Linux Game Cast Weekly 433: Naked Nixon Ouroboros

AMD Linux adoption continues to rise! Support for PS3 and Wii U dongles lands in the kernel, Unreal Engine 4.26 nukes OpenGL, and Wasteland 3 is getting penguin powers.

Special thanks to:
Veritanuda (inc patreon pledge)



00:00 Intro
07:24 November hardware survey
09:59 Proton 5.13-3 release candidate
13:09 More PS5 controller fixes
15:09 Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC
19:19 CS:GO Operation Broken Fang
22:39 The Skylia Prophecy
25:39 The Wizard: WizHarder Edition
28:04 Plugs & shameless self-promotion
33:34 DXVK 1.7.3
36:19 GODOT 4.0 updates
40:04 Kernel support for Guitar Hero & Wii U
41:19 Wasteland 3 headed to Linux
43:34 Zelda 2 Redux
46:14 Unreal Engine 4.26 Linux fixes
50:04 Review: Immortal Redneck
01:01:09 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Survey November

  • AMD adoption on linux continues to rise. As does RX480?
    • Second hand ones are really cheap these days.
    • AMD releases halfway workable video cards, people buy them.
  • Really good option if you want to just game on Linux out of the box at 1080p.
  • Also a good option if you want to flash the RX580/590 VBIOS for maybe a nice performance bump… or a bricked GPU.

Proton 5.13-3

  • Dear mysterious Valve employee / contractor thank you for sorting Mango hud and now Assassins Creed Origin black bars.
  • This brings the Serious Sam Flicker fix from GE to mainline

PS5 ZzzzzZ

  • No more XBox parties!
  • I usually just hold down the PS button to shut it down.
  • Venn Called it last week, MOre than 4 controllers got nixed this week
    • It’s seriously like the third or fourth time it has happened.
  • Finally you can watch youtube videos in steam.
  • PS5-specific glyph images for Steam Input API.

Steam: Game Updates

Dead Smells

  • They’re putting out some $5 DLC to fund some more free updates.
  • Apparently they have about another year of content planned
  • Adds two new biomes and some alternate paths

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Operation Broken Fang

  • Extra missions and skins for people who like CSGO a lot but are feeling like it’s getting a bit stale.
  • This is basically a game pass like many other games do.
  • The issue here is that it’s not working for Linux people.
  • The update is also hosted in Mordor, it was downloading at under 200KB/s.
  • I wish we had something other than Q3 engine based games for that 10ish year stretch in Linux gaming.
  • CS:GO is something I should really like.
  • I’m simply burnt out on the genre.
  • Danger zone gets some missions, but no new maps. Which kinda sucks, cuz I like the mode, I wish there was some more map variety

Steam: New Games

The Skylia Prophecy

  • We are urged to have a soundcard on linux
  • Sort of similar to Bloodstained/symphony of the night
  • It’s apparently got some pixelated tiddies if that’s your thing
  • Hipster-pixel ARPG.
  • And some naughty nudity.
  • Requires the “I urge you to” sound card.
  • Background looks alright, character animation, welllll….


  • Big thanks to the Hypnotic Owl folks who sent us keys over Curator Connect.
  • I didn’t realize the game was in early access when I shot them an email, but they were cool and sent some anyway.
  • Gesture based spellcasting?
  • Yeah, it’s turn-based.
  • Using the Vulkan?
  • Yeah, making it turn based probably makes teh spellcasting easier
  • One of the big problems with Magica, which had a similar freeform spell mechanic, was that by the time you cast your spell, you got deaded. Or you just had a macro keyboard
  • It’s not a roguelike, which made me do a double take
  • Hopefully they can get the mapping tools done. It’s a good thing to have on a game like this



  • They continue to taunt us with Trine 4
  • It’s a pretty small update this time around, I guess there were no big DX11 games that came out recently
    • It’s the big holiday drought of AAA.

GODOT 2D updoots

  • 2D vulkan might sound weird, but it is a thing.
  • It’s enabled them to drastically improve their 2D engine in 4.0
  • Better lighting and material support.
  • Better performance, lighting, materials, and a 2D GPU particle system.
  • Hey, 2D directional lights and shadows!


  • For the true dark souls pros
  • Quebec’s École de technologie supérieure makes the old USB dongles work on Linux.
  • I like the note that all the dongles have the same Vendor/Product ID

Wasteland 3 Linux

  • Alright!
  • I still need to finish Wasteland 2.
    • Me too. All those ranks in toaster repair needs to do something, right?
  • Apparently some DLC is planned for 2021
  • Not my bag but good on them for getting it out.

