LinuxGameCast Weekly 341: Kitty Cat Rodeo

DXVK Hits 1.0! Wine 4.3 includes the FAudio rewrite, SpeedRunners gets boostacokes, and a glimpse of Steam’s new design? Then Tannenbaum faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

The Aboot Page

  • Steam with a modern UI, spooky.
  • The PC Gamer article pulls a couple of community shoops from reddit, which in turn were based on an oversimplified gif from Steam’s new About page.
    • Seriously. This kinda seems like a complete non-story
    • Some betteridge law bullshit
  • They do point out that VALVe has been working on a redesign of some kind for awhile.
  • And the Library tab has looked basically the same since they added achievements and the workshop.
  • Just not sure it’ll be so soon after the last one.

Steam: Game Updates

Top Freeman

  • But can you combine it with the spyro the dragon mod
  • I kinda like the idea that Half-life is becoming a bit like doom or quake where developers are taking it and trying to do their own thing and provide interesting takes on the theme
  • We need the equivalent of Q3 Rally for HL.
  • It’s not like VALVe is doing anything with the series, might as well!


Subject matter

  • You can launch the game through steam now. Progress!
  • Space Amnesia with a dash of Portal-style storytelling.



  • Don’t know if it was part of the update but I got a lightning whip right off the bat.
  • And proceeded to murderate everything.
  • The new content has been built to give more depth to Dead Cells’ end game.
  • Hence, one of the new biome and its boss won’t be accessible before you beat the game a first time.
  • A fifth boss cell is now available.



  • They added a new collectable that slightly increases your speed, to a maximum of 10 pickups. Getting exploded will drop the speed boost
  • Also a new map that emphasises this mechanic.
  • I’m curious how big a difference this makes. I guess it’ll give you some margin for error if you fuck up a turn
  • It seems far more likely it’ll just make it so that people have to go for the bonus soda.
  • And it’ll just increase the divide between the people who can do it properly and those who can’t.


7 Alpha 4 Ever

  • It made it as far as the character screen before hanging.
  • Take 2: Loads with openGL but no love for Steam overlay.
  • Seems to be getting 50’ish @ 1080 on high… with a 2060.
  • Vulkan is still full-metal pank so I guess their strat for that is wait for Unity to fix it.
    • Considering the development model as whole for this one, I think they’re waiting for Unity to release their game.

Steam: New Games


  • It’s a crappier version of “the bridge” where you play a lesbian who explodes when men touch her
  • Gameplay is apparently the same as Hentai 3018.
  • But I guess this one has a video of a CG anime character dancing in her bikini.
  • I can’t help but feel like there are probably easier ways to watch 3D Hentai on the internet.


Tech support

  • Windows 10 Simulator?
  • Kinda similar to Daemon 9, but seems to be a lot less ARG-like
  • Will work with any version of ubuntu. ANY VERSION
  • Why does the download button for the demo call it Quasar Spectrum OS?
  • Is the demo just the desktop environment?



  • Mother of god. They actually included online multiplayer
  • Drive around and try to blow up your friends
  • Apparently the 11 game modes provided are actually pretty diverse



  • 180 bucks seems consistent with what they were pricing 50 series cards
  • If it has the Nvencoder, might be a nice grab
    • Yeah, $180 is yoink territory.
    • RIP 980.
  • According to the earlier leaks, the 1650 should perform similarly to the GTX 780.
  • I am curious to see if it’ll be able to do all that from PCIe power alone.
    • I’m curious if it can run curse of the raven’s cry



  • Nothing too groundbreaking for the 1.0 release
    • I guess that’s good though. Means everything is starting to stablize
  • They have a new installer that allows easier switching between DXVK and wine’s own DX11/12 stuff
  • I do still love how getting DXVK installed in any wine prefix is just a matter of running winetricks dxvk.


The Sound of WINE

  • Flibit’s reimplementation of XAudio has made its way into WINE proper.
  • I expect Proton to follow suit sometime in 2056, when they get to a WINE 4.3+ base.
    • Maybe it’ll get backported. Valve does seem to be paying for this
  • Right around the same time XFCE 4.14 comes out.
  • Proton 3.16 does have support for FAudio, and you can simply replace the version it ships with one you have compiled yourself.
  • That said, Fallout 4 is the game I know has audio issues and, if you go into a quest with a lot of dialog, the sound still cuts out within minutes.


OBS Guide

  • It’s like Nvidia took a page from old man Venns playbook.
  • Yeah, that’s pretty much how I fk mothering roll with nvenc settings.
  • All of the external settings in this post are Windows-centric, but the OBS settings are very useful if you want to stream your game with decent quality.



