LinuxGameCast Weekly 331: CS A Go-Go

Steam drops a noisy Proton update, Discord Store confirms Linux support, highlights for Game Off 2018, and OpenSC2K returns from the dead.

Special thanks to:
Aldius (new exec prod)
Milla Gamer (new patreon)
Greg L (new patreon)
RTheren (Capture card)
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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Not a lot of linux love here,  though that’s to be expected
    • 6 games that have a native linux version
  • Notice Epic is missing from “best developer”
    • How many Epic games are on Steam?
  • I am happy Rocket League is on the list for nomination again!  The game we play in every LGC Weekly aftershow :-D This time for the “Most Fun with a Machine” award.  Last year it won the “Suspension of Disbelief” award.
  • Also, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the nominees for the “Better with Friends” award.  Last year it won the “Haunts My Dreams” award. We have had a lot of fun playing this recently, thanks to our CS:GO server setup by Aldius and configured by Aldius and Mr_Alert!
  • We are going to be playing CS:GO tonight during the AfterShowzen!  Patrons please join in!



  • DXVK is updated to 0.94, which enables Dishonored 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of War to now be played with Steam Play.  They both were already playable on Lutris!
  • Improvements to FAudio, which will further help sound stuttering and sync issues in Steam Play.
  • Insane 2 and Skyrimjob now have working audio.
  • Ridge Racer Unbounded makes /w the working as well.

Steam: Game Updates


  • CS:GO has added a beta branch to address recent performance issues with AMD and Intel GPUs.
  • Just opt into “amd_intel_beta” from CS:GO’s BETAS tab and continue playing as normal.
  • Unclear if this fix impacts mac and linux versions, considering the drivers and graphics stacks are radically different
    • True that!  As of Today, December 22, 2018 @ 2:10 PM Pacific, I haven’t found this in the CS:GO’s BETAS tab for Linux.  Will check again tomorrow . . .
    • Although, we did get the Holiday update with falling snow and chickens with Christmas jumpers!
  • And another thing, please fix the mouse not showing up unless you right click several times in the Community Server Browser!!!
    • Still have to tab+space on this end.



  • Go grab fantasy strike 4 cheap
  • There was a big update on monday
    • Improved profile screen with game stats
    • There was a bug where when the online p2 updates their controls it would override P1s controls too.   That’s been fixed
    • More gameplay balance stuff for MIDORI and ARGAGARG
  • Still lacks the correct button prompts for anything making the tutorial a bit difficult to understand.
  • This is one of the best fighting games, and one of the only fighting games on Linux and it’s getting continually updated.  Awesome!
  • Facial animations for characters hit by cinematic moves will be included in the next update, which will add a more fully rendered and polished look to the game.


Serious Blue

  • Looks neat but all I get is Unable to load level.
  • I even subbed to all the required workshop business.
  • Looks like the developers are actively trying to fix the bugs.
  • I would love to play this mod as well, and often find that community maps and workshops of games are sometimes better than the original game, and also keeps the game fresh with continued playability!
  • I gotta say, their logo looks like a little penis
  • Takes a while for the mods to load up, and yeah, like Venn I can’t get into any of the levels, which is a shame
  • It looks like they put a lot of work into it, including new bosses, enemy types (Kleer with shields?  Fuck that noise) and even some voice acting


Testing Vinland

  • Well, if you were eyeing this one, you can pick it up without burning a heretic purchase
  • DEAD IN VINLAND is a survival/management game, mixed with RPG and adventure elements, about a Viking family trying their best to survive on a mysterious island.
  • This survival game has beautiful artwork, a nice celtic soundtrack, positive reviews, and makes with the working on Linux!  At least as a public beta you can test now.


Black update

  • It launches now, has that going for it.
  • Never had a problem playing and launching Black Mesa on Linux since its release in 2015, except for the noticeable performance issues, such as low fps and textures not rendering properly.
  • So happy they are still working on fixing the bugs in Linux!


Skeletal DDR

  • More overlord than DDR?
  • They got themselves an art contest going
    • No NSFW, so no making “boner” jokes
  • This game looks like a unique yet fun experience with a complete Holiday retheming.

Steam: New Games


  • A sexy, furry hunting MMO
  • I like the censor onesie everyone is wearing in the game screenshots
  • I am 100% not the target market for this.   
  • If you’re in the target market, send us some hate mail with your thoughts
  • Furries doing questionable things in a park . . .


