LinuxGameCast Weekly 397: Freeman On Freeman Violence

Half Life comes to Dead Cells! Epic Games becomes a third-party publisher, Twitch enhances the ban-hammer, and GODOT powered Unknown-Horizons. Then Deep Sky Derelicts faces, the CHAIRQASITION!



05:25 Steam VR updates
07:55 Still no HL3
10:55 Proton 5.4 GE 3
13:25 Black Mesa Co-op update
16:15 Deep Sky Definitive
17:25 Alyx without VR
20:48 Half Life Dead Cells
21:58 Spirit Fighters
23:48 Resolution
26:18 Mist of Noyah
27:28 Legend of Keeper
29:37 Horse Racing Rally
31:37 Shameless self promotion
35:17 Epic Games publishing
39:13 Twitch ban hammers
42:23 OpenLoco
44:03 Unknown-Horizons GODOT
45:23 Settlers 1
56:44 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steamy VR

  • Apparently Alyx was causing some crashes. She no longer does
  • I seriously have to give props to Valve for at least giving a shit. There are like 3 people who use VR headsets on linux and they’re actually providing support fo rthem
  • So they are fixing some bugs for people running it with the Proton?
  • Or is there a Linux version floating around internally.
  • One thing about Alxy is that it has a whole new gang of people finding bugs.


Because Valve

  • Making custom tools for the job is all well and good until you get bogged down in tool maintenance and technical debt
  • Whether or not that is what keeping HL3 from release, we’ll probably never know
  • It’s still totally coming you guys
  • It’s not coming out because at this point it’d be more disappointing than Duke Nukem Forever
  • They need another generation to go by before they can even attempt it
  • The Corona Boomers are going to have it good.
  • HL-3 is from the perspective of a Headcrab who has come of age and is seeking revenge on the crowbar wielding maniac who slaughtered his fam.



  • Proton patches for controllers were disabled again, after people complained about ghost button presses.

Steam: Game Updates

Xen coop update

  • Killing enemies now give you useless points
    • It’s called a half chub thank you very much
  • Really need to sit down and see if we can get this working.


Definitively Derelict

  • The balance fixes are appreciated, so that you’re less likely to run into a room full of nothing but fire breathing lizards
  • If you just have the base game, you still get the engine upgrades. Although if you don’t own the game and want to scoop up the DLC as well, this is a good option
  • Seems like a good excuse to throw chairs at it.


Toaster-free Alyx

  • They found a flag that enabled a “fake VR test”, which probably means they will get a non-vr version up and running
  • That said, For something so tailor made for a VR experience, I don’t suspect it’s going to be as good when trying to wasd through
  • One of the cool things about HLA is the tools made for streamers.
  • There are several adjustments for making the preview video all nice and happy with 16:9 and some motion com stuff.
  • Things that can be taken advantage of when making it non-toaster.



  • Blob face Freeman is still a more accurate portrayal than the Gordon Freeman on the HL box
  • Crowbar weapon!

Steam: New Games

Spirit Fighters

  • Who need SFV when we have this!


Hyper Resolution

  • That looks familiar.
  • I wonder if the HLD person was involved at all?
  • That walk cycle looks goofy AF
  • Yeah, it’s kinda ripping off Hyper Light Drifter. But is it a good rip off?


Mists of Noyah

  • It’s fantasy terraria
  • They have two new posts apologizing for missing their release deadlines, and a bit of a strange announcement about their network play


Legend of keeper

  • Dungeon keeper games have never really been an interest of mine, despite being a lifelong DM. Maybe it just feels like work at this point?
  • This one acds some roguelike elements by giving you a bunch of random dungeons to secure
  • There’s an external progression too, so you can improve over time.


Beat it

  • I was looking at it and that trailer made me think of Daytona USA for the Saturn
  • It’s got that same kind of jank
  • The description and price are a little at odds.


Epic publishing

  • The developers behind Max Payne, Limbo, and Shadow of the Colossus.
  • You know… It could be worse.
  • I suppose we’re never getting that Linux version of Inside, then.
  • Lest we forget Limbo was originally a WINE job for the Humble Indie Bundle.


Twitch bans

  • Will wonders never cease?
  • Now when you ban nope someone they can no longer read your chat.
  • They will get unsubscribed.
  • And it removes them from your Followers list.
  • By their IP address.
  • I guess you could VPN your way around it but if you are going through those lengths, dude.
  • Watching some of the screeching on /r/Twitch has been rather amusing.

