LinuxGameCast Weekly 267 – Pixelated Frustation

Rocket League goes clear, Humble drops another outrageous Bundle, RPCS3 gets some hate mail, and VALVe removes over 170 “fake” games. Then Bogus Detour faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

It’s a start

  • So, fkn, what.
  • Have you looked at the new releases since they noped the Greenlight?
  • At least with that system there was a 0.01% chance of voting shite off.
  • At least they’re doing something.
  • Granted, they did the minimum effort thing, like they’ve always done.
  • But they’re doing it.
  • That’s about as much sympathy for the devil as I can muster for VALVe at this point.

Rockets in Autumn

  • Still think transparent goals =’s wall hax.
  • Welp, it introduced some noticeable herky-jerk on this end.
    • Janks subsided after the server crash.
  • Black walls in the Farm arena.
  • As an aside, you can disable crossplay.
  • This has been around forever but it was a TIL.

Dream Daddy

  • All we need now is a linux version of Who’s your daddy and Shower with your Dad Simulator. Then we’ll have the dad trifecta
  • Apparently Ethan was on “click export” duty as the game is done in unity, but still

Captain Caveman

  • An arcade style schmup platformer? Sounds alright
  • More proof though that the mantra of “Does it have couch multiplayer? Then it should have online multiplayer” rings true
    • Games drastically limit their sales potential by not including online multiplayer.


  • Looks fun, won’t buy it because ^
    • ^


  • Ninjafall: Ninjacension
  • At least this one seems to have online multiplayer.
  • Something Towerfall was sorely lacking.

Yes, yes it is

  • Welp, let this serve as a lesson to everyone who thinks staying in perpetual Early Access is a sustainable business model.
  • Eventually even the hardest of hard-core fans will nope the hell out.
  • “Update 27
  • The next short term goal is to finally get Update 27 out. Update 27 is centered mostly around expanding our combat sandbox arena called Wargames and fixing as many of our bugs as possible.”
    • Translation: We want some of that PUBG money, yo!
  • Homeboy’s gonna learn how to code and finish the game while working as a medical assistant
  • Read: This game won’t get finished. Ever. Pack it up boys, don’t fall victim to the sunk cost fallacy. That money, time and effort are gone
    • After 7+ years of “development” and little to no progress in the last 4 yeah, pack it in.
    • The only person left here is the “idea” guy and seems like the rest of the team had enough of his ideas and moved on.

Rusty updates

  • PUBG has caused a lot of murderdeath sandbox simulators to pull a Summer.
  • Tried to join an official public server but gave up after waiting 2+ minutes for it to DL resources.

Beta pirates (RTheren)

  • The original SPAZ got a port by humble, so at least they’re keeping up with the linux support
    • Especially because unity
  • Just start telling people it’s on linux brad. It’s early access. Get those bug reports


We’ve reached peak nostalgia cash-grab

  • Linux based….amd powered
  • “…will run Linux on an Advanced Micro Devices processor and cost $250 to $300.”
    • Fuckin’ wot?
  • Nintendo releases $70 retro consoles and makes a killing.
  • Atari (in name only) goes full-retard.

Jump (from Stephen)

  • We should really have proliferated non-shit, affordable internet before we try to make shit like this work.
    • That’s kind of the issue.
    • Shite like this barely works in-home.
  • They sorta try to work around the issue of streaming the game by having mostly low hardware requirement games on the service.

DMCA Abuse, by Atlus

  • Good jerb, morons!
  • By Friday a whole lot more people will will know about RPCS3.
    • That was literally all this accomplished.
  • Also, this was attempted abuse of the DCMA.
  • Kudos on Patreon for not pulling a Youtube and just nuking RPCS3’s devs pages.
  • Instead they told him about what had happened and advised them on the best course of action.
  • So now there’s no mention of Persona 5 anywhere, but a hell of a lot more people know about RPCS3 and those Patreon pages have a few extra wet stinkies being thrown their way.
  • The resolution of this seems to be that rpcs3 removed all mentions of Persona 5 from their site
  • I’m curious if this is going to start a precedent.
  • Will folks like nintendo and sony eventually decide to go after Dolphin and rpcs3?
  • This is one of those scenarios in which fundamentally broken laws are going to be abused in order to enforce a very narrow corporate vision, regardless of whether it’s “legal” or not.
    • Fair use or no, Fighting legal battles is expensive. These emulator projects are labours of love. And unfortunately, you can’t write a check made out to love.

