Linux Game Cast Weekly 441: Sultans of Spandex

System76 releases a guide for Linux gaming! Castlevania gets a GZDoom powered remake, ATARI VCS benchmarks, and Sonic 1 & 2 decompilation. Then Jeff Kreis tells us how ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove came to Linux.

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00:00 Intro
08:07 Steam top releases of December
09:42 Steam Controller lawsuit
13:47 L4D2 uncensored in Germany
16:02 Scourge Bringer 1.50
19:22 No more room in hell 1.11.3
20:42 Cyber Shadow
22:47 Encodya
24:27 Support the distortion
28:57 Nvidia laptop drivers
31:27 Intel discrete GPU
34:32 Gaming on Pop!_os
38:02 Sonic 1&2 decompilation
39:37 Castlevania in DOOM
41:02 Plex retro gaming service
42:22 ATARI VCS benchmarks
46:07 Interview: Jeff from ToeJam & Earl Still in the Groove
01:15:47 Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Top of December

  • Futa fix dick dine and dash. That is all
    • Is that a particularly unrepresented genre?
  • Oh, and I guess monster sanctuary is your top linux game this december too

Controlla controversy

  • Baby got back paddles. THat’s the problem
    • Also “Pricey pad”? It was like 50 bucks on launch and came with a free copy of rocket league
  • The rear buttons are apparently patented by Ironbug (who’s CEO is named Duncan Ironmonger. Very strong name). Microsoft apparently licensed the patent when they made the xbox one pro controller. Valve did not
  • According to the original source, Valve maintains the original patent had buttons extending out of the chassis like the microsoft one, not integrated into the battery bay like the Areola controlla.
  • It seems like a weird time to start this, on account of the fact that the Steam Controller has been discontinued.
    • Not if you are counting on them giving you a cheque vs burning $$ in court for a discontinued product.
  • Also, isn’t this the definition of a patent troll?
  • Holding on to patents to profiteer off of them without ever actually having put out a product?
  • I spent a whole 10 minutes on google looking for one such product and the first thing I saw was their patent list.
  • That doesn’t exactly scream legitimacy.
  • Valve just told the EU to fk right off.
  • They will keep this in court until it reaches a conclusion.

Steam: Game Updates

Left 4 Deutschland

  • Spinnst du!?
  • Come get your big-boy DLC.
  • According to the wikipedias, there are 111 games which were banned or had censored versions released in Germany.
  • Only 22 of which seem to have had the ban lifted.
  • At least it didn’t take as long as the original Mortal Kombat.

Scourge 1.50

  • Adaptive difficulty to allow people to ease into the game
  • You can save and exit during runs so you don’t need to abandon your incumbent PB because the dog needs to poop
  • You can also mess with the music and flashing
  • That adaptive difficulty should keep both sides of the argument happy.
  • Because it doesn’t just lower the difficulty of areas you’re having trouble with, it increases it for the ones you’re doing good at.
  • That’s an amazing way to do it!

Hell rooms 1.11.3 Released

  • Many bug fixes
  • I ran across this while looking for games that never left EA.
  • When did it hit 1.0?
  • Anyway, Killing self by console is no longer flagged as a “custom suicide” and that’s the important bit.
  • Also it’s now sporting a proper Portugese localization.

Steam: New Games

Cyber Shadow

  • Another Yacht Club joint
  • This time they’re taking a crack at shinobi/ninja gaiden
  • So, is Cyber the new “craft”?


  • Cutesy cyberpunk does exist (Tezuma’s Metropolis) but doing it effectively is a pretty fine line to tiptoe over
  • Definitely looks like the art direction hits the mark
  • Yes, the year of cyberpunk is upon us, and I don’t mean the CDPR game.


Nvidia updates

  • 30 series laptops.
  • The new laptop parts are seeing performance gains of 15-25%.
  • More work on that instant suspend/resume makes me wrap more tinfoil tighter around my head
  • Seems like a minor update if you don’t have one of the aforementioned laptops.

Get wrecked

  • These things need an Intel CPU and BIOS.
  • Yeah, intel’s hot new graphics offering isn’t too exciting for teh gamerz just yet. This is a gt 1030 competitor at best
  • Even if this requirement is only for a particular card it sends out hella wrong messages to vendors and end users. .
    • Yeah, I’m curious if this requires some intel black magic in order to work well.
    • I wouldn’t put vendor lock in past intel, but I’m pretty sure they have a SKU they tested with Ryzen in case of PR backlash
  • So NVidia put out the GT 1010 to get ahead of this?
  • Makes a bit more sense now.
  • Then again, they might just be embarrassed to allow it in systems where the integrated graphics can be faster.

Gaming on Pop!_OS

  • Hey look, a link!
  • Now compare this to some of the articles which discuss Linux gaming we’ve covered in the past.
    • Yeah, Hackaday tore us a new one and lets not bring up that hit piece from NewTek.
  • What we have here is a beginners guide to what the hell a Proton is.
  • The difference between native vs Stem Play.
  • How to sort out if the game runs by checking ProtonDB.
  • Tips on contracting Lutris.
  • What kind of CPU/GPU you need to get your game on.

Sonic 1&2

  • Aww, I don’t have these.
  • It won’t make your linux go to sleep
  • Without assets from the official releases this decompilation will not run.
  • You have to yoink Sonic 1&2 on the Play store or Amazon.


  • This is why having engine source available is a good thing
  • People will take your thing and make other cool shit!
  • All of the OG castlevania levels are there
  • That is an amazing project and my kudos go out to the dev.
  • That must have taken an insane amount of time and the result looks amazing.
  • And it uses GZDoom, so it will work on Linux.
  • Well, it WorksForMe™

Plex Arcade

  • Plex Pass subscribers can add in the Arcade category for an extra $3 USD a month, while new subscribers will be charged $5 USD.
  • There’s also a seven-day free trial.
  • Use from mobile, browser, Mapple TV etc.
  • 27 games are included within the subscription from the 2600 & 7800.
  • My Plex boxen has been powered down for well over 2 years.
    • Speaking of…

VCS benches

  • So all and all not a bad little system hardware wise. You can even upgrade stuff on it
  • Which is good. The only reason folks will be buying these at all are for the hardware
  • It comes down to pricing and more importantly, availability.
  • I don’t think anyone wants these to play classic ATARI games.
  • X86 AMD SoC, yeah… this won’t be just an atari emulator machine the moment people get their mitts on them.

Hate Mail:

Cheap capture?

Bedrock Pi

  • Bedrock is x86_64, you would need a Pi4 and QEMU.

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