LinuxGameCast Weekly 342: SCALEMAGEDDON

Humble Indie Bundle 20 is live! Valve loses 3 donkeys, Rust fails at Vulkan, and we find out what happened during the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • We’ve seen happen a few times, with games setting a release date and then either forgetting to change it with delays or maliciously doing so to drive up interest.
  • That one Rocket Cars /w feet game keeps doing this.
  • This one’s a little harder to account for.   Missing the release date is a super real thing that happens for projects


Beta beta

  • Proton settings on big picture.
  • The Big Picture Proton options are very welcome.
  • On the SteamBox, before the hardware was repurposed as a gaming PC for Nory, I had to log in to a desktop session to enable it.
  • No need to do that anymore!
    • Yeah, steam really has an inconsistent UI problem
    • You should be able to do everything you can do in BPM in desktop more and vise versa
  • You can now dump the vulkan shader cache as well


FFS Valve

  • Y’all really need to rethink your wait until public outage policy.
  • With VALVe’s relatively lax approach to what gets to be on Steam, it’s inevitable that people would try their luck with just about anything.
  • Keep in mind this made it through Steam Direct.
  • And since VALVe seems content with only doing curation when enough of a fuss is kicked up, this will keep happening
  • yeah, that’s gonna happen if you’re not policing what gets on your platform
  • I don’t think there’s much incentive to put any sort of mitigation system in place though, as long as steam keeps getting $100/game



  • I for one blame the sex toasters.
  • Seems it was a people thing.
  • That, or we know how many people were on the Artifact team.
    • ^
    • It seems that with the game failing so hard, so quickly, some people were heavily encouraged to go work somewhere else
  • Though, with the recent news of layoffs around the industry, this was certainly poor timing.
  • But this is VALVe. They’re a private company they owe explanations to no public investors or shareholders.
  • Also, I don’t think valve was 100% ready to take on HTC’s side of the equation


On the topic

  • Doesn’t seem like there are any hard feelings
  • We’ve spoken at length about artifact’s failure to capture a market
  • It’s a little sad, cuz the game design seems relatively sound, but sometime all the design in the world won’t make a game resonate with folks
    • Or at least get them to drop some cash on booster packs
  • Not being mean but people who are interested in making games don’t look for jobs at Valve.



  • Looks like they’re just bumping DXVK to the 1.0 release.
  • Decently fast turnaround
  • WHAR WINE 4.X1111!!!

Steam: Game Updates

Chicken Date

  • An axolotl new skins
  • You can also fuck with a lot of the core mechanics, like jump frequency and height, friction and all sorts of other things to make your friends miserable
  • No weird crashing on the Friday stream.
  • I was positively surprised to the see the game work with the DS4.
  • It even shows a little DS4 drawing to explain the controls in the options menu.


Fast dust

  • Don’t judge a book by the cover, right?
  • But it’s very hard when the cover has been so elucidating in the past.
  • Especially when it comes to Steam.


Vulkan Rust

  • Indeed, crash to Desktop is almost immediate, quite performant.  
  • This is FacePunch so it’s impossible to know if it’s incompetence or trolling.
  • “Forcing GfxDevice: Vulkan
    Forced GfxDevice ‘Vulkan’ was not built from editor, shaders will not be available”

    • Yeah, that means the vulkan backend was not built, Brad.
    • Oh, so they didn’t build the Vulkan backend for Linux.
    • It’s not like they’re pretending to be supporting Linux anymore.
  • Even if Hanlon’s Razor tends to come out on top more often than not.

Steam: New Games

Deep not 6

  • Don’t know if they were going for it but they NAILED the PS1 look.
  • Not saying that’s a good thing.
  • Cinematics like FF8, gameplay like FF6
  • No price announced.  
  • Hopefully they don’t shoot themselves in the foot and price it over 10 bucks


Character blindness

  • Spider drone, spider drone.
  • Done entirely in openGL, which is neat


Humble 20

  • You can finally get overgrowth for
  • Sorta want Overhop but not for $10.
  • I mean, it’s not about the $10 it’s that they put their own game as the premium.
  • Tangledeep looks neat.


Yeah, no

  • I’m all for supporting team red but don’t lie to people.
  • I mean, the hardest part is dealing with a new card.   
  • If you grab something like a cheap 580, you’re plug and play
  • Newer AMD cards are the troublesome ones unless you’re inclined to mess around with mesa
  • 580, 480, yeah. Those will work fine.
  • The 590, despite being basically the same GPU as the 580 (and the 480), still seems to have some issues for a lot of people.
  • I absolutely agree on the recommendation to use the Padoka0 Stable PPA, you should be doing that if you’re on either AMD or Intel and running on a Ubuntu base.
  • You’ll get both newer drivers and newer Vulkan.
  • But it’s not out of the box.
  • And since we’re talking about a Ubuntu base here, I need to point out the only difference between that and running one of the 10 series GPU there is the command to sudo apt install nvidia-driver-418 nvidia-settings
  • It’s disingenuous to say AMD is the easiest when in the same article you highly recommend that people enable a third-party repo, when NVidia drivers take the same amount of work.



  • Again, I ask why the split between this and Final Minetest?
  • Does anyone have a link to the “drama” Andrew mentioned on the Hatemail, last week?



  • I found a bug!
  • If you use the wallet item to save the game, if you reload the save you’ll be stuck in a pitch black map with ever increasing money.
  • I guess linux sales have kinda petered out?
  • That just might be cynical Jordan though.  Maybe they’re just doing it to be cool guys
  • Looks like they want to use patreon to fund their development, which I think is an OK model for early access


Hipster pixel City

  • Aside from the pixels it looks kinda neat.

Hate Mail:


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  1. Just to let you know, “Final Minetest” is just a dumbass fork run by a hostile third party, and wasn’t really the result of the version number change and its associated breakage (which actually is fairly minimal, all of my mods still run just fine, only a couple needed minor changes).

    That third party has been engaging in attacks against Minetest (and other unrelated parties) for a few years now, after getting all butthurt over the temporary loss of a popular feature that was actually the result of an engine bug (I.e. the bug was fixed, then the feature was added back as a config option).

    I highly recommend you avoid any and all contact with that project and anyone who support it or its … maintainer.

    The real Minetest is and always will be at (as far as I know :P )

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