Linux Game Cast 528: Happy Slaps

Intel announces Arc Alchemist pricing, Google pulls the plug on Stadia, DBrand Killswitch could harm Steam Decks, hot AMD CPUs, and 0 A.D. Alpha 26 is ready for testing.

Special thanks to:
Dsnjoe (new patron)
Unoid (nvme from the studio wishzone)


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00:00 Intro
01:03 Living with fingernails
01:41 Easy hack for dropping CPU temps
05:03 Apogee Duet 2 on Linux
08:23 Steam Deck client beta fixes slap back
11:16 Rockstar official support for Steam Deck
13:26 Dbrand pulls Killswitch from market
16:31 Terra Ventura
17:51 Made to be Crushed
21:46 Ex-Zodiac
25:46 Ultimate Chicken Horse
33:27 Intel Arc dates and pricing
39:57 Acer Arc GPU
42:37 AMD Ryzen 7600X & 7950X
51:42 Google finally kills Stadia
57:02 0 A.D. Alpha 26
01:00:00 Review: Hex of the Lich
01:13:57 Cheap Linux laptops

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Deck slap back

  • Better external controller support for the deck if you’re using it for couch coop

  • Also stik’ flikin’

  • Yay no more I want to stop suddenly without my character turning around because I let go too quickly!

Rockstar Games titles on Steam Deck official support page

  • Steam deck troubleshooting step 1 is to establish if this is a regular bug or something that affects just the steam deck

  • So I guess rockstar is paying for code weavers or valve support if they’re saying that they’ll take on support for steamdeck verified titles.

    • Intern has a Steam Deck, probably.

Deck spin

  • Fans are not fans of magnets.

  • The kickstand from the Dbrand killswitch has some hella strong magnets.

  • We’re talking fan speeds drop by 1500 to 2500 RPM with the kickstand installed strong.

  • Dbrand is working on a replacement and offering refunds.

  • Like most people, I’d really like one of those covers because of the kickstand.

  • I think I’ll just get one of the standalone clip-on stands.

Steam: New Games

Terra Ventura

  • Big kudos to the dev for sending us keys.

  • It’s very diablo-y.

  • The maps aren’t random though, just the loot.

  • Borderlands style.

Made to be Crushed

  • Even bigger kudos for the random key drop.

  • They took the accidental mechanic where you accidentally kill your friends in co-op game and made a pvp game about it

  • No online multiplayer though. Fucking stop doing that!

  • Right?

  • How do you go through development knowing that your game is limited to couch co-op.

Steam: Game Updates

Ex-Zodiac 0.6.23

  • Turning on cloud save support is always a good thing

  • The steam deck is a thing and people want to pick up where they left off on the go

  • You can point and pew pew now with your mouse.

  • It’s getting a little better as far as the fun bit goes.

  • Still needs a good tutorial.

  • And button prompts.

UCH 1.9.02

  • Both of the services that the game uses for all of the online content and online multiplayer had to be replaced.

  • Can we get 8 player?

  • Still managed to salvage 200’000 custom levels, that’s pretty good.

  • Hope your happy with your leaderboard name, cuz thats what your stuck with until you beat your old high score


Arc Pricing

  • Intel got medieval with the pricing @ $329.

  • The A770 Limited Edition is 16GB only @ $350.

    • This is something you should just know, apparently.

    • It’s like Intel lacks experience making basic charts that display accurate information.

  • For the price and the new / neat factor, yeah, that could sell.

  • Imagine releasing these 6 mo ago.

  • Yo, AMD, 16GB $350 bar has been setted.

  • That’s definitely better than I was expecting intel to price it at.

  • Still $450 CAD +/- canada tax though

  • Acer is making Arc GPUs and I want to know one thing.

  • Which fan did they have a surplus of?

  • Figures the one people wanted is the “Limited Edition”

  • Unless they decide it to not be that Limited, which if they sell enough I can see it happening.

  • I still want the low profile no PCIe power A380 as a dedicated AV1 encoder.

    • There would be a market for a PCIe4x1 accelerator.

    • Problem is, how much GPU is needed to make it function.

