LinuxGameCast Weekly 291: The Raven Curse Of The No No

Steam goes mobile! Feral brings the Storm, Surviving Mars gets a day one Linux release and all your multiplayer are belong to Google. Then Crest faces the CHAIRQASITION!

All this, plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

VIE res

  • Surprise surprise, higher resolution rendering looks a lot nicer
  • Shame a lot of VR games on teh market can’t really take advantage of it
  • Shame we don’t get a lot of games which would show the real capabilities of Linux, regardless of VR.
  • Apparently this one will do better for people with glasses.


Auto pixels

  • It sounds like it’s just adjusting the supersampling automatically now?
  • People will start bitching when it detects their GPU is junk.
  • Lowering the cost is good, but I don’t think telling people with 1060s their GPU isn’t good enough is accomplishing that.
  • Sorta seems like valve is hedging their bets about the vive pro.
  •   I’m curious if we’re going to see a lower res  headset or a more cheaply produced Vive 1 to try and tease new customers away from the rift



  • So, improved hero leveling for a steady fee… At what point do we start shouting pay to win?
  • I guess cosmetic items aren’t recouping server costs these days
  • Do those exclusive tournaments aide at all in official ladder rankings?
  • The Majors Battle Pass will be replaced with a brand new system, costing $3.99 a month.
  • Access to the returning Battle Cup for free.
  • It’ll include hero levelling, which will allow players to make progress as well as helping them improve, by earning Shards, a new form of currency that can be used to unlock rewards.


The future is mobile

  • HL-3 mobile exclusive!
  • Maybe we’ll start seeing some actual game distribution on steam for android
    • That would involve VALVe giving a damn about that piece of junk android app.
    • I’m willing to bet that’s in the works.
  • Something tells me this has everything to do with the new MS streaming service.

Steam: Game Updates

Dying update

  • Looks like the latest update (5MB) has a wee bug.
  • Being Techland anyone want to place bets on this getting resolved, ever?
  • Uninstalled and removed everything but the base game, same issue.
  • Hope they can track down that intern.
  • This only seems to hit Linux and Mac users.

Steam: New Games

Space potatoes

  • Developed by Haemimont of Victor Vran fame.
  • Basically returning to their Tropico roots but in Mars, this time.
  • I think it’s less Tropico and more Cities: Elon’s wet dream
  • Was watching Foxy playing this for a bit.   Country is a weird soundtrack choice
    • Also poor baby thinks -15 is cold


5min, dude

  • There was this “game” awhile back, which you “played” as a fly flying up out of the tree tops.
  • If it’s free, it’s fine. If not, this is going to be the mother of all refunds.
  • Unless it’s Frog Fractions 3?
  • Short games like these are interesting experiments, but if you’re a developer hoping to profit of it there state of stream refunds is going to make that impossible
    • Unless your plan is to inferno cop it



  • Have you been looking for the opportunity to pay $30 for a yet to be finished MMO that will be dead by this time next year?
    • It even says so in the trailer.   “From the minds of the creators of a bunch of these failed MMOs”
  • I’ve seen those buildings in several games.



  • This is punishment for getting Vulcanised Tomb Raider.
  • Feral giveth and Feral boreth to death, apparently.
  • It wasn’t the worst point and click interactive movie I’ve played.
  • At least ferals being consistent with the series they’re porting


Never more

  • Good on the devs for giving people who own the base game a free copy of the remaster
    • That’s always nice.
  • Though, I’d rather see more games along the lines of The Dwarves or Black Mirror (not that one).


Flicker free

  • Occasional my arse-organ.
  • Tried building and installing on 17.10, tried.
  • Had to bust out IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH=1 to get it to build on fedora 26 due to a minor compiler version mismatch.   Nothings exploded yet
  • Whar graphics-drivers ppa version?


Believe it when I see it.

  • $700 for a ginormous Switch.
  • Look at all the Windows games they’re sucking at on a technical level!
  • The joke’s on us, because one day these things are going to be worth a fortune as collectors items



  • Still supporting the Linux.
  • No ETA on CIV DLC.
  • CIV IV cross platform is still in the works.
  • Okay, so what can the Linux community do (besides hounding them on social media) to get more games?
    • I’m talking tangible effect stuff.
    • For better (or worse) porting houses will not be a viable business model in the near future.
    • Ass-Pyre knows this and has begun the needed to steps to become a publisher.
    • That said, the need for a publisher is quickly going away as well.



