LinuxGameCast Weekly 268: Wings On Your Balls

Road Redemption exits Early Access, Feral teases a new Linux port, NVIDIA swaps Vulkan and what happens to your Steam account when you nope? Then GOKEN faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Mike Pedro

Steam News:

Steam Will

  • Basically, right now the only way to transfer your Steam library legally to someone else requires special permission.
  • If you die and leave in your will you want your Library to go to your next of kin, this may not be enough.
    • Unless you you also leave a substantive chunk of change to your lawyer for them to take VALVe to court and set a precedent.
  • Just enable family sharing and call it a day.
  • You nope, they will still have access.
  • Rest in Steam.
  • Is this even remotely surprising to anyone?


Rest in Steam

  • There’s a few there I didn’t know about.
  • Ah, Raven’s Curse, such warm nostalgia…


So, concept art?

  • I know this is just concept art but is anyone elks getting a Borderlands vibe from it?
    • Like most mods for FPSs in the past, concept art is all you get.
  • I’ll care about this one once I see anything beyond that.
  • Half-Life on Unreal?!? Is the Source engine finally dead?


Payday 2 Crossover

  • Needs more goat.
  • Payday crosses into another game, instead of the other way around? Neat, but who paid who for what?


Battle Shovels

  • Bunch of fixes and unlockable Battletoads.
  • The game that keeps on giving. Good on them for the stream of update content.


The Road Out of Early Access and into Redemption

  • I watched JFSS video on it and admittedly it’s come a long way.
  • For me, it all boils down to the multiplayer.
  • It looks like a proper arcade game, I’m definitely curious.
  • Love me some Road Rasg
  • For me it all boils down to: does it still run like shite?


PUBG on a budget

  • Speaking of things no longer in Early Access.
  • This looks like such absolute shite that it might be fun for all the wrong reasons.
  • It’d be nice to see a proper neutral party post mortem on this one.
  • Because, make no mistake, this game is dead!


Golf with ghouls

  • Halloween practice theme
  • [Added] 9 Halloween hats
  • [Added] 4 Halloween trails



  • Glowing praise from Russia’s leading review site.
  • Requires Core 4.2
  • Just more proof ANYTHING is allowed on the store with the new system.


Beta 387.12

  • Looks like they are trying to sort Alt+Tab funkyness with vulkan.
  • DP should finally wake the hell up.
  • Still no issues I’ve run into.
  • Fixed my DisplayPort audio issue: shouts to the man Erin Planter


Tomb Raider

  • It’s still on the “far out” section of the radar.
  • It will have been out for a year in four months.
  • Better late than never, right?



  • “collectible card game with tactical positioning, and a focus on limited randomness to allow for maximum player skill.”
    • Sounds like someone is actively trying to mimic Hearthstone.
    • It’s actually more like Faeria than Hearthstone from the look of it.


GoDot (Foxy)

  • “Vulkan still has years to go until it’s properly supported in most desktop and mobile platforms”
    • Vulkan is supported on all (major) Desktop platforms and let’s face facts.
    • Ain’t nobody using godot for mobile and with Metal and Vulkan quickly becoming  “the thing” you will not be ready.
  • Sorry, I quit reading at this point because this engine is not preparing for the future.
  • I get it, you <3 OpenGL.
    • I imagine getting good at OpenGL turns you into one of those insufferable people, like people who install Gentoo and ARCH!!1! from scratch.
    • Why waste time learning something else when you can go on the internet and brag about it forever?
  • Let’s face it: Godot isn’t a high performance 3d engine like Unreal, or <s>Unity</s>


RPCS3 Networking

  • Damn, PS3 games are still $20?
  • I might pick up a copy of Dante’s Inferno if I can find a wicked-cheap used copy.


What is Taisei?

  • Is this a crappy Touhou clone?
  • I’m not sorry for what you just did to your Google suggestions after googling that with cookies enabled.
  • Downloaded the AppImage:
    • Error: Error executing ‘taisei’; return code: -1
  • Installed the .deb:
    • taisei: error while loading shared libraries:
  • Take a guess if I tried to build from source…

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: GOKU
Webzone: GOKEN
Devel: GIANTY Inc.
Engine: Unity
Price: £10.99 / £US 14.99 / £CA 16.99
Wazzat: GOKEN is an action filled RPG where you’re in the search for the lost five swords and maybe saving the world too.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys.

Makes with the working


  • No support for UHD.
  • Has some serious herky-jerk and it’s a known problem.
  • The suggestion to slide the openGL settings to high-performance is FSM damned laughable.
  • Part of the ChairQAsition is to warn you about shite like this.
  • Do NOT pick up this title unless you can overlook legit microstuttering.  


  • Microstutters are real
  • 1080p looks nice scaled to 2160p


  • There’s a lot of herky jerk and I didn’t see it drop below 59FerPS at any point.
  • This is the perfect example of a game with crappy frame-pacing issues.
  • It’s clearly a Unity game, it always spawns on the wrong screen and it has the dark blue screen of nothingness.


Shiny / Sounds


  • I dig the fusion soundtrack.
  • Hella pretty
  • Well animated
  • Honestly it was about 20x better than I expected.



  • I’ve said this before, but aesthetics in games should serve to complement the mechanics.
  • We’ve had many examples of games which fall on both sides of that.
  • GOKEN’s biggest failure in this department is how the visual feedback for combat is almost non-existent.
  • The other most noticeable issue is the slightly jaunty camera angle which can make it hard to predict whether or not the swings of your swords will connect.




  • Accept and cancel buttons are arse backwards.
  • Pressing B to enter areas or open chests can be hit–or-miss.




  • Thankfully you can reverse A and B behaviour in the options




  • It’s like Disgaea and Torchlight had a babby.
  • Interesting story and good ole fashioned text instead of bad voice acting.
  • Logical character and weapon progression.
  • The ink system is a little confusing but workable.
  • Lots of items for buffs but (and I like this) you can ignore them if you get good.
  • Boss battles are a wee on the repetitive side.
  • Speaking of I would like to see a bit more hit back because enemies don’t always blink red (guessing this is a bug) when booped.
  • Has issues, yes but at the end of the day it’s quite savable.



  • And this is where the second part of my spiel about aesthetics and mechanics from earlier comes.
  • While some of the visual elements are lacking and others can be outright deceitful, the mechanics themselves are solid and the Dark Souls lite style of combat is very satisfying as you level up.
  • Going back to earlier areas for the metroidvania style exploring bits you couldn’t before, reveals exactly how much stronger your character is becoming.
  • And that’s important in making that backtracking much less tedious.
  • The one thing I didn’t like is how, for all its freedom for the most part, there are certain points where the game very much leads you by the nose down a linear path and only unlocks the “open world” after you’ve hit specific set pieces.
  • It’s not as bad as Aragami, but I’d rather not feel like my agency is taken away from me for the sake of another in-engine cutscene.



Hate Mail:

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