LinuxGameCast Weekly 372: Le Womp Womp

Destiny 2 promises to ban Linux players! Everspace 2 launches their Kickstarter, Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu gets a performance bump, and Ashes of the Singularity throws in the towel. Then Din’s Legacy faces, the CHAIRQASITION! 

03:54 Steam Beta Client
07:27 Bobby Prince sues Valve
10:03 Steamworks summer recap
12:13 Ashes of the Singularity cancels Linux port
15:56 The Eternal Castle
17:56 Forager developer pulls Linux support
23:29 Destiny 2 bans Linux players
26:52 Scribble it
28:30 Shameless self promotion
31:11 Intel slashes prices
36:34 Heroic Labs & GODOT
38:13 Wild Jam #14
40:49 Everspace 2 Kickstarter
44:43 Athenaeum V1.0
46:42 Nintendo Switch emulator gets a speed increase
48:26 Drawn Down Abyss
50:21 CHAIRQASITION: Din’s Legacy
01:02:35 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam beta update

  • GAH, UI scaling is on by default.
    • And fullscreen too. This is some jump scare shit
  • I’ve learned to use the Steam micetype UI.
  • It’s getting better, the library loads 90% of the time when launched. +
  • Steve Runtime got an updated version of SDL2 and SSLv3 disabled in libcurl
  • Still running as jankily as it did.
  • I didn’t get the surprise 2x scaling.
  • I feel left out.


Bobby Prince sues Valve

  • Pedro’s boyfriend Jim Sterling did a bit on this. Prince still owns the rights to the music, and Gearbox used it anyways without paying him
  • Valve factors into this because apparently Prince’s representatives issued a DMCA takedown request to Valve, which was apparently ignored
  • Another legal proceeding for VALVe to be involved in.
  • Please don’t syphon funds from the Linux people and Proton bits to give to the lawyers.


Steamworks Summer Recap

  • Yup, it’s been a busy past couple of months for ol’ Steam
  • I do like the whole transparency through the lens of marketing optics thing they’ve got going for them.
  • I like the new library.
  • I like the 5 second trailer things.
  • The mobile bits are nice.
  • The rest I’m completely meh about.

Steam: Game Updates

No Ashes

  • We’re not getting the 2016 benchmark.
  • Well, at least they updated their engine to add support for linux and are looking to take the hammemmont approach
  • I want to be cranky about this but I’ve honestly never met anyone who used the game for anything more than a benchmark.
  • Kinda like Talos.
  • Yeah, I’m not too bothered about them backing out of the Linux for this one.
  • Though I will mock them if they pull a Project Cars on the second one.


The Eternal Castle

  • Ole Icky helped them get the Linux build up and running.
  • Experience all the CGA horror.
  • Never played the original. Kind of reminds me of another world?
    • ^ ^
  • Definitely priced correctly!



  • Yeah, I kinda have to side with people who play this game and your fellow game developers.
  • The article you linked to is about OSX, not Linux.
  • You could have said OSX is becoming a PITA and Linux is ______________.
  • But you didn’t Brad, you conflated the two and hoped everyone would just go along with it.
  • As Gabe Logan Newell once said, don’t lie to the internet
  • If that fuckbilled 40-yr old edgelord Garry offered refunds after pulling Linux support for Rust (the game with swinging caveman penises), shouldn’t a nice wholesome game like Forager… do the same?
  • How the fuck do you get off on scrapping the Linux port based on a Mac article?
    • Because there’s that one infographic that says that linux have a dispoportionate number of support tickets in relation to their total sales
    • Which is basically an excuse for “we half assed QC on the linux version and now we’re blaming the users”
  • The same article containing the lines:
    • “…especially since it also works nicely on Linux (and Proton under Steam), so for as long as it’s possible to run it through Wine on a Mac that will still be an option.”
  • Fuck. Right. Off!


Destiny 2 bans

  • Not that the game works but when it does, BAN!
  • Apparently the patch that did get D2 to work disabled anti-cheat, so it does make sense
  • More reason to start pushing anti-cheat devs to better support wine and proton
    • This is probably a good case for an officially curated whitelist
  • Yeah… I was curious about this game.
  • People at work play it and it could be the one game I play with them.
  • Fuck that noise!

Steam: New Games

Scribble it

  • It’s a collection of pictionary style games.
  • Think drawful minus jackbox.
  • And as their post says, they added Linux support. Suck it mac users
  • This is aftershow bait, right here!


Intel blinks

  • Imagine having the new hotness come out a week after you bought the current hotness.
  • It’s faster… and $1,000 less.
  • Yeah, big blue can cut the price in half and still turn a profit.
  • And for those of you looking for a CPU not riddled with security issues might I suggest AMD.
  • The slides that leaked and then the official ones released by intel, say that those are the prices if you’re buying in bulk.
  • Like a thousand units bulk.
  • The retail price for us common mortals is still TBD.
  • Though from the look of it, even a 50% cut isn’t enough to price these competitively.