  • The price is right and I could see picking one of these up over a 3060.

  • If the Linux driver situation is not an absolute shitshow.

  • Yes, gaming is a big one but as a full snack content human I need to know about Resolve and OBS.

  • Does it play nice with X and how is the 3+ monitor situation?

  • Gimmie.


  • The 7000 series in the new hotness from AMD.

  • These little guys can happily run at 90C, a temperature that would signal cooling failure on the previous gen.

  • You’re going to want some H2o to run these bad boys at full-tilt.

  • Apparently 95ºC is normal operating condition for the 7950 and 7900.

  • The price pretty much cements my decision to buy the 5800X3D.

  • This is all well and good but the 7000s I want to see are the RX 7000 series and some goddamn prices.

  • 90C is 90C and that’s a lot of heat to dump into a room.

Stadia is RIP

Yearly 0AD Release

  • Han civilization is now a playable faction and two new china based maps

  • Some gameplay tweaks allowing for better macro and micro management

  • 26 new audio tracks.

  • New map contains the longest river in Asia.

  • Added a player search field for the lobby so you can track people down quicker.

  • GUI scale is resizable.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Hex of the Lich
Devel: Clobster Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.39 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: Hex of the Lich is a spellcrafting turn-based roguelike. Forge spells from hexes and find new ones along the way. Gain powerful artifacts that enhance your abilities. Clear dungeons filled with bouncing blobs, eldritch horrors, and otherworldly aliens. Can you break the Hex of the Lich?

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • Everything launched on Debian Testing.

  • Basic-bitch Unity options for settings.

  • No controller support.


  • Not a big fan of the Continue button jumping around the screen when reading the tutorial.

  • And quite the read that was.

  • More like a brief info dump followed by the old have at.

  • If you’re unfamiliar with this type of game you will be fkn lost.

  • I spent a good 50 minutes trying to figure out what was going on.

  • Click on thing, click on bad guy.

  • Sometimes this is followed by a position change.

  • My advance strats only held up for the first two maps.

  • After that is was getting noped in the first or second turn.

  • Never figured out what exactly I was doing while claiming my reward.

  • I tried.

  • The game functions.



  • Launches OOTB

  • You can choose windowed mode or not, but there’s no way to set a resolution. It even ignores the prefs file

  • The visual presentation is pretty good. All of the monsters are distinct and the designs are pretty cool

  • The Soundtrack is annoying beep boops to the point that it got muted

  • Click click boom. Seems pretty touch oriented though


  • It’s not a bad little roguelike

  • I like hexagon based strategy games and since Armello is dead to me I’ve been looking for something to help fill the gap

  • This is certainly not that

  • I like the deck/hex building aspect. The positioning based combat is also fun. You got a lot of enemies that do nothing on their own but if you get in a bad position you get boned

  • But damn it swingy. Sometimes you just get boned and you gotta choose whether to meatgrinder your character or start again

  • This game doesn’t hold your hand at all though, so unless you’re hitting the forums for good strats this is going to be a lot of trial and error

  • The UI is decent for parsing out enemy stats, but things could be laid out a little more clearly



  • Launches out of the box.

  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440, as it should.

  • Perfectly serviceable graphics, though they could be better

  • More on that later.

  • Sound is certainly there

  • It’s not annoying but it’s not what you’d call enthralling either.

  • Why does this game take up 1GB? Oh, right! Unity.


  • I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.

  • If you’re a lone indie dev or a small team and you want to make a game around a mechanic, double, heck… triple down on it!

  • Focus on that mechanic and make it the best it can be.

  • What I didn’t expect was the complementing of that mechanic they wanted with Slay the Spire style progression.

  • It’s very bare bones in the level climb, you either have enemies or a store.

  • None of the other fancy stuff.

  • But that’s alright!

  • What isn’t alright is the lack of feedback for the spells.

  • You have this game about crafting the single most OP one shot spell that murders everyhing in entire post codes

  • Why are the particle effects barely visible?

  • Why is the sound so piddly when I’ve just cast Ultra Beam?!

  • The mechanics are solid, but I really do think the audio visual presentation could have been so much better.



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