Truly outrageous bundle

  • I sorta want Apotheon but that’s about it.
    • Yeah, that seems to be the only game of interest in here

WINe 2.18

  • Alright, somebody help me here.
  • Why is any work being put into sorting Half Life bugs?
    • Old goldsrc derrived games that never got linux versions?
  • Mafia II seems to be sorta-kinda playable and that’ neat.

Why Unity?

  • That horse reminds me of Cyrix chips and spite crashes.
  • The modability is awesome to see and it may even make it easier to some insane person to go in and completely overhaul the whole look of the game.
  • I guess since OpenMW is now mostly feature complete and
  • Well, I guess they decided to really go forward with this
  • I suppose if you want to sidestep dosbox to play daggerfall (which is free), this is how you’d do it. Or virtualize freedos.

Open sauce MMORPG

  • Didn’t know about this one.
  • Always nice to see open source MMORPGs on the Linux.
  • Their installer script don’t seem to work
  • The installer worked fine on 16.04.
  • It just seems to do the SDL 1.2 thing where it disables all other monitors on the X screen the game is running in and sets the resolution to 800×600.
  • I’m not joking.
  • Why that is still the default and not 1280×720 or some such, is beyond me.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Bogus Detour
Webzone: Serious_Sams_Bogus_Detour
Devel: Crackshell / Croteam
Engine: C++ and AngelScript based
Price: £10.99 / US$/€ 14.99 / CDN$ 16.99

Wazzat: Battle through beautiful Mediterranean locales, dangerous biological weapons labs and even high-tech moon bases as a one-man wrecking crew or in four-player online cooperative for maximum chaos! Dominate the chaotic Survival and Versus modes or make your own mods, modes, and even total conversions with the include game editor. Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour is the biggest little Serious Sam game ever made!

Mandatory Disclosure: Venn bought us keys

Makes with the working


  • Everything worked OOTB.
  • Didn’t include a Vulkan render.
  • Apparently hitting “restart” wipes your damn save and takes you to the beginning.


  • Crashes on exit. XFCE and mate catch it, but you might need to kill -9 it



Shiny / Sounds


  • It looks the part.
  • The background music became hella annoying after a few minutes.


  • This would totally get two chairs if it wasn’t for the mellifluous voice of mister sam stone


  • Going at it the other way, the single reason it doesn’t get 4 chairs is precisely because of the bullshit hipster pixels.
  • Hipster pixel had lost its charm 2014, it certainly hasn’t come back around, yet.
  • Not for me, anyway.




  • Controller support must have been an afterthought.
  • I’m playing it with the Xclone because this is 100% a couch game.
  • Yeah, it’s rubbish.
  • Using the gerbil after that felt like I was cheating.


  • You’d think this game would play well with a controller, but you’d be a bit wrong
  • Wasd + mouse is the way to go what with you getting surrounded all the time


  • It’s a shooter with Serious Sam as the protagonist.
  • You don’t need to be genius to figure out which input method you should be using.




  • I keep trying to give a damn, I don’t.
  • It’s got all the Sam bits right but for some reason it just doesn’t click.
  • Seems like it boiled down to locate a choke-point, lead the baddies there, repeat.


  • This game embodies a toss up for me
  • It definitely nails down the serious sam experience
  • The cheesy lines, the hordes of enemies, etc
  • But at the end of the day, I really just don’t like bullet hell games. You could make the assertion that serious sam is just a first person bullet hell. And you’d be kinda right, but it’s an exception to my rule
  • Honestly, I’m just lukewarm about this game
  • Also yeah, they need a better save system


  • The only reason I can’t give it 4 chairs is the lack of a Save Game option, which doesn’t involve restarting the level from scratch.
  • That said, reminds me a lot of Loaded, a top down shooter for the original Playstation.
  • It didn’t have intentionally pixely graphics, but the shooting and over the top blood splatter are very similar.
  • I wish I’d had the time over the week to play more since all I could do was reach the library at the end of the second level.
  • And it’s exactly the time issue which makes me want an option to save in the middle of a level.



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