LinuxGameCast Weekly 409: Ankle Floaties

Left 4 Dead 3 speculation incoming! Yakuza: Like a Dragon is headed to Linux, 3dSen launches in Early Access, and OpenMW throws some shade. Then Tyranny faces, the CHARIQASITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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07:11 Left 4 Dead 3
11:16 Steam beta update
13:46 Team Fortress 2 spam bots
16:46 Last Epoch
20:15 Yakuza 7 Linux port?
22:52 Skate Bird
25:32 Tri6: Infinite
27:37 Carrots and Cream
29:16 DRAG demo
33:45 3dSen PC
36:50 Shameless self promotion
42:48 Elgato Wave 3
45:12 OpenMW shadows
47:46 OpenBiohazard
50:58 Soundblaster X H6 RGB
54:14 More open-source Blendo games
56:51 Desperados III Linux release
01:00:00 CHAIRQASITION: Tyranny
01:14:27 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Left 4 Brad 3?

  • Connecting from L4D2 client to a Source 2 server would produce no meaningful messages.
  • Still, there is an unknown map that people are playing on soooo…
  • …ooooooo this is clearly Left 5 Brad 3.
  • Why update the game when you can simply bring an old campaign to L4B2
  • It could be L4D2 VR: Get Wrecked.
  • 21 Concurrent players is an interesting development.
  • Overhauling the network protocol does make sense if they’re going to be running with upwards of 16 players.


Beta client update

Steam: Game Updates

TF Bots

  • Finally trying to do something about the spam bots.
  • Apparently they’re exposing more data to people when reporting players.
  • What sort of stuff does it say?
  • Watched a GDC video on how they train AI to spot cheaters. Kida neat.


 Last Epoch

  • Still in early access but this version actually doesn’t crash.
  • The performance is inconsistent but it’s playable.
  • Path of Exile was definitely a big influence here.

Steam: New Games

The 7 Yakuza

  • Yakuza 0 got to a point where my only options were playing a real estate simulator or nightclub management simulator in order to progress.
  • I’m talking spreadsheet sims, mind you.
  • Yakuza games are kinda crazy. I’m glad to see we might be getting one
  • Some comments seem to think feral is involved, what with the sega connection



  • Dude included a Linux demo.
  • It’s an homage to sk8 games of old, but with birbs.


Tri6: Infinite

  • An endless racer with some audiosurf vibes
  • If this seems like it might be fun, it’s split screen multiplayer only. No online for you


Carrots and Cream

  • Apparently it’s a game where you murder carrots?
  • I struggle to feel to bad. Gross
  • This is memes, right?!



  • Because everything gets a demo.
  • No love for the xclone controlla (works in Proton).
  • No resolution setting either.
  • Don’t know who bought the space plant pack but yeah, nix that.
  • Don’t have high hopes for this one.
  • Right now it’s sliding around on a track, poorly.
  • It’s damn near impossible to come from another racing game and do good here…
  • Except maybe Powerslide, but that’s not out on Steam yet.



  • This looks like it could go hilariously wrong, in a good way.
  • Extrude some pixels and have at.
  • Dude is planning on a first-person mode as well.
  • It’s a neat emulator project. Cool to see
    • It doesn’t work with everything though. You need some custom juju for each game you want to support
  • Wombo combo with remote play opens up some fun possibilities too
  • Yup, turning pixels into voxels.
  • We’ve reached peak Minecraft!



  • Man, I’m throwing this in because that thing is an insult to cheap microphones and I don’t want people wasting their money dollars.
  • Elgato broke out the cheque book for this one.
  • I don’t blame anyone for taking some chedda for a sponsored “review” but some of yall just lying.
  • Booth Junkie at least lets you hear the thing and sweet mother of nope, it sounds like a headset, a bad headset.
  • This message was brought to you by WSL.


OpenMW 0.46.0

  • Support for loading the compressed BSA format from Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and 2011 Skyrim games (#5000)
    • Ohoho. Begun the openskyrim work has
    • I want some no texture, shadow-free, semi-working Skyrimjob.
  • Not tame herbalism is allowed. It’s all graphic herbalism now!
  • They’ve added more blood types. What serious sam hippy blood!?!
  • Corpse disposal should be safe in most cases
    • Thank god
  • Shadows!