  • This is pretty neat.
  • Using Kuberentes to manage and scale out game servers.
  • This is useful for a whole whack of games including stuff like rocket league, WoW, Speedrunners, etc
  • The google folks seem to think that by keeping all of the services on the same “computer” (Read kuberentes cluster) transactions for accounts, matchmaking, etc will go faster.
  • You know… Trusting the uncertain future of multiplayer only games to the googs doesn’t sound like a terrible idea!
  • Granted, they’ll probably kill off some of the ones with a dedicated (but niche) fanbase every now and then.
  • But given the track record of actual game companies with their servers and how often they kill off games, maybe this could be awesome.
  • Especially with the focus on open sauce!
  • People with means could keep that game going.


Citra Render (Steven)

  • I never realized there was a decent 3ds emulator out there that was making progress
  • Previously they’ve only been able to manage emulating a portion of the 3ds gpu on the host GPU, now they can emulate the whole thing
  • Results in approximately a 2x speed boost on nvidia
  • 26% performance gains on Intel means my Chromebook is on the way to becoming a glorified pokeymans machine.


Flare 1.0

  • Build your own diablo now has a 1.0.
  • They’re empyrian compaign is good for prime time
  • They also added an emscripten version for ready playing on ze web
  • If Google advertised Exiled Kingdoms to you on the Play Store, this is the engine powering it.


Disassembly Raider

  • All decompiled code is based off the PlayStation version.
  • Current status is it builds on Linux but they’re only decompiling the code up to the title screen.
  • Once that’s done, they’ll get into the game proper.


Iron warning

  • “we are going to evaluate Linux/Mac versions at a later point in time.”
    • At least they are being upfront about it.



  • Rocket league as an olympic sport would be absolutely hilarious
    • Or maybe Gilf With Fiends?
    • Ultimate Chicken Herse.
  • That said, barring “violent” games really does drastically limit the number of existing games that could be considered
  • Fencing and Judo are olympic sports and they’re “violent”, so where does one draw the line
  • Maybe it’ll spur the development of competitive nonviolent games.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonie

Game: Crest
Webzone: Crest
Devel: Eat Create Sleep
Engine: Unity
Price: £6.99 / US$9.99 / CA$10.90

Wazzat: Become a god in this indirect god sim. Influence and try to control your followers using commandments but beware, free will leaves these open to interpretation. Will you create a flourishing civilization or lead them into cannibalism?

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • 30/45 @ 2160p
  • 55/180 @ 1080p
  • Saving a game caused me to tab out and crack open htop to see it was still working.
  • Shite don’t close, yo.
    • Alright, Vulcan nerve pinch causes it to hang but Exit button works.
  • Properly multithreaded.
  • Both fullscreen and windowed mode work as expected.


  • The alt f4 thing is real.


  • Those save times, though…


Shiny / Sounds


  • Polygon titties.
  • Oh hell, menus upon menus.
  • Sounds were noped out of the box.






  • WASD logical gerbil / keyboard layout.


  • Click on things.   Proclaim commandments.
  • Wait..
  • 30 GOTO 10





  • You dropped my into the game proper after that little shite of a tutorial?
  • I’m not a fan of hand-holding but WT actual F.
  • Here’s some menus, a commandment, pick some berries and have at, fucko.
  • 18min into the game and that’s where I would seek out the refund button.
  • Is this a god game or a city management game with a bunch of extra steps?
  • Commandments seems fk all useless.
  • Damn thing basically play itself.
  • Disclaimer on what I just said because daddy still don’t know what he is (or is supposed to be) doing.
  • I gave you 45 minutes and 35 of them were spent randomly clicking about trying to make something happen… it didn’t.
  • At $9.99 this is an example of getting what you pay for… and feeling a bit cheated.


  • Hot damn is this shit boring.
  • I mean, i get how it’s supposed to work.   The turorial explains the mere basics, but everything has a tool tip
  • But holy shit, I am just sitting here with my thumb up my ass
  • Say what you will about the grindy nature of pokemon, but at least you’re doing something with your hands


  • This is like Populous 2 without the point.
  • The point being you had a clear goal and progression.
  • Progression in crest seems to be completely optional and, most of the time, it looks no different than staring at the screen waiting for time to pass.
  • Literally!
  • You’re not playing a game, you’re giving the AI (if you can call it that) suggestions and may or may not get to it.
  • I’m always up for a game that will change my mind about a genre… This isn’t it.
  • In fact, I’d say this is the quintessential “god game” in its implementation and it’s fucking boring!



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