Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – PulseVideo

PipeWire is coming to Fedora 27! KWin ditches XWayland, Solus hacks a Budgie, and the Ubuntu Desktop Applications Survey yields interesting results. All this, plus your feedback.


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro

Hacking solus

  • Budgie 11 is supposed to be the new and improved version of Budgie, the default desktop environment for Solus and one of Ikey’s little babies.
  • On the 16th Ikey did a livestream of him basically going in and trying a bunch of different things and progressing the development.
  • Can you not install XFCE on solus?
    • Only if you build it yourself.
  • According to Ikey, the whole stream was 5 seconds short of 7 hours.
  • Himself, Joshua Strobl and Bryan Meyers all took part.
  • Ikey for his part says all he did was complain about how much he hates C++
  • But he also managed to get rid of most of the QML in the raven panel which budgie uses.


Plasma opens the Vault

  • The task manager now allows for custom actions without the applications having to statically reference those in their .desktop files.
  • It may just work with a great deal many bits of software already but the ones that don’t will still need to be updated to allow this.
  • There’s a GUI for managing encryption, they call it the Plasma Vault.
  • Different DPI settings on a per monitor basis, in Wayland.
  • I’m not entirely sure X can do that.
  • Plasma’s Wayland compositor, can now automatically apply scaling based on the pixel density of a screen and even do so for each screen individually.
    • This is a real issue EVERY DM should focus on.


KWin Wayland

  • KWin can now function properly in wayland without any Xwayland shims.


Bar the floodgates! Man the valves! Thar be drama!!1!

  • I’m a little shocked that some people were so naive as to think DRM was not getting in.
  • And if this wasn’t enough, Bryan Lunduke wrote an article for Network World about the introduction of DRM to the web standards and how the w3c handled it.
  • They sent him a list of corrections they wanted to see made to his article and provided no evidence to the claims they made for those corrections.
  • No legitimate reason could exist for this kind of behavior.
  • This is born purely from the fear the new corporate overlords won’t be happy with all the negative publicity.
  • As far as I’m concerned, the W3C has lost whatever last shred of credibility they had in the fight for an open and free internet. They’re now corporate pawns in the service of Netflix and their ilk.
  • Drama or no drama, I’m with the EFF on this one.
  • Screw the W3C (with self-tapping 6.5mm bore screws straight in their eye-sockets).
  • 58.4% of the group voted to go on with publication.
  • My maths are a bit rusty but that’s the majority, right?1


18.04 LTS Roadmap

  • No big surprises.
  • Disappointed to see more people voted for gnome-calendar and pidgin rather than thunderbird and hexchat in their respective categories
  • Then again, I should know better than to underestimate the power of questionably-opinionated people in large numbers.
  • Most of the selections are logical aide from visual-studio.
  • VLC for video, thunderbird for mail, and gedit for text.
  • And I agree htop should be included.


LimePipeWire coming to F27

  • I for one am all for finding something to obsolete gstreamer in its entirety.
  • This isn’t happening yet, Pipewire will only be providing video at first in F27.
  • I’m glad this is a thing and even moreso that Fedora is trying something a bit mental.
  • Initial version is video only, audio will come later.
  • Yes, they have learned from the rollout of PulseAudio.
  • This is to get a single pipeline for audio and video under Linux that will play nice nice with Wayland and Flatpacks.
  • Pipewire compositor will allow for sooooo may neat streamy things.
  • Seriously, making your own Steam Link would become trivial.


Open source YT Android app that’s usable?

  • Added basic channel subscription and feed pages (#620 )
  • Add search and watch history (#626 )
    • These two should be basic functionality for any Youtube client hoping to give you the same functionality of the service without requiring the use of the Youtube login and API.
  • It’s in now, it just needs a bit of tightening up but it is definitely very good progress if you don’t want to tell the Googs about everything you watch but still appreciate the ability of “subscribing” and getting a search/watch history.
  • Important to note this does not use Google services in any way.
  • It just scrapes the TY webzone so YT can nerf it at any point.

Slice of Pi

Sign of Pi

  • It’s a start, right?
  • Compute Module 3 will power NEC’s 40-55 inch signage displays.
  • You know there is a market desperately looking for a GOOD dumb T.V. (display only) they can hook up to their HTPC.  
  • Sell me one of these /w a compute module for under $400 and we have a deal.


No idea

  • Why do people still use Windows?
  • Simple, bad parenting.
  • If you want to run windows, run windows.
  • Just stop with the “If thing X” was on Linux I would switch excuse. You won’t.
  • While more games would be nice we have more indie titles than can be played.




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