LinuxGameCast Weekly EP06 — Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Coming up on this LinuxGameCast Weekly. Steam is coming, Humble Bundle 6 adds four games (we’re still waiting on one). Publishing With Unity and why Ubuntu software center is rubbish. Oh, we also play “find the source” a new game from Phoronix.

Stick around for the spoiler filled Doctor Who after show.

Links: (don’t peek)

1,000 user private beta starting in October.

  • Who will get in?
  • From the valve blog – “At this time, we are collecting interested persons for possible inclusion in an external beta in the future. If you have expressed interest in a comment or email, you’re on that list; nothing more is needed.”
  • Is October code for Valve time?

Four Games Added To The Humble Indie Bundle 6 – Desura worked for updates, Ubuntu software centre requires; well, Ubuntu.

  • Gratuitous Space Battles
  • Jamestown
  • Wizorb (first time HIB) ?
  • Jordan – more games than I have already
  • Want build of shatter that works for fedora 64 bit.  AAAAA
  • Ubuntu Software center best for updates? What about other distros? How do they keep track HIB Update?
  • YOU will hate me for this. but could you explain in detail.
  • No more Desura keys
  • Publish a yum/zypper repository with the games.  (THIS IS FOR RPM)
  • RHEL model with paid repo access\
  • Launch script that checks for updates?
  • Vessel* WHAR? After a week; no news? Will it become the next Splot?

New build for Rochard – Change-log | Now goes down less than PAris Hilton in a Monaco nightclub. 

  • Player profile and progress changes are saved immediately instead of only on a clean exit
  • Fixed Middle Mouse Button registering wrong, could cause a crash and data corruption if trying to save the settings with the wrong value returned.
  • Fixed mouse delta being way too high in fullscreen mode
Linux Publishing With Unity 4.0 (long video is long) MINES
I still need to watch  watching

  • 32 and 64 bit
  • Target Ubuntu 10.10 or later
  • Just like exporting to Win/Mac (one click)
  • Use – Free packaging / export your unity player and send a *.zip. DONE


  • Ubuntu software centre (rev share is 80/20)
  • Desura – \m/
  • Indie Royale? Partners /w Desura
  • HIB – Partners /w Ubuntu

You need to use your own input manager – screen size controls etc.

Don’t drop the soap – Prison Architect is now in Alpha
“Hi Venn,
I’m sorry, but there isn’t a timescale on the Linux version just yet. As soon as we know the system requirements, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.”

Pffft! haven’t started on the Linux port.

  • $30?
  • $30?!
  • Why no demo?
  • Do you pay for alpha games?
  • Have a go at the YT comments
  • “We’re more interested in a smaller number of players that are more engaged in what we’re doing, than a huge audience that want to pay less. There’s a quality bar we’re putting in there.

The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX – Ubuntu vs Fedora

  • Needed to install PHYSFS, modplug, SDL Ttf, SDL Image for source build – sudo apt-get install libenet-dev libphysfs-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libmodplug-dev
  • Debs installed without issue.

Hostile Takeover Pre-Alpha demo

  • Keep in mind that this is a very early build of the game with only one test level. It’s also missing a bunch of features, graphics and polish – and may not be 100% stable.

INTRODUCING – Find the source!
We pick an article from Phoronix and try to locate the source without mousing over the links.


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