Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday: Audio Noodles

Pedro reviews a laptop, Linux goes mobile, Mint embraces Flatpacks, and Microsoft does something cool? All this plus your emails.


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro

Ring ring ring Linux phone

  • Linux as an app.
  • Could run any distribution theoretically.
  • Not ready yet but it’s aimed for the upcoming deX station.
  • We all want a device like this but (like VR) the tech is simply not ready.


Bite sized Linux MKII is in the works

  • I’ll admit, I expected the GPD Pocket to fail miserably.
  • Outside of a few driver and software issues, the Ubuntu version of that is actually not terrible hardware-wise.
  • We even had Atomic on video talking about it, a few month back.
  • Throwing a Intel Core M3-7Y30 in this critter almost makes it usable.


Lappy review

  • Almost every complaint I had over the Slimbook is so much better on the Infinity Book.
  • Even the crappy chiclet keyboard. It’s still bad but not absolutely godawful.
  • They said that there will be Coffee Lake versions when Intel actually, officially, releases the new parts.
  • What about RYZEN?


Importance > low

  • Not being able to install packages with the competing format =’s low.
  • That said, I tested this in 17.04 and everything worked?
  • Then again I have run into issues /w flatpacks installing from flathub but I blame that on bad packaging.  


Mint goes Flat

  • Oh Snap.
  • It is a good way to get the latest and greatest on your LTS based distro.
  • Not really that surprising since flatpacks work OOTB /w Ubuntu.


Get that management engine off my lawn! (Steve0)

  • Sensationalist fluff aside, the big take away is that Purism got coreboot running on Skylake chipsets.
  • They can blacklist the ManagementEngine, that’s the proprietary BS chip Intel includes in every processor to be able to remotely disable them if they feel like it.
  • AMD too is guilty of this, they call theirs the PSP.
  • Which reminds me, remember when AMD said the top level was discussing the open sourcing of PSP?
    • They still haven’t and most likely never will.
  • And neither will Intel with ME.
  • So if you want true freedom at firmware level, you will need to run coreboot or something the like.
  • It’s not a purposeful backdoor.
  • That said, Purism is a front for the NSA.


I would have also settled for Belligerent Barista

  • Pretty sure there’s a porn movie called Bionic Beaver.
  • But then again, I’m also pretty sure they’re entirely aware of this.
  • 26th April is still long away,


Open Source audiobook organization for the desktop

  • Somebody out there has been looking for a tool like this.
  • The rest of us use our mobile devices.
  • So it’s VLC with artist replaced with reader?
  • No read along, no m4a/m4b, no audible, no support for the MPRIS spec.
  • The article says these are coming, I hope they come before I forget this application exists.


Open source laptops, take two

  • I give that a solid 9/10 on the TSA scale.
  • That’s bulky and janky!
  • With a base that thick, you could probably slap a Dell E6400 sticker on it and it’d look legit.

Slice of Pi

Microsoft does something cool


Just in time for Thanksgiving

  • Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.






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