LinuxGameCast Weekly 347: Flickery Hell-Elks!

Linux Game Jam 2019 kicks off! NVIDIA dominates Steam, DOOM gets Vulkanized, and D9VK learns to Skyrim. Then Pathway faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

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Mike G: A GANG of bits-and-bobs!

NVIDIA dominates Steam
Ex-Valve developer supports Epic
Steam Hardware survey CPUID
Black Mesa overtakes Duke Nukem Forever
Legend of Shara
Urban Trial Playground
Robot wants all
Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight
Shameless self promotion
Linux Game Jam 2019
GODOT removes editor
Mozilla awards GODOT 50K
Vulkan comes to GZDOOM
FreedroidRPG 1.0 RC1
Skyrim using D9VK
Hate mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

NVIDIA dominiates Steam

  • Generational bump brought the RTXs closer but still nowhere near the 1060.
  • It’s hard to beat 980 performance with a single 6/8 pin connector
  • It’s even harder to justify buying AMD when they’re getting smoked in price/performance
  • Although I really don’t think a lot of people are itching to jump to the latest shit
  • BTW, That site is fucking cancer with blocking adblockers, autoplaying videos and all the goddamn popups
    • Enable the annoyances filters in uBlock Origin.
    • Use noscript, peasants!


Ex-Valve developer supports Epic

  • Richard “Hot Takes” Geldreich strikes again
    • I don’t think 30% is unsustainable if steam were making the indie games in question visible enough, which is kinda what the problem is
  • Yeah, “fixing” it!
  • By bringing console like exclusive bullshit to PC and shitting from on high on Linux.
  • I like choice and exclusives (like it or not) are still choice.
  • It would be good to remember a better revshare only works if people are buying your game.
  • Again, if Epic comes to Linux things get sticky.
  • Will I buy from them if that happens?
  • Yeah, with one big honking condition.


Hardware survey

  • The question was a bit too broad and the answering person latched on to the specific examples provided without revealing much of anything.
  • So now we can hope for some additional CPU model booga booga
  • Here’s a wild damn idea.
  • How about listing peoples systems specs when they leave a review.
  • Or at least make that an option and give more weight to those who do?

Steam: Game Updates

Black Mesa forever

  • Dubious honour.
  • It is kinda comparing apples and chainsaws though
  • I see the Half-Life 3 comparison but at least Black Mesa has something you can play.
  • And yes, it is a remaster of a game which already exists, rather than a game that people are hoping for/want to play.
  • At this point I only want this game to wrap so we can finish Meat the Freemans.

Steam: New Games

Legend of Shara

  • Decently sized expansion to the base games
  • Adds a prequel campaign, ultra randomized dungeons and a bunch of other modifications to the base game
  • Man, we’ve been talking about these guys a lot lately. LIke every week for the past few weeks
  • Half the price of the base game is pretty good for an expansion pack!


Urban Trial

  • Supposedly uses vulkan if the system requirements are to be believed
  • It’s a nice looking excitebike type game
  • Wonder if it has memory leaks.
  • I guess if it does, it should list a swap file in the sysreqs
  • Excite bike meets Action Hank.
  • Multiplayer, so it might be worth a look.
  • The negative reviews my ignorant language processor can read seem to complain about the physics.
  • I thought the whole point in these games was to work your brain around whatever bullshit physics the developers came up with.
  • Has Vulkan support.


Robot wants all

  • A collection of small metroidvania style games
  • The leaderboards are an interesting feature, especially factoring in the various mutators
  • It looks like a fun little hipster-pixel run arou… oh my god, what is wrong with your price?
  • Unless this is a Stephen’s sausage roll type of thing, that’s a hard price to swallow on what looks to be a 2D hipster pixel platformer style of thing.


Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

  • It launches to a grey screen, good job.
  • I want a refund.
  • I got it to work by changing the “Screenmanager Resolution Use Native” line to 1 in the ~/.config/unity3d/Home Net Games/Warplanes_ WW2 Dogfight/prefs file.
  • The very little I played of it reminded me of how much I enjoyed Airfix Dogfighter back in the day.


Linux Game Jam 2019

  • Submissions are due just before April 20th, so submit your game and then smoke up!
  • No theme, that I could see… That bugs me!
    • Theme == Linux games.
  • A jam having a theme and have people come up with inventive interpretations of said theme to build their game is most of the fun, in my view.
  • Only one submission thus far.


Godot removes editor

  • Makes sense. Disable the features you don’t use to get them out of your way. It’s kinda pointless to have a bunch of 3d feature menus and options if you’re writing a 2D game
  • It’s a nice touch I wish other programs would adopt
  • Allowing the developer to streamline their experience in the editor is a game all of its own.



  • Yup, the original GitHub repo shows the initial commit to be in 2016.
  • Oh it’s been around for several minutes but still being actively developed.
  • That reminds me, whatever did happen to that sintel game
    • I think they ran into the insanity wall of making a game with Blender.


