Linux Game Cast Weekly 439: Schrodinger’s Pants

Valve continues to invest in Linux gaming! GamerOS 22 plays with pods, Link: The Faces of Evil gets remastered, Nvidia announces 12GB paper, and Álex Román tells us what the hell a Project Heartbeat is.

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00:00 Intro
05:28 Steam year in review
08:51 Steam beta Switch Pro updates
10:07 Half-Life Alyx is not mainstream
13:57 GamerOS 22 updates
17:24 Reverse engineering Steam logins
19:59 Pocket Cars multiplayer update
23:14 RTX on for Artifact & Source engine
26:04 SuperMash
28:04 Skellboy Refractured
30:30 Shoutouts and shameless self-promotion
33:46 12GB nvidida 3060
38:01 WINE 6.0
41:16 Mr. Figs
44:16 GearHead Caramel
44:56 CD-i Zelda remasters
48:07 Álex Román: Project Heartbeat
01:21:34 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam year in review

  • Steam China launching early 2021.
  • User Experience Improvements.
  • Valve still has plans to refresh the Steam Mobile app?
    • Can we get the ability to have the authenticator work on two devices?
  • More ways to reward users.
  • Continuing to invest in Linux tech.
  • New Steam Labs to browse the store.
  • Bitch all you will about DRM but Steam has done more for Linux gaming in the last half-decade than everyone in the history of forever combined.
  • The one AAA publisher who does seem to give a damn about Linux.
  • Very much looking forward to what comes down the pipe to supplement/improve on what Proton’s already done.
  • Despite the pandemic killing everyone else’s productivity, Valve is getting shit done
  • Hopefully we see more of the stuff we have been seeing:
    • More investment in cross platform tech
    • Working with third parties to certify games on proton
    • Less yay, but partnerships like the EA one. It at least gets the ball rolling for linux support

Switch controller update

  • I don’t think this was the issue I was running into, more to do with laptops that suspend/resume often

Mainstream Alyx

  • It’s been said before but bares repeating, the game is really expensive if you don’t already own a VR headset.
  • I guarantee you it’s mainstream for everyone who owns the equipment needed to play it.
  • Yeah, the one person I know who does have a VR headset bought Alyx on release
  • We complain we don’t get a lot of games on Linux, but the VR people see us as being spoiled for choice.
  • Besides, if you wanted to make it mainstream it would have been made available on a mainstream platform rather than VR.
  • I mean, Alyx accomplished what it set out to do, create a compelling VR experience to show people what you could possibly achieve if you put time into it.

GamerOS 22

  • And this is exactly what SteamOS should’ve been.
  • Thank you, Arch-not-ARCH!!!
  • All these updates serve the expansion of the supported game list, most of which are native
  • They;re doing some stuff in the background with podman, which is kinda neat
  • No launching for dos games

Reversing Steam logins

  • This is a fun little deep dive into reverse engineering steam’s login process
  • Apparently it has some built in encryption to stop from sending your username/password as plaintext which is an artifact of an era where wanting SSL would set your org back a couple hundred bucks a year
  • Extra bit of encryption on top of SSL to secure your password just in the off chance your SSL connection didn’t work or, more likely, was hijacked is very well played.
  • Would doing the same with the username increase the login time by that much or be that onerous on an old processor?
  • Because if not, double complete encryption for your login deets sounds pretty good to me.

Steam: Game Updates

Multi Pockets

  • And just like that you have my attention.
  • Re-Volt for the 21st century is shaping up real nice!
  • They do plan to have steamworks integration to allow people to join your multiplayer games via Steam overlay, which I think we’re all big fans of.

Artifact Rays

  • Give the game a benchmark so I can get some use out of it.
  • I guess good on them for still supporting the game for the three paying customers remaining
  • Realistic holofoil digital trading cards FTW

Steam: New Games


  • That sounds like it could be neat?
  • Or a RNG hot mess.
  • Do you think games with randomly generated content are the bee’s knees?
  • How about you play a randomly generated game altogether?
  • Honestly, at this point, I think something like this is overdue.
  • Seriously, go wholly RNG or go home with your bitchass half-assed RNG.
  • I’m with Venn, your run is likely either to be the most amazing thing ever or a random hodgepodge of garbage
  • Still, procedurally generating games is a cool concept that i’d like to see explored more

Skellboy Refractured

  • Now that Supraland doesn’t Linux without Proton anymore, I think Skelboy has a very comfy spot to fit in.
  • At least, aesthetically.
  • Something tells me the puzzles won’t be quite so good.
  • Free demo is free
  • Launches out of the box and works fine with my switch pro controller
  • It’s a link to the past with a body part switching mechanic and nicer camerawork


12GB 3060

  • $329 year olds, dude.
  • ~10-15% more performance than a 2060 at 10% higher MSRP.
  • Not quite as fast as a 1080Ti… ish?
  • Ima get one, eventually.
  • The GeForce RTX 3060 has twice the raster performance and 10x the ray-tracing performance of the GTX 1060
    • Uh….fucking duh on ray tracing
  • Yeah, the 3060Ti sounds like my jam… If I could buy it for less than £750.
  • I don’t know who Nvidia thinks the target market for this card is, but I know damn well content creators will happily snap them up.
  • The fact that it can play some video games is a bonus soda.

Wine 6.0

  • New PE tracksuit modules, namely the core DLLs are now in PE format!
  • More VKD2D support built directly into WINE
  • Can select renderer and CSMT has been improved with multi serialization within an application.
  • Though you can still use the old method which does have tangible benefits to some games.
    • Even if D(X/9)VK had a much more profound effect on performance there.
  • More media foundations stuff is finding itself upstreamed into Wine
  • I’m very interested in the progress they’re making for M1 support. This might be super useful work for high powerd arm Wine shenanigans

Mr. Figs

  • Paganitzu meets Bomberman?
  • It’s a cute game done in pygame
  • Joey Reynolds, the author also has a neat little write up linked in this github page about implementing undo functionality in Pygame. Check it out!

GearHead Caramel

  • GearHead Arena and GearHead 2 are free on Itch.
  • Getting some ITB vibes from the screenshots.

Best Zelda Remastered

  • Fuck yes
  • This got a shoutout on AGDQ
  • Oh no, all of the download links are dead! to the rescue.
    • The slow, slow rescue
  • Possibly some nintendo dmca bullshit
  • It does launch, but doesn’t seem to like any keyboard and controller input
  • I’ve somehow managed to avoid this little gem of horror.

Hate Mail:


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