LinuxGameCast Weekly 401: Super Bohemians

Half-Life: Alyx gets a Linux depot! Darkest Dungeon introduces PvP battles, Into the Breach goes native, and NVIDIA releases danger drivers. Then Into the Breach faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

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05:45 New Steam runtime beta
07:55 6000 Proton games
11:05 Top releases of March
12:35 CS:GO code leak
14:26 Half-Life Alyx Linux depot
16:25 Artifact mechanics
18:35 Black Mesa hotfix
20:05 Darkest Dungeon PVP
24:07 Into the Breach native port
27:46 Shameless self promotion
30:46 NVIDIA danger drivers
32:56 NVIDIA next-gen tease
37:56 DXVK bugfixes
40:26 Gamemode in Ubuntu 20.04
43:36 ROG RGB control
45:36 Gamehub 0.16.0
47:06 Free Infuent
48:55 Super Bominhas
51:17 Open-source RTC Voice alternative
54:12 CHAIRQASITION: Into the Breach
01:03:55 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Runtime Beta

  • There’s a fix for an edge case where a previously whitelisted proton game that got a native version wouldn’t download said version. We’ll get to this a bit later
  • More work on containerizing steam
  • Hey, new steve runtime. I wonder what’s in it
  • It accounts for people with newer GLibC versions, which has been an issue for a while!


Proton 6000

  • To clarify, this is 6000 games that work out of the box with no modification, let alone what you can accomplish with a little fuckery
  • Valve intended to make their own windows with blackjack and hookers and it looks lik they’re succeeding for the most part
  • The new ProtonDB does make it so if a game shows as Platinum, it will work out of the box for most people
  • Previously, it sorta relied on having to trust people to score it appropriately


Top of MArch

  • Avorion (which we threw chairs at), One step from Eden and Super Bernie World are the native linux games from this round up
    • And Black Mesa.



  • Pack it up boys, the show is over.
  • Not really, it’s a leak of server code from 2018.
  • Apparently, according to SteamDB, there’s a bunch of files for unfinished Half-life games

Steam: Game Updates

Native Alyx

  • That’s nice!
  • Is the Index still £1000?
  • Prove me wrong Valve, prove me wrong.


Artifact mechanics

  • I don’t see anything about making matches faster.
  • Is it free yet?
  • I understand some of these words. I imagine this makes more sense if you actually know how to play the game


Hot Mesa

  • Oh hey, a linux fix about their much vaunted lighting feature
  • You can has iron sights now.


Darkest PvP 

  • It’s an interesting idea introducing PVP to an RPG. Anyone who’s had their D&D character fight another D&D character knows that classes aren’t necessarily balanced against fighting each other
  • They’re saying they’ve reworked all the classes to address this, effectively making this an entirely new game
  • It’s a feature preview for Darkest Dungeon 2, which is also interesting as I want to know when the hell I can put that in my face
  • Would this work in co-op or possibly teams?
  • Looks like there will be an Anti-Cheat system for this. I wonder…


Native Breach

  • The proton way worked perfectly fine, but it’s nice to see them pump out the native version too
  • It wasn’t downloading for some people, but that’s a steam problem and not a subset problem
  • Lost this bet, like 100% lost.
  • It’s refreshing seeing a developer deliver on their Linux support.
  • Extra so when the game worked near flawless with Proton.
  • Yeah, I didn’t think it would come either.
  • Still, makes it even easier to play on lower end/old laptops.


Danger drivers

  • Lots of RTX improvements.
  • Apparently RTX was off…it’s mark
  • These caused some not so small issues with DXVK.
  • Yeah, I’m keeping 440.82 for now.
  • Yup, first time in a while I didn’t just install.



  • Sweet sweet next gen nvenc.
  • Oh, it probably plays games as well.
  • I wonder what that linux announcement was ever about…
    • *smokebomb*
  • Who wants to bet me they release a 2K consumer card?


DXVK 1.6.1

  • Fixes for the danger drivers.
  • Introduced some Tear free stuff for people out there not using NVidia and the Composition Pipeline.


Gamemode Buntu

  • Good.
  • Fedora has been shipping gamemode for a while now and it’s nice to not have to fuck around with governers in order to play a game effectively
  • If you need it, use it.
  • GameMode can make a significant difference if you just installed your first Linux and didn’t really do any optimization.


ROG tools (RThern)

  • Control the RGB swag of your ROG laptop!
  • There are people who insist on buying portable computers. Portable in the sense that you can choose which wall you’re chained to. This is for you


Gamehub 0.16.0

  • Now with hot Steamy action.
  • And itchy goodness
  • Lutris 2, over here!


Free Flu

  • Ya got 6 days, ya animals.


Super Bombinhas 0.2.0

  • Super tiny bombs?
  • People complain about java games, but not about ruby ones
  • It’s a cute little personal project though. Looks like he put some work into it


Quiet gaming

  • That got a bit more traction than I expected.
  • Moral of the story is as follows.
  • RTX voice is neat but it’s nothing new.
  • I have a short demo of noise repellent for fun and profit.
  • Speech-denoise also exists for those looking for a deep learning powered automagic tool.
  • You’re welcome for the L.G.C. comercial.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Into the Breach (Native)
Devel: Subset Games
Engine: Custom
Price: £11.39 / U$14.99 / C$17.49

Wazzat: Control powerful mechs from the future to defeat an alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game.

Mandatory Disclosure: We threw chairs at the proton version, lets see how it runs natively



  • I started this critter and was all “man, I don’t remember this heavy ass soundtrack” and I continued thinking that until I was in the first map.
  • I had left VLC open.
  • Started in a window on launch and booped it right into fullscreen, no issues.
  • Keyboard keyed and the gerbil clicked.
  • I love that you can play this OOTB with the Xclone controlla.


  • While I loathe turn-based strat I remembered not hating this with the passion of a Windows 10 update.
  • I also appreciate the option to speed up enemy movement during turns but I would really really like to disable it completely.
  • I don’t like sitting around waiting for shite to play out that the game has already calculated.
  • That said, smashing monster is fun.
  • Punching to move a baddie so you can nope him with a tank is also enjoyable.
  • Keeping monster holes blocked is an interesting mechanic.
  • Plenty of spreadsheet simulation options exist as well.
  • If you need to build up a tolerance to TBS games by shooting yourself with smaller ones give this a look, I guess.
  • But if you find playing TBS requires you to have something elks to do, yeah, this won’t change that.



  • Let’s be real, you could basically run this game on a nokia 3310
  • That said, everything works out of the box. Doesn’t play too nice with steam input though
  • One thing I appreciate is the consistent control scheme between versions.


  • This is kinda weird for me, because I mostly play this game when I’m taking a crap
  • Sitting in a chair or on a couch while playing it somehow doesn’t seem right after all this time
  • Still, ITB is my crack. Time or platform doesn’t really seem to change it all too much.
  • I’ve sung this game’s praises enough. It’s great. You should play it. If not having a native linux version was holding you back, it don’t no mo!




  • It launches
  • The frame limiter gets a bit confused about the 144Hz and locks the game to 72FerPS, rather than the 60 it says on the tooltip.
  • It does work with the Steam Controller and the DualShock 4 v2 but the mouse is where it’s at.
  • Just as hipster pixely as last time.


  • I can’t honestly say I had more fun with the Linux version
  • Yes, having the native version is awesome and I wish more games would do this.
  • However, when it comes to my enjoyment of Into the Breach as a videogame I still very much enjoy it.
  • Like a lot!
  • More so than FTL.



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