Open Biohazard Deux

  • OG RE2 open sauce reimplementation.
  • If you really must bear witness to the pixelated renditions of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.
  • Another GO engine.
  • Cool to see it being used for games
  • They still have a ways to go. Hopefully they work in some SDL2 for controllery goodness at least. Keyboard tank controls aren’t great


Head RGB

  • Ya need your meat lid to blink?
  • Can you go and ask the OpenRGB people if they’d like to include your project into theirs?
  • If we absolutely must have RGB controllers, I’d rather have the one that does everything.


More Blendo games

  • A GUI tool to make it easy to upload your click export Unity Linux games to Steam.
  • IF you want to scope through the sauce of quadrilateral cowboy, now you can
  • He has some of his other games up there too


Wild wild

  • Didn’t expect that.
  • Why is it we’re only getting strategy games?
  • We did get Desperados the first, so that tracks I guess?

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Tyranny
Devel: Obsidian Entertainment
Engine: Unity
Price: £23.79 / U$29.99 / C$33.99

Wazzat: From Obsidian Entertainment, the team behind Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, and South Park: The Stick of Truth, Tyranny is a classic-styled RPG with a new and original story, shaped and molded by your actions.



  • Step 1: Google for the Unity screen of nope command because DP1 is the screen it insists on using.
  • Using DP0 is too mainstream.
  • It runs and the HID controls work.
  • That’s all you look for in these types of games.


  • Hahahahahaha, no.
  • I’m not predisposed to dislike RPGs, not in the slightest.
  • Granted I’m a little burnt out on isometric anything after three decades.
  • Give me a Skyrimjob and I’m happy, give me a Pillars of Eternity and I will choke it down begrudgingly.
  • This, I don’t know where this falls on that spectrum but I can say this.
  • Their combat system is so fk mothering bad they had to include a pause mechanic.
  • Speaking of combat, woof.
  • I’ve seen more lively combat in the original Everquest.
  • You shouldnt get bored during combat, but you will.
  • But if like reading a shiteload of choose your own adventure text it’s got plenty of that.
  • If you get off on spreadsheet simulation with a fantasy bent, it’s got that as well.
  • I wish I could tell you more but I got as far as the other side of a rock.
  • 95 minutes of getting to the other side of a rock then ded.
  • There is your fair warning, this is not a game you can pick up and have at.
  • Well you can, but ya know, ded.
  • If you are looking for a gateway game into the world of isometric spreadsheet bullsh*t give Tyranny a hard pass.



  • Yeah, it really likes that secondary monitor, don’t it
  • It’s an isometric rpg, so if it weren’t isometric I’d probably be a little disappointed
  • Mouse buttons work and the keyboard shortcuts are standard for this sort of game


  • Man, obsidian has certainly made a lot of planescape torment knock offs
  • I mean, they’re pretty good at them at this point. Their best one was Pillars of Eternity 2. But this came a wee bit before that
  • The dialogue in this game is super deep. I like how the game tries to give you bunch of talky options for a lot of the conflicts
  • Unfortunately, i wanted to be the bad guy so most of these things end up turning into bloody engagements
  • And the RPG system they have here is kinda lacking. Combats really do feel like a slog. One thing POE2 does well is keep the fights engaging and relatively short
  • The adding of combo moves that you can get for building up loyalty or fear in your companions, as well as free skill ranks, is a nice development, but you can get them pretty quickly. It kinda turns into a process of elimination game to crawl through their dialogue options to find out what unlocks the stuff
  • I don’t think an infinity engine-esque game is the right vehicle for the story they’re trying to do.



  • It launched on the UHD screen, then immediately changed to the 2K screen like it was supposed to.
  • That was new!
  • At least it remembers the monitor after the first boot.
  • It’s a Unity game which doesn’t hold 144 at 2560×1440.
  • It does sit at 144 most of the time, but every now and then I’ll see it dip to 110-ish.
  • Considering it’s this kind of game, and you can pause the game at any time with the spacebar, I do not mind the FerPS dips all that much.
  • You click a lot and use the cursor keys/WASD to move the camera around.


  • I played a lot of Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate, and I do honestly think Neverwinter Nights was an improvement on the formula.
  • I think Obsidian realized this too and made it so the focus was less on the combat and more on the conversations.
  • Which I suppose will cause a lot of people to lose interest in Tyranny.
  • But really it is the conversation that holds all the meat in this game.
  • The way your actions make those around you respect you or fear you, or even make them straight up not like you.
  • And the way you shape the kind of conversations you get to have with everyone else in the future, that’s pretty awesome.
  • Including starting a fight with “Those of you who would leave behind orphans, run!”
  • That said, bland as it is, I didn’t mind the combat too much.
  • Honestly, I was just looking forward to the next big conversation with every passing rando NPC.



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