LinuxGameCast Weekly 351: Empty Quality Shoop

Easy Anti-Cheat confirms their commitment to Linux! Nightdive Studios promises BLOOD, D9vk 0.10 needs testers, and GODOT begins their journey to Vulkan.

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04:42 Easy Anti-Cheat update
08:16 Dwarf Fortress top 10
10:03 Speedrunners bounce
12:16 Slipstream 1.1.9
13:41 BLOOD confirmed for Linux
15:47 Split the Party released
17:21 Descenders
19:47 Shameless self promotion
23:29 RPCS3 Progress report
28:54 DXVK AGS
31:09 D9vk 0.10
34:22 GODOT Vulkan
36:25 Wildlands Build 20
38:22 GOG Linux support
41:13 Whispers of a Machine
57:15 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

EAC on Linux

  • Garry is a damn troll and people should know this by now.
  • I didn’t say anything Monday for that reason alone.
  • It still is worth noting that EAC is owned by Epic and Ol’ Timmy might do a dumb in the near future, of only to further fuck with Valve.
    • That’s just wheel of booga-bogga speculation though
  • Those comments were coming from someone who couldn’t even get a mouse cursor to work in an Ubuntu VM.
  • Even if it were true, I’d only accept it if EAC themselves confirmed it
    • That’s who the tweet is from.
      • Yes
  • So how far along is VALVe TimeTM on those talks?

Steam: Game Updates

DF top 10 wished

  • I don’t know why but Dwarf Fortress is in the top 10 but it’s nice to see.
  • Fucking Obsidian!
  • I want to try Outerworlds, but then they get bought by Microsoft and take the Epic bribe.


SpeedRunners bounce

  • Because that’s what this game needed, more fkry.
  • Making it available for a level creation contest is an interesting move. I’m sure we’ll see some community plagiarized inspired levels make it into the official levels
  • I’m surprised these weren’t already a thing.



  • Auto tokyo drift 1 year edition
  • Apparently it’s too dark in the mystic cave. You told me it was a time machine and I could meet Jesus and Ben Franklin
  • It’s on sale for the rest of the week too, so if you want go pick it up


BLOOD coming to Linux after all (RTheren)

  • It’s using the build engine so they would have to go out of their way not to.
    • *Glares at supergiant*
  • There is that open-sauce reimplementation we mentioned a couple months back.

Steam: New Games

Never Split the Party

  • Hey, it’s finally out.
  • The multiplayer mechanic is pretty cool,.
  • Could be very good aftershow bait.
  • Priced to sell.



  • Motorbike in the sky.
  • Needs more occulus rift
  • Online MP!


RPCS3 Progress report

  • They added native DS3 support, but only for windows.
    • They go into the technical issues quite a bit, but I’m pretty sure linux recognizes it as a joypad when you plug the fucker in
  • Also apparently Linux IO drivers are superior to Windows, as they had to specifically add a fsync fix for windows to get performance parity
  • Their SPU interpreter and recompiler now use the same LLVM backend, which is a good maintainability step
  • They’re getting closer to 50% of the games they test being fully playable, which is pretty crazy all things considered
  • RSX Texturing improvements has helped the look of several games.
  • Doom 3: BFG Edition went from nothing to straight-up playable.
  • Also some notable performance improvements from the LLVM update.



  • Right in the thread the DXVK guy tells us to cool our jets.
    So let the rampant speculation presented as fact begin!
  • Nothing like a dose of reality to tamper another phoronix article.


D9vk 0.10

  • Really have an interest in this one.
  • While most dx9 games run fine there are quite a few that straight-up run like but for fk all reason.
  • Getting the D3D heavy lifting off the CPU and on to the GPU is a good move.
  • If you do try it out, please keep in mind that d3dx9 and d3dcompiler will mess things up.
  • Basically, make sure you’re running it in blank prefix.


Live long and Godot

  • It begins
  • It’s also worth mentioning that if you want to support this development you should go sign up for their patreon.
  • I mean, it’s not like they had much of a choice now is it?
  • Took’m long enough!


Wildlands Build 20

  • You can zoom now. Zoom zoom
  • Ipv6 MP support and they’ll stop transmitting passwords as plain text wat
  • A whole whack of game and balance fixes I don’t understand cuz I’ve never played the game
  • We no longer ship binary Linux packages because of the poor compatibility between Linux distributions
    • Come on people, stop saying shit like this. If fucking Tuxkart can make it work , you can
  • Open sauce Settlers with less of a focus on the city building and more on the real-time ZZZZZZzzzzzZZZz…


GOG Linux support

  • But GoG is prioritizing linux.
  • Galaxy is coming any day now you guise
  • Still a better love story than Epic.
  • So… what they’re actually saying is that they were previously deliberately making it harder to upload Linux builds than it needed to be, isn’t it?


