SteamVR for Linux is LIVE! Chatbots invade CS:GO, Rocket League gets Hot, and RetroPie needs your help! Then Disgaea 2 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Voting conrollas

  • Oh, you can finally vote for the controller layouts that actually work and weren’t thought by and for lobster people.
    • Big talk for a lobster person
    • Taste like lobster, talk like Pedro. Non stop. Always


Turing test

  • This should be sorted in Q2 2037 because VALVe time.
  • It’s great, the lag spikes from when a server gets hit stretches into the full seconds.
  • Good ol’ public shaming. The only way to get valve to acknowledge or do anything


VR Penguins

  • We will interview the Empty who shall explain how it makes with the working.
    • Well it didn’t work so strike that. Might try again next week.
  • At least linux gets VR before Mac. Haw haw
    • Wonder how many dongles it would take.



  • Gaben reiterates Valve’s more measured approach to VR.
  • We’re still waiting on that killer app that makes everyone want to at least give VR a spin.
  • Still, shit ain’t going anywhere until TCO drops waaay down
  • “I can’t point to a single piece of content that would cause millions of people to justify changing their home computing.”
    • In the meantime, this is where the focus is when Linux has 4x as many people on Steam than VR users.
      • One isn’t a sexy piece of paradigm shifting hardware
        • And when I say sexy, it’s because it fucks your face
  • This comes as a shock to absolutely noone.
  • Subsidized development deals for VR are the norm.
  • Oculus is well known to throw out some wet stinky in exchange for exclusives.


Steamy Sounding

  • Integrates into all your favourite game engines. Or if you want to just write shit in C because you hate yourself and the world
  • Supposedly provides a ton of nifty sound tech like giving you appropriate echo based on where you are in a level, where you are in the room., etc.
  • I’m curious to see what comes of it.


Serious VR

  • Our favourite psychopaths from Croatia deliver again.
  • Helluva price for an early access title.
  • I played a little bit of the precursor to this at a friends house a while ago
  • If you’re a psychopathic early adopter like empty and want to try this out, take my advice: Give yourself ample room or you’re gonna crash into shit


Rocket Cars 1.29

  • DLC… the update.
  • They also released a patch for the patch the very next day.
  • They apparently also changed something with the physics interactions between the cars and the ball which has a bunch of people up in arms.
  • I personally didn’t notice anything, but then again I don’t play the game as much as some other people.
    • Trugs mentioned the reintroduction of spit-crashes and he is not the only one.


Dark Horizons

  • I want to slap whoever thought it was a good idea to have that much motion blur in that trailer.
  • Less than half the price of Heavy Gear Assault and it looks like a proper Mech game.
  • Will this thing have proper joystick support though? Can you go and build your sweet ass mechwarrior rig?


Tux Cart goes for Green… light

  • Still local multiplayer only.
  • Gotta go for the Green before it gets noped.
    • Or risk paying a fuckton of money to get it on Steam.
  • Online multiplayer (our top priority)
    • Oh, now that you want people to play it it’s a top priority.
    • They have been promising that for two+ years.



  • I’m not in love with Senor Sterling, like some of my other co-hosts, but honestly, this would have been thrown out of court regardless
  • Bad reviews != slander, at least in US courts. What with review/parody/etc being protected under fair use
  • A dismissal with prejudice will stop the FKR from trying to sue him over the same shite.
  • In a way, I’m disappointed this didn’t make it to court.
  • Because if it had, there’d be precedent set for this in the US of A and it would probably stop further incidents.


Civ Bundle (added by @aenertia)

  • If you want Linux games, you need to pay more than the average.
  • Still, it’s around €8 for Civ 5 and the expansions. If you want Beyond Earth and its expansions, you’ll need to drop $15.


Castle 6.0

  • Write games in pascal? Good new folks!
  • UI scaling now works
  • New pipeline for exporting from blender and importing to castle
  • They’re also moving from sourceforge to github.


Endless Sky

  • Scons -j8
  • It… compiles.


Come drink some WINE

  • Those poor internet cafes.
  • Does this mean that they’re going to be dropping d3d9 support? If that’s the case, Che and Linda gonna be pissed.


A+B (Added by foxy)

  • I guess this could be challenging for kids who grew up with a SNES and later.
  • It’s good to see interesting games like this come out of game jams. And more godot devs is good
  • The sauce is available and the ones they mention in the article all seem to have Linux versions.
  • It’s good see some developers took the “Two Buttons” theme and did something which wasn’t just a game limited to two buttons, though some of these can be played with only two buttons.


Help Pi

  • Signal boost to help these guys out. The put together a really nice project and some jerks are trying to troll them by registering retropie as a trademark
  • Because our podcast is very popular with lawyers for some reason

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want



Game: Disgaea 2
Devel: Nippon Ichi Software
Engine: Custom
Price: 19.99 / CDN 21.99

Wazzat: When Adell and his family accidentally kidnap the Princess of the Netherworld, all hell breaks loose. Adell races to return the Princess to her home, where he hopes to defeat the Overlord and break the curse on his world.

Mandatory disclosure: They sent us keys


Makes with the working


  • Monitor times out.
  • This is annoying when you are halfway across the studio conked out on the wub sofa.




Shiny / Sounds


  • Ever play Ocarina of Time on a N64 emulator?
  • Yeah, it’s less jarring than this critter.
  • By default you get wicked hi-res menus (and art) mixed with some melted pixel graphics.
  • However, if you disable the pixel filter things start looking legit.
  • I’m not saying it prevents the characters from clashing with the 2006 3D background but it helps.
  • The English voice “acting” killed my houseplant.
  • The Dooood screaming penguins salted the earth it was planted in.
  • The background music is passable but it’s on a short loop.


  • This is a PS2 game. It came out many moons ago
  • HD remake this is not. Those sprites look bad
  • They could really use with some variety on the background music. 5 hours in and I’ve just sort of learned how to tune it out
  • The voice acting is pure unadulterated fromage and I kind of like it for that reason, even if the main dude with the girl’s name sounds like a whiny bitch half the time


  • I was a bit disappointed here.
  • The character sprites were just up scaled and they don’t look good when you’re playing at 1080p.
  • The background music starts to grate after a while and the voice acting, I get that were going for purposefully camp voice-acting.
  • But being campy on purpose is still being campy.




  • Worked OOTB with the Xclone conrolla and you can rebind all the things.


  • My only nitpick is that the camera and square selection can eat a gigantic bag of dicks