  • According to VG247, GOG is also canning the Fair Price Pretense Package which got around the regional pricing of same games.
  • It was never really a thing!
  • All they did was give you store credit to make up the difference, but it never really worked how they described it in that cringy video they did.
  • They have like 20 open positions so they might not be ded just yet.
  • There’s some speculation that this has to do with the epic store
  • Hopefully they don’t pull a desura



  • The multiplayer fork is now official.
  • Shadows are coming.
    • Settle down Kosh
  • They’ve started to do work on having openMW start supporting other gamebryo games. Everyone hold your breath for openskyrim
    • After the shiteshow with Skyrimjob Together ya just might.
  • It can already read the Oblivion and Fallout 3/New Vegas BSAs, but of course the engine itself will need a bit more work to be able to do anything with those files.
  • Did you know there was an exp branch that can load Syrimjob data maps?


Open RSC

  • Huh, we were talking about run escape a couple weeks ago
  • They added a bunch of moderation functionality in this release, mainly involving kicking people
  • Code clean up is usually good. usually


Assembly people

  • ;talk like crab
  • Man, programming games are starting really get popular

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Tannenbaum
Webzone: Tannenberg
Devel: Blackmill Games, M2H
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49 / US$19.99 / CA$22.79

Wazzat: Tannenberg brings the massive battles of the Eastern Front in WW1 to life with 64 players fighting for control of key sectors of the battlefield, each one offering a distinct strategic advantage.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • Unity scream of night nope in 2019 -1 Chair.
  • It should be two since all the configuration options are IN GAME.

Performance @ 1080

  • Outside of that it manages to maintain 60 @ 1080.
  • The initial load for this game takes several minutes.


  • Jaggies… everywhere.
  • Realistic dead horse action.
  • Brown with occasional hints of green.


  • WASD.


Does It Launch

  • Oh unity 4, I haven’t missed you at all
  • Also jesus christ it takes forever to start up the first time

Performance @ 1080

  • Keeps above 100


  • It does an effective job of caputuring how shitty looking everything was in 1915
  • I agree with pedro, you really gotta be an eagle eye to spot people


  • Wasd


Does It Launch

  • It’s the Unity screen of nope! In <current year argument>!
  • Other than that, it works great.

Performance @ 1080

  • Holds over 100 at 1080.
  • At 2160 it holds around 40-50 in most maps.


  • Very hard to spot enemies.
  • I feel like people with 2160 or higher res monitors have the advantage here, since there are no scopes.


  • Proper sensitivity sliders and fully rebindable keys.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • It’s multiplayer only and 7 people are playing at any given time in the first mode.
    • The other two are perma empty.
    • Verdun had some planning going on but this seems like a bum rush and repeat.
    • If you like running around and killing bots in a game that looks straight out of 2003 give it a shot.
    • It kinda reminds me of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on a budget without the fun?
    • This could be fun with a larger playerbase, i think but as it stand I can’t recommend it.
  • Jordan
    • This game needs people to be entertaining. That will become apparent after playing one round of this
    • When you have some buds to talk smack, it’s a little better
    • It’s grimy, you can’t see shit and a bullet can come out of nowhere and kill you
    • Yup, it’s a pretty accurate representation of world war 1
    • Hope you like iron sights on crappy guns, cuz that’s what you’ll get
    • Pedro, Rtheren and I had a bit of a get together to try out the multiplayer
    • It’s a wee complicated to get into. You can invite people through steam, but it doesn’t do anything
    • Also, going to your friend’s squad has nothing to do with all of the similar options in the menu
    • This is clearly a labour of love though, The attention to detail is pretty staggering and the game certainly gets points for that
    • But it’s kinda boring and sloggy, and if you’re not into that, you won’t like this game
  • Pedro
    • It took a little bit but my brain clicked into the olden days when I played Medal of Honor Allied Assault online.
    • I like first person shooters in general, and Tannenberg is certainly does have its own thing going.
    • Thing is, if you’re a multiplayer only videogame, being able to play with the people you want to play should be a priority.
    • As I found myself describing to RTheren the procedure on how to find Jordan’s game, earlier today, I realized just how not terribly intuitive or welcoming it is.
    • And that got me thinking about the UI as a whole.
    • Turns out, you need to go to the scoreboard in the “Esc menu” and ask to switch to a different squad.
    • Why is playing this with the people you know so difficult?
    • Outside of that, it’s a much better World War I game than I’ve seen from other developers.
    • Though, these lot do have the Verdun pedigree so I guess there’s that.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:



  • If VALVe are willing to put their money where their WINE is, and even be so brazen as to claim the Whitelisted games run as well as they do on Windows with just a performance hit, I say they’re fair game.

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