LinuxGameCast Weekly EP51 — Danger Zone

Strike Suite lands on Steam! Stunt Rally makes with an update and Megabyte punches us in the face organ. Then we throw the chairs at the latest zombie golf simulator. All this, plus your hate mail.

Note for audio listeners: You might want to watch the intro.

Blame PyGuy for the cover art.


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Unique Seattle-based indie games incubation program emerges

  • Each program will last 1 year.

  • currently only accepting game companies.

  • do need a working demo

  • provide you with a place to stay, as well as all utilities for at least a year.

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Strike Suit Zero exits beta

  • I just started it with the intent of playing like 10mins just to see how it worked on my calculator.

    • 25mins later I finished the tutorial and I could I swear only 5 mins had passed.

      • 25mins/mission, it’s like they know what they’re doing.

  • Pedro approves of this game!

  • Still need to buy one of those new fangled controllers.

  • Has some funky windowed resolutions.


No More Room in Hell #Linux BETA (apply now)

  • I’ve had medical exams where they didn’t ask for half as much info.

  • “Steam profile must be set to public” – Queue the “sanctimony of Linux and privacy” advocates.

  • This makes the Teslagrad beta look reasonable.

  • Name, Address, Mother’s Maiden name, social security number, penis size, blood type, five turn ons and turn offs, Why you think ducks are suspect in 300 words and a stool sample

  • I don’t understand why these people make everyone jump through hoops.    For a desura key or a zip file.    Mind boggling

  • Well I was invited to the Beta. Fired up the game, it crashed 20 secs later (I was still changing the controls) and then, on the second go, it crashed Steam along with it. I’ll have to do some testing just be sure it’s not on my end.


Dota 2 GPU compatibility list

  • I poot my calcutores gpu on eet.

  • This should be a wiki for all Steam games

  • This should be on the steam wiki


Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Waiting On Publisher Approval For Linux



  • Always, always, always the sun publisher!

  • Interesting! Larabell deleted the Phoronix tweet about AC:PC.

  • Semantics question: Wouldn’t “obviously” have been better for Liam’s tweet?

    • Can you really report on a piece of news without being blatant about it?


Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

  • So… Aquaria meets AudioSurf?

    • Bonus points for making me giggle at the end of the trailer. (then again… that’s not saying much, now is it?)

  • Interesting.   Might grab it if it were part of a bundle, but probably wouldn’t spring for it on its own


LGDB (new look)


Megabyte Punch

  • Played this both as single and multiplayer, pretty fun both times

  • Multiplayer gets pretty competitive as you compete for parts

  • Paid 15 bucks for the deluxe edition, regular goes for 10.   Either way, I’d say its worth the money

  • I was playing with a 360 controller, roomie with a ps3 controller.   IT was the first time two people sitting at a couch playing the same game with different system controllers made sense

  • :D *reads about lack of online multiplayer* >:(

  • Yeah, it needs online multiplayer to shine. How many people do you know play local multiplayer on the same PC?

    • ^Something something Cwang


Sorry Mario Bros!

  • Fun idea but the physics are WRONG

  • Interesting concept, but…why

  • Canadian Mario Bros?

  • $10 bucks says Anita Sarkeesian’s new fangled stardom played a role in making this game happen

    • Nory said the game sounded too feminist. XD


Stunt Rally 2.1 released

  • WHAR arcade mode??!!

  • I mean it’s a drifting game using the physics from vdrift.

  • Not really fun unless you have a wheel and pedals IMHO.

  • I like arcade racing games as much as the next person but, SR has never really been my cup of tea.


Project Bliss Kickstarter (Linux Demo)

  • In this edition of LGC Doin’ it Right™…

  • The first five minutes are full-metal LOTR simulator.

  • It’s a bit artsy but we need more exploration games.

  • It’s not exactly doin’ it right all the way either. They zipped it and on my end it crashes before it shows anything.

  • Pukes on my AMD box.    Runs fine on the Nvidia box.  It is very much a dear esther style of game


– Nooope
Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Curse of Nordic Cove


Devel: On The Level

Engine: Unity

Price: $9.99 / 4.99 Sale

Makes with the working


  • Lacks windowed mode and FK all way to set it in the config.



  • Tried to fullscreen into both my my monitors, failed miserably and then crashed when I opened the Video Options menu. Changing the prefs file apparently does nothing.


Shiny / Sounds


  • This game runs like arse on my 560Tis in 1080 on high.. how?

  • Several minor graphical glitches.

  • The voice work is as bad as most indie games.

  • For a small team this impressive work.


  • That they have voices at all is pretty impressive

  • Ps2 style graphics aren’t the greatest, but they work

  • Bit of the herky jerks


  • Sweet mother of the uncanny valley, Batman!




  • Nothing new here. Same controls I’ve come to expect from any zombie golf stimulation.

  • Wireless gerbil input must be set stupid high since I didn’t need to readjust.


  • Gotta agree with P-Man, the mouse sensitivity is messed


  • Mouse sensitivity is WAY TOO DAMN HIGH! even on the lowest setting.




  • If fun =’s ridiculous it’s the bees knees. The golf physics are shite but hey, zombies.


  • Its a golf game, a genre which I am not particularly fond of

  • The ridiculous dialogue is worth a laugh, as is the premise


  • I wouldn’t have minded the extreme golfiness of the game, if the controls and physics were a bit more polished.

  • As it stands… The Curse of the Uncanny Valley falls just short of par.


Verdict –


Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror Indiegogo



  • A team from Columbia? HUGE fan of your pharmaceutical industry

    • Hint hint

  • Pay ATTN people! Send Linux prototype, receive bacon support for game.

  • Huh, so angry birds with scaring people.   Neat

  • Pretty much, yeah.

  • This is a $4.99 game. If I’m going to give you $10 there better be some early access.


Off the Dushane


Hairball – A rolling physics-based platformer about cat vomit

  • Now that there’s an official, rainbow shitting, unicorn simulator for Linux. I’ll take anything!


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