LinuxGameCast Weekly 424: Zombie Waifu

Steam sale dates have been announced, ProtonGE brings Mafia II to Linux, Warzone 2100 get some Vulkan goodness, ATARI begins shipping the VCS, and picking the the best gaming distro for 2020.

Special thanks to:
Vigilant Viking (pat)



05:24 Steam sale dates released
08:59 October digital tabletop fest
11:09 AMD hits 25% in the Steam hardware survey
16:09 CS:GO coaches get the banhammer
20:24 TF2 Spooky update
22:49 Mafia I & II Proton
25:44 Scarlet Hollow
27:39 Unrailed
29:39 art of rally
32:19 Undead Darlings
34:39 Terminal Conflict
36:44 Rip Them Off
38:14 Prodeus
40:26 Shameless Shilling
44:56 Nvidia 3070 delays
48:56 PCSX2 Progress report
51:46 Warzone 2100 Vulkan
55:41 Zero Tier GUI
57:11 ScummVM updates
59:31 Unity Open Project
01:01:46 Atari VCS begins shipping
01:05:31 Best Linux gaming distro for 2020
01:10:11 Chairqasition: Battletech
01:23:17 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Perfect timing for the halloween sale if you want to get me a late birthday present.
  • So, many, sales… that I don’t really pay attention to.
  • I don’t know if it’s because Steam has eleventy a year now or I can buy a game at full price if I really want it.
  • Still, a good sale will make me spend some extra cash, just ask this week’s game.

Steam Digital Tabletop Fest

  • The list of speakers seems cool
  • Auroch Digital actually has a couple of their digital board and card games available on linux. Mostly chainsaw warrior
    • Their version of ogre definitely needs a linux port. Then we could make steve play it
  • Begins on October 21st at 10am Pacific time.

25% AMD

  • We’ve come a long way since Bulldozer.
  • It’s no surprise since AMD has been catering to the enthusiast market.
  • 33% on Linux since Linux users like them an underdog.
  • 100% of users have Unspecified network speed.
  • RX 480 is still the most popular GPU on Linux and rising.
  • The 1060 is actually a few percent behind.
  • In Linux distro news: PopOS! overtakes Mint in the Steam Survey.

CS Banhammer

  • There was a bug that allowed coaches to see where members of the other team where during matches, the bug has been abused since 2015. Bans range from 3 36 months, this is the first wave of bans with more to follow.
  • Basically everyone was using it
  • No wonder VALVe doesn’t want to conduct the International or any tournaments remotely.
  • And somehow, I doubt EAC could have done fuck all about that either.

Steam: Game Updates

TF New

  • The spoopy update!
  • All the halloween challenges are reset so you can do them again if you want
  • Bunch of community content added as well
  • Added 19 new community-created Unusual effects and hat hat HATS!
  • Couple of gameplay changes as well.

The Proton Mafia

  • Remember to force-update your glibc.
  • No love for Mafia II DE.
  • I wonder what VALVe is waiting for to release a Proton update.
    • It better taste like pumpkin pie.

Steam: New Games

Ask a stupid question

  • I’m actually a pretty big fan of Abby Howard’s comics so it’s cool to see her project tossing in Linux support
  • Just like that!
  • If only other developers were as open to the idea.

Unrailed! Demo

  • So it’s the bugs bunny cartoon where they’re desperately setting track down so the train doesn’t derail. Seems like a fun enough idea for a game
  • With online multiplayer even
  • Isometric Minecraft with choo choo trains.
  • Some of the screenshots of certain levels do a wonderful job of showing just how “character blind” you will be in game.

art of rally

  • Where the hell did the demo go?
  • Big kudos to Dune (not joking that’s what he signed the email as) aka Funselektor, which I always read as Fun Skeletor, for sending us keys.

Undead Darlings

  • I always wondered why Eye of the Beholder style games haven’t really made a comeback other than grimrock
  • Here’s one that also features necrophilia!
  • There’s a definite lack of nudity and sexual content in the tags for this game.
  • Alright, WTH is a half-zombie girl?
  • How does that even work?
  • Shovel waifu?

Terminal Conflict

  • Figures. Here’s a game with online multiplayer and it’s one I’m not crazy interested in
  • That said, cold war simulator seems like a cool idea, especially with ranked 1v1 multiplayer.
  • Would you like to play a game?
  • Looks like a strategy game that takes place in cool retro term.

Rip Them Off

  • Capitalism: The tower defense game!
  • All you need is one gigabyte of GPU
  • Economic management and tower defense.
  • Now that’s a new mashup.

Prodeus Beta

  • Oh! You get to request access to it.
  • That’s a thing.
  • But you also have to wait for the developers to confirm if you can be in.
  • We’re still doing the retro shooter thing?


GeForce RTX 3070 Availability Update

  • I don’t think investors would be terribly thrilled if they’d cocked up 3 card release dates in a row.
  • Late October also helps keep the pressure on AMD for their upcoming GPU release in November.
  • Oh, they moved it to the day after the AMD announcement.
  • #jenbaited
  • On the off chance AMD drops some spicy hotness they will be in a position to adjust pricing.
  • Happy birthday to me apparently


PCSX2 Progress report

  • Ctrl+F Linux returns one hit for a fix for the Onepad plugin if you paused the game and alt-tabbed, it wouldn’t reacquire the input.
  • They dropped GLX in favor of EGL
  • IF you’re a TAS runner they fixed some stuff if you wanted to record your shenanigans


A Vulkan Warzone

  • No vulkan if you’re using the snaps, but you do get vulkan on bare metal.
  • It took me a minute to figure out how to download the *.deb.
  • The Ubuntu build for 18.04 works with the Vulkan bits on Debian.


