Linux Game Cast Weekly 414: Jason Newes

Valve updates pressure-vessel, Gamer-OS turns one, Easy anti-cheat pushes a nasty update, X-Plane tackles a Vulkan bug, and Fantasy Strike goes free-to-play. Then Primal Light faces, the CHARIQASITION. All this, plus your hate mail.



07:11 Valve pressure-vessel
10:19 Steam introduces play tests
12:39 Steam on RasPi
16:57 GamerOS turns 1
19:21 Rocket League goes free to play
22:51 Fantasy Strike goes free to play
26:41 Vector comes to Linux
29:11 Carrion comes to Linux
31:21 Shameless self promotion
34:58 Unity Linux woes
37:08 EAC breaks again
39:58 Epic Games gets GOG
43:08 DXVK default for Fedora 33
45:08 X-Plane Beta 16
49:08 Joy Shock Mapper
51:33 Widelands 21
53:46 CHAIRQASITION: Primal Light
01:08:53 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

SSL fix & runtime

  • Never ran into that one. 
  • Still going to work on pressure-vessel.
    • Clearly still working on their graphics driver issues.  I’m wondering if MS had the right idea with just making a fake mapped device for the container
  • Getting GPU drivers to work properly in containers is still going to be finicky.
  • That said, this is the best way to ensure old games keep working.


Steamy playtests

  • Some of that retro Early Access. 
  • I mean, it’s a good feature, if a bit late. 
  • Splitting out Early Access from Betas is probably also a good idea.
  • Mostly because we saw some games come out of Early Access and into beta.


Steamy Pi 

  • I do like good old fashioned because I can! 
  • From time to time. 
  • This is really cool.  It’s crazy to see the kind of crap you can pull off with sophisticated virtualization
  • I reeeeeally don’t want the moral of this story to be arm needs to get better at x86 emulation so that it becomes the wine of CPU arches
  • Box86 is pretty much a requirement if you want to take the Pi Foundation on their word that the Pi 4 can be a desktop computer.


One year of GamerOS

  • Congratulations Gameros, you made it to the year mark.  Good jerb!
  • To celebrate, there’s a new release with an updated package and certified games list
  • I keep reading this as GrammarOS. 
    • I just imagine a fire breathing turtle
  • I might have to actually try it if I ever need to redo the software on the SteamBox.

Steam: Game Updates

Called it 

  • Predicting Sweeney behaviour is not exactly difficult. 
  • What action will make the most money. 
  • I’m guessing this is justified in his head as something that must be done for the greater good. 
  • The greater good being le Epic store competing with Steam in some way shape form of fashion. 
  • Free to play games bring an influx of derp and grief.
  • Might need some Easy Anti-Cheat to help with that. 
  • What a save!
  • I’m bringing this up because when (not if) anti-cheat hotness gets enabled RIP Proton. 
  • The lads working on Wine/EAC might get that sorted one day but online Rocket Cars on Linux is nearing the end. 


Free to Strike 

  • That’s a bold damn move. 
  • Additional game modes and Fantasy+ are the new monetization hotness. 
  • Restricting their cool replay stuff to the dieheards is really trying to pivot how they’re trying to keep the game relevant
  • Anyone who wanted to get the game has got it already.   You want to get the on the fence people to try it out, cuz then you might hook some new die hards
  • They went from an average of 6 concurrent players to 300 since going F2P.
  • Let’s hope it holds:


Linux vectors

  • I’ve heard of linux vapourware, but linux vapourwave????
  • I mean, it’s free,  and it’s getting a native linux version, so that in and of itself is worthy of a plug
  • Infinite run and gun sounds like it could be entertaining to some people
  • Ubuntu and Manjaro, that’s a bold move!

Steam: New Games

CARRION my wayward, son

  • We messed about with the demo a few months ago
  • Be the carnage symbiote 1.0 is out
  • Finally a game where you play as the good guy. 



  • Apparently the latest version of Unity allows Burst to cross compile to other OSes.
  • But as the man says, getting everyone to upgrade and rebuild is the problem



  • EAC doesn’t exist to stop cheaters, it exists to stop Linux users from playing these games.
  • Magical black box gonna black box.
  • Realistically, I don’t see these workarounds working for too long anyways unless the EAC people actually come on board and try to get it working on WINE


Epic GOG

  • That’s one way to get a chopping cart. 
  • Really, those two belong together. 


Dick’s got a new hat

  • Goddamn it Fedora!
  • I don’t need more reasons to use you!
  • I mean, it’s not a bad idea.
  • I could see the argument against it being “Well steam and lutris already do this, why should the vanilla wine packages?”


