LinuxGameCast Weekly 366: Dungeons & Dumbasses

CodeWeavers celebrates one year of Proton! Newgrounds talks about their open-source emulator, Steam fills some zero-day security holes, and BEARS, VODKA, BALALAIKA!

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  • JellyBean (inc patreon pledge)

05:01 Top Steam releases of July
07:38 One year of Proton
12:38 Codeweavers: Journey of a bug
15:36 Steam Zero day exploits
22:07 Rogue Singularity
23:39 Underworld Ascendant
26:06 No Man’s Sky VR
33:03 Tyrants of the Moonsea
35:55 Newgrounds open source emulator
38:36 EZ-DND
40:51 OpMon
43:11 Squally goes open-source
47:16 Draftform
49:36 CHAIRQASITION: Risk System
1:00:48 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Top Releases of July 2019

  • It’s the AAA Summer lull and you can tell!
  • Youngblood is only AAA game there.
  • And if a god-game that came out to middling reviews can still hit the top 20, there’s clearly a demand for those kinds of games.
  • Is Oxygen Not Included the only Linux title?


A year of Proton

  • Has it really been a year?
  • Where’s my goddamnbatman?
  • That said, it’s given us a lot of games that were never getting a Linux version.
  • Valve’s been doing it right. Adding features and fixes to their own product and upstreaming them to their source. They’ve been doing it with debian, mesa and wine.
  • Win32 has won out as the executable format of PC gaming. Microsoft tried to kill it, but they just can’t. Victims of their own success
    • I just feel so bad for them
  • With Stuff like ACO, and whatever other gnarly shit coming down the pipe, we might be in a situation where it’s genuinely better to play windows games under proton than windows.
  • Proton has turned into a bit of a must have.
  • Even if you’re sticking to the Whitelist, there’s a bunch more games (especially AAA) which work out of the box.
  • And it looks like they are getting ready to test vkd3d for some DX12 support.


Debugging Proton

  • Valve Money. It spends just like epic money, but you can use it to fix actual problems
  • This is also interesting because it provides a sort of fast-track for stuff in Wine-staging to get into wine proper via proton.
    • That said, I’m a little skeptical because it makes valve’s resource contention an arbiter for what stuff will get prioritized


Steam Zero day

  • That’s one way to bypass Valve Time ™
  • Do not tango with security researchers, Valve, you will lose.
  • VALVe being VALVe again.
  • They do things their way until a story gets loud enough in their ears that they can’t ignore it anymore.
  • I get not wanting to deal with issues which don’t affect Steam, but the root cause on this one was Steam.
  • Gotta treat vulnerability disclosure in the same way that you should treat being called out on despicable behaviour by a friend. The individual in question clearly cares enough about you to try and correct the problem instead of going a different route

Steam: New Games


  • Wat if fortnite…but drunk bears?
  • I’m a bit sad the system requirements don’t list the premiere russian hacker operating system Lunix
  • Could be so bad good, can’t tell.
  • Those T posing death animations…


Rogue Singularity

  • It’s an infinite runner with a robot
  • No, not Crashbots.


Underworld Ascendant

  • Now Linux gamers can experience what is reportedly a bug riddled mess.
  • Foamy Shadow Loaves can no longer be made.
    • You fucking monsters
  • I am curious!
  • I want to see just how terrible it actually is.


No Man’s VR

  • Ye might think to yourself “wait a minute. Nomansky doesn’t have a linux version”
  • Looks like people are actually starting to use proton for VR stuff and these guys are at least fixing issues
  • They’re a bit shy on good will these days though…


DLC for a 17 year old game

  • Both Pedro and I have maintained that NWN has some of the best modding tools and communities in gaming history. Before fucked up modded out skyrim, you had fucked up modded out NWN
  • And hey, since you get yourself an enhanced edition, might as well start trying to pump out some additional paid content
  • The premium modules from Platinum were actually really good though, so I’m curious if these folks can maintain the legacy of quality. For $29.99
  • The new module is $9.99, or $8.99 with the release discount.
  • They claim 20+ hours of high-level NWN gameplay.
  • That’s more than Hordes of the Underdark delivered back in the day.


Newgrounds is working on an open source emulator

  • Got to reserve those obscure pr0n flash games.
  • Unlike Flashpoint this frk will work from the web.
  • If anyone has a vested interest, Newgrounds are definitely the ones.


