Linux Game Cast 531: Entirety of Shrek

Steam in a Snap, Vampire Survivors hits 1.0, Intel releases Linux drivers for ARC, punching DOOM, and Vulkan extensions in Venus.


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00:00 Intro
00:38 House of the Dragon podcast
01:02 No ARC 770 GPUs
01:20 eBay pricing returning to normal
07:15 Steam in a Snap
10:39 Steam Deck boot animations get looong
13:53 EmuDeck 2
16:07 New games in Proton 7.0-5
18:45 Jackbox Part Pack 9
20:53 Flying Neko Delivery
22:57 Vampire Survivors 1.0
32:37 Intel ARC Linux drivers
38:59 Vulkan extensions in Venus
42:53 js13k game jam winners
45:21 Speed Dreams 2.3.0 Beta 1
47:27 Punch-out DOOM
49:21 LEGO Bricktales
01:03:04 Name that Klingon
01:05:56 Quern review

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Snap

  • K, I’ll race ya.
  • sudo apt install steam
  • If you have the need for bleeding edge Mesa it might be an option?
  • If only there was a Flatpak.
  • I guess shipping the latest and greatest mesa with steam means one less PPA unless you want up to date mesa everywhere

Deck client update

  • Small-ish update for the stable client.
  • If you want the better or “safe” external monitor support, you’ll still need the beta for now.

EMU Deck 2

  • The cloud storage features integrates with OneDrive, Google drive, etc
  • Scummvm support is a little late to the party
  • If you already have EmuDeck installed on your deck, and you should!
  • Just run the updater shortcut that it puts on your desktop.
  • Comes with an improved GUI
  • You also get ScummVM, DooM, and the Vita emulator for the 2 exclusives that may be worth it to play.
    • Wipeout 2048 and Soul Sacrifice

Proton 7.0-5

  • Vermintide 2 still eats shit it you try to join games. Hosting is fine
  • I didn’t know Nancy Drew followed in Indiana Jones’ footsteps
  • T’is an RC for now, on Friday as I’m typing this.
  • Something tells me it won’t be that by the time Saturday rolls around

Steam: New Games

Jackbox Party Pack 9

  • 5 games in this one.
  • Junktopia and roomerang seem like they could be a fun chaotic stew

Flying Neko Delivery

  • Kiki’s delivery service the game
  • Honestly I’m surprised we don’t see more of these. I guess flight sim stardew valley could be a bit niche

Steam: Game Updates

Vampires 1.0

  • Yes, there is a Linux version.
  • It’s still stuck in the Beta branch limbo.
  • It works though, and you want to use it on the Deck because it uses a lot less resources than the Proton version.
  • There’s a few new chievos, which actually unlock stuff in game, and they reworked a few of the existing ones.
  • New skins and 2 different play modes.
  • Oh and a new map that will probably have you coming back to it a lot.


ARC drivers

  • The page is up aaaand it’s a fk mothering PPA.
  • Ubuntu only.
  • DKMS only supports kernel 5.17.
    • Like, I’m kinda impressed.
  • That’s some GIMP help file level nonsense.
  • I expect to see RHEL and (sometimes) Debian for “pro” anything drivers.
  • Really Intel?
  • You gonna do us like that?
  • I guarantee most of those server workloads you’re after aren’t running Ubuntu
  • Ok, proprietary Intel drivers.
  • Hopefully they don’t fuck up as much as AMD’s do.
  • I’m sure it’d be fine if you want the proprietary stuff for OpenCL and QuickSync, the latter of which is still a proprietary affair on Linux to this day.
  • You are going to need the Intel version of a *.run before I’m playing the home game.

Vulkan extensions in Venus

  • We heard you like protocols in your protocols.
  • Yes, that is Vulkan for your virtual guests handled by the mesa driver on the Host.
  • VirGL already existed to do this for OpenGL without requiring VFIO,
  • Now Venus has a Vulkan button!
  • This is all kinds of neat.
  • Having native Vulkan acceleration in vGPUs opens up some very cool possibilities for preservation
  • The performance is shit but hey it can only get better. Right?

js13kGames 2022 winners

  • How much of a game can you can into 13 kb of JavaScript?
  • The winners are the best that folks were able to manage
  • Tindeath was pretty funny.
  • Raising fighting spirits is okay as a lightweight slay the spire clone

Speed Dreams 2.3.0 Beta 1

  • Resizable window support is nice
  • SDL updates as well
  • I like racing games but the heavy sim type ones I just can’t get into.
  • Certainly has come a long way since the TORCS days and I will not deny how impressive the tech keeps getting but… it feels like I’d need to be one of those kinds of people to enjoy it.

