIA SHIELD?
  • Why not let me directly interact /w the world via gerbil?
    • This is either a troll or being stupid on purpose.
  • I’m not giving it two Chairs because this artard decision does allow you play this in Big Picture without needing the Areola Controlla.


  • DING
  • You control the guy by ringing bells. I want an option to slap the guy upside the head whenever he does something stupid
  • Also, to echo my cohosts: Y U NO USE MOUSE FOR CURSOR


  • Controls, in other to not break immersion, need to be spot on.
  • And the way to make spot on controls, in a game where your agency as a player is conveyed by a cursor, is to use the tool people are often the most familiar with. Which in the case of cursors, it’s a freakin’ mouse!
  • How do you make a game where a player’s only visual representation in-game proper is a cursor and not have mouse control for it?
  • The closest you can get to “mouse control” in this game is to grab a Steam Controller, set one of the areolas to “Enhanced Camera Control” or “Joystick Mouse”.
  • That way, that areola will behave like a touchpad but still output as though it’s an analog stick.




  • If I leave it running in the background I forget about it until don’t and end up solving another puzzle.
  • Yeah, we’re getting odd to a bad start.
  • I don’t know, it never really clicked with me.
  • I found the puzzles more frustrating than challenging.
  • More importantly the game doesn’t exactly go out of it’s way to explain why you should bother in the first place.
  • This isn’t a fourth-person puzzling adventure nay, it’s a dick God simulator who just so happens to have a raging stiffy for ringing bells.


  • If you caught the stream on Wednesday, you saw a few of the puzzles
  • Not so much logic as process of elimination
  • I wanna compare this game to a much better artsy puzzle game: The bridge
  • The bridge fucks with you. It gives you a couple simple solutions that make you fall into the trap
  • You need to think several steps ahead
  • This? The main character is an idiot who can’t see things five feet in front of him, and you expect me to guide him to a door.


  • We’ve had puzzle games before which stride the line between simple and simplistic.
  • Stephen’s Sausage Roll immediately comes to mind.
  • Not just for its simplicity but also for its almost utopic reliance on mechanics.
  • SSR eschewed fancy aesthetics and all manner of pre-formed narrative to focus on a very simple set of mechanics.
  • And the very basic aesthetics served only to complement those mechanics.
  • Everything you needed to solve any given puzzle was ALWAYS on screen the entire time.
  • That is how you make a genius puzzle game. You give players the gun and then sit back with some popcorn watching them repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot.
  • Pavilion is definitely trying to do something similar, but fails to grasp the “simplicity factor”.
  • Yes, the art is very pretty, but if you’re making me scroll through an entire screens-worth of nothing just to so you could put more pretties in and that ends up artificially inflating the difficulty, because I can’t see exactly which bell is going to lead where, you haven’t made a game.
  • You’ve made a pretentious piece of masturbatory art. Which explains the whole “fourth person” denominator.
  • A very aesthetically pleasing one at that!
  • But you failed to grasp the simple concept that, in 2016, a cursor is driven by a mouse
  • And in your hubris to show us all your lovely artwork, you’ve artificially padded your game in completely unnecessary ways.
  • Maybe it’s just me and my unwavering preference for mechanics over aesthetics and narrative in videogames.



Hate Mail:



  • I gotta agree with fungus. Getting UE4 up and running under linux is a pain. I suppose someone in the community could take it upon themselves to create some standardized deb/rpm packages for the engine
  • But for someone who wants to start fooling around with the engine, there’s a lot of stuff you need to go through in order to get that fucker compiled. So much so that you’ll probably end up going back to Unity or Godot just to get some work done

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