Open-source P2P D&D

  • When they say early development they mean FUCKING EARLY Development
  • OBjects for tables and entities and whatnot.



  • I should do a nuzlocke of this on the thursday stream.
  • Armhf *.deb, bold move.
  • It’s “Nintendo Gonna Sue Somebody #7564 – This Again”
    • *adjusts glasses*
  • We did cover this back in Feb 2018


2D Platformer Game for Teaching Game Hacking

  • In an age where software piracy is rampant and the odds of your indie game being discovered are slim to bubkis, open sourcing your game may not actually be the worst idea
  • Plus in this case the game itself is about hacking. Bonus soda
  • 99.78% of the time open-sourcing your game engine will result in fk or all.
  • Not saying that as a negative, it’s simply not much use to the average person who buys games.
  • That, and you’re still going to need the assets.
  • Also, sweetheart, open-source games are alive and well in many forms.
  • Not exactly breaking new ground here.
  • Still, preventing others from reinventing the wheel is noble.



  • Homeperson is developing a game under linux using godot
  • If that doesn’t deserve at least a shout out from this podcast, I don’t know what will
  • Tinkered around with is in the browser.
  • It most certainly platforms.
  • Homegirls running position is, well, she looks ready to storm Area 51.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Risk System
Devel: Newt Industries, LLC
Engine: GameMaker Studio 2
Price: £9.49 / US$11.99 / CA$13.49
Wazzat: High speed kinetic action. Danger is the best offense!

Mandatory Disclosure: The Devs sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • No issues.

Performance @ 1080

  • Ya like 60?


  • No unintended glitches in the hipster-pixel matrix.


  • Works /w everything but the Xclone.
  • I mean, HTH ya going to work with a Steam controller but not the xbone?


Does It Launch

  • Yorp

Performance @ 1080

  • It’s 60. But it’s pixel 60, so really who cares


  • Hello character blindness my old friend
  • You’ve come to fuck with my ADD again


  • They do the fantasy strike thing where they configure the dodge and mega weapon button on first run


Does It Launch

  • It do.

Performance @ 1080

  • It’s locked at 60, that’s GameMaker for you


  • It’s a 2D Shmup
  • It’s not hard to keep track of your ship but you’re encouraged to ride the enemy bullets, making it that much worse!


  • It works.
  • And you can rebind everything except movement

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Go from left to right pew pew pew, that game.
    • It’s like a regular side-scrolling shooter minus the powerups.
    • Speaking of powerups…
    • I didn’t grok the shield mechanic until the second boss.
    • I damn near beat the fkr too.
    • Once I was comfortable being an energy vampire this got considerably easier.
    • I went from pew pew dodge to nom nom BLAM!
    • Unfortunately this new strategy requires precision skimming of enemy weapon fire.
    • It was about that time Old Man Venn™ realized his ship was slipperier than teflon coated collard greens.
    • I checked the Steam forums, yeah, not the only one who noticed.
    • It’s still playable but be prepared to live with it.
    • Outside of that, the lack of power ups (at least in the hour I gave it) and the mediocre soundtrack left me feeling meh.
    • The pixel-art is snestastic and yes, there is some character blindness but welcome to the world of SHMUP.
    • It’s not a bad game but it’s been done before.
  • Jordan
    • It’s a hard shoot’em up with autofire and a super that charges based on near misses
    • And as the second boss indicates, that’s pretty much your fuckign lifeline
    • But at the end of the day it basically boils down to being a mechanically hard game requiring immense manual precision that I’m just plain not good at
    • And I don’t care to be!
  • Pedro
    • Off the top of my head, I can only think of 1 shmup I really liked.
    • And that’s Demon Star.
    • As much as I see what they were going for with Risk System and I certainly appreciate the shaking of the formula, I still didn’t enjoy it.
    • The whole deliberately putting yourself in harm’s way to charge the gimmick is an interesting mechanic.
    • Gimmicky, sure… But interesting in the context of a shmup.
    • However, as someone who doesn’t like shmups and can’t be fucked to even bother with learning or gitting good, Risk System didn’t do it for me.
    • Something about having to be almost pixel perfect with the dodging and riding the enemy fire, all while the screen is flashing like it’s trying its damndest to give me an epileptic seizure, doesn’t really make it appealing to me.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:



  • Well, that saves us from an awkward Mythbusters episode.
  • The more important question though is do they char?

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