Whispers of a Machine

  • You can buy the game on steam, but it only supports mac and windows without proton
  • Comes with a debian build script, but it uses a bunch of debian specific lib paths and I don’t wanna fuck around with cuz I have neither the time or energy
    • That’s what the dev said!
  • It’s a way of giving back, if you can get it to build and get it up and running I’m sure the developer would appreciate it.
  • Don’t know if that appreciation would involve compensation, but it’d be nice nonetheless.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: OneShot
Webzone: OneShot
Devel: Little Cat Feet
Engine: RPG Maker
Price: £6.99 / US$9.99 / CA$10.99

Wazzat: OneShot is a surreal top down Puzzle/Adventure game with unique gameplay capabilities. You are to guide a child through a mysterious world on a mission to restore its long-dead sun. The world knows you exist.

Mandatory Disclosure: Degica (the publisher) sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • No issues.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ UHD.


  • Hipster pixel.


  • Let, me, move, diagonally.
  • Xbox wireless OOTB.


Does It Launch

  • It run

Performance @ 1080

  • No resolution options per se, just fullscreen or no
  • The fact that they want you to play this in a window clearly indicates this was not developed on a UHD monitor


  • They pixel


  • Steve Overlay has spoiled us


Does It Launch

  • It launched but on more than one occasion it froze with an error message about a missing file
  • There were no files missing, the game is just hardcoded to look for certain directories in your $HOME
  • So let’s say you have a non-english locale and your Documents folder is called Documentos instead?
  • Game freeze!
  • The first freeze also cost me about 20 minutes worth of progress.

Performance @ 1080

  • It’s RPGmaker, I’d be surprised if it didn’t perform


  • Hipster pixel in game and zalgo text in the files it creates
  • It works as intended, in that respect.


  • DS4 worked out of the box and you can rebind everything.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Full disclosure, I had to google how to get out of the first room.
    • Oooooh, it’s going to be that type of game.
    • That’s a danger slow burn, 59 minutes before you has my attention.
    • What we have here is something that is, shall we say, charming.
    • You’re a little cat human short and stout.
    • Lightbulb, dark world, robots.
    • Doesn’t sound like much but it’s put together well enough.
    • You play as little cat human who is the savior and occasionally gawd.
    • All the while a mysterious NPC is haxoring your PC leaving files with clues in them.
    • That’s what I meant by “that type of game” since this has been done before in games like OMG Pony Island.
    • It’s also another type of game, the type that requires you to combine items.
    • That’s always a carpshoot since you’re bound to run into at least one “the hell was the devel thinking” moment.
    • For me that was right out of the gate combining the T.V. remote… with the window.
    • Then the game fkn broke in an unrecoverable way.
    • You tried to drop a file on my desktop and proceeded to give me grief about not being able to find it.
    • I couldn’t find it because only root has write access to my desktop.
    • Yeah, I could keep going and hope things work out but I don’t want to run into some gotacha two hours from now.
    • If you are going to cock around with a system list what is going to be cocked with, especially on Linux.
    • Regardless, I still find the game charming.
  • Jordan
    • Like was mentioned, this game operates on LucasArts game logic, where you basically have to try and combine all the things and hope that it’ll work once you remove all of the other possibilities
    • It’s like sherlock holmes. But like season 4 of Sherlock
    • Alas, the game has a story and a bit of a sense of humour, and I can appreciate it
    • I actually kinda like being called out at, as well as being able to specify my proper epithet as GOD EMPEROR
    • Unfortunately, the game really presents itself as a glorified series of fetch quests, and that can get a little tiresome after a while
    • The NotPron thing is kinda neat, but yeah, use a standardized OS interaction layer if you’re going to drop stuff around the filesystem
  • Pedro
    • The game portion itself is the standard adventure thing of rubbing all the items on each other and on all the interactable objects dotted around.
    • Don’t bother thinking about it too much, it’s really not that clever.
    • What it doesn’t straight up tell you, you can probably figure out by trial and error.
    • The fuckery with my system files is also not appreciated, especially if I have to go out of my way to correct the locale mishaps because they weren’t using XDG
    • There’s also the fact I play games to get away from the real world.
    • I don’t need a game constantly breaking the 4th wall to remind me I’m just an idiot in front of a PC, I can do that perfectly well all by my lonesome

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:



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