Linux Game Cast 449: Super Monkey Giraffe

Metro Exodus gets a Linux release date! Valve introduces Clippy for DOTA, GODOT explores the wonderful world of OpenXR, and the engine behind Sea Dogs goes open-source. Then Aloof faces the ChairQAsition.



00:00 Intro
05:59 Learn how to DOTA
11:14 Remote play sale
14:29 Steam Next Fest
16:24 Steam client updates
18:49 Top games of Feb
20:39 Proton GE 6.4
23:59 Streets of Rage DLC
25:59 Metro Exodus Linux release date
29:09 Rolled Out
31:49 Shilling
35:04 WINE 6.5
37:54 GODOT Open XR support
40:39 Razer RGB on Linux
44:49 Veloren ariships

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Learn how to DOTA

  • Like most people I played the tutorial and bounced.
  • Once someone feels comfortable queuing for co-op mode, they’ll face off against the top-rated community bots to ensure their Dota curriculum evolves in line with their skill level.
  • You assume I know what the hell a smurf is?
    • New account from an existing player with the intent of capitalizing on the low skill ceiling
  • My god, they’ve invented DOTA clippy and gave him a little hat
  • Dotalikes are definitely one of those genres that has a bit of a difficulty brick wall, so I appreciate valve trying their damnedest to make it accessible
  • A lot of the stuff here seems pretty reasonable from an outsider perspective so hopefully it works
  • A least they have animoo

Steam Sale Together

  • Games you can experience .5 seconds out of sync with your friends cuz developers refuse to include actual network multiplayer sale
  • Other publishers don’t like advertising that you only need one person to buy the game
  • VALVe: “We’re doing a sale about it”
  • Yeah, this is a sale of games you can avoid.

NextFest Sale

  • Come see what games you can play while you’re trapped waiting for your vaccine
  • The Steam Game Festival is hereby rebranded as the Next Fest

Steam link links

  • Added support to invite anyone to Remote Play Together.
  • IMproved shader caching and compiling made it to the main client pretty quickly
  • Proton had an issue with infinite looping while following symlinks, so that’s been resolved.
  • It’s the beta roll up into stable.
  • The update window is still broken and displays just a blank page.
  • Pressing the right shift or Ctrl keys still makes them stick until you press them again or use the left side ones.
  • I’m glad for the improvements but there’s still a lot of old bugs floating around.
  • At least it doesn’t crash if you had the audacity to put accents on vówèls in chat

Top of the FEbs

  • Valheim and Nebudchadnezzar are your linux games of the february

Proton GE 6.4

  • MFplat support is a little wiggy in this one, GE and friends are still working on it
  • Quite a big list of broken games currently
  • GE recommends this for playing Mortal Kombat and not much else
  • Borderlands 3 is b0rked again right at the start, which is exactly why I stopped playing it
  • With regular proton the video doesn’t play and the game doesn’t progress, with GE back then it froze
  • And now it’s freezing at that exact point again.
  • Fine, I’ll wait for regular Proton to support mfplat properly.
  • I do like the DualSense mapping being brought over from regular Proton.
  • That’s the only situation where I don’t need Steam Input to fix it.
  • Looking forward to the mfplat patches, though

Steam: Game Updates


  • That would be nice considering the game is a little on the short side.
  • No Steam page just yet

Choo, choo!

  • Metro before SAM.
  • It’s going to race some rays.
    • Well, I’ll be damned
  • Release date is during moving week. Weeeeeee
  • I look forward to playing it finally.
  • 2 years, 1 month, and 30 days (789 days total) from release to Linux.
  • Not that I was counting or anything.

Steam: New Games

Not a monkey

  • Super lemmiwinks ball
  • I wonder if it does anything new to shake up the standard formula.
  • Because from the trailer, it doesn’t look like it does.


WINE 6.5

  • Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin works in Vulkan mode
  • Outlaws and Dark Forces 2 have background music now.
  • And Steam works over WINE again.
    • Despair not Mac peeps!
    • Having to use WINE on your MAC to play games,strange times.
  • They apparently want to stress test the WoW64 syscall dispatcher for league of legends. Cool to see some progress on this front

Godot OpenXR support

  • Works great on Linux, but that direct x only requirement for UWP es no bueno
  • I think they might need to start leveraging the open source DX12 implementation.
  • You know the one
  • I remember Alex of Project Heartbeat fame saying that Angle made it so that AMD cards actually had proper OpenGL performance in Windows.

RGB 9K 3.0

  • More blinkies!
  • Support for most things that blink.
    • The Razer branded ones, anyway.
  • I had a look at the OpenRGB gitlab issue tracker and someone was kind enough to bring this up.

Veloren Airships

  • Bunch of improvements for networking and AI
  • There are airships now.
  • So now you can have a mobile aerial launching point for glider shenanigans
  • Multiple people flying the airship could make for some interesting MMO moments.