Vulkan comes to GZDOOM

  • Not compatible with any mods that ship their own shaders or textures
  • This is an alpha release, so they want your feedback
  • GZDoom has been translated to several languages, with more to come soon.
  • Is there any advantage to this other than FK IT!?
    • It’s DOOM.
    • Fuck it is what’s kept it alive all these years on every platform in existence.


FreedroidRPG 1.0 RC1

  • Much like many 1.0s, this’ll kill compatibility with your old save
  • Speaking of which, hitting a 1.0 is a pretty significant milestone for these old guard open source projects. Your move SuperTuxKart
  • Planescape Tux is a big boy now!


D9VK update

  • I want to give this a little plug since it’s went from “hey, triangle” to Skyrim in about a month,
  • You have to wonder if this progress is a result of an “anonymous” cash infusion
  • If it is ingested by “certain interested parties” then it probably will help significantly with the performance of DX9 games on weaker cpus
    • DX9 still eats but with higher end CPUs in some titles.
  • Thems some missing shaders and missing OpenGL paths for the fonts.
  • Pretty good to see!
  • DX12 is teh futchah!


Mozilla gives GODOT 50K

  • The funding is for 3 things:
    • 1: Get Godot as an editor working in a browser. Not really sure what that’ll accomplish functionality wise, but it will probably shore up the upstream web assembly stuff
    • B. Get some WEBRTC stuff going. Could be for in game voice chat, some kind of event system, whatever. More webRTC is good
    • III) Get some nice bespoke assets to use in demos. Maybe make a sleek and sexy version of godette

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Pathway
Webzone: Pathway
Devel: Robotality
Engine: Custom (based on LibGDX)
Price: £12.99 / US$15.99 / CA$18.99

Wazzat: Adventure into the strange unknown with Pathway, a strategy RPG set in the 1930s great desert wilderness. Outwit your enemies in daring turn-based combat, raid occult tombs and make tough choices in a procedurally generated grand pulp expedition!

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • No problems.

Performance @ 1080

  • Solid 60 @ 2160.


  • Hipster-pixel.
  • Sometimes the dogs ghost during transit.


  • Would have liked some controller support.


Does It Launch

  • Ja

Performance @ 1080


  • They do a pretty good job of modernizing the sprites from stuff like the old indiana jones PC games
  • The pixel art is also veryu well done


  • Clicky clacks


Does It Launch

  • It does and respects resolution choice
  • It’s nothing short of absurd a Java-engine based game works properly in this respect when others made with far more established engines don’t.

Performance @ 1080

  • Yes


  • The graphics were the reason I was prompted to send Robotality an email
  • They look great!
  • And they work as expected


  • You click and things happen, very hard to screw that up.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Bonus soda for the fade out before rage-quit.
    • Unless I’m missing something this is top-down Darkest Dungeon with an overworld map and added pixels.
    • I went into this one with the “change my mind mentality” and lasted a solid 49 minutes.
    • That’s when I unloaded in a dudes face and got a miss.
    • Every campaign is generated when it begins, so no two adventures will ever be the same.
    • Yeah, never have nor never will be a fan of RN Jesus having FK or ALL to do with winning.
    • Not my dice.
    • I was kinda hoping to get some joy out of combat but it seems shallow and repetitive and before you jump in my business half the internet seems to agree.
    • FT Nazi noeper pixel edition featuring permadeath simulator 9000 can be safely passed if you are not into turn-based gaming.
    • That said, it sure is pretty.
  • Jordan
    • This game has what I like
    • Grid based tactical combat, FTL style map exploration and gear minmaxing
    • The fights actually require some thunking too, as you’re generally outnumbered
    • Fortunately the AI is the right kinda dumb, so you can bait them
    • I agree with pedro about being able to undo movement. If you make a mistake with your positioning, you’re kinda boned
    • The character system is similar to west of loathing, where characters have traits that can unlock various options, and you can level your dudes up so they can get better guns
    • I’m pretty sure the stats are lifted right out of WHFRP
  • Pedro
    • XCom meets Renowned Explorers a dash of FTL resource management.
    • Honestly, there’s a lot to like in this game.
    • All the characters have pros and cons, and the game gives you enough hints on the mission descriptions to figure what you’re going to be up against the most.
    • I also like that there is now a game out there where characters can be inherently strong or weak against Nazis.
    • Oh, you’re a sniper! That’s cool. What does being weak against Nazis mean exactly?
    • In any case, I wish I’d had more time this week to play it because this is my jam!
    • It’s a bunch of elements taken from different games and simplified so they all complement each other.
    • It wouldn’t hurt to have a broader starting roster or the option to undo a move, but that just made want to be careful and pick my clicks carefully.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:

Store hate


  • I don’t see why we have to fire Sandy

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