Heroic labs GODOT

  • The latest godot platinum sponsor is a lovely group of weebs who created a multiplayer backend server called Nakamaa
  • This is neat because it’ll add an easy way to integrate online multiplayer into Godot games, similar to the functionality that Unity provides
  • And maybe, just maybe we’ll start seeing some games developed with couch co-op get some online play. Cuz some of us don’t have friends


Wild jam

  • Get jammin’ with Godot!
  • Every second weekend of a month, hosts the Wild Jam where their discord users get to pick the themes.
  • This is the perfect thing to make a prototype of a game and have it judged without having to subject yourself to professional reviewers/critics
  • See how you like the Godot engine, and try something new.
  • The judging criteria is some non-chair heresy
  • Twice a month every month. That’s a lot of jam


EVERSPACE 2 kickstarter

  • I liked everything about the original minus the Rouge-like.
  • $493,048 goal is reasonable yet oddly specific.
    • Aaah auto conversion of currency. Apparently it was set to 450K Euro
  • Estimated delivery Sep 2020.
  • €40 for minimum buyin.
  • The first one, while not Linux native, basically worked better than most native UE4 games we’ve had up to this point in Proton.
  • Hoping they don’t drop the ball like many kickstarters before it.


Athenaeum v1.0

  • Protip: Consider placing the changelog on not Reddit.
  • The UI is a little less lutris-y now
  • Looks like they’re targeting macos support in the future as well?
  • If you want to grab all the latest flatpaked games, this is your client.
  • I actually have it installed via flatpak and it works really well!
  • Developer person asks that if you’d like a libre game to be included, either ask the devs of said game or just build the flatpak recipe yourself.
  • And I’d very much like that!


Yuzu performance update

  • It lets you play Mario Odyssey at 60FerPS.
  • One thing I really do appreciate is the very detailed build instructions. For multiple distros too! So I gave it the ol’ compile-a-roo
  • It does require me to dump a bunch of stuff from my switch, so that’s filed in the “do it later department”
  • I guess I’m so used to the RPCS3 and Dolphin blogs that go into excruciating detail about their development that I’m kinda disappointed they don’t detail the actual details of this update.


Drawn Down Abyss

  • Done entirely in Python/Pygame.
  • Comes with a Steam key and the source.
  • This looks a little too bullet-helly for me
  • What if hand of fate was an action platformer?
  • Action Platformer Roguelike Deckbuilder… Two more and you get a bite sized snickers!
  • Very nicely priced for what it gives you!

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Din’s Legacy
Devel: Soldak Entertainment
Engine: Custom
Price: £15.49 / US$19.99 / CA$22.79
Wazzat: Din’s Legacy is an action RPG with mutating characters, set in a dynamic, evolving, fantasy world for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • Once, I managed to make it launch once.
  • Then I cocked up and changed the resolution from the mice-type and it’s in some stretched out nope on monitor #3.
  • No amount of poking at the config file has managed to sort this.

Performance @ 1080




Does It Launch

  • Can’t change the resolution from a teeny tiny window without crashing

Performance @ 1080

  • 60+ferps


  • It’s only slightly better than diablo. The first one


  • Click click boom


Does It Launch

  • It does launch
  • Whenever you apply a change to the graphics, the game closes.
  • I don’t know if that’s intended behaviour, but Din’s Curse did the same thing.

Performance @ 1080

  • Locked at 60 courtesy of VSync
  • Didn’t see the need to unlock it


  • Simple and I’m guessing the 3D models were bought from somewhere, but they get the job done.


  • Click, right click, number keys, done!

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • The 15 minutes spent trying to make the game launch were challenging.
    • Digging out and round a config file can be both educational and enjo….
    • I’m just fkn with you, 1 CHAIR!
  • Jordan
    • I honestly like this game a lot better while I’m on drugs
    • It’s a pretty standard ARPG, you click on things to murder them, recruit henchmen, gather items, all for the purpose of being able to click fewer times
    • This game adds a twist where you can unlock and mix and match abilities between save files
    • There’s also a town/city building component to this game that I really didn’t feel like reading the library’s worth of tutorial material over
    • I generally prefer the more straightforward ARPG fare that has super refined combat like torchlight or diablo
    • Fighting in this seems a little mindless at times, especially playing the fighter
      • Mouse over the enemy and mash 2 and you’ll pastify everything in front of you
    • It’s fun enough, but periodically I get some warning about my rival building some nonsense or attacking my village. Fair enough, but I’m on the other fucking side of the map looking for a warp point, so when I come back everyone in my town is dead
  • Pedro
    • I like it!
    • There are so many mechanics under the surface of this, otherwise very simple, game.
    • It will lock out some character classes, encouraging you to have multiple runs going at once.
    • It reminds me of Sacred.
    • But it’s more along the lines of what if Sacred allowed you to completely customize your experience.
    • The best description I have for it is the Linux distro of Hack ’n Slashers.
    • You get to decide exactly what kind of game you want to play, how hard you want the enemies to be, how big or densely populated the maps, and even your XP progression!
    • This is the sort of game the fans of Dwarf Fortress would play if they were into Hack ’n Slash.
    • If the price wasn’t a bit too high, I’d give it 4 chairs.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:





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