Sea Dogs open sourced

  • No Linux support yet, but now that it’s open source I’m sure that’ll get fixed promptly
  • Seems like a more naval focused curse of the Ravens cry. Quality notwithstanding.
  • Couple of games have used this engine so it will be interesting to sea what comes of this.

Chrome gaming

  • Virgil3D is a part of the mesa project that aims to expose a virtual GPU to a virtual machine or container so that containers can handle their own graphical output
  • This is useful for chromebooks cuz now you can run an unprivileged container running actual linux and use that to make with your graphical linuxing
  • Right now, virgil only supports openGL, and the current method of doing things doesn’t work particularly well
  • Virgil getting vulkan support means that, hopefully, by having substantially reduced driver overhead and potentially cheap passthrough, you can have a working, decently performant (I mean, running on whatever the chromebook do) linux environment
  • It also means that proton will work. Will it work well? /shrug

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Aloof
Devel: ButtonX
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.29 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: Aloof is a puzzle fighter like Puyo Puyo Tetris, but plays completely different. In the world of Aloof you summon and defend small islands all the while you build combos against your opponent.

Mandatory Disclosure: Big thanks to the Dev for sending us keys



  • No issues to report.
  • Running @60 @ 2160p with no issues.
  • Xbox1Ss picked up and had correct mappings.
  • Sounds sound and graphics graphic.


  • Are ya winnin son? FK YOU DAD, my brain hurts!
  • Granted I jumped right into 1v1 without any instruction because that’s how I roll.
  • Needless to say I had no idea what was going on and tapped out after 30minutes mumbling something about the lack of tutorial.
  • Then I played the voyage mode and had a fkn OH moment.
  • This Tetris game has layers.
  • The board has two sides and you need to make use of them.
  • For me it’s shape match on one side and attacks ready to be launched on the other.
  • Then you have other challenges like “make this shape” and the delightfully evil “make this shape without additional combos or the rabbit gets it”.
  • Game, you made stacking six blocks together challenging and I commend you for that.
  • First time I had to rage think in quite some time.
  • LAter on you are forced to think ahead and stack block to drop block because they nope when you connect five.
  • It may sound simple but mark my words, you will need to think differently in order to pull these off.
  • And I have to give the game a little extra credit since it was made by one person.




  • Launches OOTB on AMD and Nvidia
  • The graphical style is pretty simple, but puzzle games don’t need much to be super effective and this game does a pretty good job with it’s hand drawn style
  • It also holds like 11-billion ferps according to it’s internal counter
  • It has a nice relaxing soundtrack. I don’t think a super intense one would help with the brain math you need to do
  • PS4 controller works fine, but it doesn’t like the switch pro for whatever reason


  • My brain absolutely refuses to recognize that despite being an entirely different game, this is not tetris
  • Fighting that muscle memory is half of the challenge with this game. I see the mistakes as I’m making them, my hands just don’t wanna change what they’ve been doing
  • All that aside, this is a pretty fun block matching puzzle game.
  • They make you pull out all the stops to solve some of these puzzles, especially when you’re dealing with stuff larger than 5 tiles. Then you need some 5d chess
  • The single player/co-op does a pretty good job of walking you through the basics and introducing you to all the various mechanisms and ways you can solve puzzles
  • And then it goes “have fun fuckos”
  • There’s quite a variety of depth to the puzzles too and the rotation keeps everything good and fresh
  • The fight mechanism surprisingly deep too, you can go for cheap combos to beat down your opponent or try to get the three symbols overhead.
  • It’s a solid game for the price point



  • Launches out of the box
  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440 except when loading new levels.
  • No rebindable controls.
  • I would forgive it since they did map the arrow keys on the keyboard but the controller layout messed with my fragile brain.
  • The background music loop is noticeably short but I didn’t hate it.
  • I’m not sure that zen type of mood it conveys suits the frenetic square rotating style of gameplay but I didn’t hate it.
  • The character animations are simple but that’s not what we’re here for.


  • I’ve said it many times before and I will keep saying it
  • The best puzzle games give you everything you need to solve it at once, like a fully loaded gun, and then let you proceed to repeatedly shoot yourself in the foot.
  • Aloof misses just one part of that analogy.
  • It doesn’t let you see which bullet you’re about to use to carve a new breathy hole in your furry protagonist’s paws.
  • You’re a little too reliant on RNGeesus
  • You set up the cascade as well as you can but you have no way of reliably triggering it if you don’t know what the next piece will be.
  • The first time you encounter a friendly you need to rescue, it became painfully obvious why that feature is in games such as Tetris.
  • Now, I may look like Jesus but I don’t shun RNGeesus.
  • And frustrating as it may be at times, it feels good when it does work.



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