Zelda II Redux

  • The room with the hole in the Great Palace has been modified so it can now be accessed from all routes!
  • No more ded ends.
  • Reworked HUD to be more in-line with other Zelda titles.
  • Manual Save Feature.
  • All enemies give out Exp.
  • Damn, you can even be selective about what mods you want. I guess this just colocates them all


  • All Vulkan all the time.
  • Plus a gang of Linux bug fixes.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Linux packaging failure resulting from Lumin key being copied locally into Gauntlet.
    • I wonder if this will prevent stuff like what happened with Supraland.
  • At this point, I guess it kinda makes sense to drop OpenGL support. Anything capable of running a UE4 project these days already supports vulkan anyways
  • Also going through the release notes, apparently X gon give it to you cuz
    • DMX Plugin is Production Ready
    • Apparently it’s for managing stage shows

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Immortal Redneck
Devel: Crema
Engine: Unity
Price: £14.95 / $19.95 / $21.99

Wazzat: Immortal Redneck is a FPS set in Egypt with rogue-lite elements. Frantic gameplay, twitch controls and an arcade-style feel meet randomly generated dungeons, a complete skill tree, permanent death and 9 classes with different traits.



  • Nice and clean OOTB.
  • Running around 70 with everything on 11.
  • Even has options for people using a controller.
  • Yes, including an aimbot.
  • The only real gripe is the amount of scrolling needed to change weapons.
  • All in all, nice work considering the engine.


  • Rougelite FPS sound like a good idea, I’m kidding, it’s rubbish.
  • Well, it might be a good idea but this, this didn’t sell me on it.
  • First and foremost the graphics look good for what they are and some work clearly went into the baddies… however.
  • The “retro” AI caused my giv-o-fk meter to peg 0 about 15 minutes in.
  • What do I mean by retro?
  • It’s a polite way of saying bad, #LGCcares.
  • Baddies are going to run / fly right at you or stand in a corner and give you the pew pew.
  • Except for the pole dancing mummies, they kind of just, hang around. Then they shoot at you.
  • I gave it two rounds, upgraded my junk but nothing ever sold me.
  • If Slime Rancher & Serious Sam banged while Ziggurat filmed it this would be the resulting offspring.
  • Unfortunately this is a game only a mother (and possibly the camera guy) could love.



  • No issues on AMD or Nvidia
    • The startup screen gave me some heebie jeebies on AMD, but it was fine
  • Standard wasd FPS controls
  • You gotta scroll real hard if you wanna switch weapons. I resorted to just using the number keys
  • I really like the visual style here. The enemies are all very well designed At one point I just screamed out “Oh fuck snake babies!”
  • I like the soundtrack


  • Honestly, I didn’t think much of the game going in
  • But you know what, if you like serious sam style games and want something that just throws room after room of crap at you, this might do it for you
  • The gameplay loop is solid. Shoot things, survive and collect gold, die cuz you fucked up, and you can unlock more dudes with different weapons
  • Gotta spend all the money you make though, cuz you lose it all to get back into the level. Gotta improve or else you won’t be able to keep getting upgrades
  • The difficulty curve isn’t insanely high, and it works as an occasional pick up and play or coffee break game, which is a niche that roguelikes fit handily in to
  • I liked it well enough. 20 bucks might be a little steep, but it’s not like there isn’t a sale coming in…well pick a month



  • Launched out of the box
  • Almost holds 144 at 2560×1440 with AA disabled.
  • Mouse and keyboard with rebindable controls
  • The main character quips aren’t obnoxious and most of the time get drowned out by the pumping combat music.


  • That’s the rub here, innit?
  • I didn’t like it very much.
  • It seems to do a lot of things right and it apes a lot of mechanics from other games which I did like very much.
  • At some points it looks like it could a really nice mix of Enter the Gungeon and Ziggurat
  • But it just doesn’t quite get there.
  • Can you imagine if in Ziggurat and Enter the Gungeon the action stopped whenever you picked up a scroll in the middle of combat?
  • And since this is a game that relies on the momentum your character builds up, if you dodge into a scroll it will stop your character and often you will die.
  • Mostly because when you start moving you do so very slowly.
  • I do like that it doesn’t take the money away from you the moment you die, like UnderMine did.
  • But the interruptions to the combat, the bullet spread which is equivalent to trying to aim but throwing bullets at a spinning fan, it’s not fun for me.
  • Perfectly competent but thoroughly meh.



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