OpenLoco v20.03

  • Before train simulator was a thing, you’d just have to play games that have you manage transport networks
  • This is a re-implementation of one of those games from 2004
  • This release has some bug fixes, but still no working multiplayer or tutorial
  • This looks really really good.
  • I know some people are unhinged about trains so thought they might be interested.
  • Transport and building management sims always seem to have that hardcore niche.


Unknown-Horizons Godot Engine Port

  • This is an open source city builder built on the FIFE engine, which was a 2D isometric game engine
  • It hasn’t been updated in about 2 years though, so the team has decided to mosey on over to godot. This is a good thing
  • Like I said, these games… They have a captive audience.


Free Serf

  • It’s a complete re-implementation of The Settlers, which was an old amiga city builder/god game
  • They do it in .net, so it works with mono
  • I like this new trend of stuff created in .net to be made to work with Mono.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Deep Sky Derelicts
Devel: Snowhound Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49 / $19.99 / $22.79

Wazzat: Deep Sky Derelicts is an original combination of turn-based strategy and RPG, enriched with tactical card combat and popular roguelike elements. Explore derelict alien ships, fight, loot and upgrade your gear, all in distinctive retro-futuristic comic book aesthetic style.



  • Technically, the game is sound.
  • It launches on the correct monitor and mouse & keyboard input work.
  • Runs at 60 on 2160p.
  • Those are all factual statements, now, on to the subjective.


  • Why do you people keep buying the same, damn, game?
  • Deckbuilding, turn-based, spreadsheet simulation bullsh*t.
  • I grabbed a tablet with the last episode of Picard on it because I was going to need something to do while playing this nonsense.
  • I’m not picking on Deep Sky Derelicts in particular.
  • It’s simply that within in 10 minutes I knew exactly what this game would deliver, and it did.
  • Quests, leveling, buffs, debuffs, permadeath, “exploration mechanic”, and RNG.
  • But hey, each to their own, right?
  • For me, I would have to squint really hard to see the difference between any games in the genere.
  • Except for Manos, Hand of Fate 1 & 2. Shoutout to Defiant Development for mixing in some combat.
  • But at the end of the day you lot keep buying the same game for the same reasons I eagerly await the next spectacle brawler.
  • Because it’s you fucking jam, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • My purpose in this particular Chairqasition is merely to inform those like myself that Deep Sky Derelicts is only guilty of doing what is said on the tin.
  • It’s not here to change your mind or sway your opinion.
  • It’s here to deliver what fans of the genre crave.



  • It launches, runs at 60 at whatever resolution you run it at and things happen when you click on them
  • Pretty bare bones, but that’s all this game needs


  • It’s a pretty solid dungeon crawler based on the Darkest dungeon/slay the spire formula
  • You have a limited supply of energy to restrict your movements and the total number of fights you can realistically get into, and you explore through abandoned spaceships and space stations
  • The gear + module + levelling system is a good way to spread out advancement over a couple different tracks. The fact that they all contribute to the same thing (cards in deck, or the abilities they’re based on) just means that you can minmax to your heart’s content
  • And you’re going to need to. Some of the fights do not give a shit about your action economy and will just step on you with sheer actions per round
  • One gripe I do have with the game is the exploration. Darkest dungeon routinely shows you the environment you exist in, and uses stuff like light, background and obstacles to make the journey seem grueling
  • Here, you’re just a blue light on a grid map. Sure, it’s certainly more “roguelike” in that regard, but I feel they’re missing some atmosphere
  • Especially cuz all of the rooms do look nice and the characters have a Mignola-ey feel. I think that could work well for scifi cosmic horror. Except the backgrounds are just host to the final fantasy style combat and the occasional “search/interact” button



  • It launches and holds 144FerPS
  • Good on Unity, they got that right!
  • Honestly, functionally speaking, my only complaint is that sometimes enemies will obscure other enemies.
  • Also, when exploring a derelict if you click near the edges of the PDA it doesn’t register.


  • This my jam!
  • It’s a roguelike, deckbuilder, along the lines of Darkest Dungeon but in a more FTL-ey setting.
  • And I can safely say I much prefer Deep Sky Derelicts to either of the two I just mentioned.
  • It’s not as hard and unforgiving as Darkest Dungeon and you always have a bit more to do than in FTL.
  • I also happen to like the exploration and the game seems quite happy to reward you for exploring, without dicking you over for stopping mid mission to go back to the station and get healed.
  • I like this one!



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