18D Chess

  • Free funky chess
  • Play chess on a 3D sphere with all your friends.  It has online multiplayer support.
  • Mr. Spock would approve 3D x 6 times ;-)


Totes official discord

  • So much for a small set of curated games
  • I’m curious what the barrier for entry will be given how negligible a deterrent $!00 is for crapware
  • Either way, the floodgates are now open.
  • All the games in Discord will be electron wrapped, thus cross-platform compatible with all the OSs and our beloved Linux ;-)


300+ Game Off

  • Game Off game jam just wrapped up with over 300+ games submitted, making it the largest game jam ever!  Here are the winners . . .
  • Overall winner:  Singularity, and it runs on Linux.
  • Support for Linux games on game jams has always been good, and Game Off 2018 is no exception!
  • 135 of them are browser playable, and 50 of them have Linux ports.
  • Just got done playing a few games from the Jam.
    • Monster Pong, a Breakout/Pong mashup with monsters.
    • Parallel, two games in one.  Both a driving simulator and an asteroids like game.
  • Some of my favorite first person puzzle and art games came from game jams!


It’s alive

  • They got rid of all the stuff that got them DMCA’d in the first place
  • Dev has a tileset extractor for windows, not sure of their plans to get something ported to linux.
  • Dude learned his lesson and decided to continue the project.
  • Electronic Arts is at it again.  
  • The developer got a take down notice and had to remove the game assets included with this repository.
  • I would like this project to come to fruition, and spent many hours in SimCity 2000 back in the day.  In fact it was the first SimCity game I really got into.


Open Fodder

  • Never played the original
  • Looks pretty interesting through.   Reminds me a bit of a pixelly DOW2
  • Open Fodder is an open source port of the original Cannon Fodder.
  • I remember seeing this on an Amiga many moons ago.
  • There are ports for OpenBSD and RetroPie available, but it can be compiled, of course, on any Nix.
  • Open Fodder is packaged with four demos, but the full game requires the original retail release.
  • The original Cannon Fodder and Cannon Fodder 2 games can be purchased at GOG, and are now priced at only $1.49 for GOG’s winter sale.



  • Graphical roguelike that sorta reminds me a bit of early ultima
  • It builds and runs.  I got into a game but I was stuck on an island and couldn’t figure out how to escape
    • Story of my life.  
    • Send help or nudes

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Penarium
Devel: Self Made Miracle
Engine: Custom
Price: $9.99

Wazzat: Penarium is a frantic 2D arena arcade game where you take on the role of Willy, trapped in a sinister circus show.


Does It Launch

  • Yip.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 all the things.
  • No resolution settings.


  • Hipster pixel goodness.


  • Steamy goodness.


Does It Launch

  • Here’s an old trick I had to pull out
  • ln -sf /usr/lib64/ lib/ is required in order for the game to run on fedora
  • The launch script tries to install ubuntu dependencies and asks for a sudo password

Performance @ 1080

  • Yerp


  • They’re pixelly
  • They’re colourful
  • You can tell one thing apart from another


  • You got three options
  • Move, jump or bail


Does It Launch

  • Launches quickly.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 1920×1080 & 1920×1200.


  • Windowed can be scaled easily and fullscreen works great!


  • Generic SNES controller and keyboard is very responsive.

QA Score:





  • Do you like Super Meat Boy?
  • This is Super Meat Boy with a bunch of extra steps thrown in.
  • You run, you jump, you explode into pixelated gibs.
  • Oh, you also rage-quit.
  • That’s what I found myself doing more often than not.
  • Granted this was after trying one level 15 times in a row.
  • That said, I did come back and after a bit more grinding managed to progress.
  • Like Super Meat Boy it’s a fun little game… for a minute.
  • Not something I would ever put much time into but definitely something to be broken out at parties after you have hidden anything that rhymes with heavy or sharp.


  • Tough but fair seems to get tossed around a bunch to describe games that have very difficult mechanics and demands mastery over them
  • This game has one mechanic to display mastery over, and it is tough but fair
  • You dodge
  • The game wants you to be patient too.   Levels don’t have time limits, and escalation is based on your progress
  • A bunch of times I was just about to get mad about a death, but then I realized the mistake I made
  • Also the looping screen is crucial for some of the challenges, somethingI didn’t realize until far too late
  • There’s a lot of stuff to keep track of for sure, but you never lose your dude
  • That lotion mission can EABOD though.  Whoof
  • The one after that is just an exercise in patience


  • Penarium:  A sadistic circus for sure!
  • Super Mario on hard mode!  It gets very hard, very quick.
  • Very addictive and brings you back wanting more.
  • Prepare to die a lot.
  • The opening animation that leads into the gameplay is very thematic and fluid and fits the vintage circus theme.
  • The art style and soundtrack are very charming!
  • Has an endless arcade mode that I enjoyed playing.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail: 



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