  • A handy point and click UI for zero tier VPN
  • Useful if you have games that support network MP only and you wanna play with some friends
  • What the hell is a zero tier?

Interactive Fantasy” 2.2.0 Sees the Light

  • Whenever i see blazing dragons, I just get sad that It’s not the medieval era Blazing Saddles we all want
  • They’re expanding their purview to old RPGs as well. If they can get full gold box compatibility I would be so happy. For now we just get Eye of the Beholder for sega cd
  • You can also now use nautilus or dolphin or whatever file browser you want other than the scummvm one
  • I remember Police Quest: SWAT.
  • Well, I remember Police Quest: SWAT and not having the game manual so it was impossible to get past the first section.

Unity Open Project #1

  • Crowdsourced game, huh.
  • It’s an initiative where Unity and the community collaborate together to create a small game, in an open source way.
  • code, art, narrative, sounds are all welcome.
  • Need bricks.

Shipping VCS

  • I look forward to picking one up in a year or so for £100 or less off eBay.
  • I’m really holding out hope for it being a decent little set top box once people root the ever loving fuck out of it
  • Will this go the way of the ouya?
  • This slow boat from China is packed with systems for backers.

Best gaming distro?

  • …wow.
  • “these won’t turn your distro into anything like a home video console”
    • 1. SteamOS… WAT?!
  • 2.PlayOnLinux… Fuckin’ WAT?!
  • There are 3 authors listed in that post, what in the actual fuck?
  • TLDR the best linux gaming distro is OSX
  • Is this willful misinformation?

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Battletech
Devel: Harebrained Schemes
Engine: Unity
Price: €34.99 / $39.99 / $45.49

Wazzat: Take command of your own mercenary outfit of ‘Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them, struggling to stay afloat as you find yourself drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war.



  • Step 1: Watch it eat shite tryning to launch.
  • Step 2: Launch Steam from console & grab error.
  • Step 3: Google search to find beta 1.6.2 works.
  • Barring that try deleting the in BattleTech_Data/plugins/x86_64?
  • ^ This ended up being the solution.
  • Does not fix the game running like rewarmed shite.
  • It struggles to hit 60 @ 1080 in high or medium often taking dives into the 30’s.


  • I don’t like turn-based nonsense but when you mix giant murder mechs into the equation I might be able to overlook some shite.
  • First things first, how did you manage to make something so fugly perform so bad?
  • Also, RIP my colourblind brothers and sisters.
  • Right out of the gate I had the XCOM meme moment with everything landing and the target getting an evade.
  • Good times.
  • The UI, movement and attack systems are right simple and that’s going to disappoint anyone expecting depth.
  • Seriously, I could figure them out.
  • Moving your units between baddies is a FSM damned chore.
  • Combat is slow paced and also slow moving because I feel the need to remind you this game eats 1080’s for brunch.
  • Multiplayer is a dumpster-fire according to the forums.
  • Finished the tutorial in 65’ish minutes and I’m good.
  • Bog standard TBT with mechs as a gimmick.
  • Bring back Hawken and FK right off with your $70 DLC.



  • Launches out of the box
  • Holds a whopping 40 FPS @ UHD. Performant this is not
  • Also those load times. Hoo boy. Not quite as bad as the days of mechanical disks, but definitely reminiscent of it
  • The CG characters in the slideshow cutscenes are a step above reboot level
  • The gameplay itself looks fine


  • I should like this game. On paper, it ticks all my boxes
    • Turn based strategy, RPG, giant robots
  • I mean, I’ve sunk dozens of hours on into the breach
  • But for whatever reason, this game doesn’t really do it for me
  • To make a really bad tabletop analogy, it feels like playing shadowrun. There’s a lot of fiddliness to the combat which to me doesn’t really add depth, just complexity
  • I could see that level of fidelity making sense in a mechwarrior type game, where you’re in the cockpit. Here it’s a lot of micromanaging, even for me
  • And it’s so slow! It takes forever to do anything, even if you cut the cinematics off
  • Fighting takes forever as you widdle down your opponents
  • And the overworld travel feels really, really clunky
  • The early missions at least don’t really reward any type of tactical gameplay, Most of it is just HP management.
  • I dunno. I tried it during a free weekend and I tried it again for the chairs. It’s not my cup of giant robot



  • It launched out of the box
  • It holds some magnificent, doubly cinematic, 48 FerPS at 2560×1440 with everything on 11.
  • You do the mouse clicking and things happen
  • The NPC voices whenever you tell them to move start to grate a little after a while.
  • And the graphics are fine for what this is.
  • Though seeing the mechs clip into each other doesn’t look particularly good.


  • The reason the low FerPS don’t bother me is because this is turn based, so 48 FerPS is fine for this particular game.
  • And this is made by Harebrained, developers of the Shadowrun video games.
  • So the gameplay is immediately familiar to anyone who has played one of those games or even X-COM Enemy Unknown.
  • But much like the Shadowrun games, the story is a lot more fleshed out than it was in XCOM, even they do railroad you down a specific path with little to no deviation for the first few hours.
  • And as I’ve mentioned in the past, in my videogames I like mechanics and when the enemy can shoot you all the way across the map, because a mech got a sensor lock on you and now those turrets are going to cream your ass, I feel a bit cheated!
  • But do you know what bothers me the most?
  • It creates a fucking My Games folder in my Home folder.



Hate Mail:


  • Reading is hard.
  • Also, Windows.

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