LinuxGameCast Weekly 264 – Chip Stunes

Steam cracks down on nudity! Mesa receives an update, Storm United is officially dead, and Planet Nomads cancels multiplayer. Then Songbringer faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Steamy coffee

  • Cuz remember, games are purely for living out violent fantasies of murder and dismemberment. No room for boobs.
    • Except when boobs
  • This is what they said last time this issue came up, sexual content is fine so long as the game isn’t solely about that.
  • I don’t actually blame VALVe on this one.
  • Have you seen the squalor which many porn game websites become shortly after gaining even a small amount of notoriety?
  • With VALVe’s hands-off way of business, they’d be completely and utterly fucked! Pun intended.

Survival devolved

  • This, this is what happens when you rely on the game engine to do all the heavy lifting.
  • We’ve actually seen this happen plenty of times, just not with UE4.
  • What’s sad to is that they really could have sorted out their linux issues and probably get some those sales that they’ve been hurting for. No PUBG on linux, so linux gamers might at least want to play something

That spells trouble

  • Be as cool as the fonz for five bucks
  • Says the game was released in 2008 but it just showed up for Linux.
  • No discussions or reviews… odd.
  • It’s no 3D Ultra Cool Pool, though.
  • What OS is 10.12?

It’s news to me

  • How it was able to stay listed for almost two years in a non-functional state is beyond me.
  • At least it increases the value of our Steam accounts.
  • I mean, after the original dev team quit and the project moved to another company, I don’t think anyone was really holding out hope that this would ever get done
    • Well, maybe the investors

4 video cards, dude

  • The base game has been on my to play list for a while.
  • Adds a new region and companion quests
  • They also added new voicework to the base game that you get regardless of buying the expansion

Ever too expensive

  • They finally released the linux version, albeit unofficially.
  • My first thought was they must be running out of players
  • I was right:
  • No AMD support. Sorry Mesa folks. At least there’s no cool 4.6 schwag to test in this
  • Also apparently has some issues launching through steam.


Mesa 17.12

  • The Khronos guys weren’t kidding about MESA getting 4.6 support faster. Intel, RadeonSI and NVC0 all have more than 50% of implemented extensions
  • SPIR-V support is still a ways away

Humble Anime Tits Bundle

  • To their credit, most of these games have linux versions
  • If you want some cheap self-insert hentai fantasies, there you go
  • The only games in this bundle are Hunie Pop, Hunie Cam Studio and Sakura Dungeon.
  • The latter is an old fashioned dungeon crawler with the ubiquitous anime tits

No multiNomads

  • So much for people hoping for a nomansky replacement
  • Ultimately, the problem was that they waited too long to decide whether or not to add multiplayer. Their post detailing the decision mentioned massive refactors, which is to be expected
  • This kids, is why you don’t consider multiplayer as a secondary feature. Your design should be robust enough to accommodate changes like these.
  • Good way to disenfranchise your (small) player base and turn off new players.
  • Jordan is right, multiplayer is not something you just tack-on later.
  • Oh, you can, but it’s always garbage e.g. HL-2.
    • Or Charlie Murder
      • I’m impressed that worked as well as it did.

Yorg 0.7

  • It has weapons now.
  • And a new track and car, singular.
  • Still not working with a controlla.
  • Dude, put a damn download link somewhere visible on your webzone.

Libretro Core Manager

  • It’s apt/dnf for your libretro cores.
  • I didn’t really think the act of enabling and disabling libretro cores was hard enough to justify a whole new, 3rd party tool but then again, I don’t use libretro all that much.
    • The guy did say he wrote this because he was bored
  • Pulls directly from their build system, so that’s a thing

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Songbringer
Devel: Wizard Fu Games
Engine: cocos2d-x
Price: £15.99 / US$19.99 / CA$21.99

Wazzat: Songbringer is a scifi action RPG with swords, secrets, dungeons, bosses and stuff.You play the role of protagonist and accidental hero, Roq Epimetheos. With a propensity for partying and making music, he cruises the galaxy with his skybot Jib aboard the ship Songbringer, searching for verdant planets absent the presence of galactic police. When Roq finds the nanosword hidden in a cave on Ekzera, he unwittingly awakens an ancient evil. The sword is pretty fraggin’ sweet though. It… hums.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys.

Makes with the working




  • Whenever I start the game it tells me to hold Up and then starts the Steam controller config tool.
  • Everytime, I close it and have to click on the taskbar icon for the game because it minimized itself and refused to automatically resume.
  • If everytime I start your game you’re shoving something else in my face and hiding said game, I’m not going to be starting your game too many times.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Do yourself a favour and put on the headsets because that soundtrack is legit, son.


  • This game is fuglty. Like Hot diggity damn
  • It looks like they were trying to go for a superbrothers or hyper light drifter look, but with more dark
  • The soundtrack doesn’t really do anything for me either. The “not-zelda” noises are a nice touch
  • It started off as kinda annoying and eventually ground me down to just a nuisance


  • I don’t like the hipster pixels
  • But seeing as this is a one man job and the actual meat of the game is perfectly acceptable, I’m willing to give him a pass.
  • The sounds are where it’s at!
  • The chiptune music can get a bit annoying at points but for the most part it does a really good job of setting the mood.
  • As do the sound effects.





  • No real complaints here.
  • It even picks out what kind of controller you have which is pretty nice
  • No such issue as pedro described on the steam controller.






  • It’s an ugly zelda game
  • In fact, I’d say it’s the ugliest zelda game on linux
  • But it isn’t horrible
  • One of the cool things about an LOZ randomizer is that it forces you to explore the map, which this game does.
  • I stumbled into the 7th a 2nd dungeon looking for bombs to solve a puzzle in the 4th dungeon. That’s pretty reminiscent of my experiences playing Zelda, so good on him for at least capturing that
  • Maybe it’s just me, but the game’s dark theme makes enemies blend into the background quite a bit. I rarely have any idea what I’m hitting. Only the sounds indicate that I’m doing anything
  • And at the end of the day, it’s just a mediocre zelda clone


  • I never really liked Zelda.
  • I kept reading about this game being compared to Zelda and by looking at it, it struck me about as much Zelda as Hyper Light Drifter, or even Salt & Sanctuary.
  • “That’s not a fair comparison to make” – I thought to myself.
  • I was wrong.
  • This shit’s pretty much Zelda with Rogue-elements.
  • Permadeath (if you want), randomized levels, and a complete and utter disregard for level design.
  • That’s fine, I like me some rogue-like elements, I like me some roguelike games.
  • If introducing those to a game that’s shouting “I want to be Link to the Past so goddamn much!” helps me enjoy a Zelda-clone, then by all means.
  • It doesn’t.
  • Legend of Zelda may have started a genre, or subgenr e, and is still very successful to this day.
  • But Songbringer isn’t doing enough to work from that basis and still differentiate itself in a significant way.
  • Oh, it’s hipster pixel! It’s got roguelike elements. It’s even got a story that’s trying to be deliberately campy for the lolz.
  • It’s not working. I’m not one of those nostalgia ridden lumps of carbon that goes about life longing for the past.



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