Punch DOOM

  • It’s what it says on the tin. Play punch out in doom
  • They had a release earlier this year that added zdoom support. GZdoom users can su ck it. BZdoom and XZdoom users can go invent it.
  • Wanted to toss this in after Tubes recommended a video about it.
  • It’s neat and something new using the DOOM engine.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: LEGO Bricktales
Devel: ClockStone
Engine: Unity
Price: £24.99 / $29.99 / $34.99

Wazzat: In this puzzle-adventure, use an intuitive brick-by-brick building mechanic to solve puzzles and bring your creations to life! Experience a charming story as you explore beautiful LEGO® dioramas and help the people inhabiting them.

Mandatory Disclosure: Thunderful Publishing sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • It’s openGL but rocks 130 @ 2160p with vsync noped.
  • No camera control in the overworld but camera control in building mode because reasons.
  • You think the controller is bad for building?
  • Try the mouse.
  • First time I’ve gone back to a controller in recent memory.
  • There is a soundtrack if you listen really hard.


  • The problem with any LEGO building game is you have to come up with rules.
  • Everyone over the age of 3 knows rules do not apply to LEGO.
  • Yes, I immediately found myself arguing with what the game would and would not allow me to get away with.
  • Not much room left for creativity.
  • It’s all, blocks go here, citizen.
  • You build a LOT of bridges in the first hour.
  • Well, the first 30 minutes is spent learning how to do the building.
  • If you are looking to recapture the nostalgia of building with blocks I can’t recommend it.
  • This feels like a $10 game with a $19 licensing fee.
  • That said, $30 of LEGO gets you what, seven bricks? Could be a bargain if you look at it like that.
  • At the end of the day if you’re looking for a creative building game for younger family members during this holiday season might I suggest, Besiege.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 80+@ UHD
  • Behold those legoland graphics where all the voxels have many little lego logos on them
  • Graphically it’s okay
  • The controller worked out of the box, but hoo boy that building control is pretty awful
  • Loni was watching me and described it as “The worst parts of lego meets the worst parts of video games”
  • There’s definitely a soundtrack but it stays out of the way for the most part


  • If you’re gonna make a game about building legos, you gotta at least make the lego building good
  • And hoo boy this game gets frustrating when it comes to placing bricks
  • There’s a multi-part tutorial that teaches you about rotating and layering, but whatever aim assist this game has going for it is actively trying to sabotage my bricklaying
  • It’s just unpleasant. Beseige had a better building mode
  • And if that’s the meat of the game. There’s some mild exploration, but compared to something like lego star wars it really does pale in comparison
  • Fixed camera for the overworld segments, except for in the pause menu
  • The puzzles themselves are okay. You can go as bare bone or as extra as you want, but I kept trying to find the shortest route so I could stop building



  • Launches out of the box on Desktop and the Deck
  • It does some interesting shenanigans with the frame rate.
  • Leave the controller idle for a few seconds in game, or 5 seconds in the menu, and the FerPS get locked to 30.
  • It unlocks properly as soon as you touch a button/analog stick/touchpads
  • That’s some visible Deck optimization going on there, in a LEGO game.
  • No rebindable controls, minus one chair.
  • The music loop is fairly short, but it is basically elevator music so it’s inoffensive.
  • The graphics look good, even if not being able to spin the camera outside of construction mode is a bit shit!
  • And some of the controller icon prompts are a little small for the screen on the Deck, the bumper/trigger icons specifically.


  • Yes… as it turns out.
  • The music may be uninspired and the controls/camera limitations are unwelcome, but it’s a good puzzle game.
  • Maybe a little too easy on the brain meats, but it’s LEGO physics.
  • There is no 1 correct solution to any of the puzzles past the tutorial and, the more complex they get, the more different-er ways you have of solving them
  • The solution can be as practical or visually appealing as you wish it to be.
  • And you even get to go back to some of them with infinite pieces to make it as pretty as you want.
  • And like all good puzzle games do, everything is visible on screen and the only time you need to move the camera is if you want to line up a piece accordingly.
  • It’s good, and much like last week, if you have a proto-human asking for a Steam Deck of their own LEGO Bricktales is very much a must.



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