Jobs done

  • There’s still some vulkan work to do for thirdparty plugins
  • Still, we’re told to expect a release spoon™ 
  • Games like these are very much a bed for piling mods on.
  • I can see a lot of people not being terribly happy with their favorite mod or plane models not working.
  • They fixed a Vulkan bug and wouldn’t ya know, it exposed a few new ones. 
  • They are working with devs to get the bugs fixed in Beta 16. 
  • With the fix NVidia cards are losing about 1.5 ms of GPU time as a result of the bug fix for wrong reflections in Vulkan. 
  • They found the cause of the performance loss but it’s not fixed yet. 



  • So this is the reference implementation for a library that supports all the various gyro, pressure sensitivity and other fancy controller things for devs to implement in their games
  • It’s still under development and there are still some small bits that aren’t working just yet
  • One thing I’m definitely curious about is how it relates to something like SDL2?  Can it be used in conjunction to provide richer experiences to people that have fancy controllers?   Or are they mutually exclusive.


Widelands 21

  • Gotta support those big endian architectures 
  • Peaceful mode if all you want to do is create and manage the place, without having to worry about the AI coming to poop all over your cereal.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Primal Light
Devel: Fat Gem
Engine: Godot
Price: £11.39 / U$14.99 / C$17.49

Wazzat: Inhabit Krog, a mysterious blue creature in a red loincloth, as he traverses a labyrinth of ladders, levers, traps, and monsters. Explore the nooks and crannies of a bizarre and evocative world as you hack and slash your way to victory, leaving a graveyard of grotesque bosses in your wake.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • Face button up, down, left, right. 
  • Right / left trigger?
  • I didn’t expect button prompts but don’t bring this glyph bullsh*t in 2020.
  • Fullscreen works, borderless fullscreen jumps to the wrong monitor, and windowed options are X1 and X2.
  • Up and down are inverted in the quit / continue screen. 
  • That said, the controls are tight. 
  • Hipster pixel text is only displayed for English and Porto in the option menu. 
  • It looks like something from the Mega Drive era and nails the colour palette. 
  • It has a soundtrack and makes noises but nothing really stood out. 


  • Know how I say  game XYZ should have permadeath?
  • I do that for a laugh because it’s 2020 and we’ve moved on in game design. 
  • Primal Light is a bit confusing since it has checkpoints and a save system but if you make it to the boss on a level and decide to come back later be ready to start at the beginning of the level. 
  • I almost quit playing right then and there. 
  • But the lads over at Fat Gem sent over the keys so I owed them a few more get good attempts. 
  • I tried, and failed for the most part. 
  • Granted, I got pretty good at speedrunning the first level up to the dragon boss. 
  • Then he killed me to death several times and I didn’t have the time or desire to speedrun the level again.
  • Being old school authentic is going to limit your player base because people might be stuck at home but we got shite to do. 
  • That checkpoint should be where the game saves, period. 
  • Or release some Game Genie DLC so I can skip the monotony.  
  • You have the base of a good little platformer but it needs a LOT of polsh before you ask anyone to part with $15. 
  • That’s the same price as Hollow Knight, and I want you to think about that.



  • It launches
  • The art design is pretty good, it really captures the feel of a 16 bit adventure game
  • It really does likey the controller vibratiuon


  • Yeah, the insistence on super late jumps is a big no from me brad
  • I keep getting knocked into holes by admittedly very well placed enemies, got me frustrated enough smash my controller
  • I dunno, I just don’t grok the jumps
  • I got so frustrated at one point I literally ruptured a vein in my finger slamming on alt-f4, so you got that going for ya game
  • It does take a lot from OG castlevania, but I wasn’t really a fan of the OG



  • It launched
  • Vsync is a bag of lies, it locks the FerPS at 60 not to the refresh rate of the monitor.
  • This would explain why it didn’t look entirely smooth, here in 144Hz land.
  • Disabling VSync does nothing, the FerPS stay locked at 60.
  • The soundtrack is… varied. Yeah, let’s call it that.
  • Some of the songs sound very Blasphemous-y, others sound very Castlevania Bloodlines-y.
  • The inspiration is very much on it’s loincloth, for it does not wear sleeves.
  • The controls were a bit of an oddity.
  • Neither the V1 or V2 DualShock4 worked, steam input or no.
  • Well, that’s not true. I could move up and down by shaking the controller.
  • Someone mapped things to the wrong axis!
  • That said, both the Steam Controller and the 8BitDo SNES controller worked.
  • Mostly because the game sees them both as XBox controllers.


  • Admittedly, this is less of a metroidvania than I was expecting/hoping for.
  • My distaste for the typical 2D platformer is still very much in effect.
  • A platformer needs to do something else, because I’ve been playing 2D platformers since Alex Kidd in Miracle World.
  • If you give me a metroidvania, with a focus on the “Vania” and exploration and figuring out how the world all connects together, you’re golden!
  • Salt and Sanctuary, Blasphemous, Hollow Knight, all 2D platformers and I like them all.
  • Primal Light is just another 2D action platformer with a healing mechanic.



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