LWDW 145: Comrade Clippy

Ubuntu 18.04 support gets a 10 year extension, Uber joins the Linux Foundation, Tracktion Engine goes open source and introducing the small but perfectly formed Raspberry Pi 3B+.

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Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

10 more years

  • Imagine walking into that mess a decade from now.
  • This makes sense for long term projects.
  • Industries like financial, telecom and IoT who have large infrastructures don’t need major upgrades for as long as a decade.
  • Ubuntu is focused on OpenStack collaboration like SUSE who has partnered with SaltStack.
  • And how many people do we know run their servers way after end of life?
  • How many countries do we know still, in current year argument, run Windows XP?
  • This is good… great even for those who really want to set it and forget it.
  • Usually, the LTS Ubuntu releases enjoy a 5-year support and updates.
  • Now Ubuntu 18.04stands a chance of rivaling some of the RHEL installs I have run into.
  • And remember kids, the correct response to these situations is “I’m not touching that”


Uber Joins the Linux foundation

  • Uber has already worked on as many as 320 open-source projects and repositories from 1,500 contributors which involve over 70,000 commits.
  • Doesn’t surprise me a bit, especially since they have had keynote talks at the last two Linux Foundation conventions that I have attended.
  • Uber has been active in open source for years, creating popular projects like Jaeger and Horovod that help businesses build technology at scale.
  • Uber’s Gold membership of the Linux Foundation will provide the company with access to the Linux Foundation’s experience and best practices for managing involvement with open source.
  • Hopefully everyone can put Uber’s very mediatic and spotty background behind them and see what comes of it.


Deepin 15.8

  • Pastel, the distro.
  • Playing around with Deepin, it’s striking the level of attention to detail they went to
  • It’s clear they thought of just about every action and click people would do in a UI, and in a moment of pure “Why would you do that?” They gave every single one of those actions a sound effect!
  • If you’ve installed or used a default Windows 10 install recently, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
  • Once you get rid of the annoying sound effects, you realize just how nice GNOME could look and work if it was being designed with the user in mind, rather than whatever the heck is going through the developer’s head at the time.
  • The Deepin Desktop Environment is beautiful in this distro based on Debian’s unstable branch.



  • A new version of ddgr v1.6, the DuckDuckGo search engine from the terminal, is out with a revamped user interface.
  • Haiku OS clipboard support!
  • Oh look, something else I can install on Haiku and still be nowhere closer to making it useful.


Terminal JIF

  • Terminalizer is a CLI app that records your terminal and can generate animated gifs.
  • Another option is asciinema:  https://asciinema.org
  • The one I used to use is ttystudio, but is no longer maintained.
  • Does it support UHD 60 with HDR?
  • Good to see the Star Wars story is already up there.


DAW Guts

  • Game developers have Unreal Engine and Unity Engine. Well, now it’s audio’s turn.
  • This is not a bad comparison when you read the licencing model.
  • Tracktion Engine is provided in JUCE module format.
  • This is really wonderful for an industry standard audio engine, because the code and plugins can be shared among many other apps in the recording industry.
  • Much like the collaboration of open source plugins and apps in the animation industry.
  • JUCE is the audio industries version of the Vulkan API.
  • The aim of Tracktion Engine is to provide a high level data model and set of classes for building sequence based audio applications.
  • You can build anything from a simple file-player or sequencer to a full blown DAW.
  • At the risk of sounding like I’m just trying to shoehorn in a bad pun, just how much traction do we think this will generate?
  • I can see the point of JUCE in aiming to be a framework, á lá QT or GTK, but for audio.


Black Magic

  • Lots of updates for DaVinci Resolve 15.2 including:
    • Faster editing
    • Keyboard customization enhanced, and now they can be shared with other editors, such as Adobe Premiere and Final cut.
    • New ResolveFX Plugins and GPU accelerated OpenFX plugin support
    • Audio improvements
  • The amazing news here is that the open source, license-free, and cross-platform Blackmagic RAW codec is now being supported by hardware via a firmware update of their flagship camera, the URSA Mini Pro.
  • This is truly going to send waves of freedom in the world of expensive proprietary codecs, like Apple’s ProRes Raw.
  • DaVinci is seeing an uptick in adoption and for good reason.
  • Low cost, wicked powerful and the ability to complete a project using nothing but DaVinci.


Relive the horror

  • The GNOME Shell already looks a lot like Unity to me, but this extension is the icing on the cake.
  • I will reject the “fragmentation” argument as much as I have to, but this is kinda pointless!
  • There’s already a project for every other full DE to make it look like Unity and as Jill mentioned, GNOME and Unity already looked very similar… why?!
  • I was under the impression Mir was still being maintained.


OBS control

  • Press buttons, receive bacon.
  • Do you want to be the next Twitch superstar?
  • Well, good luck with that, this will not be of any help.
  • For the rest of you who don’t want to shell out $100+ on a few buttons this could be the solution.
  • And if you have a old iDevice / Android derping about it’s priced to sell.

Slice of Pi


  • Oh, £23… Shut up and take my money!
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+, the size of a HAT and the middle sized PI with lots of power!
  • “Small but perfectly formed” just like me!
  • No ethernoodle port, grr.



  • Being able to see both side of an argument == hypocrite in 2018.

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